32 Year Old with 4 Kids Desperately Wanting Bigger Boobies - Brentford, GB

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Hi all, I am very new to anything like this as in...

Hi all,
I am very new to anything like this as in writing about an experience especially as I never thought I would ever be able to get an augmentation. Let me start from the beginning as a teenager I never grew boobs and was a 32a. Since then I have had 4 beautiful children that I breast fed. I was so happy breastfeeding because my boobs grew to it think a d. After breastfeeding feeding all 4 children I no longer fill out a 32a and when I was measured i was a 30aa and even that didn't fit very well.
I have always wanted to go bigger but never really thought it was something I would ever be able to do. However circumstances change and I found myself able to do it.
Me and my fiance booked in for a consultation with Transform in London.
I spoke with my care coordinator Emma who was very friendly and helpful and I explained that it would be helpful for me to have the operation over Christmas so I wouldn't have to take time off work as I have 2 weeks off over the Christmas period. She was very helpful and got me an appointment with the surgeon on the same day as my consultation. Because it wasn't the first consultation I'd been to I knew a lot of what we talked about. When we saw the surgeon he said for my size I shouldn't go bigger than a small d. I tried on 2 sizers and decided to go for the bigger one 385cc as there wasn't any noticeable difference. I got told to buy bras in a 32b, c and d. Paid my deposit and booked my surgery in for 21st December :)
I will post some before pictures in the next few days.

Wow I have boobies!!

Hi all I haven't been able to get on lately what with work, Christmas and kiddos. Well I am the other side of the op now I had my op 21st Dec.
Let me start with the day of my op. Well me and my fiance were up bright and early as we had to drive to the Riverside clinic in Brentford. The staff pretty much left us to it. My surgeon came around and checked on which size I still wanted and drew all over my boobs and took more pictures. Then a couple of hours later I was walked down to the theatre. I don't remember a lot as I was so nervous although my nurse was lovely and held my hand the entire time. I remember being told I'd feel a sharp scratch then I woke up back in my room with my fiance there.
I was amazed how quickly it was all over especially after I had worked myself up. I was pretty sleepy still and kept nodding off quite a bit. I felt very tight across my breasts and felt a struggle to breathe although as time went on it became easier. We took lots of pics of me both before and after. The nurse came in to take out my drains. She said you normally don't feel a thing however I really did I found that the most painful thing so far. We took a couple of pics whilst my bra was open. We was allowed back home later that day.
It was weird as I knew my movement would be restricted but I wasn't ready for how limited it is. I am having difficulty sleeping upright and it's horrible not being able to cuddle my kids and partner. Wrapping presents was fun with limited movement.
But in all seriousness I am over joyed to have finally gotten the boobs I have wanted since I was about 16. I will post up some before and after pics probably after the rush of Christmas.
I will try to keep the updates coming.
So far day 3 post op not really in pain more discomfort because of the tightness I am feeling up top. I cannot really wear clothes as I struggle to put them on and off. Taken to wearing pj bottoms because I am so bloated (the medication makes you extremely constipated) and shirts that are big as I can't pull clothes over my head properly yet as I don't have the range of movement.


Please see some before and after pictures some good some not so good but it shows what it's like after surgery and how bloated you get after.
I hope you find them helpful
I will post more pictures a little later as well as healing scar pitures
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