525cc HP Silicone Natrelle Implants

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So excited! Finally put down my deposit for my...

So excited! Finally put down my deposit for my breast implants. I decided to go with Dr. Tarick Smaili. I was referred to him by a past patient whose breasts implants looked natural and felt soft, I loved his before and after pics, his price was reasonable, and he is board certified. Going to do 533cc, natrelle silicone, midrange, under muscle, aerola incision.

Finally!! Got my boobs done today!

After a lot that's been happening in my life, I'm so happy I moved forward with this surgery. Had my BA this morning with Dr. Smaili. I ended up getting 525 cc silicone, high profile. I also got a small crescent lift because I had about 2cm difference in symmetry. I'm in so much pain tho my chest feels super tight, my back hurts, my shoulders & arms are sore. I feel like I jumped off a 10-story building. It's only been a few hours so hopefully after more pain meds and muscle relaxers and sleep I will feel better.

Snachat is poppin!

I love watching snaps of surgery. The whole surgery process intrigues me, I find it so interesting and fun to watch. Dr. Smiley post everyday procedures and I never knew how a lot of procedures were done but after watching his videos I'm amazed. He snapped my surgery so check out the photos.

Snapchat is poppin! (Part 2)

Post op day 3.

The first 2 days were so rough! Lots of pain, I'm not good with pain :(. I felt nauseous, medicine made me constipated, my throat was sore. Back aches,sore muscles. I had trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep in because I was sore everywhere. I didn't even want to take pics or look at my boobs I just wanted to sleep. Went back into the office the second day to get checked out and remove wraps.

By the third day I woke up feeling much much better. I was able to make and eat breakfast, drive to the store, and do some work from home. I also started doing light massages on myself. There's no bruising or bleeding (maybe a spot or two).
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