23 Yrs Old, 245cc Anatomical implants , 120 Lbs and 5'5"

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I've spent hours on this page and read others'...

I've spent hours on this page and read others' experiences. I hope I can be as much of help to somebody, like so many of you have been for me. So therefore I have decided to write about my experience so far. I have chosen the surgeon, but not the size and projection of the implant. I want a natural and modest results so I'm going to go for a round implant somewhere between 270 and 290 cc's. At the last consultation I was on we agreed 290 cc high profile. I want a moderate profile, but because of my bwd I had to have HP if I choose 290cc. I've thought a lot about this after the consultation and I'm really unsure if I will achieve the natural look is I want an HP implant. I'm going to ask what the largest implant with moderate / moderate plus profile I can have that will fit. My biggest fear with HP is that your breasts will look for round out and sit too far apart.

I have added some pictures of me.
I plan on doing the BA in January / February 2016.
PS: I'm sorry for my bad English, I come from a non English speaking country.

Wish pictures

Surgery scheduled

So I visited my PS on Wednesday and I finally decided to go with the anatomical shaped implant instead of round. It is more expensive but I want the most natural result I can get, and my PS recommended that I get the anatomical one. We also agreed to 260cc, but I think he felt that it was slightly too small. The reason I'm going with such a small implant is that I would rather end up wishing that I went a little bigger, than the opposite.
Surgery is in less than 3 weeks so I'm starting to feel kinda nervous! But also excited.

Having a difficult recovery

So now I'm 4 days post op and feeling really worried about things not getting better. I'm still in a lot of pain, in by boobs and back. I take strong pain killers, but they don't help that much. In addition I'm experiencing nausea, high heart rate and anxiety. I do have short periods where I'm feeling fine, but mostly I'm not. Using my arms to lift or push things really hurts too! I was prepared for some pain, but not like this. Anyone else going trough something similar? Could really use some support. I will post pics later, when I'm feeling a little better. I think I like how my new boobs look, but it's too early to tell really. They do look a little to big for my liking, even though I ended up getting only 245 cc. So I hope they will look smaller when the swelling goes down.
Thats all for now :)


Too big..! :(

I've been a little stressed out today. I think my boobs are too big. That was one of my worst fears going into this! I don't understand how just 245cc can look so big?? I've seen pics of girls with over 300cc that look smaller than me. Have anyone felt like this early in recovery, but ended up being happy about the size? And will they look smaller once the swelling goes down?
Aside from that, I went to my first lecture since my surgery. It went fine, but even though it only lasted for 2 hours I got so tired! I almost fell asleep during the lecture. Had to take a nap when I got home. Is that normal, getting so tired of doing normal stuff?

So depressed right now

I don't know what to do with myself. I was so exited about getting a BA, but now I'm just so sad. Can't stop thinking about how unhappy I am about the size. They are so big. I hate them. Don't know what I should do. If I can handle doing another surgery to downsize or if its even possible.. Sorry for the depressing post, but this is how I feel like right now.

Still depressed, but coping

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Just been really sad and regretting my decision to get a BA. I know I picked the wrong size, should probably got no more than 170cc.. But there's nothing I can do whit it right now, my PS said I had to wait at least 6 months before I can downsize. I don't know if I will, I hope I will learn to love them before that, but if I don't I have to. I'm also really worried about the position of the implants. The almost look like they have bottomed out, but they haven't actually gotten any lower (my scar is still right in the crease) since surgery. This is just how my PS lowered my fold and positioned the implants. Do you think they look too low?

The ugly truth

I've dreaded so much to update my review. I feel like I just spread negative energy every time I update, but I feel I have a responsibility to share my experience. I hope it can be of benefit to someone.

I am now 5 weeks post op, and have realized that getting a BA is the biggest mistake I've done in my life. I can not stop looking at pictures of my small and cute pre op boobs. I wish I had understood that I was good enough as I was, and did not need any surgery. Right now I look horrible. My boobs are too large and sit very low relative to my nipples. I have sent pictures to my surgeon and asked if he agreed that the implants sit too low, and he answered that he "understood what I thought" but we had to wait and see before we could judge the result .. I feel so depressed and have no idea what I should do. If I should remove the implants completely or get smaller placed higher up. I'm going to end up with two 4.5 cm long scar well below breast folds either way ..

If you are reading this and have not yet had your BA, I advise you to think carefully about how you will react if you get dissatisfied. I was absolutely sure I was going to be happy with the result and I was therefore completely unprepared for this. I think it has made this situation even more difficult. I'm not saying don't get a BA, but I think it is important to be aware of that everyone doesn't end up happy.

I've added some photos of how I look now, and some of how I looked before.

The good and the bad

So it's been a while since I updated this review. I have started a new one on the implant removal section because I'm probably going to explant. But I wanted to this review too, because I believe the more detailed and complete a review is, the more it can help somebody.

So let me start with the good things:
1. I don't have any pain or discomfort.
2. I can sleep on my tummy. I actually started doing that about 1,5 months post op!
3. They are getting a little softer.
4. I'm in a better place mentally. I still regret my decision, but I can think about other things and have fun.

Then the bad:
1. I hate how I look. I know I picked the wrong size and probably the wrong PS. They are just way too big and too low.
2. Flexing or using my pecs is really uncomfortable and my boobs look even worse when I do it. My biggest regret is actually going under the muscle, because when the muscle is cut to place the implant, the muscle is damaged and can never be repaired. Even if you remove the implants, you will still have muscle animation! I don't think you loose any strength or function of the muscle, but your boobs will forever move and look weird when you flex with or without implants. I was never told this, so I feel it is important to share this, so anyone that considers going under the muscle knows the consequences. I'm kinda disappointed that there is so few reviews even mentioning how they look and how they feel when they flex (and even fewer pictures), despite the fact that the wast majority on this site get implants under the muscle. I think i'ts an important part of getting implants under the muscle. I mean a lot of girls share so many pictures of their boobs through
their recovery and of the final result, in every angle, with or without bras/bikinis, but not a single one of how their boobs look when they flex. I have a feeling that's it's almost a taboo. I know I wish I had read more about this, before I made my decision on whether to go over or under the muscle.

I'm now in the process of deciding what to do. I can either just remove the implants and not do anything else, or remove and let everything heal, and then get smaller implants probably over the muscle. It's not an option for me to get a revision and place smaller implants with internal suturing to raise the fold and make the pocket smaller. I just don't think I will have a pleasing result doing that. I have a consultation with a different PS on Thursday so I will update after that :)

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