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Hey Everyone! I'm excited to write this...

Hey Everyone!

I'm excited to write this review, blog etc etc.
So I titled this "Through a Looking Glass" because I guess I always felt like I was trying to see how the other half might live. Whether I mean the other half as in other people, or maybe even the other inner half of myself, in which lack of confidence may be containing. I'm sure all the women here can relate to what I am trying to say, so I wont go into detail.

Today is Saturday 18th 2012 Day 2 Post Op
*Breast Augmentation- Friday 17th 2012
*Implant type- Natrelle Silicone
*Implant size- 457cc in both
*Pre op size- 34B slight asyemmetry
*Post op size- Currently unknown, swollen and lots of pressure.

Ok so the Reasons why I decided to have Breast Augmentation.

*Why Not??? Haha ok I'll get serious here.
In all complete honesty I used to be totally against it. My Mom was a cosmetologist who had a breast augmentation when I was 9. At a very young age she had me in modeling school and doing some magazine children's photo shoots. But I was always kind of a tomboy in dresses lol. So in my high school years I refused make up, or anything that make me seem "fake" to society. You know the rebel chick. Instead I went with punkers and died my hair not so pretty colors, even shaved my head at one point!
Among all of this, I never told anyone how I felt about my 32A cup size, not even my best friends.

At 18 I had a son, my beautiful boy. After my pregnancy I was 34B, which got me all excited! Then they shrank to 32A and grew back to a 32B then gained a little weight and went back to a 34B. Which is where I stayed from about the age of 21 til now (25).

I've always been pretty insecure, I'm short tan skin, Black hair and dark eyes (typical Filipino/white). I wanted to be pale, I wished my ribcage would shrink, my breasts went through times of being perky then saggy.

After many disappointing relationships, I finally found the man of my dreams last year on the beach. :) This year we spontaneously drove to Vegas in the middle of the night and were married the next day. July 4th 2012 at the Little White Wedding Chapel (which by the way has fantastic service).

My husband always told me he loved my breasts for there shape, and I always commented on how small they were and I wish they were bigger. Through all my years being a little bit of a feminist I suppose, I finally admitted to him I wanted Breast Implants. He did admit that he would definitely enjoy them bigger, but that he married me the way I was and it was my decision.

His honesty gave me the confidence to forget about the judgemental women and men out there, and just do something for myself. So after years of torturing myself, because I was too afraid of being judged, but always insecure about my breast size, I made my decision. :)

Ok so lets fast forward to the present.

Yesterday was surgery, I wasn't nervous once and was waking up to my friends ready to take me home (husband had to work that day).

*Day 1 - In and out of sleep all day....Surgery at 8 am, left at 11 am.
- The pressure was almost unbearable, it wasn't until I was allowed to take a pain pill that I started feeling better. I also woke up incredibly hungry around 10 pm. Then went back to in and out of sleep.

*Day 2 - Better, much better. Ice is my best friend along with pain pills :) Ace bandage is off which helped relieve my chest pain a lot. I have some bruising around the underside of my breasts, but the breasts don't look so bad, except for the immense amount of swelling. So far so good. I have no post op depression, just a little irritation when the pain starts to set back in. I've been able to use the restroom on my own, although getting up is hard. I've decided to stay downstairs in a lounge chair.

Ok well its still early in the game, so I will re-post again tomorrow and let everyone know how Day 3 is. I apologize if this isn't the most interesting post, haha but I am only on Day 2. Thanks for reading!!!

Day 4 Post op- So far so good, not too much...

Day 4 Post op-

So far so good, not too much pain but still taking pain meds. Woke up super swollen lol. Feeling nauseated I think due to constipation from meds. I've been walking at least 30 min a day which seems to help me adjust to my new size and swelling a little. Other then that nothing new yet. Oh I'm measuring at a 34d right now, so who knows what D&F will do for me. Originally I wanted a full C but I'm kind of excited to possibly turn out bigger! Is that booby greed monster I keep hearing about? Lol. Ok its nap time then cook dinner for my awesome husband, whom without this would not be possible.

Day 5 Post op- Off the pain pills and have...

Day 5 Post op-

Off the pain pills and have finally be able to use the restroom :/ finally. Only news for today is I have blood blisters from my steri strips on my left nipple. Other then that I'm doing great more bored then anything. Lol I'll update again as soon as my laptop working online again. I hate touch screen phones sometimes!

Day 6 Post Op- Pressure Pressure but no more...

Day 6 Post Op- Pressure Pressure but no more pain!

So I'm doing good, just bored I hate sitting around most of the day. Ugh, but at least the pain is gone! The only crappy part! is I have a small blood blister from steri strips. :( booooo. Not a big deal though, hopefully when it scars it fades.

Ok so today in my realm of boredom, I decided to start looking up opinions on Breast implants. I'm appalled at the women, who sit here and say "well if a woman is naturally big breasted, and an implanted woman comes along its like cheating, therefore natural is better."

Here is what I say to that. Ladies if you are naturally big breasted, more power to you! Thats great and wonderful! Unfortunately us with smaller breasts didn't get so lucky.

I just think its funny all the judging and not even knowing the people personally. For example, I am 25, happily married, I have had one beautiful boy......Hmmmmm So I'm sure its OBVIOUS how much I want bigger breasts to go out there and say look at me look at me. Psh

Anyways thats my short vent for the day lol more later!

Implanted women stick together! :)

It has been so long since I have been here. I'm...

It has been so long since I have been here. I'm dealing with an internal conflict on whether or not I'm truly happy I did this. I have slight CC in my left breast 4 months post op and I keep reading that it typically gets worse. My doctor says not to worry but I'm not sure if I'm even happy with my breasts anymore. I ended up being a 34DD and feel huge.... I'm so depressed and I'm so worried about CC getting worse. My doctor is wonderful, but I just don't know if these are for me anymore.... And the risk of CC later scares the hell out of me. Please help....
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Went to a couple consultations, and he was very experienced, his Nurse was amazing. His accomplishments showed motivation and perfectionism. And of course he is Board Certified.

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