Dream Augmentation

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I am a 23-year-old athletic woman (5'6'', 125 lbs)...

I am a 23-year-old athletic woman (5'6'', 125 lbs) and, as such, I had a pretty small chest (32B or 34A, depending on the bra). I always hoped that my chest would grow as I matured, but it never happened. After a few years of contemplating surgery, I decided I was going to give nature a little boost. I did lots and lots of a research (my boyfriend was even tired of me showing him pictures of boobs!!) and after a few consultations with different doctors, I decided to trust my body and my health to Dr. Hagan at the Vanderbilt University Cosmetic Surgery Center. The center is great, from the receptionist Emily to Dr. Hagan and his nurses. Even after the surgery was scheduled, they encouraged me to come in and play around with the different implant sizes to be sure that I was content with my choice. I decided on 339cc silicone implants to be placed under the muscle through the inframammary fold. Having done so much research I thought I knew what to expect for recovery, but I was wrong. It was more painful than I expected, but mainly because I am not good at sitting pretty. I wanted to move around and try to get back to normal, probably before I should have. Word of warning: lifting the toilet lid, opening/closing doors, opening drawers, putting on clothes, washing your face/hair/anything, driving, basically anything where you move your arms HURTS. That said, the pain subsided within the first week or two, and I went back to work after the first week. The feelings of pain turned into feelings of awkwardness... I had random and brief shocks of what I think was nerve re-growth. Day by day I felt more normal, and my new breasts seemed like they belonged to me all along. Remember to leave room for your breasts when going about ordinary tasks -- I accidently hit my friend in his head with my breast when I got up from our dinner table and walked behind him. I also shocked a customer at work with my boob when I didn't give myself enough room to get by, and believe me, that hurt. The extra inch or two of growth really makes a difference! Overall, I would have to say, this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. My self-confidence has grown and I am finally filling out clothes the way I have always wanted to. I feel so much more womanly. If you are going to do it, really think it through, do lots of research, and make sure you pick a caring person to take care of you because you are annoyingly helpless for the first week (my boyfriend did a great job).
Dr. Kevin Hagan

The biggie for me was that Dr. Hagan listened to what I wanted. He did not try to tell me to go big (like a lot of surgeons will), but instead he told me his opinion of what sizes I was considering. He also was willing to sit down with me and go over his hundreds of before-and-after photos to determine what look I was going for. Out of all the surgeons I researched, Dr. Hagan had the most consistent work. Plus, some of his nurses have seen his work and trusted him to do work on them!!

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