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Ok, so I think my story starts out very similar to...

Ok, so I think my story starts out very similar to many others on here. Short version: I'm a mom with sad saggy boobs and wants them brought back to life!

Longer version: I'm 36 years old with a beautiful 7 year old daughter. Most of my life I've had boobs on the bigger side (compared to most). I think from Junior high I was a C cup, fuller as I got older. Never a "petite" girl, but not really over weight. Got married, put on some weight, had a baby. Got up to 36 DD's. I tried breastfeeding, but it didn't work. Lost some baby weight, but stayed in the 140-150 range. 5 years ago hubby and I tried for another baby, but it wasn't happening. Not in the plan I guess. But for the couple years we were trying, I didn't care much about my weight assuming I'd be preggers any time anyway. 2 years after realizing that it wasn't happening and weighing in at 145, I decided to step up to take care of myself. Lost just over 25 lbs, and a whole lotta boob!! lol After spending much of my life very happy with a nice full boob, I never thought I'd have deflated sad boobs. I "measure" at a 34 B, but most of my Victoria's Secret bras are 34 C's (with a little room). When I started losing the weight I'd kinda throw around the idea of getting my boobs done to my hubby, but he never took me seriously. Back in December, with the stress of the holidays and whatnot my weight got down to 112 and my boobs even smaller! I went to VS to get measured (first time for actual measurement since weight loss) and she told me I was a 34 B. B, like boy. I literally went home and cried. After being DD 2 years prior, hearing I was B was, well, painful. I told my hubby that day that I had it, that was it. I'm getting a boob job so let's plan it within the next year. If I can't have another baby, then I'm going to get twins! :)

We originally thought I'd be able to do it by April, but one thing led to another and we couldn't. Monday April 9 I had a consultation with my Dr. My friend had a procedure with him last year, and another friend of mine had a BA with him about 7 years ago. He has an excellent reputation for his work and after my research on him I felt confident in choosing him. Some people may think this is a bad thing, but I did not have any consultations with any other Dr's. I didn't have any problems nor did I feel uncomfortable about my choice, so I didn't feel the need to see another Dr. We originally booked my BA for May 31, which would have been this Thursday. But due to some circumstances I had to push back to June 14th. That's now 2 weeks away and I am feeling completely unprepared!

I just became aware of these blogs 2 days ago and have been obsessed with reading them! I never thought in a million years that I would ever want to look at photos of other women's breasts so much! lol I am completely torn on size. At my consultation I told them what I seem to read on here more often than not, that I want to be a "full C". So they suggested the most common size (apparently), a 350 cc. When I went in that day I had no clue what cc's were what. My Dr took all the necessary measurements and noted that my breasts are uneven and I'd need an implant 25 cc's larger for my left breast to make them "even". I tried on the sports bra with a 250 cc and a 350 cc to give me an idea of size, and definitely agreed the 350 looked better. Hubby was with me and couldn't have agreed more, lol. I had him take a photo for me. We also discussed saline & silicone, and desiring the more "natural" looking boob I opted to go for silicone. But I am not sure what type (profile, etc). I was told I am not a candidate to go through the armpit, it will either be nipple or at crease. To be honest I am still unclear where my incision is going to be and this makes me nervous. I was also told that due to the shape of my boobs that my implants will be dual plane - 1/2 under muscle, 1/2 over.

After leaving my appt and obsessing over my photo, I started to worry that the 350's were going to be too big on me. I don't want to look "over the top" or fake. I just want nice, full boobies. I definitely don't want to be back to DD's. Now that I'm smaller I think that might look rather large and ridiculous on me. I've never been a cleavage bearing "Hi here's my boobies" type girl. I showed my mom the pic of me in the sports bra with the sizers, and she told me they were too big and will make me look fat. Of course that has been eating away at me and I'm worried about that as well. I worry about wearing looser tops and my boobs sticking out too much making me look heavier. Or having to buy larger sizes to accommodate my boobs. (Finally being able to buy smalls or xs in clothes, it will really mess with my head to buy larger size clothes!)

