25 year old female 125lbs having 525cc inspira soft touch natrellea in the UK

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I've wanted breast surgery for two years!! And...

I've wanted breast surgery for two years!! And finally I've decided to do something about it!! I was a 30DD before my son & although now I wear a 30D bra they are very empty looking where the skin has stretched due to my milk coming in. I want them looking full & round again instead if droopy tea bags! So I've had my initial meeting with my surgeon MR meleageos, as many people have said he is very short & doesn't advise you much in terms of size of implant he says he prefers to do overs & as I have breast tissue explained they would hide the implant well! He recommended 525cc but I felt these were too big for my frame as I'm only a size 8? The patient co ord recommended weighing out uncooked rice & wearing them inside a sports bra to get an idea of weight & size to decided between 475cc & the 525cc he recommend! So going to go home & try this technique! Surgery is intislly booked for 4th September 2014 so plenty of time to get advice & blog about my worries! Anyone else had my surgeon??

Rice test!

So today has been spent doing the rice test which was recommended to me by the patient co ordinate - you weigh out grams of uncooked rice tie them in old tights & put them inside your sports bra! Gives an idea of weight & helps to decides between sizes. Not the most comfortable of experiments but did help me get some idea of implant size. I'm stuck between having 475cc & 525cc. Picture doesn't really show much difference between the two but 525 felt very heavy :/ just don't want to wake up & get boob greed & wish I'd of gone bigger!!

My old boobs!

Before I has my son these are the wonderful breast I used to own! This isn't a push up bra & they were a healthy 30DD! Hoping to achieve this fullness post op!

Wish pix!

Found this picture today which shows exactly what I want to come out with! These are 475cc HP round :)

Deposit PAID!!!

so today i put down my deposit and applied for 0% finance through transform. whole process took less the 5 minutes & the patient co ord was lovely lovely lovely!! surgery is booked for 4th septemeber!!!!! I have my clinic nurse appointment booked for next thursday & im seeing my surgeon again on 27th august for final talks :) so excited but so nervous now!!!

Boobs boobs & more boobs!

So today I'm spending my day looking at boobs!! Still can't decide wether 475cc is big enough!! 525 just seems too greedy lol but I want the saggy skin I've got filled up and nice & right! So many decisions!

Sorry it's been so long!

I'm now two months post op and I'm so sorry I haven't updated this since before then! I will spend this weekend back tracking and uploading pictures of my journey!

My actual op!

I'm writing this from memory as I was far too excited when having my op to update this! I arrived at 10am to the transform hospital in London & was checked in and shown to my private room. I was shown what to get changed into and then my surgeon and his team came down to talk me through the process and sign all the forms. When it came to the time for my surgery I walked there myself and got myself on the operating table! A lovely male nurse stroked my hair as I started to panic and the next thing I knew I was waking up!! No pain! Just giant boobies!!!

Waking up!

The weirdest bit about waking up was that I wasn't in any pain! I'd read every horror story going and has prepared myself to be immobile and unable to move but I was fine. My chest was uncomfortable and tight but nothing that I couldn't deal with :) a lovely nurse helped me into my zip up bra which was made by under armour and I got it from very.co.uk online. I had 525cc in the end and the nurse fitted me with a 34D bra. It was tight and very supportive. The weirdest thing I found was the drains which I has fitted. It's a bit yuck having a little bottle connected to you collecting blood! Dinner was cod chips and peas which tasted amazing & my nurse checked on me every few hours throughout the night!

Time to go home!

I actually managed to sleep okay upright, it's annoying but not unaxhievable! In the morning I was given the standard dose of antibiotics & told not to wash or get my booba wet for four weeks. It's a long time but worth it! Can't resist showing them off in a Strappy too on the journey home and I'm so pleased with them already. I'm glad I listened to my surgeons advice and went for the bigger implant!!

First check up

This is my boobs two weeks post op! Check up went fine, slight bruising were my drains were removed but nothing major :) told to carry on not washing my booba for another two weeks - yuck!!

6 week check up!

So my second check up went fine! Scars are healing lovely and they've dropped and have gone slightly softer. My right boob is slightly looser around the implant than my left which is annoying but that breast stretched more when I was pregnant so it was advised to me that it could happen. So far I'm very happy with my op and my results!

8 weeks post op!!

So I'm now 8 weeks post op! Can't believe that time has gone past already! I've had no problems at all! Found a fantastic sports bra in primark for £1.50 which is nice to wear around the house & helps keep the implant in place while the a at tissue heals around the implant.


Got myself measured today and I'm a 30G!!!!! Can not believe they are that big as they feel totally normal to me now! Some days I even moan they're quite small lmao!! So happy so far with my results and now going to enjoy ordering some lovely bras to show them off!
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