My Breast Augmentation - Had 350cc mentor moderate plus profile filled to 400cc - Alabama

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Recent breast augmentation. Was 36b. Had 350cc...

Recent breast augmentation. Was 36b. Had 350cc mentor moderate plus profile filled to 400cc for L and R breasts. My experience has been very rollercoaster-like. Don't know if it is worth it yet.

The outcome, well.. the right breast is almost perfect BUT my left breast is less than perfect. A nightmare almost. I have ended up with a "double bubble" on the left. This was apparent immediately upon arriving home after surgery. My surgeon says that this is my natural anatomy and to deal with it basically. I'm sorry, but I did not have 2 boobs in 1 natuaraly.

He says that there is no surgical correction/intervention available to correct this. I actually feel like it was his surgical error! But, of course he denies any wrong doing and says it is just my anatomy. Which I don't understand, I didn't have sagging breasts pre op. I feel, well, that he positioned the implant too low on the left. It hangs below my natural breast tissue instead of filling into the breast. Yes, the bottom half of the implant hangs below my breast creating the double bubble look. Not the look I intended on, obviously. I just dont understand why he didn't raise the implant up higher before he closed me up and sent me home.

It was apparent during surgery that this had occured. I'm so angry, upset, sad, confused... Feel stuck because my surgeon says that there is nothing that can be done about this. To deal with it and wait six months to see if it will work itself out.

It's obvious that the left implant sits lower visually. And by his measurements too!!! L measured 7cm and R 6cm. According to another doc they are actually suppose to both be sitting at 5cm. So what in the world!! Dont know what to do... What do you do when your surgeon denies that there is anything wrong? Or that there is no correction available! I know there is corrective measures available. He could simply raise the left one higher.

I have no fullness on the top of my breasts. All my volume is in the underneaths. No cleavage. It is a nightmare! The right has a slight DB, but almost unnoticable (coincindentally that one is also 1cm higher). I can physically push the left one higher and everything seems to smoothe out and look normal.. more volume on the top and DB disappears! What do I do? Got a second opinion from his partner and of course he stook up for him. They basically ganged up on me and made me feel like I was seeing things.

He denies that the left is lower, although his own measurements showed that it is lower. Again... what to do? It would be different if he would just acknowledge that there is a problem and let us deal with it, but he acts like I am seeing things, although he says I have a DB... but that is my natural anatomy according to him.

So upset.


Hi everyone...
First all, thanks so much for all of the comments and help. It has been a long journey. I posted this in 2009 and it is now 2013. (I forgot my password I did have a FREE revision surgery from that surgeon about 6 months after the original surgery. GOOD LORD, dubble bubble gone but a whole set of new problems since the revision. It has been massive depression and emotionally draining the past 4 yrs. Yes, the DB was corrected... but now I have "man-made" creases that look absolutely hidious, areolas that have remained in a scabbed state the past 4 yrs (why are my areolas scabbed??? I HAVE NO IDEA... it was a inframmamory incision, no nipple involvement), R is higher than L and slightly smaller also (again... no idea why the R is now smaller), constant pain in my "man-made" creases the past 4 yrs ( I suppose I have constant pain being that my skin has been permanently sutured into my rib cage to make these man-made creases in his sad attempt to keep my implants in position), numb spots on both breasts, they look saggy now also ( I suppose it's because its been 4 yrs, although I didn't think they would do that this soon!), etc... etc.... To sum it up - it has been a hard 4 yrs. Moved to another state 800 miles away, now in Milwaukee, WI. Have had 2 consults since here, but have chickened out. I have no trust when it comes to this anymore. BUT, I have finally made the decision to deal with this and quit trying to tuck it away and ignore it... I have a consult with another doc tomorrow that I have heard is really awesome. Keep your fingers crossed for me. My plan is to get this taken out, heal up, and try it again sometime down the road after I am all healed up. From my consults I have had... the word is , is that I will need massive scar tissue removed etc....etc.... Please please please keep your fingers crossed for me. I have finally started getting back into a more positive mind state after 4 yrs and am super excited for the future of these puppies!!

Another Update....

Hi everyone,

Got the implants taken out with the new surgeon here in milwaukee. I'm done. I feel totally hopeless. The implants are out and that part of it is MUCH better. Most of the pain I would get all of the time is gone now that the implants are out. BUT..... (of course) the surgeon never corrected my "man-made" inframmamory crease. He promised me when he took the implants out that he would release the god awful creases AND he DIDN'T..... Yes, overall physically I'm feeling much better. But WTH... can anything ever go right??? My most recent surgeon who removed the implants (who is suppose to be this big time plastic surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction.. blah blah blah...) told me ... " I tried to release your creases, but I couldn't... but I really tried." SERIOUSLY...... what is going on??? I am ok with my breasts after implant removal... the appearance is not that bad (not too saggy or anything)... But my creases were one of the main concerns in this supposedly final surgery. Is this true... that I will have these man-made ugly creases forever??? There is nothing you can do about it?? Still can't wear a normal bra due to the position and shape of these man-made creases. I don't know what else to do... I know that the most important thing is fixed,,, and that was getting the implants out and getting rid of the constant pain... so that is good (and what i try to remind myself of to stay positive),,,, sigh.....
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read my story and you will see why...

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