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I LOVE reading your stories and am happy to share...

I LOVE reading your stories and am happy to share mine with you beautiful gals! I've had big boobs since grade school. D's in highschool, and now, at 30 years old after one child, big ol' 36 DD's. I'm petite - 5 foot nothing & 140 lbs with a small waist and big hips. A stout little hourglass, I am. :-) I've considered having BR for many years but always chickened out at the thought of the scars. Up until after I nursed my son, they were fairly perky for big ones and my husband liked them so I suffered for their beauty, so to speak. Well, I've just had enough. I'm very active - I love to work out, shop, cook and dance around with my boy, and these giant breasts do nothing but cause me pain. I wear two bras constantly (only one to bed, haha.) And at the end of the day, I'm hurtin. My back spasms as I lay in bed and I'm sore and tired even after 8 hours of sleep.

So, last month, I finally consulted with a PS and was approved in under 2 weeks! The consultation was slightly awkward, as I am an employee at the hospital where my plastic surgeon works and encounter him there routinely.. But, oh well, nothing he hasn't seen before. Anyway, he assured me that my breasts are big enough that I"ll still have a "womanly chest" after he removes the amount required by insurance, so I said "let's do this!" I think, as of today, I have 27 days left until the big day. I'm mostly just excited, but admittedly scared about a few things: *Will I go from an 'hourglass shape' to a 'pear'? That would not be ideal. *Will they end up looking boxy? *Will I feel an emotional loss? (Sometimes we don't appreciate what we have until it's gone, y'know?) Will I regret it? *Will I look disproportionate? *Will I be left with no sensation? Mind you, all things I have come to terms with should they happen, so I'm making an informed and calculated decision; however I can't help but feel a little apprehensive. Regardless - I'm excited for the next, more petite chapter in my life! Looking forward to feeling a little lighter!!! Weee! :-) Also, really looking forward to sharing my journey with you wonderful ladies who know exactly where I"m coming from. Here's to new friends and new boobs! Cheers. :-)

Holy hell. I just watched a very graphic YouTube...

Holy hell. I just watched a very graphic YouTube video of the procedure. I feel ill. :-/

Other than that, I'm feeling more confident today. One of my biggeset annoyances and causes of doubt is when my girlfriends tell me how nice my boobs look now and how "they don't look that big". Well yeah, I wear TWO minimizing bras most of the time. So, one of my friends stopped by today and I was only wearing a regular, non-minimizing, non-supportive bra and she was like "woah". Haha. She agreed, there's plenty to work with here and even after the 500 insurance grams I'll be fine. Whew, finally someone agrees. Now let's fast forward this month, I'm so anxious!

Took my 2yr old son to the park today and couldn't...

Took my 2yr old son to the park today and couldn't help but dream about the day I can run behind him w/out bouncing around like a clown. :-)

Also, I keep tugging them up in the mirror, trying to get an idea of what they might look like post-op. I am officially obsessed and could probably use a prozac or something. haha. Realistically, I'm not doing my skin any favors by tugging on it, so I should probably stop that nonsense. :-)

Also, I realized how funny it is that y'all don't know what my face looks like, but there's my big ol' boobies for the world to see! LOL

I completed my pre-op med history by phone today....

I completed my pre-op med history by phone today. That was fun.

Then, I received a letter from the PS office outlining what needs to be done the week before surgery - bloodwork, etc. - and I'm wondering about the pre-op visit. I don't have one scheduled, and no one from the office has said anything about scheduling one. I mean, at the initial consultation, most of the details were explained to me, but do they consider that like a consult & pre-op all in one? I still have questions! So, I called the office this morning but alas, they're closed on Friday. I will ask for another appt whether it's considered routine or not. I still have questions!

So, have any of you NOT had a pre-op / final visit shortly before surgery? I'm confused a little, I guess.

Still excited. My husband is being really supportive, and reminds me that he'll love me no matter what, even if I'm butchered. :-)

Well I am officially creeped out by the creeper...

Well I am officially creeped out by the creeper who's telling ladies on here "not to do it". So I deleted my pic. :-/

I scheduled a pre-op visit with the PS on the 20th...

I scheduled a pre-op visit with the PS on the 20th to discuss details. Size, shape, etc. I can't help but worry and wonder why he didn't really discuss size or shape with me at my initial consult (he simply said that he'd be able to both accomodate insurance requirements and still leave me with a "womanly chest" - does that strike anyone the wrong way?), but the lack of discussion of specifics didn't raise any red flags at that moment because it wasn't a for sure thing yet. But, after I was approved and scheduled, and when I found out that the office wasn't going to *ask* me to schedule a pre-op, I began to worry - how will he know we're on the same page? Does he not care? I know he's a busy guy, and perhaps it's routine to discuss that stuff right before surgery, but what if there was a discrepancy between what I want and what he planned to / could do? It makes much more sense to hash it out at a pre-op visit, no? I just wonder why that's not a routine thing in his practice. I think I'm finding reasons to worry, which is my nature and I expect it from myself, so I'm trying to stay rational and positive but damn. All I can do is worry.

