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I have never had any issues with my body but after...

I have never had any issues with my body but after having three kids my body was just unrecognizable. My pregnancies were all high risk and required me to go on bed rest. Since I had very little activity I gained an excessive amount of weight each time. I lost the weight quickly with diet and exercise after each pregnancy but I had loose skin and a “bulge” in my belly which I guess is common after having c-sections.

I breast fed all three babies so my breasts were completely deflated. My left breast was smaller than my right since I nursed more on that breast. I tried to convince myself that it didn’t matter and to accept my body but it was very upsetting to me to have such a drastic change (for the worse) to my body in just a few years.

I was thinking about cosmetic surgery but I still didn’t really think I would actually do it. A friend recommended Dr. P to me. I went to the initial consultation still not thinking it would happen at all or at least for a few years. Dr. P was so patient, professional and kind. He completely understood how I felt and recommended a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I got to see other actual patients that had these procedures done. This was the most convincing for me. Although the website is very useful, it’s completely different to see live, actual patients that had the same procedures done. I was so excited to see these patients. I could not believe how amazing they looked.

Dr. P’s credentials, being double board certified, reassured me and my family that he was qualified and experienced. I felt so happy and confident after this consultation and knew that I chose the right doctor.

I was so excited to not have to worry about wearing clothes that covered my wrinkly, bulging belly but I had no idea what an impact my new body would have on all aspects of my life. I’m no longer self-conscious about my body and feel more confident. I hear so many women say that they have a bulge after having c-sections (even if they lost all their pregnancy weight) or they have deflated breasts after nursing one or more babies. They talk about having their old bodies back.

All I can say is that if you’re thinking at all about having plastic surgery Dr. P is the absolute best doctor!! He is highly qualified and experienced. His work is work is incredible and life changing. He is so nice and understanding. His staff is wonderful. The entire experience was so easy and pleasant. I’m so happy that I did this surgery earlier in life and can enjoy it longer.

I am extremely happy with my results! I feel forever grateful to my Dr. and his lovely staff. Thank you so much!

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

double board certified, highly expeienced, very skilled

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