42 and One Child- Teased about the size of my thighs - Australia, AU

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You know I've spent some 25 years running, gym,...

You know I've spent some 25 years running, gym, walking, biking swimming, climbing to reduce my thighs but no matter how thin I got (55kg - 5ft 7)I still had saddle bags.
I've tried diets, I've tried not eating.. I've done everything but to no avail.
I started a new job 4 yrs ago and they called me names like thunder thighs, and bulge amongst many others. But unfortunately the job I had required me to wear jeans or tights, and whilst from the waiste up i was skinny, my thighs really stuck out and it was ambarasing.
I went to a lipo doctor some 10 years ago and got cold feet decided I would try and work on that one area, I worked hard everyday but it made no difference. I have awesome muscle tone. But from all the exercise my knee had given way.
So I decided to turn to lipo. I went to see Dr Wong in Brendale Brisbane. He told me that I may not be able to do anything as it appeared to be a saggy muscle and there was barely any fat despite it really sticking out. But he would try to reduce it a little. He said I had lots of fat on my bottom but not on my thighs. I didn't want to hear that. I don't care about my bottom I'm just right if wearing baggy skirts as everyone stares at my thighs. In thinking about it, I took my son to the park. I was standing watching him when a girl pointed at me and loudy said she would be attractive if her thighs weren't so big. Well that was enough for me, I took my son to my sisters. My sister said, you shouldn't wear that it makes your thighs look big. So I left and went home. I decided I would do it.....
I was given antibiotics to start the night before surgery, I was told to drink lots of water for 3 weeks leading up to the Op. I was told worse scenarios. I was provided with disinfectant solution to wash my whole body night before aNd morning of the op. I was told not to eat or drink anything from 10pm the prev night except a tiny bit of water with the antibiotic. I did everything as the doctor asked.

Second day and little bruising,hardly no pain and min swelling

Wow... so far so good.
Hardly any pain. Min bruising and a little bit of swelling. Fingers crossed that I continue to heal super fast.

Barely any bruising, no pain and little swelling

OOOPS.. you could tell I was still out to it when I posted my story... oops sorry about that. Im not sure how I go about editing it, to correct the errors, so it makes sense..hahaha

Anyway 2 days post op and Im feeling great. Hardly any pain, minimal swelling and little bruising. No pain killers, but still plenty of bed rest just in case. Fingers crossed that this continues.

- The Brauer Arnica Eze and Vitamin C tablets are really good.
- Lots of bed rest and don't remove the compression pants for at least 24hour after the OP.

This is the fat the doctor removed from my thighs

Each container represents the fat removed from each thigh

Highly recommend Dr Wong Brendale Brisbane

Incredible doctor. Honestly, no bruising, minimal swelling, exact results, very affordable. Great place. Would highly recommend. I'm on my 3rd day post op and I could go for a run I feel so good. (Not that I would) follow the doctor regime, do everything he tells you pre and post op and you'll get the results.
I follow the 100,000 hour rule, only those who have done the same thing for 100,000 hours are masters and this is Dr Wong of brendale Brisbane. But it doesn't stop there he has a lady doctor in his surgery that does the most amazing "Botox and fillers" damn, it's like an art for her. Like an artist and your the painting, you'll get what I mean when you go there. Unbelievable doctors ! Worth every bit and cheaper than most yet better outcomes.

OMG - 4th day and zero pain,

This is incredible. It was a long weekend here in OZ as we celebrated ANZAC day. (Aust & NZ army corps) & battle of Gallipoli.
So Fri was a public holiday which then lead into the weekend. I had my oP on Thursday following into a long weekend. Today is Monday and I feel like I did pre op... Except for a little bit of swelling that's me done. No pain, I'm in heels and I'm
Ready to go. I stayed in bed most of the time are fruit salad and veggies all weekend and drank loads of water and bobs your uncle!!!!!! Helps to have an awesome surgeon. But I must say I stuck to the surgeons regime, also brauer eze for muscle recovery, new my limits and stayed off my feet, and was over the top with antiseptic, washed my CP with it, washed myself with it, washed the towels and linen with it, washed the toilet and sprayed the toilet before going...
Yeah the perfect outcome!

It all caught up to me today

Yesterday, time to get up for work. I walked into the closet, & it dawned on me that I could dress in anything and my thighs wouldn't stick out. Everyday for 12 yrs I would spend an hour dressing and undressing trying to find clothes that wouldnt show the size of my hips, so as to avoid ridicule. It was then I dressed into a tight bandage skirt. It looked fabulous. It was a skirt I bought years ago but could never wear. It was then as I stood in front of the mirror that I began to cry and couldn't stop. I couldn't believe how much this had really affected me, and I can't believe how much I've changed .. I feel confident and happy all the time.

Sixth day and the bruising is minimal, still some swelling and minimal pain.

Wish I did this years ago.

It has been 2.5 weeks and loving it

Oh MY GOD why didn't I get this done 20 years ago. Why Why Why! I have never had so much confidence in my body. For the first time ever I can wear tights with a singlet when I go running. I have been running for almost a week now and I have no issues. I return to the surgeon Dr Wong in Brendale and he told me that I was a freak (n a nice way). He said that he had never come across this before and he has been doing 12 years of Lipo He said my fat just ran out he did nothing to it that's why there is minimal bruising. He said I'm a surgeons heaven. He said there was no blood in he canisters because he didn't have to do any work to get it out. (I supplied a pic of the canister). He did try and suggest that I do lipo on my inner thigh but no way, Im happy with how my legs are they look fantastic.


WoWWEE everything.... I would highly recommend that you get liposuction on your thighs. It was painfree for me, it took just two weeks for the swelling to go down and the results are AMAZING!! Everyone used to think I was fat as I had such huge saddle-bags, I was 57kg and they stuck out so bad people used to tell me all the time. It limited what I could wear as nothing fit. I am a runner, I walker and exercised regularly but it made no difference. Liposucton gave me back my life... I have lost absolutely no weight at all, but removing my saddle-bags put me back in proportion.

Its only my second day. But so far so good. They are very very professional I would highly recommend him, I have no bruising what so ever. His technique is incredible

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