I Want Moderate Plus. I'm 5'4 and 114lbs. Petite.

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5'4, 114lbs Looking to get a Breast augmentation....

5'4, 114lbs Looking to get a Breast augmentation. Would like natural looking result. Hoping for a small D - full D but no DD's and not a C

I want to look SEXY but I like to be outdoors on adventures lol so I need mobility I don't want my boobs to slow me down or be on the way too much.

I'm looking for moderate plus implants no HPs. Nothing against it but not my style. Nothing under 400ccs and nothing over 500ccs. I would like to hear from girls who've gotten moderate plus profile implants or Sientras moderate which is the same as moderate plus. I would like the round implant over the anatomical or shaped implants I'm super scared of rotation or pocket mis-placement or mal-position

I forgot to say My complicated bra size at the moment

Forgot to say I'm a 34B/ not fully.. but I cannot fit a 34A at all, a 34A always fits weird and doesn't look or feel right and the 34B is always a tad big/loose. Having some trouble uploading my photos

Wish pictues

this is what I'm hoping to get .. natural looking boobs

I have more Wish pics ...

I really like my Wish pictures I like the fact that they don't look like they are high-profile implants. I'm hoping my results come out looking something like this not too huge but big enough for my size . I will find out what my BWD is this week when I go to my consult and the surgeon measures me... I guess from there I will know what implant suits me best :)

wish pics

here are more pics .. Wish pics

My own personal experience with Beverly Hills doctors

Hi I want to make this review about the doctors that I have seen for breast consultations... Please do not take anything wrong against the doctors it's just my own personal opinion (everyone's entitled to one) lol so here we go

Dr J Beverly Hills- Well I came all the way from La Jolla California to see this doctor and it took about 30 minutes in the waiting room before I was seen I greeted him and I spoke to him and I spoke to him for maybe about seven minutes before he walked out on me while still talking because he said he had another consult so I was just there left with my naked breast and full of questions :( the last thing he to me while walking out of the room was that if I wanted surgery with him to go talk to his assistant next door... Which let me tell you (I believe the girls name is Daria or something) anyway she was just as rude and short as Dr.J :( my boyfriend was like what the heck was this all about we drove here 3 hours to see Such cocky doctor.

Okay well that was my experience with Dr. J. I felt like a number not a patient... He definitely didn't feel like the caring doctor that he claims to be on his website.

Dr. david kim in Beverly Hills.. I have to say that he is not rude but he doesn't seem to care so much about the patients concerns.. He'll give you WHATEVER you want wether it suits you or not. Plus he has like a 15% capsular contracture rate at least that's what his assistant told me (I will leave her name is Christine)

Dr.Diaz in Beverly hills too. Ok this doctor was really nice courteous and gives an hour consult which is great but it didn't convince me bcus he only does the computer image (I believe is called the 3D vectra) anyway ... He doesn't have you try on sizers which is a no no for me . I don't like a computer image to be the only guide to my Breast augmentation . I didnt get to choose and implant or a size .. He just decided on one for me with no further options absolutely no other options :( he said I could only go with the one that the 3-D Vectra advised on ... Weird he literally didn't give me an option although I asked ... He said he wouldn't do surgery unless I've gotten the implant and profile that he advised on .Again I felt like I had just wasted a 3 Hour drive plus an hour consult and about three more hours to get home .. So disappointing :((( just like with Dr.J :(

Anyway these were all pretty much bad experiences for me so I have decided to
stay in my hometown and look for a doctor near me. I guess I was just trying to go to Beverly Hills because I thought there were much better doctors but I don't think that's necessarily the case anymore. So beverly hills I give up.. I hope I can find a good doctor here in la jolla ca... Please don't refer me to dr pousti... He has to many lawsuits.. I've checked myself under the courts website under civil cases.. So I'm def not interested in dr pousti .

I hope nobody here gets offended that's my own personal opinion these doctors are great for some and not so great for others so whatever rocks your boat. I am speaking out of my own personal experience that's all. I am not trying to offend anyone who chooses to go with one of these three doctors., that is your decision and I respect it as I hope mine is too

My natural boobs .. Ugh why wasn't I born with big boobs already!!

