28 Yr Old, Classic Shaped Sientra 400ccR, 450L. Moderate Profile. Honolulu, HI

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Dr. Wong and his staff were amazing. I felt really...

Dr. Wong and his staff were amazing. I felt really taken care of and that I was in good hands. Dr. Wong was very professional and answered all my questions thoroughly to make sure I was making the right decision. I got out of surgery this morning and feel great. I love my boobs already and I know they're only going to get better as they drop.

2 Year update

It has been approximately two years since I underwent the breast enhancement procedure. In the first review I was very excited and hopeful. Now after two years, I am still very unsatisfied with my results and am experiencing discomfort with intermittent mild pain in right breast. I felt like I was guided in a direction that didn't achieve my main goals of surgery. So let's start from the beginning shall we?

I consulted with Dr. Wong and told him what I was looking to achieve, fuller breasts. I emphasized that I was not looking to have really large or "porn-star-looking" breasts. I was looking for something tasteful, something that would compliment my body type. I was also concerned with the shape and sagging of my breasts. He suggested using Sientra textured implants to achieve the natural look I was going for. He also suggested that a larger implant would direct my nipples upward. So going along with what information he gave me, I went with larger Sientra textured implants.

To my disbelief, I wasn't given any prescription prior to the surgery. I was assured that all I needed was ibuprofen and some natural medicine I was given (garnica cambogia) to reduce swelling. I was told that the pain would feel like slight bruising, so I was sent off without painkillers after surgery. The night after my surgery, I took an ibuprofen and the natural medicines before bed. I woke up in excruciating pain. It felt like my entire chest was on fire. I normally don't cry from pain, but this time I did. Thankfully, my boyfriend had medicine left over from a surgery from an accident and I was able to take that. I was so upset because I had to be taken back to Dr. Wong's office the next day after my surgery in order to get prescribed something. We drove over speed bumps, that sent shocking pain throughout my breasts. When we got to Dr. Wong's office, he (unsuccessfully) tried to ease the pain with an infrared laser before finally giving into prescribing me painkillers.

A week or two after the appointment, my breasts were still odd in shape, but he assured me that they would drop and achieve the natural teardrop look. Two years later, that still hasn't happened. Also, my nipples still droop downwards, completely defeating the purpose of getting the larger implants.

Dr. Wong and his staff were always courteous during my visits pre- and post-op, but there was always something that I felt was off. My boyfriend agreed, that it felt at times that Dr. Wong seemed to agree with me rather than guiding me based on the complaints of my breasts. Perhaps he thought he was, but I felt that he wasn't really confident in his answers. Also I would like to add, there was a question asking what did I hope to achieve from the procedure on the pre-op forms. I was told to leave it blank. It was later filled in by his receptionist: LARGER BREASTS. Exactly what I didn't come in for but resorted to it after I was informed that it would help reposition my nipples.

Now fast forward to today. Today I went back to Dr. Wong because I have been experiencing discomfort and pain in my right breasts. It also felt as though the implant was shifting, because I can feel hard parts of it where I didn't feel it before. He explained that the implant maybe folding in on itself but it was nothing to worry about. But what am I supposed to do now? Just live with a right breast that is extremely uncomfortable and sends shocks through my nipple? I don't understand why this is all of a sudden occurring after almost two years post surgery. He was kind and told me to keep in touch if it worsens. However, that won't be necessary. I will be having my breast implants removed by a different surgeon in the mainland.

Now that I have spoken to other surgeons, I now can see the flaws of Dr. Wong. I prefer a more direct surgeon who treats me as an individual patient with her own unique concerns. Not just the average girl who wants to come in to have larger breasts to boost her confidence (I was told by Dr. Wong that most of his patients regret going too small, but never regret going larger... guess I'm the exception). I've now spoken with a few surgeons who really take into consideration what I am trying to achieve.

Implants slid to bottom half of breasts

Not sure if it was Dr. Wong's fault for not securing the breast implants, or if there is a design flaw of the Sientra textured, classic-shaped implants. When I went to get an x-ray, it showed that both implants were not upright, but had collapsed to the bottom half of my breasts. Now I'm left with odd shaped curvature of breasts

Before and after pics

Not sure if it is Dr. Wong's fault for not securing the implants properly within the pockets, or if there is a design flaw of the Sientra textured, classic-shaped breasts implants. Notice the odd curvature of the after picture and nipple still dropping downward. Something that I was advised would be fixed by going with a larger implant. When I got an x-ray, it showed that BOTH implants have slid to the bottom halves of my breast and do not resemble the teardrop-shape that I had chosen them for in the first place. Also note that the breast implants were about $1,500 more than the silicone.

The implant shape I got

As you can see my breasts look very rounded. Some people may prefer this, but I got sientra implants to avoid the rounded look that silicone implants give. I was assured I was going to get natural teardrop shaped breasts, and got a very unnatural look instead (aside from obvious sagging)

Downgrading tof 1-star

So I had my implants removed today and found out that one of the implants was inserted UPSIDE DOWN!!! I cannot believe a doctor who charges $12,000 for a BA inserted my implant upside down!!! What a waste of money and zero responsibility on his part.
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