Early 30's Full TT with MR and lipo Essex UK - Buckhurst Hill, GB

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I'm a 33 year old mum of 2, aged 13 & 7. I've...

I'm a 33 year old mum of 2, aged 13 & 7. I've wanted to do this for longer than I can remember. I've spent the best years of my life feeling like I have a body that doesn't reflect my age & I'm ready to change that. I've spent so long feeling conscious that I can't remember what it's like to have a body that I feel comfortable in. I booked this surgery in 2011 & cancelled as I didn't feel ready. I hadn't stopped smoking or lost the weight that I wanted to lose, but most of all I didn't have the support that I needed to go through with it. Clearly it wasn't the right time. I'm now in a new very supportive relationship & this is something we're going to do together. I quit smoking two & a half years ago & am around 28lbs lighter! Now is the time! :) I booked my consultation this morning with Mr Ramakrishnan at the Nuffield hospital in Brentwood on the 19th August, his secretary also waived the consultation fee as I'd had the previous consultation 4 years ago for the same procedure which was helpful. I'm looking to book my surgery for around this time next year. I work in a school & have a very physical job so will need the summer holiday off in order to be fit for work. I've spent the last few years reading the reviews & checking out the pics of the ladies on here which has inspired me to go forward with the surgery, so the least I could do is write my own. Looking forward to sharing our experiences x My surgery price is in GBP

New surgeon

So after my consultation & plenty of thought I had concerns about the finish I would get with my tummy tuck. My surgeon had asked me what bothered me more, the front of the sides? Well the front of course but I didn't particularly like the sides either. He said we should concentrate on the front. After a few months I decided to book another consultation and discuss my concerns as I didn't want to choose between the two but have an all round finish I'd be happy with. My surgeon felt that the best thing for me would be to concentrate on the front only with no lipo which would give me a big improvement & a natural finish. He didn't really feel happy doing an extended which is what he felt I would need. After 10 years of waiting & reading so many amazing reviews on here I couldn't help but feel underwhelmed. I've seen such amazing results of women in similar proportion to myself & really felt strongly that I wanted more, not just to be grateful for an improvement. I've waited so long for this & will only get the chance to do it once so I need it to be right for me. As amazing as my surgeon is I just don't think he's right for me. Sooo...the search for another surgeon. In hindsight the sensible thing to of done from the start would of been to shop around. Better late than never. I spent the next few weeks researching & found Miles Banwell. After doing some homework I booked my consultation. Mr Banwell was great & without me even going in to what I was looking for or any concerns of previous consultations he told me what he thought would be best for me, which was exactly what I wanted! While he was still taking a good look at me my partner even gave an approving nod, I think after my previous consultations with the last surgeon even he had wondered if I was being a little unrealistic, I knew I wasn't. I was having a full tummy tuck with muscle repair & lipo to flanks to give me a good finish. It was more expensive than planned but I don't think you can afford to cut corners on surgery like this. I finally feel excited about this op. Mr Banwell also took some before photos so I'll add these on.

Before pics

2 weeks today!!!

The nerves have started kicking in as it's becoming more real.
I won't see my surgeon until the morning of the op as have good health there is no automatic requirement for a pre-op.
Went out & bought all my hospital bits last night, new knickers, slippers, toiletries etc.
I'll spend the weekend organising my hospital bag. Being able to organise & prepare always makes me feel calmer & in control so I'll be prepping every last detail for the next 2 weeks.
Also picked up some arnica & hibiscrub to shower in before the op to reduce the chances of infection.
I used this for my breast implants 10 years ago, maybe just a coincidence but I healed really well so hoping for the same.

Received all my paperwork through, it'll be one night stay & a second down to p.s. discretion depending on my recovery.

My other half has booked the week off work to look after me & help with the kids, hoping I'm fit enough to manage once he goes back to work.

Will upload some more before pics.

Happy healing x

Almost there!!

Stretch mark worries

Thought I'd add a few more before pics.
Can't stop looking at myself in the mirror & trying to squeeze it all flat to try & imagine what it will look like once I'm on the flat side, does anyone else do this? I don't even remember being completely flat, not sure if I ever really was.
I'm worrying about how all my girly bits will look after surgery. Everyone else looks great but my stretch marks are so bad & deep there that they cover all down below & in my groin also. When I stretch them out they almost look lumpy, really hoping they don't look like that when they're pulled tight. I'll try & get some pics on so you see what I mean. I haven't seen anyone else with this.
Absolutely obsessed with every single review & update that is posted on here now, pouring over the pictures & how everyone is feeling straight from surgery.
Really happy that I get at least one night in hospital afterwards, that puts my mind at rest.