My pictures ... Taking before pics so I can remember how my boobs look and compare them to the after pics . My consultation appointment is coming up and I'm really looking forward to seeing his doctor I am ready to get my BA if all goes well.

Upload troubles

I will post pics later. My phone won't let me upload . Error message !

wish pics

looking and looking at boobs ... my appt is coming up..

Surgery finally scheduled :)

I went to my consult today . I liked the Dr. Professional (as it should be) nice but not a clown. I had an hour consult -perfect bcus I had a million questions which he throughly answered and I really appreciate that. At no point did he push me to go for surgery , in Fact he said that very pretty breasts that I don't need surgery but I said I want bigger breast so he said ok then get surgery if it makes you happy .. Also nurses and staff really friendly Not pushy or or whatsoever

Anyway fast forward .. He said 350cc was my ideal size but that I could push another 100cc bcus I have enough tissue to cover implants ... So so far I've decided to Go for either sientra round moderate profile (Bcus it = mod +) or the other One is allergan mod + .... I personally like the sientra round moderate better bcus they feel firmer to touch .. I can't decide size though . I like 397cc allergan, 400cc sientra , 410cc sientra 440cc sientra or 421cc allergan ... My surgery is scheduled in 2 weeks. I can't wait .. I was going to Vegas in 2 weeks but I have now cancelled that to get my BA instead..

I really hate it

I really hate it when people on real self write a review and they put pictures up and you follow their story and as soon as there they get their procedures done they stop updating and they never ever update ever again ... it's so annoying because we are here to tell our journey and post pics and update other RS users.. I guess if you come on real self and want to tell your journey and then you get your surgery done and you leave just like that and never come back you pretty much only did it for attention.. I don't think it's fair that we follow people's journeys and then a few weeks/months after the surgery they never update on anything and simply disappear. Ok I just had to say that!


i want to get as much info on "mod+" bus i don't want to make a mistake when choosing size and profile :(

PS. i used to have another profile here on real self but i closed it bus this guy was bothering me telling me i was hot and wanted to meet me bcus he had friends that lived around my area (so creepy) there was also this one lady inboxing me a lot and seemed suspicious she had no profile or pics so again i got creeped out :( ........ so i closed my entire account and now opened up this new profile :)

I want mod+ ... This was me before I had lost a few ponds

This is me before losing a few pounds. I had much bigger boobs before hence the reason i want moderate + profile. I feel i have enough room to fit them in since i have had the pleasure of knowing what it feels to have big natural boobs (not anymore though lol) i lost weight and my boobies said: goodbye, ciao..farewell.

Im soooo NOT but soooooo NOT into HIGH profile. I like them in other girls but can't stand the idea of me having those.... I don't like projection!!!!, I like sideboob, wide, more of the flat breast, if i need to push THEM up i'll use a PUSH-UP bra and i will make them pop out.. but i would hate to look like I'm wearing a push-up bra all the time :( i seriously would :( so here are some pics of me before id lost weight and some after weighloss.. i think you'll understand what I'm talking about..... basically I want MY old boobs back. I loved them.. overtime id go anywhere ppl would ask me: "are they real or fake?????!! i think thats the reason i love the mod+ look!
Am i wrong am i suited? please Feel free to say whatever you want bad or good.. I don't get offended at all..... this is REAL self ..lets be REAL! :) .......... This is what I'm here for.

also am i being realistic by wanting mod+ ONLY?

i know in my heart that high-profile implants aren't for me

Ok. Today I saw a few girls with high profiles .. Ok no .. No I'm not getting those ! I know in my heart those aren't for me . They looked narrow ALL OF THEM. Ok I know I couldn't live with that look I'm very petite and even thin but somehow curvy. I didn't like any of those HPs at all they looked so framed and I was able to see the round- pointy- NARROW implant . I know some girls on here get HPs .. Great ! Nothing against it ! But not for me . I live in California in a part of town there HPs are not so in . Guys here like the curves , here if you don't have enough curves you're not so hot, sad but true .. Well based on that and many other factors I refuse to get HPs . I live in San Diego county (ca) here Barbie looking girls are out :( unfortunately bcus I don't have many curves either. I know the mod plus make you look wider and curvier so in sticking with those !!!!!!

