Breast Implants Easy Procedure

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I had breast implants done twice, the procedure...

I had breast implants done twice, the procedure was fine, recovery short, and never had any problems with them. I had my silicone implants changed to saline because of the silicone scare a few years back.

personally if I did it again, I would do the new silicone, they are lighter in weight.

I had mine done half under the muscle and half over the muscle, this is supposed to give the most natural look, they do look natural.

I have seen some that look too up and too much space inbetween the breasts apparently this is when it is done completely under the muscle, surgeons may have a reason for that method, may give more of a lift if the person needs a lot of that.

I don't   feel breast surgery is risky so much is done these days, I had a board certified surgeon and he had done many surgeries. Recovery was just a couple days where my arms and such were very weak.

watch out about size, I told doctor I wanted to be a large 36 B and got a 36 C.  Many surgeons give every patient a 36 C.

Dr. R. Warren

my surgeon has good reputation in Vancouver and has done many. He work is natural.

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