Prepping to be Made In Cabral.

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BACKGROUND Ive been considering this procedure...

Ive been considering this procedure for a while now, since 2012 after my first (& last) child. I am by no means skinny or "big". I have always had a big bubblebutt and small waist. but after my daughter, although my waist is still fairly small compared to the rest of me it isn't enough. my measurements before my daughter were 36B-26-37. my measurements now are 36D-36-45. I still have a decent shape, my hips are very shapely and my but is still pretty big but it isn't the same. it's phat but doesn't stick out how I want it to, and it's bigger but wider. it depresses me because I used to shut things down before, I still do but not in the same manner.

My goal is to get a flat or almost flat stomach, I can work out and do the rest myself if it's close. I want the "rolls" from my back removed and that area that hangs when you put on your bra near your underarm. I want the fat from my tummy, back (upper and lower), and maybe even my arms, taken for this. I want to go all out with my butt lol. something that is natural looking but HUGE.

I want rounder hips , & I also want a bigger, "stick out-pokey" butt. my measurement goals are 36D-26-48/49. it depends I just want something that looks like natural and shaped like Yaris Sanchez, with hips like Bria Myles, Really fat and pokes out like Deelishis & black Chyna (without the fake look of blacc chyna), wide like rosee divine, & a waist and upper shape like Kyra Chaos. I want a SUPER shapely natural look, super round hips super big butt. Round Firm Pokey-Outty Wide but Fat butt lol. my thighs are fine as are they're thick and shapely.

Now with that being said: I am a young mother of 1. I am a college freshman and I do work. I do not have all that much but I'm willing to save for this. this is what my heart desires and I know the BBL community knows what saying. I am not used to being more wide and thick and .. well a bubble butt and thick. I just want my POW back :(. My worries are the cost and results.

Are there payment plans out there? I can't get a loan without a cosigner because I am not 25, and Idk anyone who will cosign. so I think a monthly plan would be better for me. I am establishing credit now and so far so good.

how does paying work? I have a child and school. How were your paying experiences? What costs can I look forward to spending around for GREAT results? this is really a worry for me. I know I won't be able to do this without a payment plan :/. I can save the money needed upfront though. Suggestions????

I've been doing major research and I have found some doctors I'm interested in down in FL. a couple in Jacksonville and in Miami. they are very pricey though :/. and I don't know if they offer payment plans. I am in DE so it's not that much of a hike but it's kind of a pain for the pockets. this is something I'm willing to sacrifice for though so no big deal.

So for the month of February I am going to FL to stay with my mom for about a month, help her out and just get a break. While I'm down there would be a good time to try to get in a consultation, only thing is where she is is 5 hours from Miami. but I can catch a bus or something for that too lol.

They are VERY pricey (at least $9,500) but I've heard that it's worth it, and in my research I learned that it's better to pay more for better results. Are there over the phone consultations available? how do consultations work? What goes on? DO YOU have any Doctor suggestions??? PLEASE HELP.

So of course a 36 waist and 26 waist, that's a 10 inch difference. I am afraid the results I want won't be achieved because of my goals. can that be done? I want my love handles to BE GONE, completely gone. I want the back fat around my bra line and around the bottom (flanks ect.) COMPLETELY gone. and all of that fat put in my butt and hips. I want a very slim waist.

i look at some pictures on here of BBL & the women still have back fat or a bulgy tummy and sometimes they usually still have the same shaped butt. like if they had a kind of.. long butt so to speak, they still have it just a plumper long butt. not round, but plumper and teardrop shaped. those are the results I'm afraid of. I don't want to be paying this for the nxt 2-3 yrs and not get results I want :(. I am SO scared for that. When you get a BBL can it make your cheeks rounder, fatter And wider? Can aggressive lipo be done for this procedure??

OKAY, another major worry is: I Did have a child. I do have saggy skin that is just super gross and all over the place, no. but I do have stretch marks and my "inner girdle" is obviously not as tight as it was. do I NEED a tummy tuck before aggressive lipo?? or can I just work it off and tighten that afterward?? THIS IS A MJOR WORRY!

Also, my arms are deff. not where I want them to be but that was something I was going to work on before and post surgery, so that it'd match my even smaller waist. SHOULD O GET LIPO IN THIS AREA OR WORK IT OFF AFTERWARD? DO DOCTORS CHARGE FOR TAKING FAT FROM ALOT OF AREAS FOR THE BBL? I don't wanna be nickel and dimed :(.

Scarring and recovery are also worries for me. What's the scaring like? Do they give topical creams ect. to help? do they work? How long is recovery on average? what was your experience like?? The pain afterward on a scale from 1-10? do they give meds? does Medicaid cover those meds or is all that added to the price of surgery? How much time should be taken off from work? When were you fully healed?? Did your scars completely go away??

I am so scared. I don't like pain but I am beyond motivated to get this. money or not loan or not I am going to do what I have to to get this done! I am so depressed. I was so proud of my body then. Now I don't go to the beach, curves and all. even when complimented I just. idk it's the worst. I have never been so depressed a out one thing before because I was so used to having it and it's like it was kind of tipped away from me in a way. the stretch marks I'm working on with trilastin but, these love handles, I can't deal. I'm young (19 gonna be 20) and I should be enjoying myself and my life. my self esteem is at an all time low . THIS IS SOMETHING I AM DOING BEFORE 2013 IS OUT I PROMISE YOU THAT. with a little support , help, and guidance ill get there!

I love this site because the patients seem so supportive. I would love that support. if you have suggests with doctors, tips, anything about payment plans or how I should go about asking doctors about it or anything PLEASE TELL ME!!! I am starting this journey, well now and going doctor hunting and searching for payment plans. BBL family, all I ask is for support :). thanks!

- I left pictures hoping you guys would get a feel of my results I want :))
- I plan on updating every week (even just feelings)
- I really advice guys so give give give !! :-*
- I plan to be really detailed with pics and stuff. :) lol thanks guys.

I Ment since 2010 after my first child not 2012 :)...

I Ment since 2010 after my first child not 2012 :) lol. but anyway I am looking at Dr. Yilly for my procedure. I am just waiting for her to email me back. I like the results that I've seen with her, and also heard from a few of her patients. Traveling abroad sounds nice as well, and it's WAY CHEAPER than here.

Okay so I am having some major issues right now. I...

Okay so I am having some major issues right now. I know for sure that I am traveling abroad to the DR for this, because I do NOT have the money the U.S surgeons are charging. and in my opinion their work and prices don't go together. I want a TOP NOTCH job if I'm paying 17,000 dollars. that is just way out of my budget.