Can anyone tell me what should I get for my BA surgery

I am totally ignorant as to what to have ready for surgery. I have no idea the things I need to buy I have no idea about scar creams or that kind of thing so any help will be much appreciated ? I am nervous excited and scared but not having second thoughts as of yet LOL


My surgery is in a few days, had my consult 2 weeks ago and signed up for surgery within 2 weeks. I may have rushed bus of the fact that I've been wanting boobs since i lost my own big boob by losing weight, anyway haven't felt sexy ever since. Now I'm so nervous for my surgery but i want to get it over and done with I'm scared of anesthesia and pain but hopefully i don't have a bad experience. i am scared of backing up last minute bcus just to think that ill be sliced open.. omg no! i am trying to think happy thoughts and how much I've been wanting this going from consult to consult (such a hassle btw) finally the time is near and i want to calm my ass down lol also I'm really scared of my outcome, i hope i love my results bus if i don't I'm gonna regret going through this soooooooooo much! i like my breast now so i hope i don't ruin them, i hope i get the result what i am looking for and want so bad. SIZE WISE: first i wanted 400cc mod+ then 421mod+ now I'm thinking all the way to 450 mod+.. crap ... i can't decide I'm scared they won't fit in my small frame UGH. I don't know i want big but not DD but i rather have big than small ones also maybe my doctor says i have to go HP.. oh gosh i don't know,,, then what about implant wise Sientra or Allergan.. omg my mind is going 100mph

Has anyone here had great results with SIENTRAS moderate or hp? Are they soft enough?

i don't know much about sientra implants but would like to know if they feel soft and not so firm as they feel? i am leaning towards allergen but i would like to know more info on sientras in case i have to change my mind, due to implant dimensions etc etc.. i would appreciate if any info ,thx

I don't want my doctor :( to be nice I want him to be professional

I don't want my doctor to be nice I want him to be professional. Okay so my surgery coming up in about three days I'm having a problem here with my doctor I went to my preop and he did not help me chose the right size/ profile for me ....he just told me to pick one that he could fit anything on me .. i don't understand why he couldn't help me pick the best size for me and just left it all up to me... I was told this would happen at the preop but didn't ...anyway I feel very uncertain about what I should do next as my surgery is coming up and I havent chose a size and they also haven't ordered anything , my preop went shitty it seems like my doctor was bothered by questions also I asked him a question that made me think that he would rather lie rather than just explaining a question and example is I asked him if Allergan was the same thing as Sientra and he said yes they are exactly the same thing and for what I've known and investigated myself they are not the same at all .. One is silicone and the other one is the gummy bear ,right? I think that he likes to take shortcuts and that only makes me think if he would take a shortcut during my surgery now I am a little iffy about this whole thing and would like some more time to think about it .I was told they would have all sizes and all implants try on and when I went there that was not true they were missing all kinds of implants the only thing they had available basically was the 457 moderate plus and no Sientras except the anatomical which I can care less about those. I felt as if I was lied to all along ! I've already paid my surgery in full and my doctor seems bothered ,why ??.. I do not know I didn't get any help so anyway they expect me to go in to surgery and I still don't know what I'll be getting during surgery I feel that's unfair as I should know what I'm getting before I get it done. I feel awkward with my doctor and the staff is nice but my doctor I don't feel comfortable with :( I am starting to think that I might've made the wrong decision to pick this doctor I have heard so many good things about my doctor but I guess reviews are not the same as when you go in anyway I was told that everything and and anything would be resolve at my preop nothing was resolved. After I paid it seems like they did not want to hear from me or see me or have me there one more minute and just really sucked it sucks because I'm not asking for anything for free ,I paid all in full and I should get treated as a patient not as somebody who they don't want to see :( sucks my doctors demeanors changed after I paid I can't believe it I was so excited and now I'm really scared to going to surgery because I don't trust him and he was helpless on helping chose an implant.. He would just open his hands and wave well whatever you want i don't care !!!!.......sucks Freakin great!!!!! even my boyfriend was like why is he acting so Unprofessional now? He was also making weird faces kind of the face you make when you're a little bothered I understand we are all human and we can get bothered but if you're at somebody's preop you shouldn't act like you're bothered especially if you're the doctor not even the staff acted that way. I'm so mad but at the same time I'm really sad and I feel really disappointed :( now I'm thinking if they don't have silicone implants for my surgery I'm gonna have to end up getting the Saline ones because at least don't have the water solution there to fill them up with and I don't have to deal with choosing a size I don't even know anymore I'm so discouraged I'm so mad I just want to shit to be over! :(

