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I want to share my breast augmentation story...

I want to share my breast augmentation story because when I was contemplating getting one I searched the Internet constantly for other people's stories and it helped me tremendously! So here it goes... After two kids, my once full C cup boobs turned into small SMALL B cups. After a year of going back and forth on whether to get a boob job or not, I finally decided to go to a consultation with a well know doctor who specializes in TUBA (thru the belly button) breast augmentation. Well, one consultation and I was sold! My husband went with me to the second appointment and I tried on different sample implants in a sports bra. My main concern was going too big. I wanted to be able to pass them off as real instead of it being completely obvious that I had them done. After my doctor took my measurements he recommended anywhere from 300 to 390cc, moderate profile, smooth, saline implants, under my muscle. He explains that he overfills the impants to help prevent rippling. So it goes 300 implant filled to 330 cc's, 330 filled to 360, ect. I know I don't want to go any bigger than the 330 filled to 360 and my doctor said that is the size he recommends. I still think it might be too big... A couple of weeks later I put down a deposit and schedule the appointment. I still can't decide which size to go with. I'm stressing out and driving my man crazy! Over the next few weeks I go into my doctor's office often to try on the 300cc and the 330cc implants. The nurses tell me over and over that the implants will look 10% smaller once they are put in under my muscle. The 300 filled to 330 looks perfect in the sports bra and the 330 filled to 360 definitely looks too big. BUT the 330 will look like 300 after surgery...right? I still can't decide. My husband says he never wants to hear the word "boob" again. It's two days before my surgery and I'm back at my doctor's office trying to decide between the two sizes. Everyone there assures me that either one will look great and that the difference in volume between the two is not very significant. My doctor keeps telling me to go with the 330 filled to 360. I take his advice...finally! The morning of my surgery I'm still a little nervous about being too big, but I'm surprisingly calm when it comes to the actual procedure. I've never been under anesthesia before and that used to be my main concern when contemplating breast augmentation. But my doctor uses IV sedation so I feel more comfortable with that. My mom is going to stay with us for a few days to help with the kids while I recover and she is the one who takes me the morning of. I say goodbye and the nurses take me into the surgery room. They mark my body and have me lie down. The doctor puts in my IV and I'm asleep within 10 seconds! When I wake up I'm in a little pain, but mostly I just feel pressure. It feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. I'm not disoriented, I know exactly where I am and why. But I do keep asking the same questions over and over because I can't remember what the answer was (frustrating) and I cry the whole way home. I take my pain medication and sleep until dinner time. I'm able to sit at the table and eat. When the pain killers wear off, my pain level is a 9 out of 10. When the the pain killers kick in, I'm down to a 6 or so and am able to sleep well. I feel better than I had expected. The next day my mom takes me in for my post op appointment. My doctor takes of the ace bandage that had been wrapped around my sports bra. RELIEF! No more elephant on my chest. He moves my implants around which makes me scream in pain. I look in the mirror and I am SO happy! Although the are swollen and look bigger than I wanted, I know once the swelling goes down and they drop into place they will be perfect. The 330's were the right choice. Yay! My belly button is bruised and has about 5 stiches in it, but my breasts are stitch free which means no scars and less recover time. I am 100% happy with my decisions. The next week, my pain lessened everyday. I had my surgery done on a Thursday morning and by Tuesday I was able to drive and run errands. It felt like I had pulled my chest and arm muscles and done like 2,000 sit ups. Not too painful, just sore. It's now been 11 days since my surgery and my boobs look better and better everyday. They are still a little swollen and they haven't dropped so the shape is not perfect, but they are only going to get better. Best decision ever!!!

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