On that note, does anyone have any suggestions as to what specifically I should discuss with him at the pre-op? I plan to talk about size and shape of course, and I'm already prepared for drains and an overnight stay @ the hospital (which he did mention at the initial consult as being routine for all patients). Anything else anyone can think of that I might be overlooking?

Haha, I'm a bit of a nervous wreck. Thanks for reading!

So, I had my pre-op consultation today. I feel...

So, I had my pre-op consultation today. I feel much better - I let him know that my biggest concern was size - I want to be a C cup if at all possible and that I was worried that after he removed the 500 insurance-mandated grams I'd be left with a B or smaller. He said not to worry - that his approach is highly aesthetic, and if he needed to remove less than 500 to leave me with an ample and proportionate chest then that's what he'd do. He said that he routinely removes 400 grams on ladies my size and insurance never squabbles over it. He made it clear that his primary concern is making me look good, not pleasing the insurance company. WHEW! Evidently my insurance isn't all that strict on grams. It's left up to the discretion of the surgeon (within reason, I'm sure).

12 days left. I feel so relaxed and excited now. Also, to be fair, I will re-upload a before picture and just hope no more weirdos come around criticizing. Yuck.

9 more days. I've slowly been saying goodbye to...

9 more days. I've slowly been saying goodbye to these lovely girls and trying not to get to sentimental about them. Took a better 'before' picture, just so I have something accurate to remember them by. Haha, I'm really getting sappy over it lately. But I know it's time and I know that physically, I'll be much happier. *sigh*

Hello ladies! Did any of you post-opers use a...

Hello ladies! Did any of you post-opers use a wedge pillow during your recovery? It seems like it would aid in back sleeping (which I'm dreading!) but haven't been able to find one in stores. I'd rather not pay shipping, but it looks like I might have to purchase one online. Anyway, sort of hoping someone here can recommend the one they used. I've found a huge range in pricing - anywhere from $30 - $200! Thanks girls!

Oh, and I purchased some really cute zip-front tops, but drew a blank at what else I might need. What did you absolutely need? What could you not have done without? Six days!

Update! I scoured the web (and stores!) and found...

Update! I scoured the web (and stores!) and found a steal of a deal on a wedge with great reviews on Overstock.com. I'll try to add a link. If you're looking for a wedge, I assure you, you will not find a better deal - I searched for DAYS to come up with this gem!! haha.


No hyperlink I guess, just copy & paste if you want it. There's a RetailMeNot code available as well if you're interested, which saves an additional 7%, bringing the total, (including expedited shipping, to $35. Happy back sleeping, ladies! :-)

Surgery tomorrow. I've been full of so many...

Surgery tomorrow. I've been full of so many emotions this past month but oddly, now, I feel kind of indifferent. Like when I think about it, my mind can't formulate a cohesive thought. Truly bizzare. However, I *know* I'm nervous because my nerves have been manifesting physically in the form of nausea & headaches the past few days. I actually thought I had the flu at one point, but it's so sporadic that I'm sure it's nerves. UGH, can this just be over, please?!

I have to be at the hospital at 6:45. I checked the OR schedule Friday at work and saw my name, booked for bilateral reduction mammoplasty, at 9am - freaky to see it in print. Those are going to be 2 hours and fifteen minutes of sheer terror, I'm sure! Also, I'm contemplating going by myself, to spare my husband and child that early a rise and long a wait. I'm not sure though, I kind of think I might feel better with someone there.

So, I'm off to clean, do laundry, shop, clean some more, spend quality time with my son, and try to keep this nausea under control. I will update as soon as I can! Wish me luck ladies!

Well, this is insane. Someone from the hospital...

Well, this is insane. Someone from the hospital just called and said my surgery has been cancelled due to a death in the Dr's family and was told I'd have to call the office tomorrow to reschedule. I'm really, really having trouble keeping it together right now. As I said before, just a few minutes ago infact (how ironic) I am so nervous I can hardly function. NOW, I won't know til tomorrow when it can even be rescheduled. Seriously, my husband took Mon-Wed off, I started medical leave, and now I don't even know when this is going to happen. I could seriously puke. I just hope this thing can be rescheduled soon. I also am feeling bad for Dr. K - This just sucks. For everyone. Is this a sign I shouldn't do it at all? I'm a wreck.

Spoke with the office this morning, here's the...

Spoke with the office this morning, here's the scoop. Doc's out of state, having to plan his father's funeral and is evidently the executor of his will as well. They expect him back by the end of NEXT week, and tentatively rescheduled me for April 20 (tentatively because it's a Friday and he typically doesnt' operate on Fridays, but they're hoping the hospital will work with him on it. Fingers crossed.). So, in my heart, I've adoped the 20th as my new date. Luckily, I was able to get my hours back for the next 3 weeks at work thanks to some understanding co-workers.

I'm disappointed, not gonna lie. But I'm digging deep and trying my best to not become self-absorbed and really bummed out, because I have a husband, child, friends, and a job I'm accountable to. You know?

So, 18 more days. Here starts the official countdown.

Well, the office called this morning; the 20th is...