So I've been looking at a lot of surgeons in the DR and their result pics, ect. I am caught between Dra Robles and Dra Yily. there's certain pros and cons I'm tryin to weigh out.

Doctor Robles:
- Buy ticket , no money upfront
- All inclusive package
- Does GREAT work with tummy tucks from the pictures I've seen, and with breasts.
- Quicker to the point responses and gives ALOT of information
- very thorough
- my quote for a bbl + aggressive lipo + tummy tuck = $5200.00 :)
- Saw a few REALLY bad reviews of her work (1 is too many and two is even worse)
- Haven't seen anything great with the BBL yet
- She told me I couldn't get fat from my arms with the bbl because that's "too much surgery".
*One of the reviews I saw was on here and it scared the crap out of me. you guys should check it out!*

Dr. Yily:
- she seems really good at taking the fat and making everything nice and flat and seamless.
- I see way more positive things about her than negative, & the women that have gone to her say great things (minus her rude nurses)
- She says that I'm a great candidate because I have huge hips and my butt is already pretty large.
- all inclusive package as well.
- VERY SLOW WITH RESPONSES! I haven't even gotten my quote yet from her, I've been waiting a week now.
- She wants a lot of money upfront. $500 to deal the date on top of me already having to buy a ticket. (I found a good deal with the ticket but regardless that's kid of a lot right now, that means I'd have to set it at an even later date.)
- I heard she was kind of rude :/ but Idk I haven't seen it myself just yet so that's a not so con.

So the point with this is , that bad review scared the shit (excuse my language) out of me with Robles. she told a girl that didnt need a tummy tuck that she did, and now there's a really bad scar on her :/. and she went for a bbl and her butts still flat.
Also, I haven't seen anything great from Robles as far as a bbl. She seems very polite and all but I don't want to take chances with my body. With Yily, idk I'm willing to make the sacrifice as far as the money goes it's just a lot up front and I'd have to wait. I want this soon. like June - August soon. I already have a 45 inch butt (same as most video models and nicki minaj). So there shouldn't be TOO much work that has to be done back there. just plumping and ect. and I have enough baby weight for it lol. I don't want them telling me I can't get a breast lift (I'm a D I don't want implants just a lift). I don't want them telling me they can't give me the results I want. if I'm paying that much I want to see some AWESOME results. cheap or not.

So can you guys help? I'm so stuck :/!

OKAY. So i did some more research (you can never...

OKAY. So i did some more research (you can never do enough research), and some more pic/review hunting as well. Dr. Walkiris Robles really does great work. Her tummy tucks look awesome. But 1 (i read 2) bad review is too many for me. Her price ($5200.00) is nice as well, but i am not willing to take chances here. This is my body, my temple, and i'd love for it to be treated that way. So ive decided to go with Yily. I went hunting on makemeheal and saw numerous before and afters of her patients and she is TRUTH! lol, especially ones that already have hips and a big butt, like me, the results come out so great. I am deff. going to Yily. I have YET to recieve my quote from her :/, but with that being said im willing to wait i guess. I dont want to go to anyone else. I am waiting on the quote to ask my daddykins for the money for the surgery lol. I plan on saving up about 600-1,000 dollars for after the surgery for drainage. I am SO excited! seeing those pictures of her patients make me even more excited :). Now i have been told that she can be bitchy, but it seems like shes faithfully with her patients at bedside. Im a bit bitchy myself so im sure i wont have issues taking her on, besides i'll probably be too drugged to care lol. Robles seems nice but i dont want to take my chances, I'd rather a little attitude than a horrible scar i cant get rid of.

Thanks everyone who helped and chimed in. this is very important to me and i need all the help, information and support i can get! I will update again when i get the quote and redo my measurements since ive gained a little weight :/. STAY TUNED :)

Sooo Sorry im late. Doctor Contreras!

Hey gals. I am so sorry for being sooo late. A lot has been going on in my life and I had to postpone. I decided I wanted to learn to love my hips ect as is first. To love myself first. Then change things for my own happiness not someone elses. I have been working out and toning up. My measurments are now 36D-29-46.

Ok so. Ive decided I am not going with doctor Yily. I was doing a bunch of research and was interested in Yily, Robles, Duran, and Contreras. I have decided to go with Dra Edgar Contreras.

Before ppl start to bash the man, YES ive done my research. YES I know of the 2 deaths they spoke of in 2005. I know I know. Ladies when we go to these docs we have to make sure we are 100 percent honest and follow ALL directions. If there are any red flags in the beginning its a NO GO. If your doctor is doing more than 3-4 patients a day its a no go. That being said, Dra Contreras was actually acquitted for those.

anyway I have got to see, with much struggle and asking around.. his work. It is absolutely amazing. I got in contact with him ( and got a quote. $5000 for full lipo (full back armpit inner thighs stomach flanks arms), fat grafting to booty, breast lift no implants. Im actually thinking of lipo in my chin as well.

I think that price is awesome. Its $240 for the massages and $80 to stay at the rh alone and $60 to do it with someone. Im going alone as of now so thats $800 for 10 nights. That includes 3 meals a day. $500 for meds and tests.

When I add up everything including my ticket supplies I need money for columbian massages when I get back home ect it comes to about $8000. The stay alone comes to about $6500 or a bit over.

When I can I am going to upload some update pics of my body now. And then my new wish pics because those are no longer what I want. Im pretty thick so im focused on toning and shaping. Filling areas that lack luster.

im in a hurry lol so sorry if I sound jumbled. But I will deff be back at posting now that ive made my final decision. The only thing I need now is to get my money right (I need a couple more grand) and im on my way. Im not booking a date till I have the rest of the money.

thanks for your support gals!! I havent been posting but ive been lurking and so many of you have helped me.

new wish photos the only ones that matter.

Ok so. Her measurements are 34D-23-44. This is the body and sculpting I want from front to back. We have similar shapes already so shes perf for me. Also im thinking of a rhinoplasty and her nose is similar to mine. Its just smaller. If I were to get it done it would look like that.

Question about Dra Edgar Contreras!!

Uhm does anyone know any of the groups on facebook that have patients hes done? I keep hearing about them but I havent seen any and I have been hunting. Ive msged girls to ask myself and they all had great things to say. But no groups.


Excited but Scared.

Sooo, thanks to shillary's review (whoop whoop!), I have had some guidance as far as seeing his work. At first I had to stalk his FB page lol and his friends list sending random msgs saying Hola como estas guapa, are you a contreras patient? When I asked him could he show me his work he was like I dont show my work you have to ask on FB. THAT IS A MAN OF FEW WORDS lol emails are short and sweet. Contreras is amazing.
I emailed him back today asking for a requote with chin lipo added and asking if I could schedule around OCT 13. My bestfriend is helping me thank Tha Lawd lol, so finances are a worry but a lot less of one.

