Botox?? Brentwood, CA

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I finally decided to get Botox after nursing my...

i finally decided to get Botox after nursing my son for 2 yrs. I felt it was a treat for enduring and embracing motherhood. First of I will say I am a fainter. I fainted my entire pregnancy and am very susceptible to heat stroke. I wasn't nervous or scared Nor did the procedure hurt. I did however FAINT. That night I felt extremely sick, I had a terrible headache and felt a heaviness to my head. The next day I felt dizzy every time I looked down and was worried I was going to faint again. I received 32 units. Maybe I got too much?? It's been a week and although I feel better I still have headaches. Now I feel it in my ears. And not so much in my forehead. I still don't think it's worth it. I didn't really need it. I just wanted something to make me feel less like a frumpy mommy and more like ME again. We shall see over the next few weeks.


Week update

my headaches are much better. I feel pretty normal and my forehead is frozen! Still don't know if I'll do it again. If I do I will def get less units.
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