New Boobs in 3 Days!

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Hey Guys! So glad i found this site! i had so...

Hey Guys!
So glad i found this site! i had so many questions and this is helping to answer some. I am a 23 year old, 5'6, 180 lb female wearing a 40 DDD (this may not even be right - im from a small town - bra sizes are limited). I met with my doctor for the first time about a year and a half ago. When i bought up the subject of a breast reduction she said "ya those suckers must be heavy".. that was my final indication that it was time for a reduction. At tht time i was 200lbs (university weight mostly) so she suggested trying to lose some weight (ideally 40 lbs) but that she would put me on the waiting list for a consult because even without the weight loss I was an ideal candidate for the surgery.

Over the course of the next 6-8 months i met regularly with my doctor and lost 20 lbs before seeing my surgeon. He was pleased with my results but asked me to return to him in 3 months because if i could lose more weight it would be better but if not then i would have plateaued and we could move forward with surgery. At the next apt I signed the papers and have been waiting ever since to get the call for my surgery.

While at work last week I got a call for surgery for Oct 4.. not realising the date I said ok.. once i checked my schedule i realized it was ONLY A WEEK AWAY. hardly enough time to get nervous.. but i did and i am! but here goes i guess.

Im not so much nervous for the surgery as i am for the recovery. I am so mentally and physically ready for the surgery itself. I am sick of being depressed and frustrated when i got shopping because the clothing that fits me in the waist does not come close to fitting my bust (this was a reason for those 40+ extra pounds i had put on). I was hiding under baggy clothes. when i meet guys i never know if they like me or my boobs and this makes me paranoid which has lead to like 0 relationships worth counting. I also find it difficult at work. People are going to look at big boobs, the attract attention and thats ok. I work in a male dominated field and its bothersome some times. Overall really frustrating. I am very ready for surgery. But recovery i dunno. Im a bit scared of the pain. Any details would be great!

I'm not bold enough for photos yet.. but maybe before the surgery ill man up!

Hey Everyone! So i never updated during the...

Hey Everyone!

So i never updated during the recovery period but I'll fill you in a bit now.

On Thursday Oct 4 I had my surgery. After about 3 hours in the OR and recovery i woke up in my room and the first question out of my mouth was "do i have any drains" and the nurse said no! That was a major relief to me because I was a bit disgusted by the idea. The second question was "how much did he (my doc) take?" and the nurse looked at the chart and said "1600 g from the right and 1400 g from the left" then she read it again cause she couldnt believe what she read. I was quite shocked to hear those numbers as they were much higher than some of the numbers i have read on here and have seen in my research, however, after speaking with my doctor he said he was even surprised that the numbers were so high. After those few questions my family asked if i was in any pain, I wasnt... which really surprised me. I had one shot of morphine about 3 hours after surgery for pains in my arms that were a result of how i was pinned during surgery. After that I continued to take 2 adosol 30s every 6-8 hrs to prevent pain.. but i stopped about 24 hrs later as there just wasnt any pain. I felt pretty good.

The first night after the surgery I had a hard time getting up out of bed, I was still in hospital and wasnt eating (I just didnt have a stomach for it after having been put to sleep). So i threw up a few times trying to get out of bed.. making myself disy, but other than that that was the worst of my recovery. The next day I got out of the hospital.

On Friday Oct 5, i was released from hospital. Leftie was healing quite well but Rightie wasnt as pink as it could have been around the nipple area. My doctor told me to go home and he would check in on the color in the next few days. On Saturday Oct 6 the doctor called and with the pinky color in the nipple not returning I was admitted back to hospital for 4 days. During this time the blood circulation to my right nipple was improved using a LEECH. yes a leech those things in ponds that you never want to get stuck on you! Every 6 hours i would get a leech attached to my right nipple and it would suck blood to improve circulation.. this was my life for 4 days with my doctor checking in every day. I was totally grossed out BUT it was working so I sucked it up and dealt with it. By day 4 the leech was only being put on every 12 hours and color had really improved.

Today is Saturday Oct 13 and everything seems to be fine. There is some bruising on my sides and on the right nipple where the leech was attached. Leftie appears really well and all other incisions are really improving!

All in all I am extremely happy that i had the surgery. The day of I was not nervous at all I was really ready. All smiles here! Cant wait to get shopping!
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