I have to be honest... as much as real self helps me. It makes me think. I was looking in the mirror yesterday at my face, and got so discouraged. I started staring at my button nose and I was like eh..... should I get that done too??? Idk what came over me; I have great brown skin, gorgeous chinky light brown eyes, a set of high cheek bones. But I started thinking how ugly I am with this nose. And how I just want a bridge.
So ofcourse to realself I went lol looking at nose jobs. Sigh, pray for me yall.

ANYWAYS, another thought is im supposed to be getting a TT from contreras as well. But I havent seen his tummy tucks upclose and personal. And I was thinking maybe I should just get the BL and BBL and chin lipo. And then go to Yily for a TT for round 2.

What do you guys think?



YILY: I love yilys results. But shes too damn busy for me. Shes now popular and acting "hollywood" so to speak. All i do is ask questions, im not waiting 2 weeks at a time for answers. She was awesome with sculpting but eh.

DURAN: Her results are nothing special to me (no offense to duran dolls you all are beautiful). If im spending up to $500 on a plante ticket $300 in supplied, money to stay there ect. It has to be worth it.

BAEZ: a new surgeon on the scene, very cheap. But i have a curvier body now than the after results she gives. Very natural and awesome but not for me.

SALMA: NO way im paying $9200 for the same body he gives all the other women. (Not bashing just an opinion.

Which leads me to the issues. Dr Hector Cabral and Dr Edgar Contreras. Cabral has some HORROR stories. From make me heal. Ive also learned of a couple deaths , 3 burned patients , and one with a bad tummy tuck. I have also seen some hella amazing results from him. Honestly his are the only ones i saw that instantly got me about the exact body i want.
With that being said ive been curious. But most likely will not be going to him. I am super young and i have a child to come home too, NAH. Lol. I just dont want vanity to write a check my ass (literally) cant check.
Dr. Contreras had 2 deaths in 2005. One of the patients actually werent supposed to be getting surgery but she thought nothing of it. Ive seen some of his results but idk. As GREAT as they are i wanna see more. I have a great shape for this already its just the actual rolls ect im worried about. Im not a big girl but everyone ive seen from him were like skinny with flat tummies. Or had flat stomachs in general. My body is weird im curvy but under clothes i still have love handled, bra rolls, ect. (No cellulite tho how ironic -_-).

So ive been back and forth in my mind about Contreras, going back to Yily, and checking out Cabral for the heck of it.

I plan on emailing Contreras and asking does he need pics of me and a wish pic so he can realisticly tell me YES / NO ect. Btw he threw in free chin lipo in my quote :D .

Anyway i just thought id share that. Ive seen more results from Yily, the most bad but best bodies from Cabral, and least results but best stories from Contreras.

More questions, Rambling, Answer for why no update pics of my body.

Sorry about those typos btw. Im on my phone not my laptop lol.

Anyways i have questions about:

- Other girls going to contreras later in the year or even thought of him: what have you found out, what are your thoughts, SX BUDDY!

- List of Supplies: i have a list but i revise it a lot. Any veterans can help with what you needed? And what medication should i bring?

- Whats this they say about your butt being super firm at first lol?

Okay those were my questions for now lol. As far as my pics, im not posting them on here i changed my mind. The petty women that ive been hearing post pics of otherd to be spiteful and bs like that i dont have time for that. So if anyone wants to see me Now or my before and afters PM me and i will be happy to show and talk.

Even the fb groups ive decided to make an anonymous fb profile because these b*tches (excuse my french) play too much lol.

Welp i think thats all. Im waiting for him to tell me if i can come in october and to see what he says about expectations.

Thanks loves!

Venting Session: These dag-on doctors!!

This is one of the most stressful things ive ever had to do, or decide rather. Yes... I am only 20 y/o. But if you KNEW knew me youd know ive been through some pretty crazy things lol.

This decision is so flipping stressful.... And its important because we must entrust these doctors with not just Results, but our lives. I am not ballin. Im tryna pay for college, start a business, take care of someone (S/O to my single moms doin the damn thang!); there for i cant just up and get surgery in the states. i have to save and sacrifice like Most people here -does not apply to the women who GotItLikeThat.

Every doctor has a bad review somewhere. NOT just in the DR EVERYwhere. Some are simply broadcasted more than others. With that being said, it makes this proccess scary for me.

Cabral, Yily, Robles, Duran, Contreras, Alejandro. They all have awesome results. They all have some issue. Whether its being rude, stuck up, impersonal, a death, careless aftercare - they all have something.
Im stressing ove cabral and contreras, because theyve given the best results IMO. But theres the issues of pasts, "Oh catch cabral on the first day youll get the best results!", you have to say no laser, they dont like doing arm lipo, ect ect.

Why the heck do i have to catch you on a first day when im paying the same if not more to get a surgery? Why do i have to put up with a rude attitude when im making a life changing decision - why not be understanding?!

Im speaking on all doctors. Its just sad that its becoming more about money and less about work. Idk who im going with im just praying about it. Im want to talk in detail with Cabral about what id like. And Im in the midst of doing it with Contreras. Yily seemed sweet but i have simply seen better.

If things dont go how i want im going back with Yily.


- sorry for the rant lol

None Job: Yay or Nay?/ Booty as of now/ TriLASTIN users?

Ok.. i know what i said about pics.. and i meant it lol. They wont be up for long. But i am really considering rhinoplasty. These pics are unclear on purpose, for ppl who may try to be slick >;P !
Anyway i feel like im ok looking but with nose like the womans face i posted previously, id be gorgeous. Its like my nose but smaller. What do you think?

- lol theres my butt as of now. Its actually grown an inch since then. Not happy with it, its not as perky as it used to be. I feel like am all hips. Naked i am so unhappy.

TriLASTIN for stretch marks
- Have any of you ladies tried that?? I only hear positivity on it!!! Id like to try it. I am grateful to God that my preg. went smoothly and i didnt need a c section, stiches, nada. BUT smh in return i gained stretchmarks on my back, arms, shoulders (very faint), stomach, inner thighs, and the like, fold of my bum. So im consideing that before surgery because i dont know what a TT will do to my stretchmarks. I read on here that they could be cut out...but nah. Lol

- I already have some "tig ole bitties" (36D) when wearing the proper bra its too much. But because he saw sagging he suggested a BL AND a BA. I am completely against having something foreign in my body. Theyre too much maintainence.
So i asked him if hed do a BL and some.fat grafting to my breasts to shape them better.

