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Hello Everyone! I'm a newbie in the official...

Hello Everyone! I'm a newbie in the official realself community, though I've been lurking around the neighborhood for quite awhile, lol...I've joined because I want to share my experience with tickle lipo. There's very few reviews about the procedure & I've spent countless hours searching for real accounts/results/photos to help me find my way to a slimmer me. Hopefully, my story will help the next person along their journey.
I'm 37 yrs old,5'5, 155 lbs mother of two, workaholic small business owner, smoker, actively workout 5-7 days a week (I know that's a crazy combo). I'm in generally good health in spite of my bad habit & high stress life & I'm a positive, God loving, amazingly blessed woman! 

I've always struggled with my weight,I was born chunky & seemingly born with a slow metabolism. Paired with my love of cooking & food...well...my heaviest weight was 225lbs. For the last ten years, I've committed to working out & though I've never grown to love it,I "just do it" & its definitely helped me keep my weight under control,ahem, more or less. Over the years, I've tried everything from diet pills to coolsculpting & a bit of everything in between yet my body seems to love fat as much as my mouth loves food! I know I'll never be skinny, my build & genetics say so but I've always wanted to be shed of my rolls & meat curtain (my belly's name). My vigorous workouts have given me a nice amount of muscle tone under my fat but the fat is definitely showing the muscle who's in charge. I suppose I could give up all carbs & sweets & yummies but I know I'd be miserable! I've tried it for a day or five & boyyyy...u didn't wanna cross my path, lol. I love myself, never feel like I'm undesirable yet I've always been unhappy about my shape. I've lived with this feeling my whole life & those who have as well know exactly how difficult it can be at times. As much as I've wanted liposuction,I simply couldn't imagine going through the recovery period. Realistically, my life demands are too much to take a two week vacation from usefulness. Yet & still,I occasionally haunt this site & others while fantasizing about getting a procedure to rid myself of my unwanted body fat. 

That's how I found tickle lipo,a relatively new procedure in the US which promises far less downtime & no general anesthesia (huge plus because I don't want to go under for various reasons). I've searched & researched & finally made a few appointments for consults & now (dramatic drumroll) my surgery is less than two weeks away!! Yay!! I'm super excited, not all that apprehensive but kinda pinching myself about the fact that I'm actually gonna do this! The money!! The downtime!! The risk !! Most importantly, the results!!!!! 

There's so many things I've obsessed over since making the appointment & I'll share as much as I can...I have a million things to do today but I'll continue to update & promise to upload photos as they become available. Have a blessed day!

Going in for my pre-op appointment tomorrow! My...

Going in for my pre-op appointment tomorrow! My surgery is a week away! I've been caressing my fat rolls as if to say goodbye, with love however every time I look in the mirror,I feel a flash of excitement because I'm actually getting rid of this extra meat! Yay!
I've still been trolling lipo information & reviews &I plan to firmly tell my surgeon that I want him to take as much fat out as possible. Period. My heart goes out to anyone who's gone through the tumultuous ups n downs of liposuction only to discover that the surgeon they entrusted to help them didn't do what was supposed to be done. I'm letting my surgeon know that this is not an option for me! The stars & planets have aligned perfectly for me, work scheduling, money& determination...I may not have another opportunity like this for another 20 years, lol! He did tell me that he would redo/retouch any areas if necessary for no additional charge (I asked to have that in writing & he said surely) but I'm praying that he will contour my body with the skill, care& passion of a renaissance sculptor. Otherwise, his office will have to close for the day due to flooding from my tears...

I'm feeling even more confident about my procedure...

I'm feeling even more confident about my procedure after my pre op appointment with Dr Kaplan today. He has a very competent, pleasant demeanor & was very thorough about what was to come & what I should/should not do. Of course I asked him how much fat he was planning to remove! In case I haven't mentioned before, I'm having full abdomen, flanks & back (the photo I've uploaded gives a pretty good view of my problem areas). He wasn't elusive yet he said that we'd go over each area specifically before my surgery. Sidenote-despite all of the reviews with arnica tabs & their benefits, he said to steer clear of them because they thin blood. Huh. Wish I knew that before I bought some, oh well...
In regards to my bad habit, he said that it'd have a serious effect if I was getting a tuck or fat transfer but tickle lipo isn't traumatic enough for smoking to cause much of a complication. However, he did say its best to stop before & after for best results. I've cut back but truth be told, I haven't stopped & I'm saying this because I know there must be a few people who are in the same situation. I'll be truthful about this so others can use my experience as a reference only! I know that I've been searching for real reviews from smokers so perhaps this information will be appreciated in some form.
Anyways, I've paid my entire bill, I've got my prescription for antibiotics & vicodin & its getting real, y'all! I've also ordered a body pillow, foam top mattress pad & a Columbian faja compression garment (no returns,hope it fits!). Surgery is less than a week away!!

