Nervous About the Possibilities

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So, I decided to do some research on reviews for...

So, I decided to do some research on reviews for breast augmentation and see how many people were happy with their results versus how many people regret getting it done. There is obviously an overwhelming response about how happy other are with their new boobies, and I have decided I want to take the plunge and get it done.
The idea arose when a family member of mine began looking into different cosmetic procedures, and my dream of getting implants just took on a life of its own.
I have shared with my close family members about my desire to get it done and the support was unexpected and appreciated. It will take some time for me to save to get the procedure done, but in the meantime it will give me lots of time to do some more research.

I want to know what the best incision site is. I know there are many places they can go in now, from under the armpit to under the breast, under the nipple and even in through the belly button. I am left wondering if one incision site is the best over the others or if there are different benefits to each one, if you can choose which you would prefer or if its based on your surgeon and where they prefer to insert the implant through...
So much to look into. The possibility of someday not feeling so self conscious and having to hide my flat chestedness coming to an end is thrilling...!

Wow... I took a long time to update this but I...

Wow... I took a long time to update this but I havent had much to say, I have just been passing the time in anticipation and waiting for the day to come. I have spent a lot of time reading other reviews here on RS and it has been both comforting and scary. I dont look forward to the pain and discomfort but I cant wait to buy what I call "Real Girl" clothes and actually feel like a woman. I always compare myself to a little boy when I have my shirt off because I havr no breasts at all, and cant wait for that tl change. A few of my friends and my boyfriend think I am making the wrong decision in doing this, but I keep reminding them I am doing it for me and not for them. They argue that I have breasts but what they dont realize is that while it does look like I have small breasts, I need to wear a padded bra EVERYDAY just to get that effect. I look forward to all this just being over with.
Because I am getting this done in Mexico, I havent even had the priviledge of doing my pre-op appt with sizers, which makes me nervous because I had no idea what the doctor will recommend or what I will end up going with.
4 more sleeps to go!!
Dr. Rhodas

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