Anyways, thanks Ladies lol tell me what you think!!

Cabral: To gooo or Not to goo.

Remember when i said never ever never? Yeah, i lied. I am considering Cabral hardbody. I like his results better than Contreras.. but no final decisions yet.

Have you actually read (FULLY) the reviews of the cabral "barbies"? They enlightened me quite a bit.. its not as bad as ppl make it seem. He simply needs to learn when to say "NO" (the women who passed were not supposed to be in surgery). I plan to consult my pcp before anything & making sure i am 100% before i get Anything done.

Anyway, he seems nice. I messaged him on Whatsapp (thank you Chrysnewbooty - hope i spelled that right) asking for a quote earlier in spanish, no reply yet. But i think im going to just re-do it tomorrow with pics because i didnt send any. i think i honestly give him a great foundation to start with.. its just removing the lovehandles ect lol.

So for the time being i just read through Cabral Vets journies for instruction and advice.

Heres a pic of me currently.

lol Random: You Mad Bro?

Check out the last question I asked here on RS.. that only 2 doctors answered really.

Ok first & foremost I wanna say i am grateful to the doctors that did answer and gave their honest opinions. That being said im deciding to take away the BL & save that for next time with doc Contreras. So ill only have a TT & BBL.

With that being said... Check out old dude that sounds a little butt hurt about not getting surgery with someone in the states. If you feel so negatively about women not coming to you or going abroad, why even take time out of your day to comment on my question with not concern, but pure negativity.

RS TEAM needs to get ahold of this site.. because i find if it isnt the women being catty and discouraging one another, its a doctor? Thats ridiculous .

Have a blessed night ladies (: xoxo.

FffffUuuu-k, Contreras FB group?

Does any contreras girl know of a group that i can be added into OR do they want to START one with me? I need to see some vets, ive only seen 2-3. I keep hearing the great results and gorgeous women they see when theyre physically at plastica contreras, but i havent seen anything and its making me leery lol.

As you can see i have a curvy foundation. But i want big Natural results and i need to see MORE.

Response from Sir Cabral *english accent*

Alrighty then, lol.
In the beginning i was upset about him being late, because i had to do so much to get whatsapp on this dumb phone (this is my back up phone, my iPhone is in repair). Chile i was deleting pictures & memories, deleting apps, ect. And it took about 20 hrs for the dumb app to download.

So anyway i sent pics of me in my birthday suit and clothed from le front, back, sides, and my lower half. Since those pics i lost 10 pounds so i had to let him know (i was being lazy lol) & i sent my wish pics ( all of King Raychiel & Yaris Sanchez ).

He JUST got back to me with a $5,800 quote. Thats $800 more than Contreras... meh. Actually thats more than ANY surgeon from the DR i talked to lol.

SoOoOo.. what i decided to do was schedule with them Both for october & check them both out when i get there.

If Contreras can take my foundation and make me look similar to my last wish pics, im alllllll for it lol .

- Tummy Tuck
- BBL w/ lipo from full back, flanks, arms, stomach & inner thighs (for thigh gap lol)
- Breast lift w/ fat grafting (natrual augmentation for shape)


Ok so my plan is to have this by oct 2014. Between college and my job money has been lookin funny lol. Although my bestie is helping a lot, I dont like depending on people because later you get "but remember that I did xxxx for you!?" Also, the more I read other womens journies no matter the doc they all end up spending a lot more than the planned costs. I dont wanna be cheap... if I need anythimg extra I want to be able to buy it MYSELF.
ive been really discouraged about the money thing lately and even am looking for a second job to save.
Just pray for me!! Im doing more than one post lol tonight before I forget everything.

Questions!: Lipo Foam, "boards"??

Ive been doing a bunch of research amd reading but im just not getting some things, and as you can see my blog is not very popular so I dont get much of any feedback.

- What is Lipo Foam?
- Where do you put it?
- Why should it be used/ Pros + Cons?
- How much of it should I buy?
- What is a board?
- Where do I put it and how does it benefit a BBL?
- Where can it be purchased?

Thanks in advance to whomever may want to answer. I appreciate you lovelies and you are all in my prayers pre and post op.

Adding on: What do you guys think? + TT HELP.

The plan was to get a BBL, TT, & BL NO implants...
We all know lipo is included in a BBL, & usually with a TT. The plan for lipo was flanks, full back, full stomach, arms, chin, & that all I think. Plus the armpit part but thats a duh lol.

Now im thinking... should I just wait on the BL? Because ive been hearing horror stories on pain for a TT. Coupled with all that crap idk if ill make it!!

Also what I wanted to change.. I wanted fat grafting to my outter thighs and lipo on my inner thighs for the thigh gap. I want my already thick thighs to look Shapelier but still thick, I dont want chicken legs like Kim K and nicki lol. Like bria myles thighs IS what I want. (Darkskin girl in wish pic with natalie nunn)

So do you think fat grafting to thighs would help? If they can be sculpted properly.

DOCTORS: I know I know I change a lot lol.

Well this time I havent changed but ive been looking more intl duran and out of everyone at CIPLA she seems the nicest and most considerate. Her results arent too bad I just dk if she will give me the projection I want like cabral.

omg another question: what is the diff between projection being at the middle, top, bottom, or all over your butt? Like are there examples to show the diff?
I have a heart shaped bottom already, & its fatter at the bottom than anywhere else so I dont think I want it at the bottom.


Are there any RECENT cabral barbies?? Id like to see how hes doing with patients these days. All these horror stories im seeing are from 11/12.
Any one in general to help me out woth thos journey would be love honestly. This is rough.

Video Vixens: What I wannnnt.

Sooo if I had to pick vixens I want my butt to be similar too...
K Michelle would be number one as far as projection and roundness. Her measurements are 34-29-52 which would be good for me. My butt is already 46 inches now and my waist 29. (Did yall know that lyin heffa had work done!? Why lie just say none of your biz or yes my God lol)

Yaris Sanchez: her shape is so natural looking I love it. She even has a bit of cellulite which makes it seem more realistic!

Bria Myles: I want her hips and super thichk thighs. Tbh I even think her cankles look great lmao.

Deelishis: nothing lol I just wanted to say that her body is on here a lot and ppl think she has gotten work done but she hasnt. She had a kid and worked off her stomach... what I should be doing instead of all this lol.


Ok so-

Are there any specific items I need for each procedure?
Like for my breast lift should I buy seperate bras for that other than my faja?
I read that someone used cornstarch to help the wounds on their nipples (bklynbeauty & her awesome review).

Is there anything I may need for the TT or lipo? Anything specific other than the norm.

