Saline Implants out After 14 Years- Feb 9

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Hello all! I have decided to add my story. This...

Hello all! I have decided to add my story. This site with the stories and photos helped me, so I thought I should give back.

Me: 34 yrs old 5'3 115 lbs athletic Implants: 300+ cc textured tear-drop saline-placed 14 years ago over muscle. Since been pregnant twice and breastfed both. I have no health issues known and no real regrets with having them placed. I think I would have always wanted to know what living with larger breasts would be like but knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have had them. I was about a small B before and C after,and up to D with pregnancy. Over the years they have settled low and have rippling. Also, off center. They look very artificial. I am an athlete and just over having them. Want to prevent future problems, mammogram issues and ready for my small breasts.

My PS was not overly supportive and is telling me "they won't look good." He says I have very little breast tissue b/c of my athletic build. He wanted to replace but no thanks! I am having local only and cutting around nipple with complete removal with no lift including drains. I am motivated by cost and not interested in being put under general at this time. My capsule is very soft and not having removed at this time as well.

I am expecting the worst b/c of my lack of tissue and the drop I already have. I do have good skin with no stretch marks from pregnancy and prev. scars from other surgery in abdomen have healed nicely. I am very confident in this decision. If they look deformed, I will consider a lift in future. I will post pics in the next few days of before and afters.

They're gone! 9 Feb 2012 Hi! Surgery is done and...

they're gone!
9 Feb 2012
Hi! Surgery is done and implants out. It went well. He cut under breast instead of around nipple and placed drains. The only thing that was awkward, was when he tried to removed the right side after deflating he realized it had scar tissue and was stuck. He had to use some elbow grease to remove. Since I just had local, it was odd and uncomfortable, but he got it out and no prob. But the left side came right out, which I was relieved. I have tight tube top looking binder on. I feel really good. No pain.
The breasts are def. deflated and wrinkled but I didn't mind seeing them. Its so nice to have the implants out and look forward to recovery. I am not going to post pics for a couple days since I have binder on and sleepy.

Ok I just added a few pics. I hope my after pics...

Ok I just added a few pics. I hope my after pics don't keep anyone away from removing if they so desire. As you can see in before, my skin was very thin with implants over muscle with lots of drop. They already look better then regrets. Happy to be without the plastic beach balls!

4 days post op check. had an easy weekend. No pain...

4 days post op check. had an easy weekend. No pain. Areas where drains placed little annoying. PS removed drains today since I had very little output. What a relief! Breasts feel softer then ever! I believe they are looking better as well! Less wrinkling...I bought new bra. I guessed a 34 B and it fits pretty well. Love the new look! Don't miss implants at ALL. PS surgeon said" have you seen them yet? Are you ok?" I guess some women get a little mental and shock after removal. Not me! Now I just have stiches under breast to be removed Friday. Couldnt have had an easier recovery thus far.

Post op 11 days Feeling great. Love the new...

Post op 11 days

Feeling great. Love the new girls :) back to my athletic lifestyle..minus swimming. Running is so great!!! No huge support bra. I feel much lighter. I am filling out slowly ..they are def more saggy but I could care less. I will never put an implant in again. Maybe, a huge maybe, a lift later down the road. Best $1000 I ever spent.
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