I had my pre-op appt Tues May 22. Hubby wasn't available to go, so I had a girlfriend go with me. She had hers done about 8 years ago (by a diff dr), and has either 400 or 425 cc's. But she's put on weight and they are larger than they were to begin with, so she advised me not to go too big. To be honest I was so obsessed and stressed about size that I forgot most of what was said to me at my appt. I asked to try on sizers again, and explained I was worried about going too big. I chose to bring it down a notch and try 325's, as well as the 350's again. Of course the girls at my Dr's keep suggesting the 350's, giving me schpiel that most girls wish they went larger, yada yada. The the Dr came in and asked to see my boobs again. Took a glance, then decided if I do the 350's, that the left needs 380 (previously it was 375)!! Ok, this freaked me out! 30 cc's different in my boobs?! I'm afraid I'm going to have one freakishly larger boob than the other when this is done! I mean, I trust my Dr and I know he is amazing with his work! But a 380 cc?! I can't wrap my mind around it. That seems so big!! I did ask if when the implants are actually inside if how they were appearing to me in the sports bra was representative of how they will actually look, or will they be larger/smaller. Since I am doing silcone dual plane implants, she said if anything the might appear about 10% smaller. So, I opted for the 350/380 size. However after leaving my pre-op I have been OBSESSED with the size.

I called the next day to ask if I could come back in to try on sizers again. I went back last Friday, May 25th. This time I took my other girlfriend who is a previous patient of my Dr. They didn't have sizers with a 30 cc difference, so I tried on 325 (right) with a 350 (left), and then a 350 (right) with a 375 (left). I thought that maybe the sports bra was throwing me off from before since it was so big and bulky, so this time I brought a bikini top and a tank top so see how they looked (although I had to keep sports bra on to keep sizers in, but I tucked in best I could). I went back & forth, and back & forth, and back & forth between the two size sets. I feel the 325 is more natural looking and not over the top, and the 350 is just a little more umph. I know it seems silly to obsess over 25 cc difference, it's not like I'm torn between 350 & 450. I worry about the 25 cc's being the difference between a small and a medium in a shirt. The again I worry that once the implants have settled & dropped that I might feel the 325's are too small! I definitely don't want them to look any smaller than the 325 did. But then again I don't want to be "that girl" witht he big 'ol fake boobs in a bikini top. And right when I think I've decided on one size, I start second guessing myself. Then there's that whole 380 cc issue as well. I understand it's to make them look even, but say they were even there's no way I'd want 380's. That just seems too big to me. After an hour of trying on and discussion with my friend, she convinced me I could "rock" the larger size so I stayed with the 350/380 choice I had previously made. The pics I've posted are from that day. The 2 sizes in a bikini top, and then in a tank.

But here I sit, obsessing. Looking at numerous photos of boobs online. Trying to find anyone with my cc combo. I do find that when I "like " a pair, they tend to be 350 cc's. But they also seem to be on girls starting out at an A cup, and I'm starting with more than that.

On top of all of that, I feel so unprepared!! I need to get my prescriptions filled still. But I have been reading about some herbal stuff some have taken prior to surgery to prevent bruising. I have been told not to take anything, vitamins included, 2 weeks prior to surgery so how can these girls have taken these herbs? I feel like I'm making a mistake NOT taking them. Also I have noticed may saying they took their anti-nausea meds prior to surgery. I asked the girl about this at my pre-op and she told me not to and that it wasn't necessary. Ok, I am so sensitive to nausea & motion sickness so now this has me worried! Why can't I take my anti-nausea meds before surgery?? I just feel at a complete loss for things I need. I did buy some Fruit of Loom front closing sports bras, like the kind they had me try on, but I didn't think about wire free bras and now I'm worried about not having those. I don't want to be stuck in ugly sports bras! lol I just feel way in over my head right now. It just seems some Dr's prepared their patients more than mine did.

Anyway, this is now FOREVER long and for that I apologize! This has actually been a little thereputic! lol I must get to bed. But as for now, I am "Torn On Size" and way overly obsessing about it. If only I knew what the outcome would give me! Oh, which reminds me, I saw on a website this 3d machine by Axis Three that can simulate what you'd like in different size implants. There is a Dr in Newport Beach that has this machine and I'm tempted to schedule a consultation with him just to use the machine! lol Ok, off to bed.

Ok, off to the right of this page there was a...

Ok, off to the right of this page there was a suggestion for related articles. One was titled "375cc or 400cc Implants for Breast Augmentation?". So I clicked on it and read it. Different PS answered and after reading their responses I am feeling so much better about the size and think I'm gonna go for the 350/380 combo! I seriously feel a bit relieved! :) For anyone questioning size I highly recommend reading this page! Here's a link to the page:

Ok, so I've bought a couple supplies for post op...

