Breast Lift - Hello Thailand!

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So my weight has gone up and down since i was in...

So my weight has gone up and down since i was in my early 20's, from 75kg down to 58kg's, up to 65kg and back down to 60kg aaaand my breasts hated me. They were S A G G Y. I'd always been intrigued by Thai cosmetic surgery and it's low low prices and i researched it till the cows came home till i decided this was the way to go. (If anyone wants any info about Thai surgery can contact me about it but i'm just gunna keep going with the surgery side of things.) The surgeon cut around my nipples and down the centre of my breasts, the cut is in the shape of a lollipop. Then lifted my boobs and sewed the nipples back on, the idea of such freaked me out a little. As a result of this, my nipples look kind of bigger (when they aren't hard) and i don't like the look of them, the scar (1 year on) is white, as is the line down the bottom of my breasts. I also have scars at the middle point under my breasts where they've sewn me back up (no photos yet, i'm getting there though). I'm super happy with the way the surgery went and the care i got in Thailand and it was SO worth doing considering how saggy my boobs were beforehand. It was embarrassing and i felt so self conscious around boyfriends. Very un-sexy. Next step is a boob job!

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