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I just had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Hong...

I just had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Hong a couple of hours ago and without even seeing the results yet, I feel like this is already one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, I feel relieved! I mean this by I have been wanting this surgery for 10 years now, ever since high school when I wondered when my breasts would grow, they never really did too much, I HAD (up until a couple of hours ago) under developed breasts, I was an AA cup and always wore a padded bra, I envied the girls who were blessed with normal sized breasts, now those feelings along with depression and insecurity about the situation are history. The procedure was PAINLESS!

When they woke me up I asked, "Did you guys do it yet?" and felt my chest and yelled "BOOBS!". The feeling is not painful, but more like you have something heavy laying on your chest, maybe because the bandaging is really tight pushing the implants again my chest, but I'm NOT IN ANY PAIN, granted I did take a Tylenol but that was more than 5 hours ago. They made it sound like lifting up my arms (which is the excersize you have to do after surgery) would be painful and it really isn't, it's quite easy to do, it just feels sore like it would after working your chest at the gym. The thought of pain was the only thing that deferred me from doing it and now that I know exactly how it feels because I'm feeling it right nay this moment, I realized that was just silly, don't let pain stop you from making this decision because it was virtually painless (at least with my surgeon Dr. Hong in Toronto).

I didn't feel too nervous because I trusted this surgeon, I've already seen his results first hand (this lady I met got it done) and he's got ample amount of experiece doing it, when the nurse showed me all the before and after pics there were folders of folders and folders of pictures.

I also picked him because he did my Asian eyelid surgery and I am so happy with the result, as well he has many Asian patients because he speaks the language and Asian people usually have the smallest breasts so I know he's got lots of experience with under developed or very small breasts. I got 275cc saline implants filled to 300, moderate plus shape. I will update you guys in a week and in a month to let you the progress and results, cheers!

So it's been almost 2 days since the surgery and I...

So it's been almost 2 days since the surgery and I was taking this homeopathic medication bought to my attention by Dr. Hong called "Arnica Montana 200 ch", it's the one you take 5 pellets under your tongue 3x a day. I'm pretty sure you can get it online (cheaper), and if you don't have it YOU SHOULD GET IT! I had some left over from my last cosmetic procedure (asian eyelid surgery) but ran out and as soon as I ran out I started to bruise (not a lot) and I could feel some pain. I went to the surgeon's office to grab more and as soon as I took some the bruising subsided and the pain lessened. This stuff is suppose to help you heal faster by bruising and swelling less and reducing pain. I didn't think it would really work for my first surgery, because the doctor didn't really pitch it too hard and I didn't really believe in homeopathic stuff but my last procedure healed really quickly and I wasnt sure if it was just me or the Arnica cuz i took it until i healed (about a week and a half), but now for this procedure, as soon as I stopped taking it i started bruising and felt pain, I knew this stuff is for real. Anyway thought I should mention it in case it could help anyone.

So it has been six months now and I am loving my...

So it has been six months now and I am loving my new boobs, I feel so much more confident, I am addicted to lingerie shopping and buying low cut tops. I wish so much that I saved up way before for this surgery so I could've had more years with these boobs. The only this I would change or recommend is if you can't decide between sizes GO WITH THE BIGGER SIZE!! Before the surgery I was a double A, I told them I wanted a "natural look" because prior to surgery I would be happy with anything I was so flat, now i REGRET not going bigger, I really wish I did, but with my size, no one would expect I had implants, I just look like an Asian girl with a great silhouette. Dr. Hong filled 290cc on one side and 300cc on the other in 275cc implants (which I was and still am upset with because I feel they look and feel uneven) but my boyfriend says he can't tell by looking (I can though) but he can definitely tell by feeling them they are uneven because the larger breast feeels harder and less natural because he filled a 275cc implant to 300cc which makes the implant feel less squeezable and bouncy, and the smaller breast which was 275 implant fiilled to 290cc feels much more natural but this breast for me is too small but this is only due to the size chosen. So THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD CONSIDER: when you overrfill the implant too much it feels unnatural and hard, but apparently I read (by a couple of surgeons on this site) that ovefilling more than just a little prevents rippling in the future because if the implant is really fulll then it sorta fills out the ripples. If I had more info on this subject before surgery I would've went for 300cc implants filled to 325cc even on both sides because this for me (5'4 at 117 lbs) would look just slightly bigger than average and I think because I was so flat before, this is the most I could take before it looks unnatural because I didn't have much natual boobs to cover the implant to make it look natural. But when I have to get a re-do in the future I will be going for 330cc implants filled to 360cc because my skin and everrything will be stretched out by then from the first surgery and assuuming I will be done with having kids and beast feeding (so even more growing and stretching) I can take a bigger size the next time around.
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The only down side is that wait times are kinda long because he's got so many patients.

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