Ok, so I've bought a couple supplies for post op at home. I bought one of those pillows that you sit up with that have slight arm things on them. Thought it would help with sleep and sitting up during the day. It was $14.99 at Ross. I also bought a standing tray type thing to keep next to me for food or meds or whatever. I stocked up on sports bras. The one I tried on the Dr's office was a Fruit of the Loom front closure bra. The girl in the office said those would be great post op and I can find them at Walmart. I looked them up online and it said the Walmart by me had some in limited stock. So I ran over there and searched & searched for the. Could not find them.Then I spotted the clearance rack, and thought maybe if they were "limited stock" it was because they were on clearance. Sure enough, I found them there! Score! A 2 pack of a black one and a white on clearance for $5. They had 3 packs left in my size so I grabbed them! :) I decided to try the rice sizer thing to get a feel for size. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but I guess it gives me a good idea. I bought a larger non padded bra and have been wearing the sizers today. I must say I like how it looks! :)

I've had headaches the past 2 days. Normally nothing works on my headaches other than Excedrin. My paper work says no aspirin or ibuprofen 2 weeks pre-op, and that Tylenol products are ok. I'm not sure about the Excedrin. I mean, it's basically acetaminophen (which is what Tylenol is) with caffeine, right? It doesn't say anything about aspirin or ibuprofen being in it. But just to be safe I'm not taking it, and the Tylenol is not working. :(

Ok, so I went and paid my balance today! OMG it's...

Ok, so I went and paid my balance today! OMG it's really really real now! Surgery is next Thurs, 6/14, and the first case of nerves have set in. While I was there I asked some questions I needed answered. I'm really concerned about the nausea and I had read on here that some girls took one of their anti-nausea meds before going in to surgery. She said no I couldn't do that, but when I go in and am talking to the anesthesiologist to let him know that I am concerned about the nausea and he will put it in my IV. Good to know. The paperwork they sent home with me said to continue or start taking a vitamin. However, I remember them telling me in the office no vitamins 2 weeks prior. So I had her clarify and she said no vitamins. Some vitamins have Vitamin E in it, and they don't want you taking that, and since the Dr doesn't who takes what vitamins he just says no vitamins across the board. I asked about the homeopathic Arnica Montana for bruising and healing, and she said that's fine. I found some at Mother's market for about $8. Apparently you dissolve 4 under your tongue 4 times a day! Hope I remember to take them! I also asked about a surgical bra the day of surgery. She asked if I had bought my sports bra yet and to bring that with me. That they day of surgery they put me in that bra and then wrap a bandage around that and I leave it on for 48 hours after surgery. I must say I'm kind of shocked they don't supply a surgical bra with all the money you fork out for this procedure. It is what it is I guess. We confirmed my size and I must say I am feeling more confident about the 350/380cc's. I have friends already offering to "sign up" for nights to bring dinner for us, and another friend covering my daughter's dance schedule! So sweet! This is really happening!! :)

My surgery is in 3 days, this Thursday! I'm pretty...

My surgery is in 3 days, this Thursday! I'm pretty excited. Super overwhelmed with everything I wanted to get done before I go in, so the nerves have not set in yet. So much cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping to do. Still have that "unprepared" feeling. :( We were super busy and on the go since last Thursday. This week is my daughter's last week of school and we are in the midst of dance recital chaos (recital at the end of this month, but she's had photos & rehearsals galore). I'm thinking this was a bad time to plan this. It is what it is I guess.

Found 3 pairs of button up jammies. Of course 2 of them are long sleeve/pants - but light cotton. And one is a tank/shorts style, but kind of older-ladyish, lol. I guess if I'm confined to my house they won't matter. :) I've had some fun wearing my rice sizers, making me more excited to finally have boobies again!! I'm exhausted and hope to get everything done, and just get over this overwhelmed feeling.

Well, today is the big day! BB Day!!! I have a...

Well, today is the big day! BB Day!!! I have a little flutter in my tummy, but so far not too nervous. I'm sure that will change as my surgery gets closer, lol. I spent the last few days being stressed and overwhelmed with getting everything done that I didn't have time for nerves. Maybe that's a good thing. I'm scheduled for 2:00, check in at 1:15. Sucks to be so late in the day, when I was originally scheduled for May 31 I was the first one for the day. But it is what it is. It's my daughter's last day of school today so I'm sad to miss out on that. But this way I can at least take her to school and see her off. I set aside all my "easy on" & zip up clothes, jammies & extra sports bras in a laundry basket for easy access. Making myself a nice comfy sleeping area on the couch with my tv tray next to me for my meds and whatnot. I think I'm prepared as can be at this point.