Surgery was canceled, not by me but by my doctor

Surgery was canceled BUT not by me but by my doctor.

I emailed the office a few times (it almost felt as I was bothering them) finally I got a call back and they cancelled my surgery , I was told the doctor didn't feel comfortable with me "that I had too many questions and I didn't know what I wanted and that neither did he!" WHAT? Seriously! I know exactly what I want and when I explained to him he said "Ok so you want to look fat!?" I said if that's how you see it -then yes I want that look.I showed him pictures of what I wanted to look like (many pics) and every time I showed him he had something against it (even my boyfriend told me I think this doctor has a vision of a pretty girl skinny and perky and tiny) he doesn't loook at big girls as pretty enough) but I don't get it I am not a big girl either? Anyway so I shuld be getting a refund here sooon as I was told, of course I care about my money but I am really really bummed out because I thought that I was going to get new boobs by tomorrow not only that but all the time and effort aand all the things I had to get ready for surgery are just going to hell now! My boyfriends even took off a week off work for this crap and now he's just going to waste his vacation time because of this doctor not feeling "comfortable" he should of told me that before I paid and spend all this time with him, what a joke! I feel that after all my research I went with the worst doctor I could've found I feel so stupid now and now I feel like the jokes on me!

Sorry if I misspelled a lot I really dont feel like writing right now

I still want a BA but I should take my time

Hi girls from realself I havent updated on anything because ever since my surgery was postponed I have nothing new to say. I haven't looked for a new doctor. I'm just going to give myself a break (few weeks) and search for a doctor once I have time to go on consults again (hopefully soon) . anyway I'll update whenever I have news. I hope all the girls here with new boobies are doing just well :)

Saline implants .... I'm starting to want those more than silicone

Haven't seen any doctors since my last experience but I've thinking, considering and checking out saline implants "MODERATE or moderate plus" of course, LOL. Anyway, I kind of like how the saline look -almost plump like most of the time AND minimal projection -I like that! I'm starting to be able to tell if a girl has saline or silicone (weird but true) at least I can tell like 80% of the time. It's like they have this particular look (I don't know I could be crazy) lol anyway I only wonder if they're just as soft as silicone once implanted under the muscle? ...... Also I've heard that sometimes you can hear the water moving around? Wonder if this is always true?

I'm seriously considering saline bcus silicone sort of scares me of rupture and constant MRI exams!

Pretty annoying when ... stats, implant type & implant size aren't given

Pretty annoying when...... stats (height and weight) implant type & implant size arent given by the reviewer.

I am on here pretty often looking at peoples reviews and always have to ask what size what implant and what type implant did you get? I'm kind of sick and tired of asking this!

What's the point of making a review and not putting any of this CRITICAL info on your review?! ... Pretty please don't make a big deal about being asked for height and weight, this is realself nobody cares -trust me., it's just crucial so we can compare stats and get somewhat of an idea of how it would look on our own body and what not. I feel like writing a review without this info is like filling out an application for a job without your name and contact number -not very helpful right!

