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Hi to everyone, So finally after 5 years, I...

Hi to everyone,

So finally after 5 years, I grew balls to go ahead with the surgery and not look back again. I'm 24 years old and about 5ft5, UK size 8. I work out a lot and generally try to look after any health and image as much as possible. However, it has always been a part of my body, that I was unable to do anything about it non surgically. Tried pills, enhancement machines, you name it! Hated how odd my boobs look when I wear tight clothes. I would be able to get my body in a perfect shape but it would just be those 2 girls who refused to grow! Until today I would have to get tops that were lose of get gel bras.

It wasn't so bad in clothes, when it comes down to bikinis, oh dear lord! It would be a battle between sizes, since I'd need to get size smaller for the bras and size larger for the bottoms. Of course, they never sell such sets, so it would always be random pieces of different tops and bottoms. On top of that, I would never be able to find a bra that suited my shape, well the shape of almost nothing in there. Don't get me wrong I wear 32C or some bras 32B. but I have broad shoulders and my cups sound big enough when I say C, but in real life they have bigger radius which makes them flatter.

So, here I am, after years of thinking I decided to do make them my first transformation of New Year! Went to see a coordinator yesterday at the Transform clinic in Brentford, London UK. As the appointment went on and the more she talked about it, the more real they became to me and the more nerve wrecking it got. She explained everything to me, I told her I would like to be more of full C cup and do not want to look obviously big and fake. However, from what she has told me, it is better to go for D's or DD's as I'm already a C cup and it wont make any difference to me. She also mentioned how they swell after the surgery, and how I would love them, but as weeks go by the swelling goes down and usually gets about half a size smaller. Which I think is quite normal and understandable. Just as out feet swell after a plane ride or hot weather and go back to normal size after we rest. Anyway, back to the point, I'm not very sure of DD's but I'm however very much leaning towards D's. I guess we will discuss further about it today, as I will be meeting my surgeon and he will be able to give me a chance to try on different sizes, types of implants that are suitable for me. Transform offers Allergan brand implants and within that brand there are 2 types, 1 is the standard, where there is only 1 layer of protective coating and the other one is called "Naturalle" or something like that, which has double layer of protective coating. The price difference was about £850 which is probably US$1500.

But again, she told me that sometimes because of your anatomical structure and breast tissue size, the doctor will recommend to use one or the other, since not every patient is the same. I hope to go for the 2nd option of "Naturalle", but will see what he tells me today at the consultation.

I simply can't wait for 10th of January! If there was a chance, I would have even done it right now! I'm so excited, can't even think about Christmas and New Years, as my surgery date feels more important than anything in the world right now. All I wanna do is workout real hard until the day, as I wont be able to work out for the next 6 weeks after the surgery!

Can't just have boobs and gain weight! That would just be another disaster! Again, as I said, I have big bone structure, even though I wear size 8, gaining weight just makes me all swollen and stiff! So, I guess new boobs will be another motivation for me to stay lean and mean ;)

So, finally met my doctor. He suggested me to do...

So, finally met my doctor. He suggested me to do 260cc or 300cc, so they look natural and not too big, also so that my back doesnt hurt. I have tried them on with a bra and 260cc seemed like no much difference, so I'm going for 300cc. It was a very short quick consultation, nevertheless he was very polite, funny and professional. I seriously can't wait for the day!!!

Counting my days, buying some sports bra and working out like no tomorrow!

Pre - Op: First of all Happy New Year to all of...

Pre - Op:
First of all Happy New Year to all of you!
Went for my Pre-Op yesterday. It was all good, nothing scary, the same old introducing the procedure and confirming all the details. I gave few blood tests which will be sent to lab today and weigh in.

Nothing new really! I just cant wait for the day! 1 week more and I'll be born all over again :) Kind of broke up with my boyfriend so I really need this for self confidence and motivation for me to lose weight.... I really need a new me! I think for me my New Year will start only after operation :)

They told me to go shopping for sports bra that are about 2 size bigger so it will accommodate the swelling for the first few weeks. these are just normal sports bra, that are not too tight. more like a tube bra.

Alright, hope it all goes well :)

Hi Ladies!!!! I'm sorry for being M.I.A for...

Hi Ladies!!!!

I'm sorry for being M.I.A for few weeks. Anyway, my op was scheduled for 10th Of december as you all know, however due to communication problems with transform about the payment details and etc, it was rescheduled for 18th which was yesterday. Obviously, as I was waiting for so long to get it done and with all effort of trying to reach them for 3 whole days and leaving voicemails asking them to call me back, when I didn't get any response back, it left me frustrated and angry. Not only they had communication problems with me but also with the ward and doctors as well. Since I received a call on 10th morning from the ward itself asking me if I am still coming for the surgery as they are all prepared. Few more calls and etc the nurse found out it was rescheduled for 18th, which means I had to reschedule the post-op, surgeon and my plans.

All in all everything went really well. it was easy peasy. Doctors were really friendly, as my appointment was rescheduled, I had to go in with a different surgeon, Dr Khan (originally I was scheduled with Dr. Nathan ). Apparently he is very efficient and does his surgeries very quick. I went in around 1130 and was out 1230ish. I was under general anaesthesia and of course took me about 2-3 hours to fully recover from it. All I felt after surgery was the heaviness of my chest. It felt like there was cement setting on me. It doesn't hurt as much when lying down, but once I get up I feel the rush of pain. It's bearable though. The doctor gave me antibiotics to take twice a day until the bottle she gave me finishes and painkillers to take whenever I feel pain. So its day 1 and I don't feel much pain to be taking the painkillers.