On a side note, took my own "before pics" yesterday. Holy crap. I can't say how many times I've looked at my boobs in the mirror, especially lately. I was so concerned with the Dr wanting to 30 cc's more in my left boob. Well, I knew my right was bigger than the left, but after seeing myself in photos I am shocked at the size difference!! It's like I have to completely different boobs!! I look like a lopsided freak! LOL I've just never noticed just from looking at myself in the mirror. It's funny how you really need to "take a step back" to put things in perspective. Now I'm more excited than every to get these puppies evened out!!!

Alright, well, I'll post an update later!! Ta ta!

Ok so Dr's office called about 20 mins ago to see...

Ok so Dr's office called about 20 mins ago to see if I can come in at 12:30 instead of 1:15. Yikes! The nerves have officially set in!!! I'm glad it will be over with sooner, but holy crap I'm so nervous now!!!

OK, so I have lots of updating to do!! As you may...

OK, so I have lots of updating to do!! As you may have noticed I changed my profile name from TornOnSize to 350cc's in the OC. :)

So, today is Sunday. I went in Thursday for my surgery. So sorry I have not updated until now! I was scheduled to arrive at 1:15 pm, with a 2:00 surgery time. They called me to see if I could arrive at 12:30 instead and I was able to. I changed into the paper robe, and the Dr came in to do his before photos and markings on me. Upon doing that, he made mention that my right breast was bit droopier than my left (which I knew) and that it would benefit from a slight lift. I'm not exactly sure why this wasn't mentioned before. He said that even though we are doing 2 different cc's to fix the "volume" problem between the 2 breasts, that it wasn't going to lift the right one to even them out and the right one would still droop a little lower, especially noticeable with the nipples. That basically with the left boob he would only need to cut open half the nipple, but the right one the whole nipple would be removed to do the slight lift. No other incisions though. I asked if there was going to be more cost to this, and he said yes and he would send in the girl that does all the cost stuff with patients. So after he walked out, of course hubby was looking at me like "more money???". And I instantly sat there freaking out that after all that money we paid (we paid cash in full, did not finance) that I was still going to have uneven boobies!! Total panic. So the girl comes in and says that in order to do the mastoplexy on the right breast it would be $1000 more! Hubby and I both just sat there. I mean, here we thought it was paid and done for, and now another $1000 to make them perfect? I just wish he had told us this at my consultation or pre-op so we had time to figure out if could/wanted to pay for that. Not minutes before going into surgery. So hubby asked when they would need payment and she said "Unfortunately right now". He just shook his head no at me. She would look back and forth between the 2 of us (slightly uncomfortable moment) and I knew hubby would not budge so I told her unfortunately we were not prepared to have to pay another $1000 for this procedure at all, let alone that very day and that we couldn't do it. She said ok and left the room. Minutes later the Dr came in with a printout of my before photo he took to show me what he was talking about and where it needed the lift (I will scan the printout & post it). I completely understood and had no doubt that it would benefit from it, just couldn't afford it right then and there. So then he says to me "Ok let me ask you something, if money wasn't an issue is this something you would want to do?" so I say "Of course! I want them to be even!". So he said "Alright, I'm just gonna do it anyway". I was shocked! The girl returned with paperwork for me to sign for the mastoplexy and said that the Dr is a perfectionist and wants his work perfect so he's just going to do it for you. Crazy, but boy am I thankful!!! The nurse had been in to take my temp, blood pressure, answer any questions we had and to go over post op stuff. Shortly after I was escorted to the operating room. The nurses and anesthesiologist were in there and were super friendly having a light-hearted conversation with me to put me at ease. Before I knew it was waking up in the recovery room. I was groggy at first, but feeling the pain/pressure. There was a nurse next to me, she asked how I was feeling and if I needed more pain meds. I nodded my head yes. Not sure how many minutes passed and she got me dressed and we headed out. I think I got home around 6:00? No nausea at that point, which I was so worried about!