Alsooo best way to contact duran??? Thanks ladies!

Made my decision + Doctor Horneski for BL!

Okay so ask you all know the plan was a BBL, TT, and a Breast Lift.

Ive decided i want Cabral - *clears throat* YES IM GOING TO CABRAL, Mid OCT 2014. BUT, i am only getting a TT & BBL.

I am going to be getting a BL from Doctor Gary Horndeski. Ladies ladies LADIES, CHECK HIM OUT!
His breast lifts are so amazing, he uses a new technique that leaves NO VERTICAL SCARS! No lollipop, no unsightly anchor, nada. The breasts almost look, with JUST a lift. He creates a push up bra inside the breast with the muscle for LONG LASTING results and less need for touch ups.
He does exactly what i want, and even tho hes more on the expensive side because hes the only one who does the Ultimate Breast LiftTM


Sorry i clicked post on accident -_-. Lol but uhm, even tho hes pricey its well worth it. Hes located in Texas & also has a page here on RS with many reviews.
Check him out ladies!!

BBL & TT SUPPLY LIST (pre+post op long list)

This is all that I am buying and some things ive already bought. You may not need or want all of this BUT these are my preferences & i say Better to be Safe than SORRY! Lol :-*


- LMX 5 Topical Anesthetic Cream (5% lidocaine 30 g) : for pain & itching relief/ numbing
- Icy Hot Spray (itchies)
- Arnica Gel + Tablets
- Brolemain Tablets
- Vitamedica PS pre-post op Program
- Sun Screen
- (1) Memory Foam Long Bed Wedge pillow (2) Memory Foam Leg Wedge Pillow (3) Tension Pillow [for neck] / travel neck pillow (4) Leg Seporator Pillow *i want options+im getting inner thigh lipo*
- Stool Softner (ducolex)
- Vitamin E Oil
- Optimal Outcome Body Lotion >pre+post op bottles
- Truform Anti Embolism Below Knee "TED" Stockings (10-20 mmHG [which means low to medium compression])
- Hot Therapy Abdomen, Hips, Back, & Shoulders Wrap
- Arm Hot & Cold Compress w. Velcro straps
- Baby Wipes (unscented)
- Alcohol Wipes (ill be wiping shizz down lol)
- Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning surtures (stitches)
- AntiBacterial Hand Soap (to wash wish b/c soap can collect germs
- Rubber Bath Mat (dont wanna slip!)
- Benadryl (itchies)
- 8-WAY Massage Kit w. Heat (i hear nurses arent always reliable there so i can at least help myself for cheap)
- Truform Unisex Compression Thigh Highs open toe
- Silicone cream/sheets
- Abdominal Board (
- Triangular Board (
- Inhaler (i have asthma)
- Gauze
- Maxi Pads
- Chux
- Protein Shake Mix in Vanilla
- Shaker Cup
- Bandaids (yo im just going through my first aid kit Nd bringing/using what i need Lol)
- Medical Gloves
- GermX
- Chapstick
- Surgical Tape
- Pack of Wife Beaters (hate that name)
- Couple Maxi Dresses
- Oversized T Shirts
- Mens Loose Sweatpants
- Vans / Slippers
- Shades+Baseball Cap+Hair Ties (i wont wanna be bothered and i do not wanna be remembered lol foh)
- Large Granny Panties
- Orchard Long Line Steel-Boned Corset
- Facial Compression Garment w/ Chin Strap (chin lipo)
- Arm Compression Sleeves
- Oleeva Tummy Tuck Scar Reduction Silicone Sheet (long sheet for TT scar)
- Low Sodium cups of noodles, Unsalted cashews, dry banana chips
- Antibotic Ointment
- Back Scratcher
- Pre+Post Op Multivitamins
- Salome Girdle Liposculpture w. Sleeves, Bra, and Holes (thin fabric on bootycheeks
- Have to find a Thong CG, Onsie CG, & buy a SQUEEM CG (im ready for trial and error with garments)


Okay Ladies, this is what I have or Plan to buy. Not bringing it ALL to DR but this is all for Post OP Care and Pre Op care in general.
Almost forgot -blood builder.


- Waxing (brazilian/ armpit)
- No college drinks lol
- Hemoglobin level to at least 12
- Make sure my eyebrows are done (i do my own me noo waxy lol)
- Mani + Pedi (youll be all swollen in DR just go with a bit of pampering to relieve stress)

WELP THATS ALL FOR THE LIST! Tell me if im missing something.

List of Questions for Cabral (or whomever you choose)

1. What type of liposuction do you plan to use? (I.E tumlescent, traditional, smart lipo, ultrasound, laser)

2. Can my hips be sculpted/molded into the shape I want?

3. What medications will I need post-op?

4. What type of tummy tuck will you be performing on me and why? (I.E mini, full, extended)

5. How can I avoid losing volume after the procedure?

6. How long should I wait to endulge in sexual activity?

7. How long will the procedure take total? (BBL + TT + Fat grafting to thighs)

8. I am on birthcontrol, do I need to get off of it prior to surgery? If so, when?

9. What is the average recovery time for TT & BBL patients?

10. What type of anesthsia will be used for my procedure(s)?

11. Should I continue the massages when I return home? If so, how many do I need?

12. What is included in the quote? What is not, and what is the cost of what is not?

13. Do you have any reccommendations for nearby recovery houses?

14. Will I need to pay for a driver other than getting me to and from the airport?

15. How many follow up appointments are required?

16. What are your complication and reoperation rates for this procedure? (BBL and/or TT)

17. May I view before and after photos? (While im there)

18. Do you strive to produce natural looking results? Will you try to get as close to the wish photos provided as possible?

19. Are you able to produce the desired shape I am requesting? Are you able to produce different types of shapes on different women?

20. Do we have the same vision for my results?

21. Are you and your team okay with prayer before the operation? (If not then im picking someone else - we have to pray i dont play.)

22. Where can you give the most projection? Where do you reccommend the most projection? (For BBL patients)

23. Do you have a certain transfer technique for your BBL procedures? (For BBL patients)

24. How many CCs do you think you can remove?

25. Can you give me thicker thighs to match my "new" butt for a natural look?

26. Do you ask for permission to post photos?

27. Can back dimples be created? (For BBL patients)

28. Do you reccommend I lose weight prior to surgery?

29. I have been told stretchmarks can be cut out during a Tummy Tuck; Have you ever done this? If so, how were the results? Have you ever heard of that being done? (For TT patients)

30. Will the Tummy Tuck make my stretchmarks worse? (For TT patients)

31. Do you try to improve the appearance of cellulite? (For BBL patients)

32. How long until I can resume exercise? What exercises should I avoid?

33. How long does swelling last for liposuction? (For lipo patients)

34. How long should I wait to wear makeup? (For chin lipo patients)

35. Do you offer blood transfusions and/or insurance? If so, how much is it?

36. Do you accept bank transfers or money orders?

37. If I wake up during surgery will i feel pain? If so, will I be put back to sleep?


OK so thats all SO FAR, lol, for questions. Im pretty sure Ill think up some more later on or as time progresses!

