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Hey girlies! I am 20 years old, size 34A, and I...

Hey girlies! I am 20 years old, size 34A, and I have wanted a breast augmentation for a long time, so this summer I finally decided to do it! I found an amazing doctor in Beverly Hills and he was very nice, and his assistant was even nicer (message me if you want his name). My consultation was amazing - he showed me lots of pictures of his previous work (make sure your doctor has lots of good before and after pictures) and we decided on something in between 300-350cc. I wanted to be a mid C cup, because I'm pretty slim and I thought that would be perfect. He totally understood and described the whole procedure.

For the actual operation: It wasn't bad at all!! I went in an hour early and signed some papers, then my personal nurse (such a sweetheart) took me into the state of the art surgery center and had me put on a gown and lay down on a bed. She covered me with a little blanket, and then talked to me while she put in my IV. Then, the anesthesiologist came in and introduced himself and seemed really nice and knowledgeable, and put a little something in my IV to "help me relax." Then, they both helped me stand up and walked me into the OR with my IV and put on this great light blanket thing filled with warm air that kept me warm and then they put that plastic thing over my mouth and after a couple deep breaths I was out.

The next thing I knew, I woke up and the nurse was telling me that it was all over!! I was really out of it and a little nauseous but I asked what they put in and they said 350cc!! (silicone). My chest hurt a lot but mostly I was just really nauseous, but thankfully I had taken this little anti-nausea pill before the surgery so I didn't throw up or anything. Even though I was in a lot of pain, I didn't take any of the percs they gave me because painkillers make me nauseous and I didn't want to be any more nauseous than I was, so I just took 3 extra strength Tylenols which seemed to work fine.

For the three days it was pretty hard to get up from a lying down position and my boobs sometimes made a sloshing sound (and were really sore). But now I'm 5 days post-op and things aren't too shabby! The doctor checked me out two days ago and said everything looked great, and I have another post-op in two days, which is when I can stop wearing this gross surgical bra! The only thing though is that now, my incisions are actually starting to hurt a little more today, like sometimes they'll just sting, like it feels like they're ripping, but when I check the tape (under breast incisions) there's no new blood. I think my boobs are just starting to soften and it's putting more pressure on the wounds? I'm not sure, if anyone has this as well let me know!

Also, yesterday my boobs were SO ITCHY. Has anyone experienced this? Today, they're not as much - I think it might be from the antibiotics? Also, I experienced a post-surgery sore throat - anyone else get that? It's getting a LOT better though. I'll update again soon, but just to summarize - I am so happy I did this! My boobs look fantastic, my BF loves them, I'm 100x more confident and I just can't wait for them to keep softening. It's my 5th day post op and I can drive (though I have to drive like a grandma) and I go shopping with my BF and I can do almost everything I did before, just more carefully. I've even been going to the gym just to slowly ride the stationary bike - the one with the back on it is the best because you can do it without even moving your boobs at all and it's a decent cardio workout. So far my recovery has been great, but I don't want to jinx anything! I wish everyone luck and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask!

Hey girlies! This is my 1 week post-op! I got my...

Hey girlies! This is my 1 week post-op! I got my tapes off and my stitches out today, and the doctor put on some little tapes that he said would come off by themselves in a little while. Today I was in a lot of pain in the morning but nothing unbearable. I took some Tylenol in the afternoon and that helped a lot, but after the doctor took the stitches out and cleaned the incisions I felt better, and I especially felt better after I got to take off the gross surgery bra and put on my comfy sports bra. I HIGHLY recommend the jcpenny front zip sports bra. It is so comfy and really keeps the girls in place. I got 350cc and I am usually a 34 but I got a 36C in the bra and that seemed to work out perfectly. I'm adding some pics now!!

Hey girls! So day 8...and I have hardly any pain!...

Hey girls! So day 8...and I have hardly any pain! Don't know if this will last but so far it's been great. My BF bought me two new bras from VS today which was awesome - they're push up though so I have to wait until I get a little most bouncy to wear them. Posting a pic of my new FAV boob-job bra from target!

Hey girls! So it's my 10th day post-op! I've had...

Hey girls! So it's my 10th day post-op! I've had hardly any pain at all for the past couple days, and I've been going to the gym and my classes as I normally do. I even slept partially on my side last night! That's a big deal for me because I absolutely hate sleeping on my back, even though I've gotten semi-used to it lately. My boobs are also softening up A LOT and I think the little massages have been helping. Basically my doctor showed me one move, which is to put your hand on the underside of the breast (below the nipple) and press in and up so that it hurts a bit. At first it hurt SO MUCH but now it's not too bad. I'm about to order a bathing suit from VS - woot woot!!! Also about the itching I mentioned before - my doc said that it's perfectly normal for something to itch when it's healing and the itching went away after a few days. One thing that has been kind of annoying is that my nipples are SUPER sensitive - like uncomfortably sensitive. I emailed my doc though so I'll update after he tells me what's up with that. Another great thing about my doctor - I always email his assistant Sarah with my questions and she is so great about asking the doctor and getting back to me within 24 hours. And she always comes in to keep my company before the doctor comes in to see me! Anways, hope everyone is doing well!