The only things I'm uncomfortable doing is sitting up straight, walking fast and waving my arms around. except that I'm perfectly fine getting dressed, moving around slowly and eating normally. The only thing I'm finding it hard is sleeping on my back in a slight sitting up position. As I'm not very much of a person to sleep on my back usually, but I need to be at this position for 14 days. So far I'm sleeping on 5 pillows, which makes me slightly raised, just like the hospital beds.

I'm all bandaged up, so can't take much pictures to show you guys. But as soon as they are off, I'll post some. so far they look amazing. Oh, another thing is as I was mentioning how I got the Naturelle implants, they come in slightly different sizes and circumferences, therefore for me the closest for 300cc was either 295cc or 310cc, so I went for 310cc.

I will update more regularly from now on :)

Hellooo Ladies! So I had my post op 2 days ago...

Hellooo Ladies!

So I had my post op 2 days ago and the nurse removed all the bandage and cut the ends of the stitches. The stitches are dissolvable so she said it will take 4-6 weeks for them to fully disappear. I havent taken any of the painkillers and the pain has gone after 2 days of surgery so mostly from day 3 I have been out and about everyday.

The swelling it going down but they still look like balloons. The nurse told me that my breasts are still swollen, but they should drop to about 1-1.5 cm below what they are now, which will cover the incision mark and hide it under the crease. Also since I have been using my right hand mostly, as its my dominant hand. The swelling on the right boob has gone down slightly more than on left. There is no big difference but you can see how the swelling at the top is not as much as on the left one. My arms have been fully functional, I can move them around, however I still try not to use them as much especially when lifting things, after all it hasnt even been 2 weeks.

My next post op is in 4 weeks time, when they will be able to recommend me special creams for the scar and I can get measured for my new size and buy myself a bra. I'm actually enjoying the part, where I dont need to wear push up or even a bra with my outfits, how everything looks so perfect, and I look proportional, in good shape also feel sexy. I just wish for them to drop as fast as possible really, cos without clothes I look a bit ridiculous how they are sitting right up there! I guess everything will happen at its own time...

The scar looks quite bad on pictures, but its not as bad, also its just 10th day right so of course it has to look something like that, afterall they cut into my chest. Anyway, I'm very sure just like with scars we obtain from falling and cutting ourselves, it will heal and there will be nothing.

I'm attaching couple of photos, so hope you all enjoy! :)

Right its been 4 months now, I think. But all...

Right its been 4 months now, I think. But all feels amazing! it has definitely given me so much motivation and inspiration to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. I've been working out really hard and so far lost 10inches overall whole body. The swelling has gone down tremendously! I used to be 32C or 32D with small paddings, now with my new lace bras no paddings at all I'm 30E or 30F. The swelling has gone down so much and feels more natural but I'm sure it will still drop and losen up slightly. As for now they are still a bit on not so soft side. Overall I love them! The only investment I have made so far that I do not regret at all! My clothes look so different, my confidence most importantly has gone up thru the roof and for some reason even when I'm not wearing revealing tops I get positive attention all the time from men and women! Lol!!!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!!

Hello everyone,

Here is a little update on whats been going on since the last update. It was exactly 1 year since the surgery 5 days ago. However I didn't find much time to get online upload pics and write an update.
So here it goes, everything is absolutely amazing and fantastic! the swelling is long gone, I have been training very very hard too. It has been an absolute motivation for me to start leading a healthy lifestyle and stay fit have curves and muscles. I been leading a lifestyle and fitness blog since last february on instagram which is going into a proper website this year. Since the surgery I've lost 2 dress sizes but kept my curves, with that my boobs have also found this natural looking shape. Every single person thinks they are my own and can't believe its not mine. haha The pictures look slightly more up and still standing there kinda, i think its the lights in my bathroom but trust me it looks as if i was born with them and so natural. The incision cut underneath has almost gone without lifting up the boobs it lies right under the fold which is so perfect!!! I absolutely love it and it is so far the best decision I have made in 24 years I have lives so far lol.

Anyhow, good luck everyone and I am actually starting to consider nose job. But everyone is saying if I get a nose job to make my nose taller then I need to do something with eyes too. Which is absolutely fine with me. :)

I started modelling too which is amazing since every single piece of clothing sits so perfectly on me now.
Dr. Khan

I would also like to add, I been looking for places and doctors to do surgery for weeks, and the more I researched the more confusing it got. So it came to a point, where I gathered all the surgical places where I felt confident of, called every single of them for an appointment, asked if they would be able to do it first week of January, picked the ones that were able and decided from there. I think my research took me about 1 month, then I got fed up so just called them up about a 4 days ago, and Transform was able to give me next day appointment, so took it right away! I know its best to do research and be confident and try places, but I just cant wait anymore. And I also have a very good gut feeling about Transform when I went to their clinic and had my consultation. Of course, my first choice was to go to the States and get it done. However, not being able to fly for about 6 weeks put me off, also I didn't want the feeling of being a plane ride away if something was to happen after the surgery.

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