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Hello! After reading everyone's reviews and really...

Hello! After reading everyone's reviews and really researching for about two weeks, I have gotten the procedure done! A little about me, I've always been chubby my whole life. Greatest weight was 210 lbs when I was 13/14 years old. As of 8/20/2014 I weighed in at 144, 5'6'' (earlier this year I weighed in at 165 lbs). I run at least 15 miles a week, and watch what I eat. I work as a registered nurse on a medical-surgical floor, and am always moving. However, I have never been comfortable in my own skin - especially in a bikini. That is when I did my research and heard about smart lipo. I found Dr Kaplan through Yelp!, liked his reviews, got a consultation on 8/18/14 and scheduled surgery for 8/20/14 (two days!).

Procedure details:
*Smart Lipo/Tickle Lipo to:
-Full abdomen (lower & upper)
-love handles/flanks
-inner thighs

*Fat transfer to both breasts

Today was my procedure. I was so nervous! I was brought to the surgery prep room where I had to remove all clothing and jewelry, put on the 'sexy' plastic bikini underwear, change into a gown and put my hair in a bonnet.

After I was brought to the office to take pictures and have Dr Kaplan mark my body with a sharpie. During the marking time, I started to feel faint and had to stop him a couple times to sit before fainting. (Anxiety got the best of me.) Dr Kaplan then gave me an Ativan 1mg tablet (anti anxiety medication) and was able to finish his markings.

Once the markings were completed, I was brought to the operating room, an IV was started, and Ativan 1 mg IV was administered. I was hooked on to the vitals monitor. THEN the whole procedure started.
Lidocaine solution had to be the most painful out of the procedure. The initial poke and the solution being pushed into the area - it felt like an intense burning sensation. (In my opinion, that was the worst of it.) The blunt probe was inserted and the translucent? fluid was distributed. This felt a uncomfortable like he was separating the fat and muscle. Then the suctioning was done. (This was the most comfortable for me, feels like a massage.)

Once everything was done I was wrapped with a binder and abdominal pads, and able to go home. After the surgery I felt dizzy - more tipsy dizzy. However, no pain at all. I was able to walk to the car.

As I write this, I am in bed and have already changed a couple pads to my lower abdomen (where it is leaking the most). I'm not in pain, more discomfort. My abdomen feels like its cramping, much like after an insanity cardio abs session.

Tomorrow is my post-op visit. I'll post then.

Day 1 - Post Op Appt

Had my post op appointment at 11AM today. I woke up feeling sore on the lower abdomen and the cheat/breast area. I took a Norco (for the first time, yesterday after the surgery I felt I could handle the soreness) before getting ready. (I was told not to shower today until after the appointment.) I used a soapy washcloth to do my extremities and private areas.

During the appointment Dr Kaplan took off the abdominal pads and dressings, took some photos, and said I was healing well. Apparently I am not bruising as many patients do! Yay! I slipped into the compression garment (size small), with the help of Brian (assistant) and Dr Kaplan. After I was advised to lay off the exercise for about a week, with the breasts at least 3 weeks. (Guess I'll be hardcore dieting 80% diet, 20% exercise right?) Dr Kaplan also said I can take a shower 24 hours after the procedure was completed so around 8PM on. The compression garment is supposed to be on at all times, unless showering; he mentioned removing and going without it prematurely would alter the results.

Went grocery shopping with my mother and was able to clean my room/organize my closet. I plan on taking a shower in 30 minutes, took a Norco before so I can enjoy the shower without the soreness.

I am loving the results of the Fat Transfer! My boobs look so full and round!! As for my abdomen and thighs, I'm still swelling. Hoping for the best! Have a two week followup on 09/05/14.

**Definitely recommending Dr Kaplan!

Week 1 - Post Op

It's officially been about 8 days since I've had the procedure. I've been swelling here and there. I've noticed more swelling when I'm out and about more. Regarding pain medications, after day 3, I haven't had to take any Norco/Tylenols. Day 2, I started splitting them in half. But! I do keep them in my purse for now, just in case.

I have had two days back to work (day 5 & 6 post op). (I work as a Registered Nurse on medical-surgical floor). First day I was still feeling sore and having to turn heavier patients was NOT comfortable at all, but doable. Second day was not bad at all, just a little tender to the abdomen and thighs when sitting down.

I've been itching to run/exercise but I read somewhere that being too eager can actually cause you to swell more and make the healing process longer. However, today I tested my body and did a 2.5 mile inclined walk on a treadmill mostly at a 3.5 mph / 9 incline. I used my arms (slightly exaggerated swinging) for momentum. It did not feel bad at all. I actually feel great During the walk I used a Spanx garment and a Gold's Gym Waist Trimmer Belt (for added support). As for my breasts, I used a non-underwired sports bra.

Body wise, I still feel swollen. I weighed myself today and am at 147 lbs. Not too bad. My waist seems a lot more defined. And my boobs are as swollen as post op day 1, but they are still large! :D
As for measurements, they are all close to pre-op, but slightly larger - I blame the swelling.

Again, I still feel it's worth it. I have had comments from those who knew I underwent the procedure and they are ALL interested. I keep telling them to get to their goal weight, or close to it, then go for a free consultation.

Week 1 - Addendum: Compression Garment

Compression garment - I have the Sculptures Compression Wear Model Sc- 220.
This garment is comfortable with the exception of the bulkiness at the thigh portion. Wearing them under jeans has been a nightmare (skinny jeans). So instead, I'm wearing skirts and parachute pants for now. Underneath my scrubs, again they are feel bulky at the legs.

I ordered a second garment except the model SC - 210. This doesn't have the zipper all the way thru the garment, reducing the bulk at the thighs, hopefully this will allow me to wear jeans!

I am wearing the garment 24/7 - unless showering. When I have to wash it (since for now I only have 1) I substitute it with a Spanx garment.

As for bras. I read underwire and tighter/regular bras is not good for fat transplants (until 4 weeks or so) since the pressure kills circulation to the transplanted fat cells, so I've been using maternity bras. They have great support at the bottom and shoulders and the cups are softer. (Same band size, larger cup.) I also sleep with the light sports bra that was given to me by Dr Kaplan.

Week 3

Week 4

It has been about a month since the procedure. More 4 week/28 days really. It's been great.

I wear Spanx here and there.
Not much swelling.

Exercise, I can run (6.0mph) 2 miles but am grabbing to my boobs for dear life. I think I am going to give the Victoria Secret Sport Bras a try..

Weight wise I am down to my post op weight.

Measurements: My waist is an inch smaller from pre op, as well as each thigh has gotten slimmer.
Waist: Pre op 28 in; Now: 27 in
Thighs: Preop 22.5 in; Now 21 in

Breasts: the swelling has gone down, but they are still fuller than before.

Again, recommending this procedure 100x over. One of the better decisions I've made. :D
Dr. Alex Kaplan

Comfortable. Dr Kaplan was very informative with the procedures and very thorough with what he was planning to do. He also offered his personal phone number if anything should go wrong. I would definitely recommend him.

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