Breast Augmentation from an A to a C

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I had a breast augmentation through the armpit...

I had a breast augmentation through the armpit (Trans-Axillary) I decided to do it after I saw the results of breast feeding, I lost all the volume I had and became "empty" on the top of my breast. I was smaller than an A and went to a C, the C fit my body shape and size.

I am very happy with choosing this procedure since I have to look at my body daily I didn't want the scar to be visable if possible. My Dr. said I could do a lift but it wasn't necessary. I choose to have my nipples slightly lower over having a scar on my breast. The scars I have in my armpits after 33 days is very slight, it really looks like a wrinkle and really how often are we hanging out with our hands over our heads.

So far I am happy with the size and location of entry I went with. I also chose the Gel silicone implant since I have very little breast tissue I did not want to "see" the implant when naked or ever for that matter. I have no wrinkling, the implant seems to meld well with my body.

After 33 days my breast are still quite tender on the side and lower portion of the breast where the pressure of the implant sits. I still can't sleep on my side but I think soon I will be able to. My only concern is my left breast was slightly larger than my right breast to begin and the Dr. chose to do liposuction of my breast to bring it down to the size of the other. With that said after 33 days my left breast is still quit a bit larger than my right breast but my Dr. insists that it's due to swelling and it will go down. He may be right and I hope he is but I wonder...I think he may have "forgotten" to do the liposuction and now this is what I have.

In the end he has said he will fix it if it is wrong after a period of healing so my worries are few. If I had before photos I would be happy to share them but can't seem to find any. My Dr. has them though.

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My Dr.s history and credentials say it all. I did my homework and chose a Dr. that was not only qualified but made me feel great. I am one that needs my hand held just a little bit longer than most to make a big decision and he did that.

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