27 Yr Old 200lb 1 Kid, Much Need,500cc

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I want 500cc of fat transfer into each breast.I...

I want 500cc of fat transfer into each breast.I have been wearing a bombshell bra everyday for 4 yrs and it's time to let go.I'm having trouble finding a Dr. so advice and reviews please.I am thinking June I want the surgry done.I thinking contouring also I want to take the fat from my sides or belly.

Please help

Any current board license holder willing to help me achieve my goals with contouring and fat transfer. I want to have payment option.


My goal is to look like a plus size model. I still want curves. Thank you for any advice.

Doctor Search

I been searching for a few weeks now. I am from the Midwest. I am thinking doing a lift at the nipple and some fat grafting injectioned in to each breast. I know that's one procedure. I would also like to contour my body to look like Ashley Graham ( plus size model). I have a down big payment but so I am financial broke I would also like to be offer a payment plan.

Found a Doctor

Hello beauitful ppl
I am going to give a call to
Richard H. Tholen, MD,
to see what to do for my desire look.
I am even nervous to call I can't even image right now how I'll feel the day of surgery.

Life change and update

I just a relationship status change so put off my search and now finally getting back into searching... I have lost 18-20lb and planning on losing 40 more September... I want to get my boobs done in October I have found a doctor I want to work with just seeing if he works in my state I live. Remember ladies don't dwell on a bad relationship because then he/she has won and kept you from you and reaching your goals.


I emailed Dr. Sampson office Saturday or Sunday and they emailed me back right away Monday morning wanting to schedule a consultation. I am very impressed with how quickly they responded back to me. He does work in multiple states as I know he does a lot of work in Michigan which is not where I live. I am happy he does work in different states heard nothing but good reviews. I'll meeting with him n his team June 22nd at 9am. I am excited... what questions should I ask?


I met up with Dr.Sampson he is so calming in a professional way and willing to educate and answer any of your questions. He gives nice compliments also. His nursing team is very nice and helpful as well. He won't be doing my surgery which I am sad about his partner will. It was a pleasure to meet Dr.Sampson.
I will not be getting my surgery done for another 6 to 9mo because I am working out my body first for a better shaped body. I have lost 20 lb and gain muscle weight and my butt has increased in size also. I will be getting 450cc I kind of want to do 500 I want my BF to have fun lol and plus I want to feel comfortable in swim wear next summer and summer clothing.

Dr Sampson

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