Well, the office called this morning; the 20th is officially my new date. This may work out even better because, since it's a Friday, my parents will be able to keep my 2 yr old over the weekend when I expect to be least able to care for him, and my husband won't have to take time off of work. Also, this way I'll be able to spend Easter with my family without feeling post- op yucky. I wasn't looking forward to going back to work, but as i work 12hr shifts, its really only 5 more work days. For some reason I'm hesitant to get my hopes up again. It's so weird starting over at the beginning of the wait. I'm not sure how to feel, I guess. Working on some home projects to keep my mind busy, and have a date with a friend for some retail therapy this weekend.

Enough rambling? Haha. Thanks again for the kind words of support and encouragement - really means a lot and helps so much!!

Greetings! I've been so productive these past two...

Greetings! I've been so productive these past two weeks in attempt to keep my mind off the delay. Perhaps spent a bit too much on retail therapy via bedroom redo, but hey, what's a girl to do? Purged and organized the basement, donated a ton of unused stuff, and finally got on top of the laundry (my least favorite chore!)... My home has definitely benefited from this ordeal. Also, somehow - likely stress - lost 10 lbs. I haven't weighed 130 since freshman year of college!

And another epiphany - after much careful thought, I've decided I'd like to end up a B/C, rather than C/D. I've taken notice lately that, generally, the smaller the breast, the nicer the shape, especially with some reductions (though I know a lot of the final shape depends on technique and I've certainly seen some lovely D's as well). Also, as I mentioned before, a good friend of mine (similar height / weight) had a reduction w the same PS yrs ago and now measures a full B, and they look in-freaking-credible - I can see how if they were much bigger they wouldn't be as shapely. She mentioned that she hadn't requested a size, rather, that she trusted the surgeon to fit them to her frame and he did an impeccable job, so I intend to follow suit. After seeing hers yesterday though, I have to admit, I'm hoping for a similar youthful, perky B. I'm so glad I had this extra time to reflect with a calm and open mind and didn't go into surgery demanding a C cup.

Well, that turned into a rant! In summary, I'm now a true believer in the old adage, "everything happens for a reason". And, as always, it is so nice to have you ladies for support!

This is it. My last day with big boobies. I was...

This is it. My last day with big boobies. I was scheduled to work today, but got called off due to low patient census along with three other nurses, so it must be really low. Not much chance of being called in today so I'm thankful for the last day off to tie up loose ends!

I think I"m prepared for the most part, just need to pack my overnight bag. I'm bringing my own sheets, pillow, blanket and gown for the simple fact that I've seen firsthand what happens in some of those beds and it aint pretty. I don't care *how* industrial your washing machines are, I'll stick with my own linens, thanks. :-) Also, I thought I'd pack some juices that I like (I'm picky to the bone) and perhaps a snack although I don't forsee being hungry. I purchased pretty new undies and a really cute hospital outfit so I'm good to go. I don't have to be there til 9am so I think I'll sleep in tomorrow as well. I'm ready and excited!

Hello ladies! I made it and am resting comfortably...

Hello ladies! I made it and am resting comfortably in the hospital. I already love my newpetite shape. They're high & tight and I have a feeling I'll be shocked when I see then. Definitely not flat, they look like mini implants under the bandages. Surgery lasted 3 hours and he took 430 g if I remember correctly. Im on a pain pump (loopy as heck!) And a bunch of my girlfriends stopped in and brought all my favorite candy, mags, and a big handsome teddy bear. And guess what's on TV? An Americas Next Top Model marathon! I know its a silly show but I confess, I love it. In summary, I'm comfortable, entertained, pain free & happy! Will post pics when I can.:-)

Just being released from the hospital now. I got a...

Just being released from the hospital now. I got a peek at them and I am nothing less than thrilled! They're the most beautiful little mounds I've ever seen, haha. I'll post a pic in a few hrs when I get home. Thanks for all you ladies concern, support and friendship!

Uploading a pic I took in the hospital (home now),...

Uploading a pic I took in the hospital (home now), I hope it's good enough quality to get a good look. My husband loves them! His face lit right up when he saw them. I couldn't ask for more supportive friends & family. ANd now it's naptime. :-)

Well my first night home was horrendous. Couldn't...

Well my first night home was horrendous. Couldn't even keep a SIP of water down, most massive headache ever, dry heaved all night, like 12hrs worth, straight. Was very close to returning to hospital. Now, I've managed to keep sips of water and crackers down, but I still have the massive headache. Just borderline comfortable. Anyone else have a similar experience? Still think the girls are perfect though, trying to keep eye on the prize.

Day 3 post op: well I can finally say I'm somewhat...

Day 3 post op: well I can finally say I'm somewhat comfortable at home. I was right as rain in the hospital on that pain pump, so I wasn't expecting such a rough time at home, but so far day 3 is better. Still in bed, thanks to the help of my husband who is caring for our son and bringing me water, food, and footrubs. Couldn't ask for a better guy :-)

My girlfriend who had her reduction with my PS 4 yrs ago stopped by last night with food and brought her before & after pics, she kept a journal of sorts and took pics every week. I was so pleased to see that ours are identical at day one and that they gradually filled out into perfect little teardrops. So excited for that! I'm glad I know what to expect and that, even though I think my cones are cute at this point, that they'll be softening onto a perfect natural shape over the next few months. Also, I'm thrilled over and over at what this has done for my figure. I look 10 years younger! I have a waist! A tiny one! And my back, NO tension. Loving my decision.

