63 Yr Old Wishing for a Dream!

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Hi I have wanted to have my breast done seems like...

Hi I have wanted to have my breast done seems like forever. I was married for 25 yrs. unfortunately it didn't work out. But I got 2 beautiful children 1 boy 1 girl!(breast fed)Was divorced for 8 yrs. I then met my soul mate. We got engaged that didn't work either long story. He died! Always been self concious of my boobs ex-husband said I could have 1 a year! Funny!! 9 years ago I met my present husband married for 5 years! I love him but I don't have the love I had with person before! My husband would do anything for me..The first years were good then I had to have a major back surgery that has 4 level fusions that lasted 11hours. I finally woke up @ midnight. I had pain and numbness in parts and burning in both arms. So I will tell y the bottom line I ended up with three surgeries in 3 years including two cervical fusions. My husband did everything from helping me shower shaving my legs and even painted my toenails! I have nerve damage in both arms with burning and pain! Then 2 years ago my son died (my baby was gone) ! The pain started in my legs right after his death! Being in the medical field for 30 years I knew about hysterical paralysis. So that's what I thought was wrong I was really wrong.I Also had to place my mom in a Alzheimers assisted living 6 months ago. I now have nerve damage in both arms and legs and feet for the last 4 1/2 years I have to use a walker to get around . After all this happened , I was researching breast lifts and implants. I have made 2 app 1 with Dr Kayser in Southclaire shores and a Dr Hardaway in Farmington Hills. I am beyond scared and excited! I told my regular dr the other day but she said go for it! I told her I wanted to do something for me! I am just hoping with the nerve damage they will be able to make my dreams come true. I would be grateful to have my droopy out of shape boobs enjoy being perky and up where they belong. Can some dr help make my wishes come true? My weight hopefully won't be a problem either I am 5'10 and 220lb. I am embarrassed to get weighed cause I can't walk without my walker so exercise is out and can't swim water burns legs and arms! So the gym membership stays in my drawer! I am so depressed cause of the pain and I hate looking at myself in the mirror! I know a breast lift will help me with my confidence! Do I give up on my dream now? I should of done this years ago. But going on disibility I got back and I paid off lots of bills. I finally had the money! My husband said its your money! Decided to get my confidence back. I am wondering is it too late??? If anyone can let me know if they had these Drs and what all is involved in a consultation? I am such a new-by at all this. Thanks
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