30Yrs Old, 2 Kids, 160lbs, A-cup and So Ready for This!

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Currently looking for the best surgeon for me in...

Currently looking for the best surgeon for me in and around toronto area. Was hoping to see Dr Lista but can't get consult with him till end of august and would really like it done before my 30th birthday which is then!
Have booked a consult with dr ahmad and would like to consult with Dr andrade and dr Bray also. Am looking to possibly get cohesive gel, subglandular(over the muscle) , thru crease incision but will be willing to go by my surgeons recommendation.

Also am hoping for a belly button revision as pregnancies and piercing have left it not pretty!

Will post pics once done (and improved!)

wish pics added

Can't stop thinking about how I will feel once I get them. Will finally feel like a proper woman!

As you can tell from wish pics I'm not looking for something very big and just want really natural look and feel.

1st consult today

Had my first consult today with Dr Andrade and to start with I was really nervous but he was quick to calm my nerves. We started off by him asking me general health questions height/weight/current bra size and medications. I then went into another room where he examined,measured me and took before shots of me.

He then spoke to me about my options based on what I'm looking for with my measurements. He then gave me a bra and a few implants to try under my clothes to get an idea of how they'd look.

The cohesive gel implants felt nothing like what I expected! Very squishy! -was expecting them to feel very firm but they were not at all! Nice surprise as want them to feel as natural as possible!

I'm currently a 36a and the first one I tried was 420cc and I felt like I looked huge for me! And it felt heavy too... no. I tried a couple more which still felt too big.. then I tried 340cc and that felt the most comfortable. He came back in the room and was surprised I chose the smallest out of my options and said I could go bigger if I wanted too.

I have decided to have my surgery probably around the first week of january (for several reasons) so will be seeing him early nov for a second consult and to pay in full for the procedure.

I left feeling very excited!

Booked my surgery!!

Had my 2nd consult and have booked my surgery for end of December. Will be going with Dr Andrade, he has a beautiful new practice and I feel comfortable with him. Plus he is local to me and the price is right.

The hardest part is deciding what size implant to choose. We used the vectra computer imaging today which was fun and helpful. So im between 375 and 405 implants.
When i tried both on, the 405's felt big!! I felt more comfortable with the 375's i just dont want to go through all this and wish i went bigger!

29 days to go!

Went back today and met with Rose the RN who was absolutely lovely and helped to answer my questions and try on sizers again.
I have decided to go with 405cc. Kindof relieved that has been settled and starting to feel a little nervous!! This is really happening!! Aaahhh!!
Did my bloodwork too..now the countdown has begun!


Counting down!!

4 days left!! I keep thinking things like " todays my last weekend of ever needing to wear a padded bra!!"
Not that nervous yet but know i will be on the day of.
Have got my meds and pillow ready to go. Just wish i could know how im going to feel after to prepare myself.

12 hours to go!!#

I'm sooo nervous????

Even though this is something I've wanted since i was about 15 I'm still permenently changing my body- huge deal!!! Eeek!

See you on the other side!!!

The other side

All went great this morning. Pain is 7/10. Taking meds and resting. Got my gel ice packs on right now which is pretty soothing.
The pain is simular to having done a major workout lifting weights.

The team at Andrades office were incredible. Dr Andrade himself is very personable and honest. Can't say enough nice things about nurse Rose- love her!

Overall very happy so far!

Will post pics soon.

Day 1 post op

Doing good. Woke up really sore. Took 2 percocets before bed to help me sleep more comfortably.
Sticking to my anti inflamatorys, arnica and drinking lots of water.

I get to take bandages off tomorrow and have a shower!

Day 2 post op

Woke up sore today-my back and then sore chest muscles..didnt sleep well either ????.
Got to have shower which was amazing. Im surprised that i can lift my arms up above my head- even washed my own hair!

Post op day 3

Happy New Years- wow 2016 already!!
So had a terrible nights sleep again. Going to attempt to sleep propt up on my comfy couch tonight with lots of pillows to see if that helps. Went out for a little walk today to get some fresh air.
Just had a shower now and found that i have no feeling on bottom half of left breast... Hoping this is normal!

