Was Worth the Pain.

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When I first when to see a plastic surgeon it...

When I first when to see a plastic surgeon it wasn't to get breast implants, my only request was to be "evened out". From ages 12-14 I was confined in a very restricting back brace and because of this my breasts and hip didn't look "normal" - they had conformed to the shape of the brace, which was very lopsided. I was 5'8", about 145 lbs and 17 years young at the time. The doctor was very good to me - and ended up reccomending implants and liposuction of one hip. My surgery was considered re-constructive, so my implants ended up being 250cc of Silicone. The pain after the procedure was terrible - it felt like every time I moved my arms someone was stabbing me in the chest. I couldn't sit up on my own, I had my brother lift me into a sitting position (even that was painful). The Doctors were very good about this, and gave me lots of medications to dull the pain; they had expected my pain be minimal because of my age, but I suppose there are other factors. I suppose some of the pain could be attributed to the liposuction. I needed assistance doing the most basic things: Reaching for the remote, drinking a glass of water, adjusting my pillows. Ice helped a lot, as did a constrictive sports bra, which I wore for 3 months following my procedure. Swelling was bad, at first I thought my implants were too high, then they did drop about 6 weeks later. I had to learn to massage them properly, and move the implants around, this was painful at first but eventually you adjust. Longterm, Scarring was moderate; the incision was through the nipple (Implants placed under the pectoral muscle), but I have very fair skin therefore scar easily anyway, so I had actually expected it to be worse. I do have stretch marks, but they are light and as long as I apply a good quality moisturizer daily, they are unnoticeable in a bikini. At times they get "misplaced" - like when I lean against a table the implant will push up under the muscle so it is unnaturally high, and this can be uncomfortable. If someone knocks into me with force and hits off my breasts, that is uncomfortable too. You have to learn to be careful. Overall, I would say it was worth it. I was VERY young to have this procedure done (I wasn't even in my senior year of high school), but the confidence it gave me was truly astounding. To any minors (or anyone at all) thinking about having this done the best advice I can give is 1) Evaluate your reasons for the surgery - don't rush yourself. 2) Research, research, research! Look into good, qualified doctors in your area, past patient satisfaction, and trust your "gut instinct" - if the Doc seems like a sleeze who wants your money, he just might be. Don't be scared to go for a second opinion. 3) Be prepared! Know the risks involved with a MAJOR surgery (which this is! It is very invasive) and what you would do if complications arise. Make sure you have a budget than can support if complications arise - sometimes additional surgeries are required 4) Have a GOOD SUPPORT SYSTEM in place. You need looking-after following Breast implants. Someone to help you around, time your meds, etc. 5) Allow plenty of recovery time - some people go into a sort of shock, and you could need more time off work/school than originally planned. This is just an account of my experience - I can't speak for anyone else. For me, it was worth all the money and the pain - I had a great Doctor and felt very looked after too, so that probably made a big difference. If anyone has any additional questions feel free to ask.
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