Mastopexy and Augmentation: Best Decision Ever!

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Years ago, I'm in my 20's, I lost a lot of...

Years ago, I'm in my 20's, I lost a lot of weight. I went from a full "C" cup to an "A" on the left side and "B" on the right. I lost most of my volume and had a very saggy look. I'd never been happy with the changes but I didn't think to get it corrected until my doctor and I got into a brief conversation about my breast shape during one of my liposuction follow-up appointments. This was back in January 2010.

After the consult, I took time to think about the procedure. I scheduled my surgery later that spring. It was at that time that we discussed sizing. My doctor was really supportive when I told him I wanted to go back to a "C." I didn't want the change to be obvious, I just wanted my breasts to look normal.

He performed the surgery about a week ago and has delivered way beyond my expectations. Surgery itself was a snap. The doctor's surgical suite is really comfortable and pleasant and the nurse anesthetist was amazing. She was not only gentle, the sedation was gentle. My eyes were open one minute and the next I was waking up to the nurses preparing me for the recovery room. Wake-up from the anesthesia was a breeze as well. I couldn't believe how fast the whole process was!

Recovery was okay. The first day and night passed without incident although I was so woozy after the anesthesia- I was out for four hours. Though I was really stiff that afternoon, I was able to get up and take care of basic needs independently by nightfall. The next couple days were spent at my parents home. I found being with family to be a great distractor from the hassle of recovery. It definitely kept my mind off of the discomfort and their support was great.

There were some uncomfortable parts of recovery. The first was getting my digestive system back on track. I would definitely recommend anyone who is given prescription pain meds to ask their doctor about taking some kind of gentle stool softener concurrently. I didn't and ick!

Additionally, one week out I am finally allowed to get my incisions wet. Sponge bathing has not been fun. One thing that felt really good was to have my hair washed and styled at the salon. It was a definite booster and something I'd recommend for anyone who has this procedure.

As far as pain goes, I have indeed felt a fair amount of pressure and have had more than a few zingers- though they passed by about day 5. I am also quite stiff when I wake up. It is hard to stay propped up while sleeping but it really helps. I've found that I can exercise though that is limited to gentle walks on the treadmill. I started on day 5 of recovery; however, I've really had to listen to my body re: when to stop exercising. I can get in a good 20 minutes of slow walking. It's been very good for my mood in this recovery period.

As far as the appearance of my breasts goes, I couldn't be more thrilled. They are symmetrical and they aren't too bizarrely shaped (some women say their breasts look strange right after surgery.) Mine look just wonderful. I am completely thrilled at my results and couldn't be more thrilled with my doctor who did just a beautiful job!

Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

I chose to go back to Dr. D for more surgery because he did such a beautiful job on the first procedure- arm/back liposuction. Though he has always encouraged me to have modest expectations he never fails to perform magic by creating fabulous results.

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