Still Pinching Myself After March 6 - San Francisco, CA

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Hi, ladies. I'm so happy I found this site a...

Hi, ladies. I'm so happy I found this site a few weeks before my reduction surgery on March 6. I've always been self-concious about my chest size and wondered why the universe was so unfair to make some of us develop so disproportionately. I've heard a lot of theories about early puberty due to hormones in our food and dairy, etc, but hey, I was born in the late '70s, so WTH? Anyway, apparently I'm a throwback to my maternal Grandma's people, with extremely dense breast tissue--and overly large ones on a medium frame. Just a few months ago I started seriously considering a breast reduction. I'd gotten really fit a few years ago by doing farm work and landscaping, but even then after losing 25 pounds, my breast size stayed the same. After I returned to the world of desk jobs, I gained 30 back...ugh...and my breastal area got the tune of a 36 E/F or therabouts. I've had neck and back pain for years, and I've seen a chiropractor regularly for a long time now. I was so sick of not finding clothes that fit my medium-sized body and XL chest. I felt horribly matronly for a 38-y-o and started wearing baggy shirts and cardigans all the time.

I had a few consultations with a few surgeons and was so happy to meet my doctor. He's gotten excellent feedback and ratings in the SF Bay Area and has a wonderful, friendly, demeanor, and takes an empathetic and collaborative approach to helping you get the results that look the best for you. After only about 5 days, I got approval from BCBS...which was amazing to me considering how they like to fight over "medical necessity".

Two weeks later, March 6, I had my surgery. It went very well, the hospital staff at CPMC was excellent and so warm, and I had no complications from anesthesia (I did let them know I have had nausea and vomiting after past surgeries). I am about a 36C now and healing very well. There has been very little pain post-surgery. This is a decision I will never regret! I would absolutely recommend checking into this procedure if you are having the same feelings I was. I will try to update with pictures soon. I'm about 12 days post-op now and feeling better every day. Back to work Monday, though, boooooo.

March 24...I'm at about 2.5 weeks post-op So I...

March 24...I'm at about 2.5 weeks post-op

So I have a confession, which I've been keeping private because I guess I still think of it as some sort of cheating, and vanity, and wastefulness because, well, it cost me a lot of money and my family are tough, thrifty New England types....

It took me a few years to even allow myself to consider a breast reduction, considering my hangups. I kept thinking, if I only lost enough weight, why am I not COMMITTED ENOUGH...but no matter the working out, it NEVER came off in my breasts and only a wee bit in my upper arms. So in addition to my breast reduction, I decided to also have some lipo done to my upper arms. My doc also did a little to my upper sides, not the axilla, but I guess the bra band area on my sides. It was gratis, which was fantastic . :)

I've always tended to gain weight in my arms and in my "breastal region," regardless of being lean everywhere else. I've also always retained the bad memories of a few assy remarks in the past from jerk-men who described me as looking like a "linebacker" and having "pendulous breasts" that belonged in a "holster", like some kind of freak who was too lazy to lose the "weight" (as if I could--now knowing my breasts were made up of heavy tissue!). Through my late 20s until now, my late 30s, I've felt un-delicate, un-feminine, and that I would never wear a tank top or a strapless dress, never mind a braless sundress, ever!!! I finally realized that I had the means to change it, and hopefully make it easier for me to do all the hiking I've wanted to be able to do once I heal.

And so far, the results have blown me away. Already, my torso looks proportionate. I am so excited to see the changes as the swelling goes down, and this is coming from someone who wouldn't look in the mirror for 2 years without a shirt on.

And then, I read shiz like THIS from an article about learning to love small boobs, and I get all fired up: "I have a size 32A and i am very moddest. But my friends always say they with they had my breast size, if not cuz theres are starting to sag (AHHA) Or there back is starting to hurt from 'carring' them around." AND "Big boob women just need to shut up, they got what everyone is paying thousands of dollars for!!!"

I just don't even know where to start on THAT whole topic!
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