Wish Pix

Not Getting A BL With Cabral: FOUND AN AWESOME BL DOC (pics) + New Quote From Cabral

Hey ladaaays. lol, i actually have a few subjects to cover so im just gonna seperate everything I guess.
Sorry if i Fill your emails with a bunch of Review Update crap. >;)

Why I Am Not Including A BL that I Desperately Want:
- Whats ironic is that i actually need a BL and due to my large hips and my kind of fat butt i dont need a BBL lol, but im getting the BBL first -_-.
Anyways, In the beginning i was thinking, i do NOT want to have elective surgery more than once. I am afraid, i hate needles, i have anxiety issues no No NO! So initially i was going to get it all done at once. Also im very young and i simply do not have a bunch of money to waste. Tryna build a business!

I started thinking about getting the BL from Cabral and not being happy. Im impressed by his booties and TTs not his BLs. Then it dawned on me.. why spend my money on that and still be unhappy because of fear. For all that i can just find someone whos results I WANT. And I Did (:.


- I only found this guy cause he answered one of 1473828382 questions. I am so happy he did!

The first thing that stood out was "NO VERTICAL SCARS", and the second was "UPPER POLE FULLNESS". I Do Not want implants. My breasts are the largest theyve ever been and seeing that i already have a large butt i dont want these huge fake tatas that i have to maintain at least every 5 yrs. Also, (this may be TMI but..), eh i like it ROUGH and i dont have to worry about my babe squeezing too hard or biting too hard. No no no lol.

So i went to his RS page and i was blown away by the pictures. the technique he uses is absolutely amazing. I am a nice full D and with his hands i know i can get that perfect look. After seeing those i dont want anyone else on my boobs!

He had my checkbook at NO IMPLANTS NEEDED lmao. He is the only one who does this technique called The Ultimate Breast LiftTM (go look into it yall), so it IS pricey. But its SO worth it. I just wanted tp share some pics with you all just incase. If i can save someone happiness and pain that isnt needed I am happy! All these pics have no implants.


- Taking off the BL brought the quote from $5,800 USD to $4,500 USD. Heck I could use an extra $1300.00! So im happy about that.
What im worried about is being able to ask him questions. Being busy is fine, but regardless i need you to be clear and concise. Yall see that list i have to get thru? SMH lol. I decided if I cant get thru at least 3 in a one week time period im going with Duran. I dont have time to give my money to a doc that doesnt have time to care for their patients.


Real Recovery Armonia+"Be Realistic"

DR ladies i know youve all heard of RRA recovery house. I have been looking left and right, back and forth lol, comparing prices - packages - and reviews for recovery houses.
Harmony Tower, Domingas, Yasmins, Upscale RH, Virginias, Healing Haven, Real Recovery Armonia, and a few others.

Every recovery house in the DR has mixed reviews loves. Some more good than bad, some more bad than good. Everyone is not going to have the same experience. Even RHs in the US have mixed reviews. No place is perfect and you cant simply go by reviews. Sooo, I look at price, pictures, and I try to be as realistic as possible. Depending on whats included in the package.

I have chosen RRA because it an Actual Nurse. Not random pretty and funny dominican women. Not people who speak no english (i speak spanish, french, and chinese btw). Not unhealthy food that tastes great and will keep me swollen.
There is an actual nurse who actually knows what shes doing there to Actually help you. Even if it sucked and its loud and hot and im in pain and hungry. If theres a nurse there id feel better. (NOT SAYING THOSE THINGS ARE TRUE JUST IN GENERAL lol IF THAT WERE THE CASE)
I emailed them to ask some questions about the stay and food. Once i lock in a date with cabral i will then get all that stuff ready with the recovery house.



- Ladies.. no matter how many awesome reviews we read, or even what the owners tell us - WE WILL NOT KNOW UNTIL WE GET THERE! Do NOT get your hopes up with ANY recovery house whether US or DR or wherever. You will not know until there. Everyone has a diff experience even if theyre good or bad.
That being said, try to pack some of your Own food! Bring protein shakes, bananas, whatever you can reasonably bring. Bottled water, whatever else. Try to save a little extra to pick up a few items when there if you cant pack it. Sugar free fruit juice ect. You must be wise! Bring a little fan thingy lol just incase its too hot.

If you can, DO NOT PAY THE RH IN FULL! PAY BY NIGHT, so that IF you dont like it you can leave!

Please just do not get hyped on one RH. Do your research and be prepared. We do not need mental stress after physically stressing our beautiful pre and post op bodies!

- xoxo (:

Financing Questions + PRAYER for NIKKIBUNZ & MARCH Dolls

I know in the states there are medi-loans we can take out specifically for elective surgeries. I do not think the DR has anything like that.
Has anyone ever taken out a medical or personal loan specifically for a surgery that wasnt in the States?
I have been thinking about it, THINKING. I know i will most likely just keep saving, i only need about $1000 more. I already am paying on school O,o so.
But its just a thought. Has anyone tried this?


Please please POR FAVOR do NOT forget to pray for ALL of our MARCH Barbies/Dolls/Queens ect lol.

The only one I know of right now is NIKKIBUNZ. She is so so so sweet, please leave her sweet msgs lol and keep her in your prayers even the more as she'll be in DR on the 13th.

I pray that God touch her surgeon, the team, and her body with NO complications and the results she desires; that He lead dr. Contreras's hands as if they were his Own for the sculpting. And that her recovery be quick and easy, and she be as serene as possible, even in the pain He gives her the strength to endure.
- In Jesus' Name.


This is a sisterhood at the end of the day. Idc if youre starting off Overweight, Skinny, already Thick, secure insecure just a touch up, confused, black, white, hispanic, asian, BLUE PURPLE idc - We have to stick together and support eachother!! Attitudes or not, money or not, ect i am praying for ALL of us as one! No matter your religion or beliefs.

Please remember and try to encourage eachother!

Thank you to CokeBottleBarbie85!

Shes sweet and i thank her for the info and help. Welcome her, support her. Thanks guys.

Annoyed asf with Cabral -_-

Okay so, he requoted me. Couple days ago for taking off the BL with no implants. Went to $4,500.
Now mind you, everytime he even responds its for money purposes- explaining prices.