This time next week I'll be having my last night on the wobbly side :D

5 days to go...

5 days until surgery day. I'm finding myself feeling really stressed & biting at my OH for every tiny little thing.
I've got so much to get done at work & so much organising to do with the house & kids in advance this week which is making me feel the pressure.
Also really comfort eating which is the last thing I want to be doing right now!!
Hoping I start to feel more relaxed as the week goes on & I feel more organised!! :(

The day before...

So this time tomorrow I'll be arriving at the hospital. I need to be there for 7am and believe that I'm first in but not sure if the exact time of my surgery.
My hospital bag is packed & ready, I just have the last few things to pack & organise as I'm going to be going straight to Kent to recover at my partners home, much more comfortable.
I'll be dropping my 2 children off tonight & then won't see them until Sunday evening which is 3 days but at least by then I should be looking a little more human so they won't see me in too much initial grogginess or discomfort.
My close friends & family are all excited for me & keep asking me how I feel, but I've been so busy that I don't think it's had a chance to really sink in yet. I think it will tonight once the children are dropped off & the jobs are all done & I have a chance to think. I just feel calm so I hope that stats with me, I can be a bit of a worrier usually.

My poor little cat is so sick so I've spent the last 3 evenings backwards & forwards from the animal hospital which has left me short on time & unable to concentrate on much else. It's thrown up a new problem of who will care for her when/if she's able to come home. It's looking like my partner will have to collect her at some point & bring her to his home so he can look after us both, plus 2 children.
Patience of a saint!!
Feeling lucky that I have someone so supportive in my life, nothing's ever a problem.

One more sleep!!
Good luck to everyone else with their upcoming surgery & wishing fast healing to all that are recovering x

Good bye tummy bulge

Really hoping my surgeon can go low & remove a good amount of the stretch marks.

Ready to go!!

Marked up, ready to go & feeling calm

After a 10 year wait I'm finally flat

Flat side!!
I walked down to the operating room surprisingly calm & woke up in recovery 5 hours later. I couldn't believe I was done!
I had some trouble with the anaesthetic & was tachicardic & oxygen saturation a little low so spent 5 hours in recovery until everything stabilised.
They kept me topped up with morphine & anti sickness & gave me antibiotics & kept me on oxygen & a drip. I'd say pain was between 4-7 on a scale of 10 so definitely manageable although uncomfortable at times.
My surgeon is extremely happy with how everything went & removed two & a half kg of skin & two and a half litres of fat.
I can see already I'm flat & actually have a waist!! Woohoo!!
My surgeon is keeping me in an extra night as a precaution but I'm feeling much better this morning after getting plenty of sleep.
The nurses here are great & keeping my pain relief topped up well.

In garment

Day 2

I'm not going to lie its been a tough couple of days. Had a rough night & morning due to not getting on with the increased dose of tramadol which made me really sick & drowsy. Wretching is agony.
Eventually found an antisickness that helped & slept for hours. They've reduced the tramadol & I'm having this alongside paracetamol & an anti inflammatory. Feeling quite woozy & out of it still.
The pain is bareable but stings a lot when I move & the biggest shock was the mons pain & swelling. It was as painful as the incision yesterday but has definitely started to go down now.
My surgeon has been absolutely amazing, he has done more than I could of hoped for. Nothing has been a problem & he has been back to the hospital 3 times to check on me & make sure I was being looked after well.
He took the drains out this morning which was pretty uncomfortable but over with quickly & it's so much easier getting up without them, mine were much bigger than any I'd seen on other reviews, about the size of a dvd case. They were a kind of vacuum drain.
Mr Banwell told me I could shower this afternoon when I was feeling a bit more up to it & then I can go home, I'll see him again in 10 days.
I couldn't bring myself to look at my tummy at the time so my partner took some pics when I was getting my drains out so I could look after.
Lots of marks from the garment & a few lower stretch marks. He even managed to get rid of my old piercing holes which I'm over the moon about.
It's looking pretty flat I can't believe that's me :D

First night at home

It was good to be out of hospital & comfortable at home. OH can't do enough for me, making sure I have all my meds, helping me to the bathroom, keeping me comfortable & seeing to the kids.
Really couldn't manage without him.
He's even making notes on what meds I've had & when I'm next due.
My surgeon has given me tramadol, paracetamol, an anti inflammatory, antisickness & 2 different bowel meds.
I had read that constipation is an issue for many so I had prepared myself for that but boy it's uncomfortable. The laxatives are getting everything moving & bubbling,
I hobble like an old lady to the bathroom & then nothing, my tummy & muscles just won't do their bit. So frustrating.

