22yrs Old, No Kids, 5'3 110lbs 32B - 470cc Implants - Brentford, GB

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So to start at the beginning.. Throughout school...

So to start at the beginning.. Throughout school my friends developed boobs and I never seemed to.. My mum is similar in size to me but has is a size 32FF, my sister who is 15 years old is already a 32E. I wear very padded 32B bras and can make the illusion of having something there, but as soon as I take my bras off it leaves me with nothing and so I have decided that it's now my turn to feel womanly and have boobs too. I'm 5'3 and 110lbs and were a UK size 8. I had my consultation and decided that 495cc looked good on my frame. I am booked in for my surgery on 21st Oct, not long now so very excited.

Wish boobs...

These are my wish boobs, really hoping mine look something like this..

Oh and some rice sizers I made

These are 495cc rice sizers.. What do you think? Do you ladies think these will suit me?

Op admissiontime changed?

So I just got a call from the admin team at Transform.. She asked whether I could turn up at the hospital at 12 rather than 8:30am as planned.. I said I am coming from far away so would prefer if they could keep it at 8:30.. After a little while she got back to me and said that's fine but couldn't tell me whether that meant I would still be having my op in the morning or having to wait etc. . I called the hospital and they said that they have a couple of day cases on that day which take priority and therefore my surgery would be around 12 if I still arrive at 8:30 so that's a bit annoying having to wait longer but she did confirm that I will be in my own room waiting so I guess it's not too bad.

Change of size and update - out the other side

Last minute I changed my mind and went for 470cc as Dr Meleagos said that he felt 495cc would be stretching my skin too much and I thought 470cc wasn't much difference. I'm out of surgery and can't stop taking a peek at my boobs :) nurse will be in soon to help me get my bra on.. So happy and can't wait for them to drop :) x

About 1 hr Post op

I don't feel as bad as I though I would there is pressure like someone is sitting on my chest but nothing unbearable, although i do have a lots of pain killers in my system so that may be why haha.. So happy that it's done :)

My experience at Riverside

So turned up and was told I would be collected and my partner was to wait in reception until called through.. I was shown to my room which was lovely :) and told to put my gown, knickers and dressing gown and slippers on. The nurse came in just after and took my blood pressure and asked what I wanted for my lunch, dinner and breakfast. My partner was then called through.. A little later Dr Melagros came in to draw on me and ask me which size I wanted he gave me the implants to try on with my bra again.. He said I could go with either the 470cc, 495cc or 525cc but strongly suggested the 470cc as he said the others would really stretch my skin and would look a bit stuck on and high. He went away and I tried them on and can't remember the amount of time I changed back and forward between sizes but in the end decided to go with 470cc as there was not much in the 495cc and 470cc. I was then told i would go down to theatre at about 12.. The anethisitist came to see me and ask some questions.. Then just after 11 I was asked if I was ready to go down which was a surprise. Dr Melagros wrote the implant size on one boob then took me through to lie on the bed, the IV was put in and I was told it was time to go to sleep the mask was put on my face and I was told to take deep breaths I remember feeling woozy then fell asleep. The next thing I know is I'm being woken up in recovery and looking at my new babies :) I have had hardly any pain and didn't need any pain killers all night after the op.

1 day post op

So happy with my results so far :) little brushing on my left breast.

Day 4 post op

So happy with how my boobs turned out. I'm now day 4 post op.. The tops are getting squishy and I can push them together now (with some force, but nether the less I can do it) haha. Can't wait for them to drop and fluff :)

Can't stop taking pics

Still a little high but can already see progress.

Comparison before to 5days PO

Can't help myself - more pics

So I wasn't going to post any more pictures today as I only posted yesterday but just can't help myself.. And it's nice to have one place to look back on my progress. 470cc uhp - 5 days PO

8 days PO & feeling great

Some pics in clothes.. I am still in the compression bra but did think they would look bigger on me in clothes baring in mind I am quite small at 5'3 110lbs. Sometimes I think they look big in other clothes I don't think they do? Or maybe I have already got used to them?

16 days post op

So I'm now 16 days post op and feeling great. The swelling has gone down a lot and I'm feeling, in clothes, like they are disappearing.. So boob greed is definitely real, didn't think I'd get it but here it is. I'm not disjointed though as I now this surgical bra is compressing them and when they are in a normal bra they will look bigger.. I think once I am sized this will help as I'm sure I'll be a DD or more so hoping this is the case. I'll post some pictures with this post, I took them at my two week point so just two days ago now. I had my first post op, my nurse took off my bandages and replaced with small steri strips and I got to have a look at my insicions they look really good!! Still unable to have a proper bath/shower so can not wait for this on 21st and then can't wait for my 2nd post op on 30th, I've booked the whole of the 30th off as I was told I can go get bras after this post op.. Woo! :)

Insicions at 17days PO

So as I was changing my steri strips I took a picture of my insicions.. I think they look good and I'm hoping they will heal nicely. What do you girls think? I've got nothing to compare them too.

Sized as 32E :)

So I went to M&S today as I felt my Macom bra although amazing was a little loose now as I feel a lot of my swelling has gone down now and therefore didn't feel as supported anymore. They sized me as a E but did say that I only just got and in some bras may need an F :O I am sure at only 28days I must have some swelling still so I think I'll end up a small E, fingers crossed. So I'm currently wearing a 32E sports bra.. It feels very tight but I'm thinking it should feel like this for the support. I think I will go between this and the Macom bra. I am feeling so much better about the whole boob greed thing now that I have been sized at this size and brought some new tops :)

24 days post op

So I'm 24days post op and again went to see what size I was, this time in Boux Avenue.. Seems I'm a 30F in there dependant on bra type.. I'm finding it super hard to find a non-wired bra though.. Every bra in Boux Avenue has underwire.. But that's the price you pay haha.. Found a nice bralette in H&M had to try on a 12 as the 10 was way too small.. Think I should really get a 14 but I think the back would then be too big so didn't buy it. I thought it was a little too early to buy one jut yet anyway as I shouldn't be wearing them until 6 weeks.

Sorry for the VERY delayed update

Sorry it's taken me so long to update! I had forgotten my password so couldn't get on for a while, and I've also been very busy.

Where to start? So I am extremely happy with my new assets. They ended up much bigger than I anticipated but I really wouldn't have them any other way, they are perfect. They are squishy and although they are big they don't sit crazy high on my chest so they look natural. The only struggle I find is not being able to buy bras from normal shops as I am a 30FF.

All swelling has gone down now and they are feeling more like natural boobs. If I lean forward on my right breast to the side and under my boobs I can feel slight rippling but I can not see anything so I am not bothered by this. I knew that I may potentially have slight rippling going from a 32b/c to my size and it only happens if I lean forward and it's not noticeable to look at so I'm over the moon really.

I have my post op with my surgeon today, I'm actually waiting to see him as I type this, so will update you guys later on what he says.

When I get a chance later tonight I will try and post some pictures.

Overall I a really happy with my results and have already recommended my surgeon to a colleague!!
Dr Meleagros

Dr Meleagros is very blunt and to the point when you meet him and generally will be happy to go as big as you want within reason I found, but when asked for his proffesional opinion he did give this to me. He seems friendly and he defiantly seems to know what he is doing. I do know someone who has had their surgery done by Dr Meleagros and her boobs look amazing, so I have full confidence in him to work his magic on mine.

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