Pain is mostly a dull ache on breasts. Took just 1 anti inflammatory this morn and thats it.

Days 4 post op

Today has been good. Finally had a good sleep (drugs +couch).
Also went out with a friend doing some errands, for a change of scenery and company! Came home absolutely exhausted-from what?!lol..note-its hard getting in and out of cars!!

Emailed Dr Andrade yesterday as had few Q's for him ( shout out to him for prompt reply and willingness to see me if necessary)
I told him my bra was compressing on incision sight and wanted to know if i had to wear that or any bra and he said no! Woohoo! Feels great not having to wear a bra!!

My numbness has spread more on left and starting on my right one aswell..

Im so happy with results so far and glad i went through with this decision!

Also would really recommend getting yourself a back scratcher for after surgery- was amazing to hit those hard to reach places when it hurts to move!!

Everyday gets a little better, just listening to my body, drinking lots of water. My breasts get a little softer and lower as each day passes. So happy!!????

Day 5 post op

So i attempted to have a shallow bath today and my husband was helping me in and i thought he had me but he didnt and i kinda slipped/fell a little bit...im ok but it just felt weird and now my left boob seems a bit tighter. Also steri strip is coming away a little (posted pic) doesnt look too bad for what i can see...

Stayed home today yet still manage to feel exhausted for doing absolutely nothing?!

Going to do a couple of errands tomorrow and cook for first time since surgery..so hopwfully i dont get too drained from that!

1 week post op

1 week today! Doing okay. Started driving yesterday and its not too bad.i drive standard though so changing gears can be a little uncomfortable!
Feeling a little low which i believe is normal for what i read on here. Still get tired very easily which is frustrating (especially being at home and seeing stuff that needs to get done) i want to heal as quick as poss but at same time dont want to be sitting on my ass whilst stuff needs to be done????.


Post op appt

Had my post op app today which went well. They removed my steri strips so i could see incisions. They said everything is healing great and gave me scar gel to put on incision starting next week.

Went and got myself a sports bra ( they told me to get something that wouldn't be too tight over incisions) i tried lululemons tatatamer but it was super tight-too tight for now... So went to victorias secret-large variety???? so tried a few and found one that felt comfy for right now.

W weeks post op

All is gealing well. Starti g to put scar gel on incision site. My left nipple and surounding area is really uncomfortable and sore due to hyper sensitivity.i really hope it goes away.
They are starting to drop a little but need to settle more and still feel really firm so hoping they will soften more over time!

3 weeks post

Started back at work today which was okay. Feeling exhausted now and boobs are sore and hard. Lefty is still more sensitive and sore at times.

Happy 4 weeks post op!

Cant believe its been 4 weeks since my new additions!! I'm 100% happy with my decision to do this. I often dont wear bras (if i can get away with it) and im so happy to fill tops and dresses out nicely. I feel confident. It really is wonderful!!

Comfort wise, i can sleep on my sides now. I still cant reach well to get things down from high places. I have a pain and pulling feeling on my ribs if i stretch.
My left boob definetely feels slightly tighter than my softer right one and my left incision has a slight raised bump by it which feeld like the end of a stitch or something under the skin. Im not too worried but will mention to doc when i next see him..

Ive been told no exercise until the 6 week mark to reduce risk from hematoma and to allow body to fully heal.

Still waiting for boobs to drop more and cant wait for incisions to lighten. Stillnumb under lefty.

6 weeks post

Life is getting back to normal now ???? ( back to the gym!!)
Went for my check up this week and everything looking good. I still think my left is slightly high but have been told it will take 6-9 months to get the true result and i'm already very happy!
Just got to wait for my scars to fade..

Almost 8 months post op

For anyone thinking of doing this. You won't regret it. I hardly think about them anymore. They are completely a part of me. This summer has been great. No need for bras! I'm so happy with them!
Dr Andrade

Dr Andrade is a complete professional. He is welcoming, patient, humble and informative. He has a brand new facility and a fantastic team of staff. Recommend him to anyone and most importantly my results are everything i had hoped for!

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