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My breast look uneven. One is staying up and other...

My breast look uneven. One is staying up and other is not. My left is Rock hard , so unnatural and fake. I got it dons with Dr pugash a year ago. I need to have another surgery to get it corrected, he says". I got it through arm pit ,but the correction has to be through another incision , Below breast or nipple . He did a very bad job, and after I have paid for best implant: as he says ; Cohasive gell, I got the worst shape.

He said he does not have time to discuss the complication after surgery and he has to see his new patient . I have to pay cost of surgery and he says the chance of success are not 100%. This Dr and his staff are all about money,. I have paid almost 8500 m once they got the money, they are done looking after the mess they have done to my body.i still after a year have pain in one side, very uncomfortable.

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I woul never recommend him. He is all about money, they are nice in beginning but after they get your money , they don't even want to answer your question if you have problem. No official receipt either.

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