Getting anxious!!

So close yet so far! I dropped my prescription off, picking antibiotics & Vicodin up tomorrow + I received my faja in the mail today...yippee, it fits (sort of)! I didn't consider how uncomfortable a thong faja would be but after squoozing into that baby, I realize that it may be pretty painful getting into it for the first few days & downright tortuous itching & sweating all over my body + chafing my crack raw, lol!! So...I've just ordered another faja bodysuit minus the thong. This one has a zipper & wider straps to address/support my bra roll area. I also ordered a compression tank top to go over or under the one I just received as it doesn't give enough support in the high back area. Ugh! All this layering is going to be the death of me! I already suffer from hyperhidrosis, I'm the sweatiest woman this side of the equator & I'm dreading the constricting, sweat inducing layers of clothing I must wear for THREE WEEKS:( . Mind you,I work in a kitchen for most of my days as well as waitress. Ugh ugh yuck. Hopefully,I don't gross my customers out as I profusely sweat over their food & tables! Lol, I'm being such a whiner but I'm glad I have a venting forum :)

Anyhoo, I'm hoping that it'll work out regarding my newly ordered garments because the process of trying to figure out which one will work best gives me a headache.

Speaking of headaches...my head is spinning faster as my big day draws closer. I'm finally getting the jitters-not out of fear but I'm anxious...I mean, this is HUGE! I've never had surgery. Never even had any real pain medication. I had both of my children naturally without meds. In 3 days, I'm having the biggest procedure in my life! Whoa. I'm praying I can keep my cool in the coming days, faithful that all will be well & silly with excitement over the fact that this is really happening...


Dr Kaplan just called me & asked if I wanted to come earlier for my procedure. Its scheduled for 1:30 but he said his morning opened up so if I'd like to come,I can. Soonest begun, soonest done however...I took a laxative & I'm worried I won't be completely evacuated in time for an earlier procedure!! Lol :/I'm typing this while on the potty haa haa...this is nuts but hey, this is the forum to let it all hang out, figuratively & literally-puns included! I guess I'll camp out in the bathroom & try to get there around noon. :) This may be my last post before going in so I'll check in with the rundown when I'm on the other side. God bless

The other side

Okay, I've started writing this about 7 hours out of surgery. Whew! The procedure took roughly 3 1/2 hours. Full front, full back. Some discomfort, mostly during the tumescent lidocaine injection. Otherwise, it felt like the cannula was on top of my skin,I suppose that removed sensation was the effects of the lidocaine. Little pinches & weird vibrations but no true pain. My back was definitely more sensitive especially one area that needed more numbing..i actually felt the cannula ripping through my meat Yee- OUCH, but Dr Kaplan immediately responded when I let him know that I wasn't comfortable. Otherwise,I drifted in & out of a series of naps which I didn't mind at all considering how sleep deprived I've been this weekend...I lost my Daddy on Friday...yes,I still pushed through this surgery after a great deal of crying, consideration & prayer...my Daddy taught me how to always move forward...
Afterwards, Dr Kaplan asked me to sit up, which I was able to do on my own then stand which I did as well. Lil wobbly can't remember if I was wrapped before or after but I was able to go potty (nurse present) with no difficulty. I was so swollen, YUCKY swollen-much bigger than I was before the procedure but Dr Kaplan assured me that will all drain rapidly,it better Mr doctor man >:\. I left with my sweetheart, no sweat, & napped home.
Home! I wobbled off to bed & fell asleep until my alarm woke me to take my next antibiotic dose. Please note that my doctor called me while I was sleeping. Whoa, sore in some areas like I did some isolation exercises, lightheaded, nauseous, draining from my cuts (think I have 6-8)...Um, WHY ARE MY TONGUE & LIPS NUMB??? I called the Doc on his cell, we went over a few things...no irregular pulse, no high fever, no hyperventilating, still draining...he said maybe stress (from all I'm going through), maybe slight reaction to lidocaine (I think so) & let him know if symptoms persist or increase. Well, as wobbly & weird as I felt, I started to do laps around my house for the next thirty minutes or so. Also ate some tofu soup eventually. Seemed to help even though my tongue still felt really thick in my mouth. Dr Kaplan called again to check on me (too sweet). I laid down again only to start feeling as though my lips were getting numb again & decided to make a recliner in my bed. Best idea ever! I guess the lidocaine was somehow moving up instead of draining down. Problem solved.
Through the night,I slept like a drugged person, which I was LOL,& woke periodically like a person who has premature waking sleep cycle which I am. Lil soreness, took some Tylenol & called it good.
Its morning now, I've written periodically through the night. I have my post op appt in a few hours, Dr promised to give me pre & post photos BUT he didn't take any of my fat in the canister BOOOO! I had 700cc's removed, not alot, hope it was enough because I was figuring somewhere around 5000cc's of fat has been attached to the trunk of my body, lol. Dr Kaplan kept insisting that I didn't have a great deal to remove & he was sculpting rather than
suctioning. I don't know if that's good or bad because if the rest of what's left is saggy, lumpy skin...I'm gonna be one cranky lady! For now, I'm staying positive...we'll see...hoping for the best yet prepared for anything (another of my Daddy's lessons) & I'll keep you posted on my recovery/results.
BTW, am I writing too many details to make a good read? Hopefully not :) I'm just trying to give a great account of my experience + this is definitely therapeutic for me too.
Blessed days everyone!

