Breast Implants with Lipo

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I decided to look into getting silicone breast...

I decided to look into getting silicone breast implants and tumescent liposuction. During my initial research I found a ton of helpful comments on about breast implants and liposuction but not much on both procedures done at the same time. So I decided to write about my experience. About me I'm 32 yo 135 lbs and a 34C (sm C) I have worked out my whole life and over the last 4 months went to the gym and worked out with a trainer but I could not get the results I wanted so I decided to move forward. I basically had a square butt, love handles, and was starting to see the 30 plus jiggle thing in my arms. yuk! I was made appointments with two different surgeons both had great reviews but I chose the doctor who I had a better overall feeling about. I was happy with his staff, office and all of his references. Please see more than one surgeon I know its embarrassing taking your clothes off etc... but I am so glad I went to my second appointment because he did a great job.

I followed the instructions before and did all the check lists but was really nervous. Day of surgery: I checked in at 9am and did paperwork and changed into a gown and slippers. I was given a bed and an IV. I was nervous because i had to lay there for about an hour before my doctor showed up he put me totally at ease. I also met the nurses and they gave me blankets and something to calm me down plus some nasty stuff for nausea. My doctor came in and drew on me and they wheeled me away. My procedure was scheduled for about 5 and a half hours. I was having my abs, thighs inner/outer, arms, flanks and the breast augmentation. So they put a catheter in but i dont remember. The thought of this made me sick but i honestly since i dont remember it i dont care now. My boyfriend picked me up and i was able to walk and get into bed okay. Make sure your meds and house is ready you don't want to search or go to the pharmacy after surgery. I was in pain but tolerable I didn't throw up.

Day After Surgery: The next morning I had my first post op appointment. they changed my dressings and I actually was feeling good I looked like Pat (from SNL) with all my padding but it wasn't bad. Day Two: feeling worse and really swollen. I'm in pain but able to get out of bed and walk around a bit but I'm basically watching TV and sleeping. I'm taking percocet every few hours. I'm eating jello and fruit. Im not eating anything with salt. Day Three: Still swollen but today I get to take a shower! I'm making dinner for boyfriend doing some e-mail but not doing much still watching tv and movies. Day Four: still swollen but I'm able to go to the grocery store run one errands. I cooked dinner and felt much better. I'm showering everyday and feeling normal but I'm still swollen and certain movements really hurt like sitting up in bed and sitting down but it's not as bad as i thought. Day Seven: I feel like most of the pain is totally gone. I'm still a bit swollen and my breasts are really high and they feel really hard. my bruising is getting better and overall I'm in good shape. I'm going to try to wear this compression garment and get as much rest as possible so i get good results. I can already see a flat tummy and slimmer thighs! I'm really excited to see the final results in a few weeks. Hope this helps

Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I am still only 7 days out of surgery but i can tell that he did a great job. Make your appointment.

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