I think the pain is pretty even between muscle repair, incision & lipo areas, the back pain from posture is also tough at times but one thing I hadn't factored in, in fact I don't think I'd read it in the hundreds of TT reviews I've been reading for years,
Is the swelling of my girl bits. Not the mons but actually the lips, I know this is detailed info but it's actually one of the most uncomfortable parts for me so I feel that I need to say. My girl bits are so large, at least 10 times the usual size & looking pretty deformed. It's so uncomfortable that I can't close my legs or sit down properly to sit back into bed. I've put an ice pack on & it's a huge relief & the bruising seems to be coming out.
My surgeon had pre warned me that I would get swelling here so it must be how low he goes with the lipo that causes it.

The pain meds are quite strong so sleeping a lot & feeling woozy but I've managed to get into the bathroom for a wash & in the chair for a cup of tea & something to eat which feels good.
Happy healing x

Pics wouldn't upload

Feeling the blues

Slept really well last night but over slept my pain relief & woke up in a lot of pain & feeling pretty sorry for myself & nauseas. Managed to take everything I could have & fall back to sleep. Hating the drowsiness of the meds but not feeling anywhere near ready to go without them yet.
Feeling really tearful this morning & super sensitive. I knew the recovery would be tough but you don't truly know until your living it. I feel so dependent on everyone else which is hard. Every little thing is feeling like a big deal today.
Also dreading having to shower & change my garment later today, I hate the feeling when it's undone, it takes my breath away & makes me feel panicky.

On the plus side I managed to get down the stairs myself & have lots of cuddles from my 2 babies to cheer me up, that always helps.

Keeping comfortable

I think I over did it a bit yesterday thinking I should be doing more & feeling better than I was.
Got up & down the stairs twice followed by being reprimanded by my OH & also weaning myself off of pain meds far too early.
The result of this was a panicky tearful mess last night & feeling extremely sorry for myself thinking that everything was wrong.
I decided that I should stop trying to compare my recovery to others & do what feels right for me. So back on the pain relief & taking it easy.
Feeling much more comfortable although still a little weepy which is probably understandable considering the major surgery I've had & the fact that our family cat passed away the night before my op after becoming very sick the week prior to my surgery. It threw up a whole new set of problems trying to console my 2 children before leaving them for days & also the hurt I was feeling, trying to put that aside & focus on myself.
I think I'd managed to shut it all off until today & now spent the morning in tears from my bed trying to organise cremation & insurance.
Timing couldn't of been worse.

My in laws have also been to visit bringing flowers & my favourite bacon mac & cheese & also looking forward to my mum coming to visit on Saturday when OH goes back to work. She's also ordered me a memory foam ring cushion to make it more comfortable to sit out of bed with the severe swelling I have down below although I spared her the details.
Feeling lucky for such amazing support around me.

A little progress

Managed to get set up in the living room comfortably today which was such a relief to get out of the bedroom.
Was getting serious cabin fever!!

Also sneezed for the first time!

One week anniversary!!

So this time last week I'd just walked into theatre & been put under.
I had a bit of a bad day yesterday with lots of tears as I keep feeling I'm no further along a week later. I knew the recovery was going to be tough but I think I just expected to make more progress.
I'm literally bent over in half still & in lots of pain & feeling nauseas regularly.
But...waking up this morning I feel a little brighter. I got up first thing & had a strip wash & changed into a clean pressure garment, previously this has sent me into total meltdown as I hate the feeling of it being undone but this morning was so much more controlled & I was actually able to look at myself rather than crying in a total panic to my OH to put it back on.
Feels like a small victory. Also don't feel quite so tightly hunched over, maybe this is because swellings not quite so bad first thing. The other thing that I'm ecstatic about is that the girl bits have finally started to deflate & feel much more comfortable. Such a relief!

I'm not yet going to be able to go home as progress is slower than I thought, so going to stay at my OH's for at least another 4 days.
Looking forward to my mum visiting for the day tomorrow, she's promised to rub my swollen feet for me & bring lunch :)

Oh & the donut seat came yesterday, would highly recommend!!

Ready to throw the phone!!

Just spent 20 minutes updating for the page to reload it's self & wipe the entire lot!!! Grrrr!!!

First day of the OH going back to work today. I think if we'd of known how slow the recovery was we'd of arranged longer than a week leave.
He's been an absolute star this week, I couldn't of asked for more. He's literally set his alarm through the night for my meds, helped me wash, cooked me my favourite food, fluffed my pillows whenever I needed & generally kept me emotionally stable & never complained once. It's been tough with plenty of tears but really has brought us even closer.