I have an appt to get the draines removed tomorrow and I'll take an update pic then. They haven't changed much so far.

End of post op day 3 - my sleep schedule is way...

End of post op day 3 - my sleep schedule is way off. I've been sleeping in 3hr increments all day. Yuck. Excited to have the drains removed tomorrow. I will add another pic tonight just for the fun of it. Don't know if I mentioned before, but the method my surgeon used is the superior pedicle technique which is supposed to allow the breast to retain most of it's upper pole fullness. Here's hoping!

Post op day 5: Where do I begin? These post op...

Post op day 5: Where do I begin? These post op days are all running together! I slept rather comfortably last night (it being the first night sans drains thus far) and even managed to prop myself onto my side a bit which was h-e-a-v-e-n-l-y. Today I've been napping on and off (thanks to the most helpful husband in the world, who even despite his work schedule and it being finals week of his last semester before he graduates with his Masters - major stress - is making life super easy on me) and just generally being non-productive, which I despise but keep telling myself that this *is* my job right now - to recover. I did manage to shower today which was uber strenuous and literally wiped me out. Then, I even put a little makeup on, which as a former artist for Estee Lauder, is one of my true passions and something that I'm a stickler about so I'm feeling slightly more like myself. Overall, day 5 has been the best yet, but that ain't sayin much folks. It's been harder than I imagined! I am just virtually energy-less, and still pretty sore. Small price to pay in the end, though.

Follow-up with the doc went very well yesterday. He was so pleased with his work. He kept saying how pretty they are going to be, which made me super happy of course. He also kept insisting that I"ll end up in at least a small C cup, and even though they look smaller than that to me, he's the expert and seems very sure of it. Size honestly matters less to me now than ever - they're a beautiful shape and I'm happy whatever size they become.

Now, I don't want to frighten anyone who hasn't been through this milestone yet, but having the drains removed was hellish. It felt like miles of hot poker sliding out of my skin. Really, really horrible. After the first one was out, I had tears in my eyes and doc offered me a break if I needed, but I said no, let's get this over with. Ugh, it was really nasty. But the upside to all that is that now I'm drain-free with minimal swelling. Also, he removed the steri-strips on the nipple-areola complex to reveal perfectly placed, even, symmetrical, adorable little circles. I am SO pleased - one of my fears was uneven areolas, and they couldn't be more perfect! A primo bottle of wine is on it's way to my PS, along with a lovely floral arrangement for the staff. I could not be happier.

And, as for the most important reason for the surgery, I feel light as a feather. I don't hunch when standing up anymore. Even despite all the associated discomfort from the procedure, I feel amazing. I feel free. Seriously, like a kid again. To say I'm happy I went through with this is an understatement. I'm positively elated! Now, back to recovering..... :-)

Steri-strips came off. Now I'm itching like mad....

Steri-strips came off. Now I'm itching like mad. Snapped a pic of profile sans steri-strips.

On another note, I need to get my sleep schedule back on track. All this napping during the day has me up too late. Yet I don't feel ready to ditch the naps - I think I'll try at least limiting them tomorrow.

Post op day 8! I finally am starting to feel human...

Post op day 8! I finally am starting to feel human again.

My parents are watching my son all weekend, so I've gotten some really hardcore healing time in. I've also become addicted to a few new OnDemand series, but that's another story. :-)

Let's see... my scars are looking gnarly today! I have some puckering at the ends of the lower scar that I'm not freaking out about because I've heard that once the internal stitches dissolve that it smoothes out. I feel much less swollen today and only have pain after I do something with my arms, like fix lunch or shower. Both nipples are fully functional, sensation and reaction wise. The girls have already softened a good bit and jiggle a little when I'm braless which is cute - I feel like they're real boobies now as opposed to rocks glued high on my chest. All in all, I'd consider my outcome to be pretty event free. No complaints whatsoever.

Emotionally, I can't begin to tell you what this has done for me. I was SO worried I'd feel less of a woman, but completely the opposite - I feel sexier than I ever have. Didn't expect that! Physically, I feel like an athlete. So light! It's just an incredible feeling after carrying all that extra weight around my neck half my life. I'm just so happy I've chosen to do this for myself. So happy.

It's crazy to reflect upon how much I doubted whether this was the right choice for me or not. To the point that I almost felt like going through with the surgery was against my better judgement, but I was so sick of the weight that I decided I had to go through with it. I really agonized over it, wondering what was wrong with me to willingly let someone remove half of my perfectly healthy breasts in the name of comfort. Was I insane? I didn't know, but something deep down compelled me to do it. I doubted it up until the last second being wheeled to the OR. I doubted it right up until I stood up with the weight of a feather. Icing on the cake was seeing their perky selves in the mirror. Basically what I'm saying is, if you're in the pre-op phase of your journey and are having doubts, don't. Certainly everyone is different, but having experienced the all the joy of being post-op, I can't imagine how any woman who's carrying around heavy, saggy boulders wouldn't love it.

Wishing everyone happy healing and happy preparing, whichever phase you're in. Best decision ever!

I wanted to share real quickly with you ladies...