Got home and immediately laid down in my little area I set up for myself on the couch. One of my girlfriends was at my surgery with us, and came back to the house after. Hubby went to get us dinner - I settled for Chicken Tortilla Soup from Panera. I ate it just fine, and kept drinking my gingerale to avoid nausea. I was in and out of sleep for the rest of the day. Between the top I was wearing, the ace bandage I was wrapped in & my sports bra (and most likely the swelling) I looked freakin' huge and was a bit concerned I had gone too big! But knew not worry after reading everyone's blogs on here. But wow they were big!

Friday I woke up a little stiff and feeling the "elephant on my chest". A lot of pressure, swelling & tightness. But not really pain so to speak. I was able to get up on my own and go to the bathroom by myself. I guess I was pretty mobile for being less than 24 hours in from surgery, my visitors that came by were shocked at how well I was moving around. I kept taking my pain & anti-nausea meds every 6 hours. I wasn't really sure what pain I would feel without it, so I took it to be "safe". I would feel a bit of nausea every now and again, but it wasn't bad. Food wasn't really sounding all that great yet though. So I had soup for lunch and very little in between. My friend brought me homemade albondiga soup and I had that for dinner. Hubby took our daughter to our city "Father/Daughter dance" while a couple of girlfriends came over to visit. Other than being sleepy I was doing good. Eventually I went to sleep for the night.

Then Saturday came. Holy crap, day from hell! It hadn't been quite 48 hours since surgery, but it was the 2nd day after. Right about 6 am I woke up, and hubby was heading out to get our morning Starbucks and asked if I wanted anything. All I felt at that moment was complete pressure on my chest and just wanted pain meds. I had him get me the pain pills & anit-nausea pill (last nausea pill) and took them. Then ate like 6 saltines to put something in my stomach. HUGE mistake! I fell back asleep and woke up about an hour and a half later with a POUNDING headache, and completely nauseous. I dry heaved half the day. I tried to take Tylenol for the headache, but it didn't work the slightest. Hubby said I needed to eat, but the thought of food made me sick. I tried toast, took a couple bites and got sick. It was a vicious cycle. Around 1 or 2 in the afternoon I finally was able to eat about half a bowl of chicken noodle soup. But the pain in my head would not stop throbbing. I tried a wet washcloth pressed onto my forehead and was able to sleep on and off. But the damn thing would not go away. And from the pain the nausea would stay too. I ate more soup for dinner. I had been afraid to take another pain pill since I'm sure that's what made me sick. But after eating I decided to try one, cuz something had to get rid of this headache! Nope, the damn thing didn't work! It had been 48 hours since my surgery and I was allowed to take the ace bandage that they wrapped around me off. But I was kind of afraid to so decided to wait until today. I woke up in the middle of the night, head still throbbing. Watched tv for like 2 hours and tried to go back to sleep. Woke up at 6 am and told hubby I think we should call the Dr. At that point I had that headache for 24 hours! I needed something!! So we called the message service and they paged him. I was sure he wouldn't be thrilled being paged for a headache, but I was miserable and just could not go through another day of this! About 30 mins later he returned my call. And just as I assumed sounded a little annoyed I called for that and basically said he didn't know what I could do. Then asked what do I normally take for headaches. I usually take excedrin, but I'm not supposed to right now. He said it's a little early to start taking that, but one or two would be ok. So I ate a bagel w/ peanutbutter and took my excedrin & fell asleep. Woke up about an hour ago headache free!! Thank God!!!!!

When I talked to the Dr, I had said I wasn't sure if I could take excedrin after 48 hours or after stitches were removed. He told me there are no stitches to be removed, and I was confused! lol After I hung up, hubby and I decided to take ace bandage off. I was worried to take it off cuz it seemed to be holding the girls in place. The instant he took it off so much pressure was relieved! I wish I had taken it off earlier! We decided to give the girls a look. I was so nervous. I'm squeamish with stitches and stuff. Yeah, my nipples are bruised and ugly looking so I only glanced quickly and we covered them back up. Later today I will shower and get a better look at them. I will say with the ace bandage off they don't look as "huge", so that's a good thing!

So now here I am, feeling somewhat human again and typing this post! Praying that nasty headache does NOT make a return!! If I can bare to look at the girls without getting squeamish I will try to snap a photo, too.

That's it for now! :)

I just realized I didn't post what I ended up with...

I just realized I didn't post what I ended up with. I got Sientra Gel Mod profile implants. 350cc in right breast, 380cc in left breast. Dual plane (half under, half over) with a slight lift on right breast. :)

So I showered and feel human again. I got a...

