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Hello all.. Kama female of 23 years of age I have...

Hello all.. Kama female of 23 years of age I have two kids twins 3 years old. Highest weight 248 lowest 143 current 149 lbs. On June 27 I had a fat transfer to buttocks that went great I went to strax rejuvenation n saw doc fisher.. Great doc.. Make me feel comfortable he may be young but he is good.. The first surgery went swell the first week my behind was swollen and it looked fabulous all though I knew it wld go down with time.. I almost for got I went to south Florida for cosmetics and the doctor I saw there said I didn't have enough body fat to do the procedure.... He was wrong.. Doc got 600cc of fat transferred. The second week it got better I still couldn't really ,ove my back area like to dance or anything but it got better on week three which I loved it... However the fourth week I did the tummy tuck n implants. So I'm two weeks post op and it looks like I never had the first part done.... Everyone says I need to wait three months to get back to normal since ichanged my entire body buri. To the depressed point I guess and today just seems like a bad day. I ate a lot for the first ti e since the surgery like a whole plate of spaghetti. Since the surgery I can o ly eat like one meal a day n it's not meal it's more like footer bits of something and I seemed stuffed. I than get tight stomach whi h is uncomfortable. Also my right breast has been sore since surgery I ended up guessing I slightly tore my pectoral muscle .. I dint know till day 9 after all pain subsided and put everything together I thought it might be a double bible or contraction. But I think I jumped to conclusion because I have all the symptoms of a swollen muscle and slowly but surly its been going down with time .. My breast r still hard and not soft but a little softer than when I had them done i do massage but it only helps for when I do it for that hour. I feel like there always going to be hard AND never truly look right. I know inning hard on myself n it's only been two weeks but idk... N e advice....

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