Uplift and Implant Gone Wrong - Liverpool, UK

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I am 6 weeks post op form having a breast uplift...

i am 6 weeks post op form having a breast uplift with implant.my right breast has bottomed out and the areola around my left nipple has burst open right they way around i can see the tissue inside .i am really unhappy at the way my breasts look there is still no fullness at the top of my breast.my surgeon recommended that i got a 320cc implant which i did.now he is saying i need a 380cc and will have to pay again.also he is saying that the bottoming out should fix itself as it needs time to heal inside.which is untrue as the only way to fix this problem is further surgery.and when my left nipple does heal they will look odd.i just feel like my surgeon is fobbing me off.and i dont no why i should have to pay again.after getting wrongly adviced in the first place..


Sadly my breast never healed it just got worse..i...

sadly my breast never healed it just got worse..i went to see another surgeon for a second opinion.and he told my if i was to get another implant in there is over a 50% chance that i could loose my whole breast.the surgeon has caused too much damage to the blood supply and my nerves.i now have no feeling in my breast.i am really upset as i am now left with odd breasts.one is alot bigger and wider and hangs further down.he has also positioned my nipple too high on my right breast.my right breasts need an uplift again but i wont be going back to the same surgeon.

?I had my last operation on my breast 7 weeks ago.

I found a surgeon that was willing to put implants in last year. and I went back to him 8 weeks ago while he done scar correction and also moved my nipple down as it was 3cm to high on my right breast.as for the surgeon that caused the damage.he is meant to be going to court in December the fitness to practice panel. the gmc think that the surgeon will not turn up .the will proceed in his absence. he is meant to be practising in Germany now. I have also found a number of girls that he has damaged. when I went to see an independent plastic surgeon. he read through my operation notes and he said the surgeon has taken the skin away first then put the impants in.he had caused the breast to breakdown as he had stitched me to tight and damaged the blood supply.

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Nearly 8 weeks post op.after having scar correction and nipple moved
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my doctor left my wound to get worse.it took me to go to a nhs hospital before i got any help from him...

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