So...I managed to get myself downstairs first thing this morning onto a chair in the kitchen to supervise my 8 year old with making her breakfast, made myself a cup of tea & reheated a slice of last nights pizza for myself. Nice & healthy lol
I'm ok as long as I don't stretch for anything as I'm still completely hunched over, also get really out of breath so quickly so can't do much in one go.

My mum came over late morning which was nice as she lives far & I hadn't seen her for a week.
She treated me to a hair wash over the side of the bath which was absolute heaven as it's been 9 days!!! Never in my life have I gone anywhere near that long without washing my hair so mum was extremely lucky that I saved her that job.
She made my favourite pasta for lunch & hand washed my spare garment for me.
What an angel.

Having real trouble with the pressure garment over the last 2 days. It wrinkles at the sides where the Zips are & digs into my skin, giving me real sore patches.
I'd tried putting plasters on the patches of skin to try to stop it breaking but have now resorted to using panty liners. So far so good. I certainly don't want any new wounds to contend with. Because of the extensive lipo with the TT my surgeon uses the full body garment going from over the shoulder down to mid thigh. I know it's best for swelling but by no means is it made for comfort!!

Looking forward to a semi normal evening with the OH tonight. We're going to order Chinese, prop me up on the sofa & rent a film. If only I could add a glass of prosecco to that & it'd be almost perfect. Only a few more weeks before I can :)

10 days post

First proper day on my own yesterday.
It was ok but things like trying to prep some lunch & having to reach for things was tough & maybe over done it a bit.
Added to that my dog had suffered some kind of allergic reaction later afternoon once OH had got home so had the stress of trying to calm him down & get him something to resolve it. Certainly don't need any more animal dramas right now.
The combination of all of this meant I was so swollen & uncomfortable last night & my legs & joints are aching from the pressure that my posture is putting on them all.
My OH spent the evening making us lunch & pulling anything I might need down low.
What would I do without this man.
Looking forward to my post op appointment on Wednesday, I could really do with some reassurance from my PS that my inability to stand is normal.
I feel much more comfortable & am only taking some mild over the counter pain relief, in my mind I'm healing but my body just won't catch up. I keep trying to tell myself it's just a week & a half but there's a panic in me that I won't be able to stand any time soon.

Post op appointment

First post op appointment with Mr Banwell this morning.
He was extremely pleased with how I'm healing & how everythings looking.
In his words 'couldn't be better', I'm happy with that!!
He said that there's nothing holding me back from standing other than tightness which I need to start stretching a little bit every day & removing some of the millions of pillows I have in bed at night so not to fall behind with my healing. He said to stand as straight as I can until I really feel it resisting & hold for a few seconds before releasing to stretch the stomach muscles out.
He also discussed diet as I'm almost at the 2 week mark now. The first couple of weeks your body is in shock from the surgery so you will want to eat more & graze, but then after that while you're inactive you'll literally need half your normal daily calories so you don't pile on the pounds in the weeks following from over eating & inactivity.
I certainly don't want to ruin my results & to of been through this recovery & paid all of this money to spoil it at the end.
The belly button had healed so he left the tape off of that & will take my wound tape off in a weeks time at my next appointment.
I'm not gonna lie, I hated every second of the pulling about in my belly button & the cleaning it out, I couldn't even look!
Had to get the OH to take me a pic so I could see after.
I don't know what it is a out belly buttons that completely weirds me out :$

I'm so happy with my choice of surgeon.
Mr Banwell is as passionate about the result as I am & couldn't do any more to put my mind at rest. I came out of my appointment feeling so relaxed & positive. Just what I needed!

Was also quite nice to get out of the house for the first time in 10 days since I got home although the car seat killed my back & I couldn't keep my eyes open once we'd got home.
OH is off for 2 days now & we have a few hours with no children tomorrow so may even sneak off to the cinema. i can't walk anywhere near straight yet & look like a total odd ball scuttling about like a crab so he has borrowed his nans wheelchair to get me out of the house lol. It'll be like a sketch from little Britain lol

Hair loss!?!?!?