I said okay i have a couple questions about sculpting (how he does the lipo), and it was specifically about sculpting of the thighs.

TWO days later, instead of answering ANY question, he responds "You must pay $500 more for sculpting". In my mind im like wtf....liposculpture is sculpting thats what i asked for in the damn quote. *excuse my language yall im a bit pissed*

I said to myself whatever, i like his results the most thats cool. Its still less than $5800 the original quote. So blah.

What im upset about is this n**ga can hit me the day of or day after about money but cant answer ANY questions! After adding on money he went MIA again. I get ONE msg from this guy like every 2 weeks on Whatsapp stating a price.

He hasnt even told me whats included and whats not or the price of.meds or what meds are needed. I had to go to DollFaceAngel (who went to him)'s page and read her very detailed review, thank God, to get extra cost prices he has.

I am really reconsidering. Because Dude, you already have a bad rep, regardless of how good results are. The LEAST you can do is pretend you care about the patients; being uninformative and careless is not helping your case with me trusting you with my body.

EVERY surgeon ive spoken to has been informative and helpful from Yily to Contreras to Robles to Jimmerson to Salama - and more. A late response isnt an issue but damn can you act like youre remotely interested in keeping my 5 grand?


Sorry for the rant but im mad annoyed. So anyways, i emailed Duran to see how that goes.

If i dont like her and cabral doesnt get his sh together im staying my already-round-ass in the STATES for surgery. Id like to take the risk with Contreras but i havent seen enough of his results and aint nobody got time to be playing doctor on my body.


Smh yall keep me in prayer, and have a great day.

Body Wish Changes & Why + BOOTY GREED

-Soo, my pre-op body, since I've been working out it is pretty decent. To the point where if I got a butt job no one would even notice simply because how I am built now. WITH all the fat I have and hide under clothing I am still seen as an ideal shape (the lies ppl smh lol otherwise why would I be here right?). So with the tummy tuck and lipo alone my shape would be drastically more noticeable.

What triggered this change of heart was a "tumblr model" that goes by "King raychiel". She is the one with the ridiculous shape in my wish pics with out this world hips (in the black, pink, the curly blonde hair, and the one with the green eyes).

She photoshops the FXCK out of her pictures. From her eye color to her body, skin, so much more. Pretty much she's a total phony. It was believable to me simply because I know women shaped not quite like that but VERY thick similar to that. I would look similar to that with a tummy tuck and a great round of aggressive lipo (my hips would look like that I mean).

It my sit my ass down pretty much. And think about the greed. Do I really need an ass that huge when I already have a big butt and large hips? I was worried about shape...shaping my already nice shape. I went from that to ASSOVERLOAD.
Looking at the comments ppl said about her and it was very true. Its amazing to look at yes. But I don't want that to be the only reason look at me, for beauty. I'm mad young like.. do I want To only attract those kind of men who say smash and pass - she looks like a good *inserts eff bomb* but I can't wife cause she's fake.

Granted - I've always had a body and I'm still curvy now, I don't want that ridiculously fake shape. to where ppl are like ASS SHOTS! THATS FAKE! WTF! PHOTOSHOP!

So I have come to the conclusion that a "King Raychiel" body is not what I want. More like a Tahiry (she's all natural), and Yaris Sanchez. She's not all natural but it looks very natural.


I said all this because it was a big part of the experience for me.. realizing this. I think as women we should DEFINITELY be in charge of how we feel and how we spend our money and see ourselves. But I think we should really take time to think about the after effects. How we want to be seen as women and the type of attention you want to draw.

I just wanted to share that with you guys :).
I'm gonna post more pics of Who I was talking about, and who I want a similar look as so you can get the feel.

Talked to Cabral + Aye Did Yaris LOSE Weight? + CONGRATS TO NIKKIBUNS!!!

- Talked to him, he's still dodging questions. So I'm forcing them down his throat one question at a time. Literally I will ignore whatever he's said and (now cause before it was English) ask him the question in Spanish. I've emailed Duran as well like a week ago. waiting to see how that turns out.


It looks like Yaris Sanchez has lost quite a bit of weight. I know she had her implants removed like almost a year ago now. But her hips and butt seems smaller compared to before. I was looking for new WISH pics but everything new of her doesn't really.. look like her anymore lol body wise. Just something random I noticed.


AYEEEEEE CONGRATS AND PRAYERS GO OUT TO NIKKIBUNZ! SHE JUST HAD SURGERY WITH DR. CONTRERAS AND LOOKS AMAZING! You can look in my cmnts section and check her out and wish her happy healing :)!

"That Ain't Real": Booty Greed & Photoshop+QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF!

Remember the last post? Where I had an epiphany randomly about what I wanted; about being realistic.

Today I was on tumblr, RE-looking for WISH pics, and "models" that look as real as possible, or who are natural. I stumbled across a particular page to find,


Now that's excluding well known video models we know have had work. I said that to say, that even the women some of us may be trying to look like, don't exist. All of these photoshopped women are not NoAssAtAll kind of women, but still were photoshopped.
There will always be a standard of beauty of beauty depending on the person and even the race, that won't always be able to be reached.


Before we go into surgery we need to ask ourselves some questions:
- What is my goal?
- What are my expectations?
- Are my expectations realistic?
- Do I want a subtle Change or a drastic change?
- Am I willing to research and properly go through with follow up care post op?
- Do I love myself and my body now?
- Am I doing this for me and myself only?
- What kind of attention do I want?
- What type of work environment am I in?
- Am I mentally prepared for the changes and attention no matter how drastic, positive, and/or negative?


I have a bunch of pics to upload lol to show what I'm speaking of. I also have new wish pics (all of Yaris) to upload. andd I have a few topics to cover like dieting and talking to Cabral and yeah. lol


more pics

(Contd AGAIN)

Meds Cabral Said I Needed/Asking Him ?s + Dieting

I asked Cabral what meds I would be taking when I got there. He said "Medec you need: augmentin, 875 mlg ibuprofen, Tylenol, ensure, vitamin C, iron, folic acid.

I have and am bringing Iron, Vitamin C, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen 800 mg. So ima see if I can get some money skimmed off for that.
I'm also asking if he includes any other pain meds such as percs or Vicodin, and if it's extra $$$ IM PAYING. I want to feel little to NO pain!!

I've been asking him questions and he's been responding thankfully, slowly but still responding. I feel like he struggling responding to me in English kind of, well in a detailed way. so I've been writing in spanish.
I also took back off the thigh sculpting. so price is $4,500 again! I have thick thighs now so I figured eh fck it lol.