I wanted to share real quickly with you ladies something I've learned from this journey that I think is a really important personal lesson for me. I've recently come to acknowledge that, for most of my adult life, I've had a hard time accepting blessings into my life. Every time something wonderful happens, though I feel happiness, it's always overshadowed by something deep inside of me that whispers "you don't deserve this, you know", or "there must be strings attached, don't get too excited".... which is really abhorrently awful. I'm a good wife, a great mother, a true friend, a dedicated employee, and a loving daughter, but somehow I can't just accept when God or the universe treats me to something good! It's funny - we accept tragedies as just being a natural part of life, but somehow our triumphs are underscored by thoughts of unworthiness. My advice to anyone who's not yet gone through with their surgery is ACCEPT THIS GIFT! You absolutely deserve it. There will be plenty of bad and unfortunate events in your life, so it's important to let yourself just sit back and appreciate the good things - the little gifts that make life worthwhile. This is one of those gifts! It just dawned on me that all of my pre-op doubts were fueled by my subconcious belief that somehow I didn't deserve this. Well, I do deserve it and so do all of you strong women. Students, wives, mothers... you work hard and this is just something that will make your daily efforts easier. There really aren't any drawbacks, and if you've been given the opportunity to make this happen for yourself, consider yourself lucky and enjoy it!

Anyway, not to get all preachy on you guys but it was really an epiphany for me, and I thought that if sharing it with someone who's struggling with this might help, then it was worth sharing. Happy Sunday, all!

Hello ladies! Here's my 2 week update! I had an...

Hello ladies! Here's my 2 week update!

I had an appointment today. Everything looks fantastic, and he can't believe my lack of swelling. He said if he didn't know and had to guess, he'd think based on my swelling, (lack of) bruising, and how they've softened, he'd guess 6 weeks along (!). He said I can safely expect to stay relatively this size and shape from here on out. That was music to my ears, naturally. He asked what I'd been doing and I had to answer "not much!". Also, I've been sticking to a high protein diet with lots of nuts, greens, fruit and water. He surmised that was likely why I'm coming along so swiftly. It's *so* nice when your efforts are rewarded in a tangible way! I feel really good.

To be fair though, it's not all butterflies and rainbows; I'm still tired. I still am not sleeping very well at night. I still have pokes and pinches. But overall, I feel good. I'm nowhere near back to my regular routine - I'm really taking it easy, and the most I've done is a few short walks around the neighborhood with my son. Luckily I have supportive parents and husband who step in to make all this rest possible. I just consider it an investment in my health. Doc said no gym until 6 weeks, which is okay because with the diet I'm on, I've lost weight anyway. Don't get me wrong though, I can't wait to be active again. I'm a little stir crazy, not gonna lie!

I've been taping the incisions with Micropore tape, which I picked up at the drug store for around 8 bucks. This supposedly helps prevent excessive scarring. PS was supportive of this, and said that even if it doesn't make a huge difference, it at least won't hurt anything. Honestly, taping makes my incisions feel more comfortable and secure so I think I'll stick with it - it can safely be done for 6 weeks.

I think that's it! I'll post a range of pics. Happy waiting / healing, all!

I might be having a little nervous breakdown. I...

I might be having a little nervous breakdown. I want to clean my house SO BAD. We have a neat freak in the middle of a bit of a tornado here. I'm so close to calling a maid service, but the thought of a stranger coming into my home and messing with my stuff is not sitting well with me. Sigh. Just a rant. Only other women who can't move their arms would understand this, so here I am. I think I'll just keep my eyes shut for a while. :-/

Hello my lovely ladies! What is it, post op day...

Hello my lovely ladies!

What is it, post op day 15? So, I thought it'd be interesting to keep track of my measurements and see if doc ends up being right about my size being pretty stable at this point. As of today, just beyond two weeks, according to Victorias Secret I'm a 36 full C. I could've bought every bra in that size but I held off in case it changes. I plan on real bra shopping at 5 weeks right before I go back to work. I did however score an amazing lip gloss and some panties. And now I'm taking a nap - shopping felt like a marathon!

36 C. I could live with that. :-)

Well, this might be the best day of my life......

Well, this might be the best day of my life... today, in our beautiful 70 degree weather, I wore a TANK TOP WITH NO BRA! I have never, ever in my adult life been able to do that. Before my reduction, such a thing would've gotten me arrested for indecent exposure. Seriously! This calls for a picture. :-)

Pure freedom. Why didn't I do this sooner?

Three weeks! I've heard ladies talk about the...

Three weeks!

I've heard ladies talk about the three-week-blues, and I can see why. My mind has surpassed my body in terms of recovery. There's no more pain to speak of... except when I do things!! Not horrible pain, mind you, but just enough to remind me that I'm not, in fact, all better yet. I want so badly to go for a run it's not funny. (Don't worry, Piggles, I won't ;-)

SO. To combat the blues, I've just been sticking to really productive, really easy tasks that make me feel good and don't flare up the ol' boobies - reading to my son, trying new recipes, emailing friends, treating my kiddo to a day at the park, and, my fave, painting on canvas - one of my passions that I don't devote nearly enough time to anymore. Basically, I'm trying to focus on the positives and take full advantage of my downtime because, let's face it, normal life doesn't present many opportunities for downtime! I still have three weeks off of work (which at this point is more of a vacation than a recovery), and I'm reminding myself of that daily and soaking it all in. Beautiful weather! BBQ's! Sleeping in! Not so bad after all, eh? :-)

As far as the boobies, they've softened up so much this week! No hard spots anymore. They feel like real boobs! And they're filling out at the bottom which is so nice. All my life I've dreamed of boobs like this, and now they're mine! It's surreal.