Jeez. lol chillax it's real self. ps. i love real self lol

I saw 2 surgeons in beverly hills, they said that usually girls with the same height and weight usually have about the same BWD bcus torsos only expand so much depending on your height. A super tall girl would rarely have a BWD of 11cm and hardly a girl who's 5'0 will have a BWD of 15cm... so i was explained that height and weight do matter. In fact these 2 doctors guessed my measurements before taking them and they were right! I was very surprised too!!! =O lol
yes, your breast shape and form do matter but i was told they don't matter when it comes just wanting to know breast measurement like your BWD. I do know that the BWD don't determine the end result after a BA. lol. I was just taking about stats not end results, after all stats are a good way to start :) specially if your starting a review i would think. Plus, based on pics it is extremely hard to guess the weight more so the height when pics are just focused and pointed at breast... so stats do come in handy. Also, I always see other girls asking reviewers: "what size and implant did you get?".... So i think it's cool when stats are included prior on review. thats all. lol
Some of you guys here get your deffense mechanism switch on rather quickly :P lol. It's ok I don't mind it bcus i know a lot about peoples behavior and i have learned to move on rather than stop and feel bad (my mom is a psychologist) she tells me why people defend others when there's really no one to defend. **So you're welcome to like what i say or totally hate me and "defend" yourself. I'm neutral to just about anyones good/bad comments. lol sorry i lol too much but im usually always laughing not making fun :)

Sientra implants... do sientras feel pretty firm? or how do they feel like?

Sientra implants... do sientras feel pretty firm? or how do they feel like? /firm? or quite heavy? i want to have firm breast implants so I'm either wanting sientras or saline

I want to show off my boobs already

I have narrowed down to 2 surgeons that I found here on realself and through realself users so many thanks!. I hope this time I just choose one and go with it! I have been very picky i'll admit but only bus I want boobs not just to have new pretty boobs and keep them to myself, no not at all. Once I get them done I plan to show them off day and night LOL funny but true.. hence I want really nice boobs that I'm very proud of. I don't want to sacrifice my original boobs . I woulds say I have nice boobs but small so hoping for a FULL :D The pics above are my wish pics.. I hope a surgeon can accommodate me for something like this. I don't think I'm asking for too much. I want this sooooooooo bad already. I don't want summer to pass me by :(

Sientras size chart

Sientras size chart

Pornstar Mia Khalifa .. My dream boobs , I want these ..

I saw this girl she's a porn-star her name is "Mia Khalifa" I love her boobs !!!!!! Her boobs are quite just what I want :) juicy lookin boobs! I'm taking her pics to my consults I believe she's 5'2ish and 120lbs or a lil less so I'm right around her block with stats :) Yay!!I guess it is possible to be tiny/petite and have those kind of boobs -she gives me lots of hope :D fingers so crossed xxxxx

Can't wait for new consult it's only a few days away :)

Calling all girls saline implants..!!!!!

Calling all girls with saline implants ...

I would like to ask girls with saline implants to give me their feedback in regards to rippling, feeling, pros and cons. I am leaning for saline because silicone scares me a ton :( however I love the feeling of the smooth round Sientra anyone with any positive or negative feedback please let me know.

I hate that I have a friend with saline implants but she will not talk to me about her implants every time I ask her literally beg her :( she just brushes me off or just shuts me down and says that she doesn't want to talk about stupid boobs that she's got better things to do! so I'm here asking strangers bc sometimes strangers can be nicer than friends :/ she's the kind of girl who likes all the attention to herself so any girl with implants around her will be like major competition to her. However I don't see it that way I think that we are girls and breast implants it's a tough decision and we should be helped as much as possible by other girls "especially" a "friend/s". I mean what are we supposed to do ??? go ask men?! Psssh! luckily for them they have no need to get firkin' implants to look hot or feel better! so where are we supposed to go?! So this is why I am here.. I feel better with girls I don't know than the ones I do know . I'm glad and thankful there's realself bcus I can get honest opinions.. Ugh I feel like crap right now :( if I was in a position where a girl/friend needs my help I would do as much as I could to help her. This doesn't make sense to me and makes me kind of sad :(

Does anyone here has any rippling with their silicone implants?

