Why Go to the Student when You Can Go to the Teacher?!

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To make me feel and look sexy for my husband...

To make me feel and look sexy for my husband.,,which truly has enriched our marriage!

Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

I researched four surgeons: two female, two male (all from different offices). All had the accreditation, credentials and qualifications. All four had wonderful, welcoming offices; however, Dr. Steven Ringler was the sugeon who stood out amongst them all...he has a five page printout of local, state, national and even international credentials AND accomplishments and he trained most of the plastics surgeons in town (one surgeon of which Dr. R trained happened to be in my “foursome” random pick!). Dr. R is amazing...research him! My sister who is in the medical field in Muskegon offered to drive in from Muskegon to pick me up and bring back to G.R. because she was convinced that the plastic surgeon she knew was the best...come to find out her surgeon was also trained by Dr. R! It was very clear what my decision was going to be. I had my breast augmentation done by Dr. R; he is a set-apart professional. He is a gentle, humble man and I was exceedingly comfortable with him. I had a rich experience with him, his staff and the surgical staff! His “scarless scar” looks just like a crease in my arm pit. I (& my husband) am so very pleased with my implants (which were saline) and the healed “scarless scar”. I waited eight months before writing this review so I could see the healed affects from the surgery...I am so VERY pleased at the results. (fyi: I went from an A cup to a high C) Do your plastic surgeon/implant research! It is eye opening! You will be amazed at the accredited information you will find in regards to implants (esp. on the FDA web site)! Do not completely put your life in the hands of your surgeon in regards to the implants...do your own homework...set aside a few hours and research your implant products...know the pros and cons for each! Be informed!

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