So, watch out for the three week mark, ladies! And as my PS says, if you think you're feeling better, remember - it's your mind, not your body. Cheers!

(I know at this point the pics seem redundant, but I've always found it so interesting and helpful when members post weekly pics - it's really a neat opportunity to watch them settle into their final shape.)

4 weeks! Just a quick update - feeling...

4 weeks!

Just a quick update - feeling fantastic! No more pain, and no more swelling as far as I can tell. They're 100% soft at this point.

I've gotten clearance to ride my bike! I'm going to ride my butt off these last two weeks before I go back to work. Two glorious weeks of beautiful weather, sunshine, and bike rides! I have one of those big Trek carriers for my son and he LOVES it, so I'm planning an all-day ride for us tomorrow. PS assured me that non-jarring cardio is only going to help my recovery at this point. Hallelujah! I'm planning on losing a few lbs and stunning my co-workers. :-)

I went shopping yesterday for clothing and bras. I measured 34C this time, and had a grand ol' time picking a few new ones to start my collection. I found that I wasn't bothered by underwires, so I went ahead and bought those. And clothes! Ugh, it was so liberating to shop without making any provisions for my chest. Spaghetti strap tanks all the way!

I can't believe it's been a month already! And I still can't believe these perky little things belong to ME!

For those of you who were wondering, the white...

For those of you who were wondering, the white Labrador puppy we adopted is officially named.... ( drum roll, please...) Georgia! :-)
It was between Violet, Clementine, and Georgia and after having her around for a day or two it became clear that she was born to be a Georgia.

Happy healing, all!

5 weeks! All is well. I'm back to my usual...

5 weeks!

All is well. I'm back to my usual routine in most ways and have hit the landmark of not noticing my boobs at all during the day in the sense that there's no more discomfort whatsoever. I actually slept on my stomach last night! I honestly feel 100%.

I'm really looking forward to swimsuit shopping this week! We have a pool in our backyard that's traditionally been kind of a hotspot for the neighborhood kids, and although I *love* hosting them, it was hard because I was so self conscious about my breasts in a suit, despite having purchased the most supportive one I could find for $150 (and it wasn't even cute! For 150 bucks!). So I cannot WAIT to throw a cute one on in the morning and live in it all day and be able to enjoy the kids and pool without feeling overshadowed by modesty. It will be heavenly. And the beach! Ahh, I can't wait to be able to chase my son and play without giving the girls a second thought. This is going to be the best summer yet. :-)

I guess that's it! Wishing all you pre-opers peace of mind and you post-opers uneventful and comfortable recoveries. And, wishing everyone a beautiful and fun-filled Memorial Day! XOXO

Off the rack! So, I went shopping again today...

Off the rack!

So, I went shopping again today with the goal of finding a swimsuit, and ended up buying not only a fifty dollar suit off the rack at Target, but also every flowery spaghetti-strap dress I tried on. HEAVEN, ladies. My whole adult life, shopping around this time of year, I've passed dejectedly by the ever-present displays of summery dresses, head hung low, wishing I was "normal". Thinking how lovely it must be to float through a hazy 90 degree day in one of those lilty numbers. Well, not this time, folks. I can't tell you how liberating it was to try those babies on and feel like a million bucks. Anyone out there who's hesitant or worried about their upcoming surgery, take note. Your life will change in ways you never could've imagined! Seriously, though. Today was a dream come true. A suit off the rack, and a haul of sheer, flowy, feminine little dresses that fit into and can't wait to wear. I'm so happy right now. I feel like I can conquer the world with these itty bitty titties.

Now, if I could just get my sleep schedule back on track... I go back to work in less than a week. Eeek!

Six weeks tomorrow! I wore a dress today.The...

Six weeks tomorrow!

I wore a dress today.The first dress I've EVER worn outside of the house *just because I like it*, and not for any special, "dress required" occasion. What a feeling.

Also, took my son swimming at our gym today. Felt SOOoooo good. Both the exercise (I've definitely gained some weight these past 6 semi-sedentary weeks) and wearing the new suit in public! It was a blast!

Grr. Forget the picture - they're not sized right....

Grr. Forget the picture - they're not sized right. Then they don't show up! Not sure if it's my computer or a RealSelf glitch... oh well.

6 weeks! Gosh, there's not much to say! I won't...

6 weeks!

Gosh, there's not much to say! I won't bore you with my shopping adventures any further - I think I've made it perfectly clear that it's a euphoric experience these days. :-)

I will say that I'm thankful every day that I did this. I feel and look like a new person. I'm in awe literally multiple times a day over these perky boobs. Also, PS was *wrong* about them not changing from the second week. They've changed some, definitely. For the better, I think though - they've sort of tear-dropped out over the past few weeks, thankfully. To me, they don't look like "surgery boobs", which was one of my big worries - that they'd look natural after surgery - and I think my PS accomplished that. Anyhoo, I'm feeling rambly today so I'll spare you guys! I'm just over the moon happy. Obviously, right? haha. :-)

Back to work next week so I might start updating bi-weekly now instead of weekly - I'd like to update until the 6mo mark when it'll be safe to say they've "fully healed" by most standards. The shape hasn't changed much recently, but I'll post my six week pic anyway.