I would like to know if silicone implants can ripple and is it bad or just very little? I know that saline do ripple!! But i was wondering if anyone has had any problems with rippling with their silicones?

Im going nuts!! Trying to pick implants . I hate this now!

I'm going crazy I have done so much research I think I've done much more research than anyone on the realself website, I'm not even kidding.!!!!! I know every size every profile, the diameters, I know the nominal fills I know the maximum fills, I know too much for my own good at this point :( From the beginning I've known that I want a moderate plus profile I want something with hardly any projection but with side boob and cleavage, so with all this research I think my best bet is to go with a moderate profile or a low profile. If I get saline, the mod plus will NOT WORK :( from the beginning I've known what I want I want something with hardly any projection but side boob and cleavage, so with all this research I think my best bet is to go with a moderate profile (mentor) or a low profile (allergan). I think that if I were to get the moderate plus I'm going to end up looking like a high profile implant which I do not want.!!! ( I have already checked the ending protection of such implant so I know what I'm talking about) I want a projection of a 4.0 -4.5 and no more I will do whatever it takes to get the less amount of projection and not go over what I want! So if I want to make this happen I need to go with a low profile or moderate profile according to all the research that I've done and looking at the size chart and looking at that nominal fills and the maximum fills of a saline implant. I have read too many stories here and I don't want to regret size and profile. Anyway with this all I have to say is that I have made up my mind towards the saline implants ! I'm not 100% happy but I'm not about to get silicone and have that ever spill all over my freaking breast and get sick! I also have to to ask my future surgeon to what percentage does he overfill the implants that also comes into play. The reason why I'm doing all this research to it's because I just want to go to certainly haven't do whatever I ask. I don't wanted to be like last time where I paid for my surgery and wasted so much time for him to just cance to ask my future surgeon to what percentage does he overfill the implants that also comes into play. The reason why I'm doing all this research too is because I don't wanted to be like last time where I paid for my surgery and then the doctor cancelled on me a day before surgery. (WHAT A FREAKING IDIOT) once I get done with my surgery, I will give the name of the surgeon who canceled on me so nobody goes to him.!!!!!! I don't know but as I am writing this I'm getting really mad and pissed off because I am sure that if I would've canceled on him he would've taking all of my money.. but no since he's a freaking doctor he just returnmy money I know that doesn't make me happy because I would've done it the other way around he would've just kepI don't know but as I am writing this I'm getting really mad and pissed off because I I am sure that if I would've canceled on him he would've taking all of my money but no since he's he's a freaking doctor he just canceled the day before my surgery and he made my boyfriend take off the whole freaking week off his work and made me go over like three times to his office ! Like driving to him was so easy! just to cancel on me! Thanks to him I'm going to end up getting surgery like by the end of July or something and by that time I have to recover and now I would lose all my summer by then just because of him !!! I'm pissed now! That was so unfair ! I'm going to make sure he doesn't do this to anybody else ever again !!!

My journey is over! I say no to toxic implants

Realself stories started popping out on my newsfeed -about girls who have had explants and the stuff that started happening to them after they got breast implants. It freaked me out so I did my research. I researched the crap out of saline implants and the stories behind them are devastating! I have asked questions to doctors here on realself like: "Could saline implants develop mold inside? The answers have all been. No they don't! However I found out that they infact do, and have also found pictures of it, too. I read so many stories of people who got extremely sick after saline implants. There's a book called "The naked truth about breast implants" Wow! I couldn't believe it however the more research I did the more I found out (lots of these stories are also here on realself) and outside too.

Just because you're getting saline implants doesn't mean you're not getting silicone inside you.. the shells of a breast implant (are made out of silicone and 40 different metals . "Yes 40 different metals!!! (i'm talking about the Plastic shell of the implant) it doesn't matter if it's Saline or Silicone the shells are made out of the same material... So just imagine plain silicone breast implants alone now ?! If saline implants are bad silicone are worse, Yikes! also if it's saline the saline could become moldy. And if just having mold around you like at home per say ..it's so extremely bad for your health now Imagine what it does when its inside?!!