So yesterday morning getting ready to go to my post op appointment.... I was brushing my hair out & felt a bit of a knot, I gently brushed it as I always would to try to tease it out & the entire lot came out in my hand. It wasn't a little bit!!
So I put it to the back of my mind & assumed it's just because I've not taken the best care of my hair during recovery.
I've laid my head back a lot, not washed it loads & have used dry shampoo most days.
So I was then getting ready for bed last night & the same thing happened again, not quite as much but quite a lot.
This has scared the life out of me & ended up having a total freak out in the bedroom. As a female your hair is your crowning glory, that is one of the worst things for me that I could lose my hair.
Luckily I have a lot, it's very thick, but that depends on if it keeps shedding or not.
I don't understand why this would be happening, I've eaten a really good diet throughout my recovery, I've never had hair loss in my life, not even after or during pregnancy. This isn't right for me at all.
So my OH suggested I should look at if the Tramadol I was taking had that as a side effect!?!?
It didn't take me long to find out the answer was yes, finding dozens of desperate women posting on forums about their hair loss while taking tramadol. Now I've not even taken tramadol for 2 weeks & after the first week was only taking one at bed time so not much at all. While researching hair loss from opiates I came across more info on hair loss from Ibuprofen, not just from taking the odd few for a headache but from people that are depending on it day in day out. This has scared the hell out of me & I have tossed & turned all night, even dreamt about going bald.
I don't know what the answer is & I'm hoping the fact that I've only taken these drugs for a short period of time that it may quickly reverse & my hair stops coming out if I stop taking the pain relief.
I usually take paracetamol every 6 hours, Ibuprofen every 8 & one tramadol at night so not loads but I feel that I should stop everything other than the paracetamol.
Am I in pain? Yes, but I feel that I would rather struggle with my recovery than continue to lose my hair.

We all deal with such a lot with our recoveries, it's not easy at all, but we push on with it knowing it'll be worth it.
I didn't see this coming though, it feels a little unfair after I've come so far.
Praying it stops quickly.

Coming off of pain relief 13 days post op

After the panic of my hair starting to fall out on Wednesday i found some hair capsules from a health food shop that are supposed to be excellent called Hairburst so I'm going to give them a try. It doesn't seem like it's shedding too bad although I'm scared to brush it & trying to be really gentle with it.
I'm not going to know if it's the pain killers that caused it or the strain that such a big surgery has had on my body or a combination of the two. I've read that being under anaesthetic for such a long period, 5 hours for me, can cause your body to focus on the more vital parts of the body & shut off to things further down the list of priorities like hair, equally there is so much information & reviews from men & women suffering from hair loss due to the long term pain relief they're on, especially tramadol & Ibuprofen.

Anyway...yesterday was a bit of an eye opener for me, I've had enough of sitting about feeling rubbish & popping pills.
I feel like I need to dust myself off & really push with my recovery & gtting back to some normality.
I gently washed my hair by climbing into the bath, kneeling in the bottom & managing to lean my head forward so I could shower it, I got dressed & asked my OH to take me out for the hair capsules & a few other bits. I also decided that I was going to stop taking my pain relief, only paracetamol if I felt I really needed it.
It was the first day that I properly cut everything so had no idea how I was going to start to feel.
We managed to get my supplements & stop off in a little pub restaurant for some lunch out. It was great but back pain has been a big issue for me due to my posture & by the time we'd finished eating I needed to get out of those seats & leave.
By the time we were back to the car I was in a bit of discomfort with incision & back pain so relented & took 2 paracetamol.
It doesn't take much to wear me out at the moment so after a busy morning I got home & just needed to sleep.
I managed to resist taking pain relief for the rest of the day with just some discomfort that I was able to manage which I'm really pleased about. I was so convinced I wouldn't be able to do without them at 13 days post op!

Also definitely getting straighter, pushing myself a little more every day!

Swelling & boredom!!

Standing so much straighter which is a relief & means my back pain has reduced.
My hair seems to of slowed right down with the shedding, just the odd few now, I'd say just a little over what's normal for me.
I managed to get a few jobs done round the house yesterday, a few loads of washing & prepping dinner which felt good.

I'm struggling now with the boredom, feeling well enough to get about indoors but not really go out anywhere on my own. I think I'd manage to drive but have no car as I'm still staying away from home.
This also means that I have no visitors & my OH is on night shifts so asleep all day, up for a couple of hours & then back off to work.
I'm looking forward to feeling normal enough to enjoy some of the holidays with the kids, I think realistically in about a week I may be up to it. I feel like I've made real progress in the last few days so fingers crossed!!

I'm hoping the round tummy & chubby hips I feel I have is down to swelling. I think it's definitely up in the last 3 days, even first thing in the morning it feels round & by night it's three times the size.
It's really hard not to compare to people that are immediately flat & try to be patient to see your own results.
I like many others can't get any trousers on that I wore previously, even elasticated legging type trousers are too tight around my middle, I'm wearing all loose fit dresses that don't cling & also are long enough to cover the legs on my garment.
Really looking forward to trying on nice underwear & bikinis to see how my new body looks like many others but I'm going to have to keep on waiting for now.