1 week update

Hi there! Okay, so its been a week &a day since my surgery...what a week! I haven't been able to update, I've been immersed in all that goes with losing a beloved. I can say with certainty that tickle lipo has in no way interfered with anything that I needed to do, which was quite alot. Making arrangements, cooking, running around, working, attending my children, preparing for the funeral, eulogy, repast & beyond...my procedure & healing definitely took a back seat.
On day 4 post lipo,I shucked my compression garment-never to put it back on again! It was helping with my swelling but I couldn't find the energy to squeeze back into it after my shower. I just wasn't in a good frame of mind. I somewhat regretted my decision, wondering if I'd just ruined my optimal results-especially after experiencing the strange, wobbly, flappy sensation of my entire mid/back area but my mind & emotions were on my Daddy. I think it'll be okay though. My skin appears to have retracted nicely. Though I still have swelling in some areas, none seems overly uneven. I swell most at the end of the day or if I've done something vigorous like my insanely hard hill & stair climb yesterday. I'm flattest in the mornings & it looks shapely. No sagging or bulges. I can understand why a CG is recommended/required by most surgeons though because if my procedure had been one of the more aggressive types, I'm sure the swelling, soreness & draining would have continued much longer than mine did & the CG definitely helps alleviate those conditions. O well, I'm not wearing one now & can't imagine putting that damned awkward thing back on so forward march!
My point of entry wounds are healing. Verrrrry itchy!!! Arrgh, maddeningly itchy. Once, in a scratching fit,I accidentally scratched one...Whoo...bad idea. Hear that ladies? No scratching!
Anyways, I'm still on the road to recovery & healing. Physically & emotionally (sigh,I miss him so very much), yet I have no regrets about my decision to have tickle lipo. My follow up isn't until June 10th. I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with my results except maybe my upper bra roll area behind my shoulders which appears to still have the same amount of fat. I'll address that area with Dr Kaplan but perhaps it'll flatten satisfactorily by then. We'll see...
By the way, I'll get my pre& post op pics from him on my follow up appt. I promise to post them. If I can manage, I'll take some pics myself in the next few days.
Take care everyone & God Bless!!

June update

Apologies for the ridiculously late update! I have been busier than the proverbial one legged man in the butt kicking contest. Also Dr Kaplan sent my photos in png form so I couldn't even share. I finally have the jpeg sooooooo here they are...
I will say first & foremost,I really wish he'd taken more than 700cc's of fat. To be fair, these pics don't show my true results because I was in pre menstrual mode & bloated on top of my post surgical swelling. I don't know if I'll ever be satisfied unless I'm skinny but I know he could've taken twice the amount. I mean,I still see & feel fat under my skin. Some days are more disappointing than others, depending on my swelling (yes,I still have swelling 1 1/2 months post surgery) & my eating habits...HOWEVER, I do see results ABSOLUTELY & I will say that I understand Dr Kaplan's reticence for not taking more fat & he decision to opt for sculpting over scraping. As time passes,I see less protrusion of my rolls that looks natural. Its nice...but again, part of me says screw nice & natural- give me fake n fabulous! Would I do it again if I knew this would be my outcome?? Hmm...yes. I say this after considering how much time & money I've invested in all kinds of diet pills, shakes, supplements & procedures (coolsculpting/FIG mesotherapy shots/exilis/mouth wiring-when I was 18 & kept them on for less than two hours Lol) over the years in search of some result...well, I've got my results. I don't have another 5g's to drop on another go round, I'm undecided on whether or not to ask him to redo my bra rolls because as untraumatic as tickle lipo is in comparison to other liposuction procedures, its still surgery-my body is still healing. My incisions are shrinking but still visible so I know my sub dermis is still healing too. I'm being patient & in the meantime, I'm working out diligently + I've quit smoking! Haa,I didn't see that one coming but I feel good about it :)
Anyways, hope this helps someone...Real Self is an awesome community & I'm happy to be a part of it. I'll update again in a few weeks when I have my follow up in late July...God bless & be good to yourselves :)
Dr Alex Kaplan

Nice, courteous, confident...so far so good! Dr Kaplan is a really nice man. He is in the right profession & he clearly enjoys his work. His demeanor is warm, caring & sweet...I am always comfortable in my appointments & he always seems genuinely happy to see me. I highly recommend him!

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