So I showered and feel human again. I got a chance to really check the girls out. Prob not a good idea. :( The don't look even to me - the shapes are a little different and I almost feel like my right one looks larger (and that's the one that has the smaller cc's but had a mini lift). Hubby says prob cuz that one had the lift and it's more swollen? I know it's just day 3 and they need to settle and all that, but I look like I have Franken-boobs. I didn't exactly think they'd look perfect right now, but not 2 diff shapes. One seems a bit "flatter" and the other more round. It may be because the flatter one is the mini-lift one and the whole nipple is taped all around probably pushing it down more? I don't know. I hope they even out.

Day 5 - So I've read other blogs with women...

Day 5 - So I've read other blogs with women talking about over-doing it and being tired. Of course I thought to myself how is that possible. I woke up yesterday feelilng great and took it for granted. I got up, showered, blow dried my hair, put on make-up (was longing to feel "normal"), did some dishes and bathed my daughter. A bit ambitious. I quickly got worn out and started feeling a lot of pressure in my chest. I thought that since I wasn't doing any heavy lifting or anything that I wasn't over-doing it. I thought wrong. Rest really means rest and do nothing. I'm tired of doing nothing, lol. So I spent the rest of the day, well, resting. I've been off my pain meds since my day from hell Saturday. I've been afraid of taking them again, in fear of the nausea coming back. I've taken Tylenol when I start to feel a little sore.

Today my neck & back ache from sleeping at the 45 degree angle on my couch, and I'm pms-y crampy. Boo. I have a major case of the "boobie blues". I read on my post op paperwork that depression is common, and again, thought how is that possible. Today before I showered I really checked the girls out again. They are just so uneven that it's making me super bummed about them. My left one that was previously my smaller breast is now the bigger one. You can see it hangs down lower than my right, and just overall has more volume to it (as it has the larger 380 implant in it). My right one is smaller and perkier. He did the lift to bring the nipples even, but that one looks higher now. And they are just different shapes. When I look down at them, that one actually kind of looks like the shape of the implant to me, rounder and flatter. My left breast looks almost more pointed? (My fear of "torpedo" looking boobs, lol). I tried on tops to see if it was noticeable under a bathing suit top or whatever, and to me it is. I know, I know.... today is only day 5 and I shouldn't be so quick to judge or be bummed. But let's face it, I'm sure all of us want to see perfect boobies whether it's day 5 or 6 weeks out. And it's hard when they're yours, and you've gone through so much to get them, and they aren't lliving to your expectations. It's just that we did the lift to fix my issues, and now it's done the opposite. I mean, I guess I was uneven to begin with so it shouldn't bother me that much. But it does. I'm really bummed about it. I'm worried the "lift" was a mistake. Btw, I'm sure my PMS is a big contributor to my feelings right now - trying to take that into consideration. Despite my own personal squeamishness to the stitches I will post a pic of them, both naked & with a bathing suit top on. Post op appt is tomorrow, I guess we'll see what PS says. :(

Oh, I also had purchased a Victoria's Secret wireless bra before surgery. A bit premature, I know. But I thought I'd chance it so I could a) get an idea of my size (even though I know my "final" size may change) and b) have something other than a sports bra on hand if necessary. I purchased it in 2 sizes - 32D and 34D. So the 32D fits around my ribs, but the cup part is too small. So I tried the 34D and had to fasten on tightest hooks, but it seemed to fit cup wise. So would I be a 32DD right now? Yikes. Again, I know swelling will go down and that will change.

Today is Day 9 - So I had to take a mini vacay...

Today is Day 9 - So I had to take a mini vacay from boobie obsessing (and I think the let the pms by-pass). I'm feeling much better about the girls now. I still think they are a bit off, but not as bad as I was feeling the other day. And it was pointed out to me that they are WAY better than they were before, and that is SO true. :)