Happy waiting and healing my lovely ladies! XOXO

So, I went back to work today after having been...

So, I went back to work today after having been off almost 7 weeks... and it was GREAT! I had boundless energy, and got nothing but compliments from my co-workers...and who doesn't love positive attention? I'll admit, I ate it up all day! :-)

It's so nice to re-enter the "real world" with such a renewed sense of ambition. I had ZERO pain, and it dawned on me that I was so used to the tension in my back previously that I didn't even realize how bad it was until it was gone. I kind of wonder how I put up with it all those years. I feel as though I've won the lottery, really. Happy, happy. happy. :-)

Approaching 2 months! I'll try to be concise -...

Approaching 2 months!

I'll try to be concise - One: I'm enjoying summer in a way I never thought possible. The freedom associated with wearing minimal clothing in 90 degree heat is mind-blowing. To my post-op sisters who're experiencing the same phenomenon for the first time this year - high five! Every day is a little slice of heaven in that way, no?

Two: I've been experiencing new itchiness around my incisions. I've attributed it to the heat, but maybe it's just a normal 2-month healing thing.. who knows? Either way, I've not been treating it with creams or anything - just rubbing the itch through clothing. That said, my scars are fading faster than I'd expected, so no real complaints.

Three: I've noticed that I breathe easier with these little boobs. Literally, I can take a deeper breath and feel the oxygen like never before. Pretty cool.

Work has been great. I have a bounce in my step (literally! I bounce from room to room!) and energy to spare at the end of the day. Thank you, little boobies. :-)

Have been very busy lately with various things, so I just snapped a pic real quick.. only had a second, so hope it turned out okay. Happy healing girlies! I sincerely hope every single one of you are enjoying your summer to the nth degree! XOXO

Hola ladies! I don't even know what week this is....

Hola ladies! I don't even know what week this is. Nine, maybe?

Still itchy! What the heck? That's my only complaint.

The beach has been spectacular without having to be self conscious the whole time. That makes the whole darn thing worth it right there. Modesty-free beach days.

Speaking of modesty, I am having a *really* hard time going out of the house without a bra. And bummer, because bralessness is kind of essential to all these spaghetti strap numbers I have hanging in my closet. I'm doing it, but it's a huge adjustment. I'll include a pic of a braless me in a dress so you can see how ridiculous it is, because it really looks fine... it's all in my head. I feel like an, eh-hem, ho bag? Haha. I'll get over it, I'm sure. It just feels so good it *must* be wrong, right? ;-)

I was thinking today, at the beach, if someone offered me a million bucks to go back to big, heavy, pendulous breasts forever, would I take the deal? After much inner debate, the conclusive answer is no. I wouldn't. That's how free I feel. Every day I'm grateful I did this, so no. I wouldn't go back to a lifetime of giant ugly breasts for a million bucks. There. Anyone who's still in limbo with their decision to go through with surgery - there ya go. I wouldn't go back for a million bucks.

I could chat on and on, but I"ll leave it at that. Awesome boobies. Happy girl. :-) Hugs and love to all! XOXO

It's got to be 10 weeks now. Hmm. Anyway... The...

It's got to be 10 weeks now. Hmm. Anyway...

The weirdest thing... The INSIDE of my breasts are itching like CRAZY! It comes and goes, but it's such a horrible feeling because I can't get to the itch. It feels like there are hundreds of little mosquito bites in there that I can't scratch. Grrr!

So, have any of you experienced this? Calling the office Mon if it doesn't stop. I'm kind of sure there's nothing they can do, because of course, itchiness is a normal part of healing, but man oh man. This is killing me. If someone offers a solution, I'll send you a huge check in the mail. Benadryl doesn't help, btw.

Two-and-a-half months. Internal itch update:...

Two-and-a-half months.

Internal itch update: Doc says it's normal for itchiness to peak in the second month. He suggested nipple stimulation to help ease the discomfort and voila! It works! Only trouble is now I'm giving myself titty twisters all day - at the market, at the park, at work.... Oh well. :-)

Also, I had the chance to clarify what method he used on me, because I thought he'd said he used the superior pedicle method, but I was wrong - turns out it's not technically what is commonly referred to as the "superior pedicle" because he did the anchor incision. What he was saying before - and what I misinterpreted - is that he emphasizes the superior pedicle by shaping the tissue internally rather than just relying on the "skin bra", as he called it, to shape the breast. So, just to clarify, I did not have the superior pedicle technique - more like the doc's own modified version of it. Whatever he did, I'm happy!

I was browsing pics earlier and came across an old "before" that's more clear than the ones I've had on here forever, so I'll upload that to give y'all a better idea of what I was working with before the surg. I can't believe my breasts ever looked like that! Seems like years ago! :-)

Three months! Nothing really to report, just...

