58 YO Male Bro-zillian Laser Hair Removal - Brentwood, TN

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I was commenting on others and was encouraged to...

I was commenting on others and was encouraged to write my own experience, so here goes... I've been shaving and waxing and epilady-ing body hair for a long time. I swim and nude suntan as much as I can, so removing hair on my chest, legs, arms, butt, and pubic areas come and go as I get the motivation. All are a hassle, so I finally decided to do something more permanent... maybe feeling old and going thru a midlife crisis... I don't know. I'll transfer from another thread more of my experience. My second session is next week. I may get up the courage to post a picture... jury is still out on that.

further info

Carefully cropped, I guess I don't mind too much sharing photos with the group. Do your research. Laser hair is a far cry from a tummy tuck, but if you are in the wrong hands, you can still permanently damage your skin. Some Bro-zillion laser hair removal deals do include the peritoneal/anal area...mine did...and that is a real personal place, so be sure you are OK with that. If the price includes that and you aren't comfortable with that, you might ask for some reduction, but I wouldn't count on it, so you might as well get the full deal. My concern to ask about when I go for my second round of treatment is the hair follicle bumps and whether there is still a hair there or not. Some information I read said I would see the hair shafts fall out or work their way out and I had very few of them do that. While my technician is very professional, she was not as effective around the base of the shaft as the open spaces of the pubic mound above it. I hope to feel comfortable enough with her to show her...you have to be comfortable with your body and point things out. The tech doesn't know what grew and what didn't. I imagine I'll need to hold the shaft and hold the scrotum flatter so she can get a better pass at the skin. My deal included the hair up to the belly button...affectionately called the "happy trails"...you can't make this stuff up...LOL! But I've tanned my stomach too much and she was afraid to do that with the darker skin. Since I tan nude and with tan-thru suits, it's been killing me to keep the sun off parts to laser, so be prepared for that. My tech told me the main reason she hadn't had laser hair removal herself was because she liked to tan too much...

about the procedure I had in July

My treatment is beltline and 1-inch past the underwear line on the leg front and butt crack and scrotum and peritoneal area (if that description makes sense) some deals do more or less, some with Groupons have to pay extra. I was worried about what to wear and pain, but after the first treatment, I wasn't red or sore afterwards, but the sting during was intense. I wore boxers, but it wouldn't have mattered for my after care, but some have described a painful next couple of days and taking Tylenol before or using numbing cream...I guess it depends on your skin, laser, skill of the tech, and power setting...so we'll see how repeatable she is the next time! Oh, if you like you tech and are comfortable with them, see if you can keep the same person for the follow up treatments. A good comfort level can make a difference and if the results were good, then that should be repeatable.

second treatment

I had my second treatment Saturday. Guesstimated 60% reduction in hair with the first treatment. I asked about the white follicle bumps and she said they would be absorbed over time. I showed her the areas where I still had hair and where the treatment seemed to work. We worked on holding the shaft and scrotum straight and smooth to get a better shot with the laser. The power was a little bit higher this time and hurt worse than the first time to where it did leave red spots. I was given hydrocortisone cream, which was a big help. If I had known that this type laser...I'll remember to ask again next time...would be so good, I would have just bought individual sessions. I'll try and not shave for the next few weeks and see what my percent reduction is this time. I'll try and post more pictures, but actually it is not much to report...no pun intended...really mostly hair free.

second treatment...two days post

As I said above,

Third treatment November

I had the third treatment yesterday. I had stayed away from tanning long enough that she was comfortable enough to get areas she hadn't done before...the happy trail and past the leg crease to the leg an inch or two past the underwear line as well as further up my stomach. Pain was about the same as in the past, but she offered numbing cream for the next time in December. The white bumps have begun to fade in the outer pubic area, but not near the shaft/pubic bone area, like the nurse said it would. She did the base of the shaft and the scrotum/peritoneum more than the last times, since really, that is the only areas that have much of a concentration of hair.

4th session January 2016

I went for my 4th session Saturday. I must be an easy going patient, because my nurse asked me if she could have a new gal who had not done a male brazillian before, which was fine with me..I showed her/them the places where I seemed to have the most hair still growing at the crease between the groin and the scrotum, along the shaft, anus, and high on the belt line where she had not gone high enough previously. It hurt more this time than the last three. She told me she went to a higher setting every time. I was pretty red and irritated. We talked about numbing cream for next time...I won't forget to remind her next time. Like the last times, she gave me a wet and a dry wash cloth to get rid of the gel they put on for the laser session...and some hydrocortisone cream before getting dressed. The cream calmed things right down. Some have mentioned that their the stubble fell out in a few day, although mine never has. I would guess I am over 80% hair free, maybe more. If the hairy areas that were active this time are killed off this time, I would put it at over 90%, with two more paid sessions to go...the white bumps do seem to be lessening. After late March, I will be done and ready to get back in the sun!!! I'll keep you posted...no sense adding any more pictures this time.

5th session

I had my session on 20 Feb. There was still quite a bit of hair at the base of the shaft and down one side of the scrotum and pointed it out to the technician. Laser power is increased each time, so she made sure to cover the areas I mentioned were still hairy. Probably 80%+ is hair free, but there are still the white bumps that have not faded. The last session will be in 10 weeks. They have a guarantee, so there will be at least one after that. I'm tired of not sun tanning, so I may wait until fall and take a break.

Session 6

I had the sixth session 5/7. I got a different RN this time from the last 5. I had tried to keep the same tech just to limit getting a bad one and to limit embarrassment, but she was not available. However, this tech was better, so my last visit in 10 weeks will be with her! We talked about where the hair was still an issue and she made sure to concentrate on them. She was much more deliberate and for the first time, I have actually seen hairs fall out like many have mentioned. The pubic moind is 95% hair free, but the scrotum, peritoneum, and butt crack...don't know the anatomical word for it...sorry...were much hairier. We'll see how this session changes those areas. I still needed hydrocortisone to calm the red but it worked before I even got home. I still have some of the white bumps, but there are fewer and lighter. 10 months. Last prepaid session in 10 weeks. I will probably get an evaluation then for chest and butt if there are any specials running. May look at Groupon...but I sure miss tanning all over. I'll post latest pictures later this week.

7th and last prepaid sessions

I went for my last prepaid session two days ago. I would say I am 95% hair free in the area treated. I am very satisfied. I wish I had done it earlier, since I would not have as many light colored hairs. I can return for a touch up session at a much reduced rate. I believe many of the main salons have similar guarantees. I might go back in a year or so after I see what follicles come back and are dormant now, but it will be a while. I have not been able to sun tan for a year and I at least won't have to shave much, if anything for that or swimming again...which was what I was shaving for all these years before. I have enjoyed sharing my journey and hope you can see the final product in these last pictures. This is not for everyone, but it was a option I chose to improve my hygiene, and to get the look and feel I liked. Best of luck to anyone who chooses LHR. Just do your homework and choose a place carefully. Price should not be the only criteria.

7th/last session

Pictures are final result... overall, I'm satisfied. No perfect, but much easier to maintain from here on out.
Sona Spa

My laser operator is an RN who is very nice and professional. So far I have been able to get the same person, which is a comfort for such a personal area of the body. SonaMed Spa uses the Soprano Laser.

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