Went to post-op appt Thursday. I almost don't want to write about it. I'm actually embarrassed at how horrible the appt was. I'm really going to make my Dr sound like a jerk, and I don't want to. I don't want to discredit what an incredible PS he is. I knew before I even when in for a consult with him what he was like, and I chose him for his reputation on his work, not his bedside manner. That being said, my post-op was practically over before it started lol. My state of mind that day wasn't good. I was very emotional about the girls that day. Well, hubby and I went into the room, I changed into the paper vest and he came in shortly after. Told me to take off vest, quickly looked at my boobs, said they were looking very good, nipples were almost exactly lined up (I think they're a bit off) then said come back in Monday to have stitches removed that it was too soon that day. Wait a minute, on the phone the other day he said I don't have any to be removed. Now I do?? Apparently there are a couple on the outside, they don't go all the way around. There are some dissolvable ones underneath as well. I'm confused but whatever. My hubby speaks up for me and tells him I'm feeling they are uneven, and he says no and that they are pretty darn near close. He wasn't examining them the way I had been very closely, lol. And of course he would say they are even, lol. He had me lay on the table and he pushed the implants around (holy crap so painful), and says yep they're good. Then he starts walking out the door before I can ask any questions, and I'm like wait, what about massages?? He says do what I was just doing (the moving the implants around) - which I thought he was just examining me, so I didn't pay attention - and then points to my hubby and says it's his job. And he is literally out the door in the hallway at this point and I'm like um, ok, how many times a day? once? more? And he says "you can't do it enough". Alrighty then. Had I not asked about the massages he would not have told me to do them. What the heck. And I didn't get to ask any of my questions.

So after he pushed on me I was terrified for these massages! I came home and watched a youtube video on how to do it. I'm not gonna lie, it's not fun and an uncomfortable pain. I hate them. I hope it gets better.

I drove for the first time Thursday. That was weird and uncomfortable. I never realized how much I used my chest to drive. Turning the wheel was a bit uncomfortable. It's getting better. Thursday I was up and out running errands and whatnot and wore myself out. I needed to rest and lay down after a couple hours. I slept in my bed for the first time Thurs night (I had been set up on the couch) and it made a huge difference! I still couldn't sleep flat, needed to be at a slight angle. But I woke up feeling better Friday.

That's about it for this update! :)

Day 11 - Had another Dr appt to have stitches...

Day 11 - Had another Dr appt to have stitches removed (he thought it was too soon to remove at post op last Thursday). I was a bit freaked out. Turns out there were only 2 reinforcement stitches on the top of my nipple on my right breast - the one that had the mini lift. The rest are dissovlable. I'm not gonna lie, it stung a bit as he pulled them through. But I survived. I had steri-tape surrounding my incisions on both breasts. He removed them and put on new ones. Said to leave them on. If they fall off I can buy pore-strips (I assume Transpore Medical Tape) and just use those as they are pretty much the same thing.

I asked about going in the pool, he said I'm fine to go just no doing laps or major swimming. He would prefer me to still avoid excedrin/asprin for now. I can start doing lower body exercises next week (which will be week 3), and back to full body exercise the week after. He wants to see me again at 4 weeks/30 days post-op. Told me to do massages. And that was pretty much it.

I'm posting 3 more pics today. One in the blue bikini I wore when trying on sizers so you can see how they actually look, and 2 with the white tank top over. :)

Ok I was asked how I felt in comparison to the...

Ok I was asked how I felt in comparison to the sizers I tried on - bigger, smaller or the same. I would say I do they they appear smaller than the sizers did - probably like the girl in the office said about 10% smaller? I'm not sure how much my placement affects that - dual plane. But overall I would say I look smaller and the sizers do give a bit of a misrepresentation of size. I'm posting 2 new pics with side by side comparisons so you can see the difference. I know the tank top ones are kind of fuzzy so it's harder to tell.

3 weeks, 2 days - I haven't updated in a while....

3 weeks, 2 days - I haven't updated in a while. I've had computer issues and have resorted to my back up computer. So frustrating. Anyway, Thursday was my 3 weeks. I'm feeling great! Boobies are getting pretty soft, and feeling good! At my post op my PS told me I could start lower body workouts at 3 weeks, and work in upper body at 4. So I hit the gym yesterday and did my class with my trainer (a small group of us do a circuit training type class with a trainer 3 days a week). He customized a lower body workout for me so I pretty much just did legs yesterday! Boy are they feeling it today! But it felt SO good to work out again! Time to re-tone and get back in shape for my bikini!!

I'll have to take an updated photo and post it. I don't think much has really changed appearance wise, other than maybe the swelling being down. I still feel the left is a little bigger, but I'm not obsessing as much over it.

Hope all you ladies in boobie-land are doing great!!! :)
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I haven't had my surgery yet, so my rating is based on my experience so far. Dr Corbin can come off as a bit brash, but from what I know is an excellent Dr and does amazing work!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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