2nd post op today

Back to Essex for my second post op appointment this afternoon to have the tape taken off that's been covering my incision since surgery. Hoping it's healed well.

I'm standing so much straighter so managed to get some pics & a bit of a better idea of my shape without the garment on.
I love that I'm flat when standing, it looked quite chubby still when I was in my hunched position, also loving that I have a waist, but my hips are absolutely huge & very squishy.
Really praying this is all swelling as I had a lot of lipo & it will go down a lot.
Will check this with my surgeon today.

Scar reveal - so happy

Went to my 2nd post op appointment yesterday & apart from being stuck in the car for 5 hours I couldn't be happier.
I got to see my incision for the first time & it looks great. It sits perfectly under my underwear so will be completely hidden & I love the way the top of it sits on my hair line.
I'm totally amazed that my surgeon managed to get rid of all of my old piercing holes (there were 5) and he managed to get rid of all of the really deep stretch marks I had that started at the top of my mons & conected to my old c-section scar. This whole area looked so messy before & I hated it.
I never expected it all to look so neat. I couldn't be happier.
I sent the pics to my mum & she got a bit upset, she was so worried about me having this surgery & was actually quite against it. Even though she agrees now that the transformation is amazing she never really understood why I was doing it so just sees the difficult recovery & huge scars.
I think my OH is the only person that truly understood how much it effected me to look the way I did & saw the pain it caused me on a daily basis. I couldn't of done it without his support.
I need to wear my garment for another 3 weeks but I'm pretty sure I'll wear it during the day when I go back to work after that for a bit of protection as my job is very physical, I'm on my feet the whole day & I will definitely get knocked in the stomach.
I also got the thumbs up to drive so picked my car up on the way home. I didn't know how I'd feel driving but it was fine & it was almost an hour journey that I had to do.
Mr Banwell told me how well I'd done with my recovery & was happy with the progress with standing in the last week which was good to hear & wont need to see me again until January, although I'll keep in touch with his secretary in between now & then & if I have any problems at all then he wants to know about it.
I actually managed to try on some underwear without my garment yesterday which was amazing to see how my incision sits, I did a comparison photo & literally could not stop looking at it. I think yesterday was the first day I'd really been able to appreciate all the work I had done & I love it.
Yes there is a lot of swelling still but I love the feminine hourglass shape I have,
I have curves in all the right places for the first time in 15 years!! :)

Over doing it!!

Had my first day of doing too much yesterday & paid the price.
I had to drive a 2 hour round trip to collect my son from army cadet camp & finally drive home.
This was followed by a visit to the vets & then taking my dog straight to an emergency referral at an eye specialist & a three hour wait there.
I felt up to it all initially so just got on with it all myself but clearly wasn't either mentally or physically ready to take all of this on myself yet.
I started having a lot of sharp pain in my left side while driving which i discovered later was a lipo entry site, I'd not had any problems with this before so had clearly upset something. I also sat on my own in the vets sobbing after receiving the news that my dog would need to have his eye removed in emergency surgery within the next few days. My poor baby.
When it rains it pours huh!
I'd only just managed to deal with my little cat dying the night before my surgery, this op & recovery & now this.
I felt like the crazy lady hobbling about all stiff & hunched & a bit hysterical.
After I'd calmed down & spoke to my mum & OH on the phone I got told off for not asking for help. The thing is I've always been so independent & just got on with things that I don't even consider calling someone. Lesson learned.
I caved & took pain relief last night as the pain in my left flank wasn't easing, I'll definitely take the warning & spend the weekend resting.
The kids are both staying out the weekend so Netflix, chill & cuddles with my little fur baby for me. This little boy hasn't left my side for the whole of my recovery even refusing to come downstairs & eat so not to leave my side. His turn for nursing now.

Surgeons pics at 19 days post

So far so good

Feeling more myself & a tiny bit more upright every day.
I'd say I'm about 90% there now. If I sit for a while I seem to stiffen up & it takes me a minute to get straight again but really happy with the healing progress.
I'm going to start doing a bit of walking today just to start to build my energy levels again as I'm still getting tired very quickly. I haven't napped in the day since about 10 days post op otherwise I won't sleep at night although could probably fall asleep most afternoons. My job is very active & I really need to improve in the 2 weeks before I return to work.
I'm getting some burning in my lipo sites & entry points over the last few days that has been quite uncomfortable. It's all been pretty numb so maybe just the nerves coming back to life.