Three months!

Nothing really to report, just figured I'd post my three month pic. I'm really going to keep updating q 2 weeks until the six month mark, because I gained so much from members who updated frequently when I was pre-op. Paying it forward, or whatever. :-)

Funny, unexpected thing: I get more attention with my itty bittys than I ever did with my giant melons - I haven't gotten ogled like this since I was a 90 pound cheerleader in high school! Maybe it's because I have taken to going without bra... I just figure I should flaunt them while they're nice! Feels so good. And I don't feel bad about it anymore (going without a bra, that is). Sweet liberation. :-)

Miss you gals! Hope everyone is doing just fabulous. XO

Received my final statement from the insurance co....

Received my final statement from the insurance co... $512.00. I'd have paid ten times that without insurance coverage! I figured it'd be low, but it's such a relief to see it in print. You never know when they're gonna be sticklers about something and try to refute payment. And I'm pretty sure I can have that cost deducted from my paychecks since I work at the hospital where the charges were incurred - even better. :-)

What the heck. I just wrote a bunch and lost it....

What the heck. I just wrote a bunch and lost it. GRRR!

I realized I got a little ahead of myself time-wise on the last update as I am just now approaching 4 months, but for the sake of continuity I'm going with it. So, with no further ado...

4 months!

Not much to report, really. This continues to be incredible as far as how it's affected my stamina, well-being, and confidence. Stamina especially! I've been able to pick up overtime shifts at work, as I'm planning to surprise my husband with a trip to Rome this spring to celebrate his graduation and our 5yr wedding anniversary - if those aren't excuses to go abroad...right!? We'll see if it actually pans out, but it's so nice to have the option of picking up OT to fund these sorts of lofty goals... before, with the jugs, overtime woulda wiped me out. Dead. Dead I say.

Some mornings I wake up with a dull ache in my incisions, but like, wake up with the alarm clock, not wake up *from* the pain, if that makes sense. Nothing big deal, but I want to include all the little details, and that is definitely a small annoyance.

Still going braless. Still loving it.

Anyway, I miss you gals! I've been so busy. And today we're off to take our three-yr-old to the carnival. Adieu! XOXO

Hi guys! Gals, I mean. :-) I can't say if it's...

Hi guys! Gals, I mean. :-)

I can't say if it's exactly five months, but close. Ish. You totally lose track after the first three, I promise.

So many positive changes post op - where should I begin? I'll be short and sweet about it, I guess. I'm a different person. Really. No, REALLY. I'm lighter in my soul. I haven't a care in the world, except for cares that should be cared about - finances, family, career, etc. What I'm getting at is, since my reduction, I have the energy and clarity of mind to focus on what life's about. It's funny, before my reduction, I had no idea what a hindrance my giant breasts were, but they *were*. The extra weight, the buried self-consciousness, the fatigue. I had no idea that my breasts were weighing down more than my back - they were weighing down my LIFE, too. Only now can I pinpoint the cause of my former listlessness. Having a "normal" (by societal standards) body has just made life so much easier. Gradually, but now, five months out and over the surgery, I can sit back and marvel at the difference. I'm just a happy girl now - not a happy, big-breasted girl. Just happy, little ol' me. It's incredible. Those breasts were toxic. And I didn't even know.


So, the point of all this is to post my update pics, right? :-) Yes, I think they're pretty, but I couldn't care less anymore. I'm telling you, I care less about my body than ever. It's like it doesn't even exist. I'm just a soul now, in a feather-light body.

But anyway, here's the pics... :-)
Also, it's safe to say I've gone from a 38DD (or larger) to a 34C. Final size.

This is an 8-month review, I believe. I just...

This is an 8-month review, I believe. I just wanted to update one final time with pictures, because they've changed quite a bit since my surgery. I honestly couldn't be happier. They're the nicest little titties I've ever seen! I've finally taken ownership of them spiritually, and finally feel like a small-boobed girl. I LOVE being a small-boobed girl!

I was looking at some old, big-breasted pictures of myself today and couldn't believe I didn't realize then how BIG I was. I kept convincing myself I really wasn't *that* big, and "did I really need surgery"... etc. Holy cow, by the grace of God, somehow I erred on the side of caution and had them reduced. Now, I feel like just a little thing - so, so, so nice!. Probably doesn't hurt that I'm able to exercise every morning without those big chest weights, so I've lost a considerable amount of weight too, but man, do I feel little. :-) Best decision ever, still. A real life changer, ladies. Do it. XOXO

Oops, nine months, I think. I'm also uploading a...

Oops, nine months, I think. I'm also uploading a front view picture I took for my husband, but whatever... it gives you an idea of the outcome. :-)

Hello all! I keep hearing people refer to...

Hello all! I keep hearing people refer to proportion, so while at the pool today I decided to take a full-body pic to demonstrate the full effect. That's all, I have a research paper to write or I'd be more talkative! :-)

2 years post op UPDATE

Still the best thing I've ever done for myself. Went from 140lbs, 36DD or larger to 110lbs today with a nice set of 32C's. Have not had another child so can't speak for their nursing functionality but I can say they're 100% more sensitive to the touch (in a good way) than before. I'll try to upload a pic!
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