So with all this info.. I'm soooooooooooo over breast augmentation. I always wanted bigger boobs but truth is I don't have small boobs. Begore googling and researching all this info I went in for my last consult and the doctor said I can give you any size you want because you can fit it but I honestly don't think you need surgery you just want surgery. And he was right... Anyway I was happy with my consult and the doctor because I was actually able to fit what I wanted a 485cc moderate sientra.. So I came home and decided to do a review of how great my consult had went .. But that same day stories of breast explants started popping up on my newsfeed and I decided to click on one and then I clicked away to all kinds to breast explants after I finished reading I was just so scared and decided to look up more info on how breast implants are like poison for our bodies.

I told myself omg what in the world am I about to do. I don't even need this surgery I'm just being vain. I will not expose myself to all this possible complications (some symptoms don't start right away but within a few months or years you to start to get sick and you can never find a reason or an explanation) you start getting tested for all these substances/materials that breast implants are made of.. Then you start coming up with high levels of metals .. Not only that but you test positive for mold. So I decided to leave this all behind and move on. I am happy I found out about these bad things. At first I was kind a down that I wasn't going to get big breast but now I am thankful because I'm not about to pay such a high price meaning my health.

Saline implants are bad for your overall health but do are the silicone implants. Yes! They do leak EVEN when they make us believe there's only a small chance . They leak I sawread all about the incidents of mentor allergan sientra leaking. Yes even up to this date! Don't get fooled when you hear that that only used to happen before and the new implants are different no they are not different they are not mistake proof they can leak!!!!! And if you were thinking because you have gummy bear implants they won't leak well then ask yourself why do the FDA recommends you to remove them if there was a leak to be found? It doesn't make any sense right even the gummy bear material it's not bullet proof and may spread ... Oh and if you were thinking because you have gummy bear implants they won't leak well then ask yourself why does the FDA recommends you to remove them if there was a leak to be found? It doesn't make any sense right ? even the gummy bear material it is not bullet proof. If the silicone wouldn't spread then why do they they need to removed??!! So if the gummy bear material isnt safe and somehow ruptures that makes all the other ones even worst!

Anyways this is my last post that I write on my breast augmentation journey.

Real self has been a huge influence into me wanting breast implants but its also been what influenced my decision of rejecting this procedure!

All I can say to all of you girls out there do your research and see if it's all worth it in the end because the end is not when you get your implants but after you get them then that's when your real journey will begin.

Anyways girls best of luck is your life your body your choice my choice is to back up and somehow I feel so happy I took this decision I feel like a weight lifted of my shoulders. I am so thankful I did not get them done :) seriously very super happy!

Best wishes to all :)

proud of my decision and happy I didn't go through my BA

Well hi girls :)

I don't really have much to talk about breast but I would like to say that I am really happy that I didn't through surgery after all :) I am now using push up bras lol and I'm actually OK with doing so.

My boyfriend is also really happy that I am happy and that I finally made up my mind and stuck with it and that I no longer desire to get a breast augmentation or talk about boobs haha :P so he knows for sure that this is my final decision and he's proud of me and I'm proud of myself as well. He says that I have nice and big enough breast for my size (since I'm petite) I will always support all the girls in who want a breast augmentation or any kind of surgery but this just wasn't for me I hope all the girls with implant boobies are doing just well and happy with the results because fake boobies do look amazing !!! :) with that note I guess everytime I get to see a girl with fake boobies I'll go up to her and tell her that She looks freaking awesome and Ask if I can touch'em at least haha hopefully I don't offend them because I really like fake boobies :)

anyway here are some pics and a video of me wearing a push up bra ... Weird but after all this journey I'm honestly happy with my breast size and my overall natural breast :) take care realself cool girlies :D xoxo
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