I've been trying to find something to wear to the beach this week, we had planned to go today but my little dog had his eye removed yesterday so he needs nursing for the time being.
I still can't get anything done up around my waist, I tried on shorts that I'd worn to work the day before my op & I can't even get them done up. As much as this is a slight pain it makes me excited to know that this is all swelling & my results are just going to get better.
I also tried on a striped dress that I've had for a while but never felt comfortable in as no matter what kind of control pants I wore I just couldn't hide the tummy & I love the shape I have & how flat I am in it.
I can't wait for no hunching or swelling so I can wear this dress, loving the look of it so far :)

A little progress every day

I feel like I'm finally getting back to normal which is nice. Im 99% straight which is such a relief, I just look like I have slightly bad posture. It's taken so much pressure off of my back relieving the pain I was having.
I've even managed a day out at the beach with the family which was nice, although no bikini for me with this big old compression garment & the swelling at the end of the day was ridiculous, but I'm not complaining.
I'm back to doing every day jobs like shopping & cooking that were so hard previously with the back pain.
I'm able to fall asleep on my side now which I love as I've always been a side sleeper, although I usually wake up a little uncomfortable & need to roll onto my back.

I literally can't stop trying on different clothes now although anything round the waist won't go anywhere near.
I'd spend so much time previously pulling & tucking everything in trying to hide the wobble in fitted clothes, tight dresses were an absolute no for me. Even though I feel a little chunky at the moment with swelling I love that I'm flat & have curves. Just need to start up with the exercise & make sure I eat sensibly to shape my new body.
I'm waiting to hear back from my surgeons secretary to give me the rules on getting back into some light fitness.

One month today

I'm exactly one month post op today.
I think I can definitely see a difference with swelling in just the last 5 days.
I'm falling in love with my new tummy but have a bit of an issue with my wobbly hips, especially from behind, they're huge!!
Still hopeful this will go down some.
I have my Fitbit back on today to try & pick up my steps, still only walking for exercise but will challenge myself to pick it up a bit every day.
Considering going to buy a blender to incorporate some healthy smoothies into my diet. It certainly won't hurt to get some extra goodness in & if I drop a few pounds then I'm not complaining.

Thanks to everyone for the support in the last month. This has made a big difference to me during my recovery, especially in the first few weeks x


Forgot to add the hips from behind pic.
My least favourite...

6 weeks

I'm now 6 weeks post op & went back to work on Thursday. It was only a couple of days teacher training so not as full on as a usual work day, it was good to ease back in gently & see how I'd feel.
I've been quite open at work with what I've had done, with the nature of my job I needed to let others know that I'll be fragile for a while & may not be able to get as involved with the physical side of things as I usually would. This also meant lots of interest in my pics, I've been more than happy to show my girl friends though & feel quite proud of my transformation.
I thought I might struggle with work but I was fine & even managed to do some shopping after, had a trip to the vets & run the kids about to their clubs. By the evening I felt OK but it was the most swelling I'd had by far, my tummy was actually round & I felt tight & a bit sore. My OH was even shocked & said he'd never seen it like that.
I'd spent the 2 weeks prior to returning to work trying to build up my activity to prepare me & I think this helped a lot.
I'm now at the stage that I can take my garment off & I'd slept the night before work without it for the first time, but after the day at work & swelling I definitely needed the compression so have left it on.
I'm still going to wear it for a while when I'm working & then take it off in the evenings if I can. I'm expecting to get a few knocks to the abdomen at work & know I'll feel better about it if I have a bit of protection.

My first day back I'd got over 11000 steps on my Fitbit which I was happy with, it hadn't seen that much action for a long time!
I also joined slimming world last week as I'm not happy with the way the rest of my body is looking after such a lot of inactivity & a few pounds on. My mum does SW too & lots of the girls at work so plenty of support there.
I feel like even my bum has taken on a weird kind of square shape, I think a combination of the factors above but also being squeezed into this garment for 6 weeks. Anyone who wears a full one will understand also about the bit of your bum that gets squeezed out of your garment hole at the bottom. So attractive lol.

After spending my entire adult life with a body I'd hated & feeling envious of everyone else's I really want to do this body of mine justice now.
I really want to push myself to make it the best I can, I haven't really got any excuse to not be happy with it.
If I'm honest I still hate the love handles I have at the back but am trying to see past that & put it down to diet & exercise.
If I know I've done everything I can & I'm still not happy I'll discuss it with my surgeon in 4 months when I see him next.

