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I am scheduled for my BA & lift in two months....

I am scheduled for my BA & lift in two months. I will be 38 by the time I get them. I've had two children and we are done having kiddos. I wear a 34A in VS bras and still don't fill the cup up all the way. I gained and lost 60lbs with both my babies and now the girls are on the soggy side. I've been contemplating boobs for about 5 years and now feel like NOW or NEVER.

I have been doing my homework (countless hours on the Internet )and have had 3 seperate consults. The 3rd and final consult I had was the PS I chose and scheduled with. He also performed a tummy tuck on me a year ago, which I've been very pleased with.
He recommended 304cc silicone moderate profiles for my frame. He did say he is on the conservative side and so I asked if I would have any issues moving up to the 339cc. He said it would be pushing it but he thought I could still get away with it. I mentioned I wanted to be high and perky, so then he got out the 350 and 375 high profile silicone implants. He mentioned he rarely uses them but these would still fit my chest measurements but give me the "perkiness" I was looking for.

Also he recommended a lift for my sagginess. The other two PS I saw said they wouldn't do a lift as I was borderline. However, it would be just around the nipples and not as aggressive as an anchor lift.


So I'm torn as to go with his conservative 304 recommendation or go with my gut and do the 375 HP. I am 5'3" and 128lbs. I'm not scared to have a little bit of the fakey look as I think that is really pretty (to a point). However I don't want the big bowling ball looking stripper kind of boobs either.

I would rather have them a little fakey looking than sagging. Also I have a short torso so I'm thinking the HP's would be the better option for my frame.
Am I crazy if I choose the 375 HP vs the 339 moderate, or would I be smart going with my PS recommendation of 304? Sucks that we can't see them in our skin before hand. He claims all sizes, mentioned above, will fit my chest wall. As most people, I don't want to regret going too small, but don't want to look ridiculous and top heavy. I wear VS bombshell so I'm used to seeing myself 2 cups sizes bigger in clothes and it doesn't appear very large on me at all.
This is going to be a very long two months!!!

Soooooooo, got a call last week that they've had a...

Soooooooo, got a call last week that they've had a cancellation and my surgery is moved from April 8th, to this Thursday March 7th!!! THANK GOD because if I look at any more boobies my eyes are gonna explode! So the new date made me have to put a rush on my pre-op physical and mammogram. I wanted to get a mammogram to get a baseline of my tissue without the implant in case its ever needed in the future.
I ended up getting in for my physical last Friday and had the mammo today. Which by the way, the mammo was absolutely no problem, not sure why people freak...it was super easy. It was funny because the technician started asking about my surgeon and prices. She said it's something she wants to do but never makes the call. At first when I went in I felt like I'd be judged for the reason I was there, well here she was an older gal that wanted to do this herself.
Now back to my pre-op physical. The Dr. ordered a test for a UTI (even though I had no symptons) and said since I will be putting something in my body she wanted to be sure there wasn't an underlying infection that could cause problems. Well sure enough, she called back and I have a UTI. What, seriously?? So I freaked and texted my surgeon and explained the situation and that I would be on a 5 day antibiotic treatment. He responded that we shouldn't need to reschedule unless I presented symptoms. He thought 5 days of the antibiotic was sufficient. Gosh I hope it's ok???

Now on to selection of cc's. I have been on every boobie site on the internet. I have decided on the 339 silicone, unders. My BWD is 12.2 and 12.4. I'm also open to 304's if my surgeon says it will look better on me when I see him day of surgery. I have seen enough boobs to decide that bigger isn't always better. I don't want to cross over the point when they go from nice and full to whoa!! Even though I'm wondering if I'll get some big 'ole boobies with the 339s?
Who knows, I am coo coo from trying to decide and am so glad this will be over in 3 days! Ha, I can't even type the word "over' with out thinking about over or unders, tee hee.

Going on day 5 post op now. I think I will be one...

Going on day 5 post op now. I think I will be one of the few that will not have boobie greed, ha! Those are some big ole boobies, yikes. Right now kind of in a funk as I hope I made the right decision. Kind of hard to find them sexy with they look like frankenboobs and the nipples cut out. Blah!
I'm hanging out at home going bonkers, recovery is super sucky. I'm feeling pretty good and have been off pain meds for over a day or so. My biggest concern is that my support bra isn't rubbing up against the incision, so I keep trying to pull it down.
Can't wait to post some pics after they have dropped and fluffed and do not have tape all over them.

5 weeks PO today. I love my new bewbies!!!! I...

5 weeks PO today. I love my new bewbies!!!! I went through booby greed stage and then got over it when I started trying on bikinis and bras. Victoria Secret sized me at 32DD or 34D. So in that brand that is what I wear.
I also tried some on in Target and they didn't have any 32DD so I put on a 34D and fit like a glove...so must have been somewhat accurate of a measurement.
My boobs look so small in the pictures. I don't have any neked ones of them at 5 weeks yet but they are looking beautiful! Serious I almost died when I first got home with frankenboobs and now I can't quit staring in the mirror.
I have gotten so excited to wear the pretty Victoria Secret bras, I have ordered so many even though I know you can't wear them for a while. I am keeping all the receipts in case they fluff to a bigger size. I just want to be ready and have my new bras and swimsuits ready when my ta tas are ready. Seriously sucks to have to wear ugly wireless ones, blah!
Anyways I'm love love loving them and so happy with the size and profile I chose. Hopefully I'll have the energy to take more naked booby pics for comparison.

I hate booby greed! I just wonder "what if" I...

I hate booby greed! I just wonder "what if" I would've went bigger? I look at the other reviews and see 400+ ccs and they are beautiful. I am wearing a 34D or 32DD though, so do I really want to be bigger? Mine seem very moderate in clothing and fit my body well, but I think I would've gone at least 371 ccs if I had to do it again. I have a band width of 12.2 and 12.4 though and the 339s were 12.4. I don't want to increase my risk of bottoming out or ruin the effectiveness of my lift with a larger implant.
It is so weird that I am in D to DD sizes and those that have gotten 400+ are also in those sizes. It doesn't make sense to me???
My mind is just playing tricks on me, it just sucks that we pay large amounts of money for something we have no clue how it will turn out until we come out of surgery. Normally when you invest that much in something you have the ability to make adjustments to make it "just right".
I'm just having a booby greed day, ho hum!

Can't believe this is my rack! 7 mo. update

Well it has been one of the most joyous summers of my life, thanks to my new boobz! Seriously I never knew having some cleavage would make me the happiest person EVER. I rocked the bikini tops, wore braless tanks, tight sweatshirts, you name it I wore it. Wow wow wow. I am so thrilled with how they fell into place and am completely happy with the size. I can push them up stripper style if the mood hits me and also look completely professional at work.
I've added some pics...I don't have a whole lot of them so some of them are sweaty workout selfies, ha! I take pics of my heart rate monitor after working out and thought to snap a couple pics, so sorry for the sweat. But hey I even love my sweaty boobies.
Good luck to everyone on your journey! I hope everyone is as excited as I am and pleased with their decision. I stare at them every morning and am so excited to have something "perfect" on my body. I'm in awe every day!!!

Another pic

Last pic...one of my many bikinis this summer

Almost 2 years!!

I can't believe it's been 2 years! So glad I did it, it's like Xmas everyday for me, ha! Here are some updated pics of this summer, whoop!
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