Hey girls! So I'm officially 2 weeks post-op!! I...

Hey girls! So I'm officially 2 weeks post-op!! I feel great! The only thing I'm a little worried about is that my right incision has a little redness around it, but it doesn't hurt and it isn't bleeding, and I told my doc and he said to just put some polysporin on it. Gonna get that today. Also, I was a little worried because my right boob hurts more than my left, especially on my side boob, but my doc said that it's perfectly normal for the right boob to hurt more since it's my dominant side and I use the muscles on that side a lot more in my daily life. So, don't be worried if your dominant-side boob hurts a little more or is a little more swollen! Also, today is the day that I can take off the little tapes that my doc put on, but I don't know if I should!! I need to apply polysporin though, so I think that I will. I will take pics after I take them off so that you guys can see how my incisions are looking - I don't even know how they look yet!! I'm so nervous!!!! I hope everyone is doing well :) I am pretty much back to doing everything I do in my daily life including work, gym, school, driving, etc. If anyone is nervous about the recovery, don't be! It's not bad at all! Hope everyone has a great day! :)

Hey girls! I am almost at the one month mark!...

Hey girls! I am almost at the one month mark! Can't believe it!!! So here is the progress update - my incisions seem like they are healing pretty well - they are almost fully sealed. I have been putting polysporin on in the morning and at night, with sterile pads over it. I find that this works because it keeps them away from any potential infections, as well as keeping them covered in antibacterial gel. I've also been going bra-less a lot, which I find is actually the most comfortable option AND as my friend brat9 pointed out, helps to keep them moving and loosens them up. I have actually been wearing pushup bras out once in a while, and they aren't bad at all! My BF got me some super soft, beautiful ones from VS - they are amazing, but I almost don't fit into them because I think we all know VS makes bra sizes a little too small to make us feel bigger :D I will update again after my one month post-op when I know more about my progress. A couple things that have been bothering me: sometimes a get a sharp pain ( I think nerve pain) in the upper part of my boob, but it seems to only appear when I do the massages especially vigorously. Also, my boobs have been SO itchy!! Other than that, can't complain!! Lovin the new boobs SOOO much!!

Hey girls!! I had my one month post op today!!!...

Hey girls!! I had my one month post op today!!! WEEEE!!!! It went great, the doctor took out one last stubborn stitch and then squeezed my boobs and said they were feeling great. Then, he gave me some scar stuff called biocorneum that is silicone infused gel. It is supposed to be the only thing that actually works for surgical scars and it is kind of like a liquid band-aid. The only thing that sucks is that you have to let it dry, which takes a long time, but I just put it on when I know I have a few minutes to chill without a bra. I hardly had any pain today and I can sleep pretty comfortably on my side now. I even did the elliptical today!! We'll see how they feel tomorrow though... I'm just so happy that the incisions have healed nicely. The doctor said they are sealed, so I can relax a little about infections, and stop wearing polysporin with gauze+tape wherever I go. I got an AMAZING bra from VS that has underwire but it is really supportive and soft and comfy. I was so tired of wearing sports bras :/ Oh and I think I actually came out a 34D! The 34Cs are too small for me! I don't even think my boobs look that big but I guess it's because I have a small band size and small upper body. I attached a pic of my incisions! Hope everyone is doing great!!

I can't speak for anyone else, but I had an...

I can't speak for anyone else, but I had an incredible experience with Dr. Ellenbogen. He is very kind and professional, and gives you all of the information you need to know. Before my surgery, he took pictures and showed me exactly which lines he wanted to change on my body, and 4 months later, looking at my before and after pictures, he did EXACTLY what he said he was going to do. I got silicone implants, and they look and feel SO real. They are in a great position on my body (not too high or too low) and the incisions are disappearing very quickly. The surgery was a breeze - the nurses were so sweet and made sure that I was very comfortable and happy. I was really nervous but his whole team (nurse, anesthesiologist, and dr.) made me feel really taken care of. My pain afterwards was not too bad, I didn't have to take any prescription pain medication, I just relied on tylenol (and valium for the first couple days). I was back to the gym in two weeks, driving in one week, and most of my pain was gone by the first month. I am SO happy with my decision - if you want a great boob job, don't make a mistake and go with a cheap doctor - Dr. Ellenbogen is worth every penny. Also: his assistant Sarah is the absolute sweetest person, and she will take care of your every need. She answered so many of my random questions pre- and post-surgery by email within 24 hours. She also doesn't give off anything close to that pretentious bev hills vibe that you get from a lot of people who work in plastic surgery - I fully trusted that I'd chosen a great doctor after talking with her for a couple minutes. Summary: I wouldn't change a thing, Dr. Ellenbogen is an artist.
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I found my doctor by looking online - he is pricey but when it comes to your body, you don't want to skimp. So far he is worth every penny.

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I found him on Realself!

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