Happy healing all X

Hip crease

As much as I'm trying to ignore the issue I have with my hips I'm finding it very difficult, especially now I seem to have a crease appearing.
It seems to start where my new skinny waist ends & the squishy top of my hip starts & runs right to my incision line.
It's more apparent when I'm sitting or laying & only on my right side which is the slightly bigger of the two.
I've sent pics to my p.s. As its a little worrying & I didn't want to wait until I see him after Xmas & not mention it.
He's not concerned right now as it is still a working progress & early days but would of seen me if I'd of wanted.
I trust his judgement completely so will wait & see how it goes.

7 weeks post op

I'm now just over 7 weeks and think I'm heading towards my finished result.
The first couple of days back at work I had major swell hell but that seems to of settled down as the week has gone on & my body adjusts back to the physical activity.
I'm still a little sore through the ends of my incision & also a little tender around the lipo sights on my lower back, I also have tightness & some discomfort at the very top of my muscle repair.
I can sleep flat in bed now & on my sides but the tightness at the top of my muscle repair stops me from being sble to lay on my front still. I'm sure that'll ease in time.
I'm still wearing my garment during the day at work for a bit of protection but take it off when I get home & have also slept without it for the last 5 nights. I haven't worn it at all this weekend which has felt good.
I'm still a bit limited with clothing as I don't feel comfortable with jeans or tighter trousers digging in yet. I'm really glad I did this in the summer otherwise I don't know what I'd of been wearing. I've lived in loose fit dresses & skirts for the whole 7 weeks.
I'm not sure if I can see a major difference in the pics over the last few weeks but I definitely feel that the swelling has gone down a lot so I'll still post some.
I can actually feel my hip bones now where before I couldn't push past the swelling.
I took a few pics laying in bed this morning, waking up flat certainly isn't getting old any time soon.
I literally can't stop checking out my new tummy. I'm excited about being able to wear clothes that I've never been able to wear & feeling good infront of my OH without any on for the first time ever.
Absolutely no regrets, not for a single second. 10 years I waited for this surgery & it was 100% worth it.

8 weeks post op

I'm not 8 weeks post & feeling pretty good.
I still have a little tenderness in my upper abs & lipo sites round my back.
I haven't been wearing my garment at all at home, just to work & literally rip it off the second I get in.
It's funny that I remember being so attached to it early on that I used to panic when I had to take it off & now it drives me nuts when it's on. Especially in the heat!!
I braved it yesterday & didn't wear it to work for the first time & I had a particularly challenging day & it was absolutely fine. A little swelling & tenderness in the evening which is to be expected.
I took the tape off of my incision last night, I can't remember how long my surgeon said to continue taping but I'm sure it'll be fine by now. I think it makes you feel secure by having the tape on but I'm sure it's not needed.
I've had some itching the last few days at the end of my incision & after taking the tape off last night I noticed a little spot at the end which irritates. Hopefully it'll disappear quickly with no fuss.

Feeling good

When your skinniest jeans are no longer skinny enough!!
This makes me happy :)
Also 5.5 pounds off in the last 3 weeks which helps

11 weeks post

Not a huge amount to report.
I've started sleeping on my front only in the last week which is amazing.
It felt too uncomfortable up until now like it was really stretching everything.
I haven't taped my scar for a few weeks now as I came out in a rash along my whole incision which I was pretty sure was from the tape. Within days of taking it off & cleaning with hibiscrub twice a day it seemed to settle so hopefully that's the end of that.
I feel like my scar has started to lighten slightly already & I've started to treat it with bio oil in the last few days which should help too.
I've got the tiniest hint of a dog ear on my left side of you could even call it that. The end of the incision raises into a tiny nobbly pointy bit at the end. Obviously doesn't bother me at all.
I still have slight soreness around my hips from lipo, it just feels like light bruising if you press on it so I possibly have a bit of swelling still in those areas.
Not getting bored yet of walking round in my underwear infront of my OH, something I've never been able to do.
I can't tell you how good it feels not to feel ashamed of your own body.
We had our first proper date night last weekend since having my op, it felt amazing to put a dress on I bought in the sale around 2 years ago but I could never wear as it was so fitted.
I've always loved winter clothes, tights, skirts & boots, so I've been trying on all my old clothes now the weathers turning. Some fit better, some are too big & I have a decent amount of clothing that I bought long ago & still has the tags on but never fitted until now which is great as it feels like I have new clothes to put on. As I've just taken out a huge loan to pay for surgery that means I have no spare cash for new clothes. I'm sure I'll survive though, or just continue to walk round in my bra & knickers :)
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