Dieting & Exercise :
- I've decided I'm not about to sit and be weary until surgery. I've been working on my arms, building bigger thighs, and also losing love handles. I use staring at dudes at the gym (lol) and to help me as far as workouts. I've been on top of my protein intake and what I eat. I already don't like soda, I am not fond of chocolate or candy... the only thing I eat often is bread as far as a bunch of carbs.

I'm 5'3 and a half, 170lbs right now. idc what amount I weigh as long as I LOOK good and am fit. I'm not going too hard because I need fat for my BBL. I read something on it and it opened my eyes about the fat you need and being realistic on how much lives.

My issue with eating is that I don't do it enough. So I have to force myself to eat 6 small meals a day.
if you guys have any tips or recipes help me out! :D

I wanna be thick and toned. thick and defined. :)

New wish pix + YS + Leaving other WPs

I'm going to leave the other crap up, because I want the women who stumble across my blog (cause I am not popular) to know the full story on what I previously wanted and what I thought about and what changed. because it's a crucial part of my journey, seeing as it affects my results!


I kept the YS wish pics & added them because she's the most realistic for my anatomy. I already have her measurement in the ass department, I already have large hips. there's no need for me to be extra. I feel like her look is the most achievable NATURAL look for me personally.

Talking to Cabral+Waiting on Duran+Busy

Hey guys. I know I'm not particular popular.. but for those of you who do follow me, sorry about the lateish updates. I've been so busy with school and work. Just got another job that should put me where I wanna be financially as far as the surgery goes :).

So I talked to Cabral. I've been asking him the questions on my lists. They are still late but whatever, I have a life he as a life not too focused on that right now.

So far I've asked:
• What liposuction will you perform? - "Traditional"
• Do I need to remove my birth control IUD for arm lipo? - "No" but I am any way cause it just sounds dumb as hell to say no Lol. BC increases Bleeding so. better safe than sorry!
• Whether or not he would prescribe anything like Vicodin, Percs, Ect type of pain meds and what pain meds he actually does prescribe. - He told me no he won't prescribe those and he said something about ibuprofen Tylenol and something else.


His answers are kinda short. I talk to him via Whatsapp in Spanish since he acted like he didn't know anything when I wrote in English. I had to come back here to look at my list to ask questions Lol. I will post a couple screen shots of our convo (it'll be in Spanish).

I'm bummed about the lipo. Tumescent lipo Is less invasive, the healing is quicker, it's just less extra than traditional. But seeing his results I trust him with traditional lipo just NOT LASER!


Duran hasn't given me any info yet. I'm kind of bummed. Does anyone know if she has a whatsapp?


CabralBarb InTheMaking


Ok so this may be a little kinda-lot lol off topic but, I am so stressed. For everyone who doesn't thoroughly read I not long ago turned 20. I'm pretty stubborn... and I try to do everything independently that I can. I don't like asking for help. But I'm starting to feel like.... idk like. I'm alive - but I'm NOT living.

I'm starting to get consumed and my attention is being drawn away from what it should be drawn to. My "relationship" is going haywire. Schooling is BEYOND stressful. I am working my Ass off to save for this, among other things. I've been put in some pretty compromising situations at my young age... but I've never felt this "lonely" in every aspect of my life before. it just makes me think, I'm so young.. the things I'm worrying and stressing about shouldn't even be worries yet. I've had to go to the hospital for anxiety Ect lately, because I am literally being consumed by all the stress.

I don't like posting about my personal life - ANYWHERE EVER. lol, social networking or here. but idk I guess for once I feel like venting.

I've been thinking about joining a new gym and getting into yoga or something to help the stress. But I barely have time.

And omg lol, am I the only one who gets consumed with the image of beauty? or the standard of beauty? Now I'm not saying I'm ugly... but idk. You ever be on Instagram or something and see (not just body wise) but just in general - The woman that every man flocks to as the standard of beauty. and say damn.
The one with the light eyes, but she's not white - the great body whether slim or thick, she's toned - long hair - European nose (slim nose/ super small nose) - just the same image of facial beauty we see over and over again that's is considered "badd" or "beautiful".

Idk sometimes, just sometimes. I get really discouraged and consumed in who I am not instead of joyful and proud of who I am. It's ridiculous.

Anyways sorry for the blah ness lol I am just very distraught at the moment. I'll get over the things I guess. It's started to get hard to keep everything in, which is a suprise because I am The MASTER at keeping everything hidden.

Wish Pics: ciera Rogers

eh she's about as realistic as what I want and the closest to what I have is. Without ppl saying "THATS FAKE" or even knowing I got a butt job. Ima stick with her. Gonna try to delete the other pics I know I said if keep them. Feel like they're not needed now. bleeeehg

Booking Flight and Waiting on Cabral

So im waiting on Cabral YET again lol, but this time for a date in october so that i can book my flight while expedia has deals im loving.

Things are so surreal lol, im doing it im actually doing the darn thing. Im excited but scared.

Duran has stil NOT gotten back to me and just my luck right- my whatsapp is effing up all the sudden. The app is going haywire.

- Heparin Gel
- Blanket
- and its a given but obviously toothpaste toothbrush mouthwash wash cloth towel

Got a date! / Keeping Up w/ Cabral / Being more prepared

Okay so my goal was to get a date for october, but after reading some newly crossed over sisters' experiences i want to be more prepared. Being prepared more = dropping more $$$$. I talked to cabral and got a date for DEC 11th 2014.

Its important to me to be prepared not just for surgery but for recovery. The little things that matter pretty much.

- I dont want to stay at a recovery house anymore. I want to stay at a hotel and hire a nurse so i know ill be taken care of.
- i dont want just a buddy or idk if i want a buddy at all, i would like to bring either my mother or grandmother with me even tho in ANTI-PPL IN MY BUSINESS, lol. No one will help me like them.
- looking around for seamstresses to take in my fajas when i need it done.
- trying to figure out where ill be staying (im a student) and i dont want it to be in a dorm during that time - or bringing my gma to stay with me in a motel for a little while when i get back to the states.
- buying a "transition wardrobe" > we are about to be going through. Idc how good i look, we need to be comfortable. Loose shirts sweat pants, just clothes that are not tight & feel good on the skin.

Things like these, the "little things". Even saving money for 10 lymphatic massages in the states. Just being prepared.


I have to re-get my quote from him so i can.screenshot it. I have to screen shot everything from him that has to do with price because he and the assiant/receptionist like to switch prices up a lot. Im not buying my plane ticket yet. I decided to wait till august. & im paying when i get there in full. I dont want the stress of paying half then getting pissed lol.
Dr. Hector Cabral

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