700 & 750cc Silicone Implants (34H)

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Pros: I like having full breasts again after...

Pros: I like having full breasts again after nursing & loosing a substantial amount of weight. My husband is much more pleased with my breasts now.

Cons: The pain & long duration of bed rest has been difficult.

Why: There was not much left of my breasts after nursing 2 kids & loosing a lot of weight.

I am 4 weeks post-op from my breast augmentation. Five days ago, I noticed a bulge in my right breast half way between my areola & breast crease. When laying on my back it was even more pronounced. When poking it, I could tell it was the implant. I went into my PS the next day. He told me to quit taking Accolate which he'd put me on 2 weeks prior. He said my tissue was very soft & was seperating, allowing the implant to be not well supported. I am frustrated because I feel it's too soon for me to have complications such as "bottoming out". I have silicone implants (700cc on right & 750cc on left)under the muscle through a periareolar incision. What should I do? Do I need a revision on my right breast?
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I was not given any recommendations as to where to get a good post-op bra. I am now a 34H & have had a VERY difficult time finding a bra w/ the support & specs my Dr told me to get. At 4 weeks post-op I'm back on bed rest & wearing an uncomfortable underwire bra in the size I need but not the support. I feel like I shouldn't be developing "bottoming out" already.

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