Lipo W/ Fat Transfer to Buttocks +Revision due to Doctor. ..

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This is something that I have wanted to do for...

This is something that I have wanted to do for quite some time for myself.

I have done much research on this subject and I am excited to do this for me for myself!

I have met with two different board certified surgeons about this, and decided to go with the one I had a procedure done with a few years ago. I trust his 25+ years of experience, his professionalism, and his great word of mouth so I opted to go with him instead of the newer Doctor I also met with.

I am scheduled for surgery on April 14th, with going in a week prior to surgery date to do some labs, and everything else on the list.

I will be having it done in his office, they have an ambulatory surgery center on site and a Board Certified Anesthesiologist on site for my procedure as well. I’m going to be under general anesthesia. It’s the only thing that makes me nervous. I’ve never had major surgery before.

I’m really excited to get this fat out and moved around and give me a better shape!

I am 31, I have had two children- the youngest is 4 ½ now.
My measurements are 36d-27-36, but with a tape measure over clothes today I am 38.5”-35”-39.5” My weight is between 144-147 I am 5’1”.

Again, I am doing this for me. I have only told 5 to 6 closer people in my life that I am doing it. I was somewhat saddened that more of them weren’t excited/supportive of me wanting to do this? I wonder if other people get such feedback. The girls are excited and the guys have been not so excited. I’m not that superficial but doesn’t everyone want to look good/their best? That’s why people buy clothes, do their hair, and have good hygiene.
I really want an hour glass figure and with the fat he lipo’s from my abdomen, flanks, & back- that he will inject the surviving fat into my buttocks to give me a cuter shape. The only thing about the transfer that makes me curious is that he’s only done 5 of these procedures (“fat transfer to buttocks” / “Brazillian butt lift”), should I be nervous?

Second Consult with my Doctor

I set up a second consultation with my Doctor for Friday March 21st. So I can see more pictures of people he's done this surgery on, people with similar build to mine, and ask questions! I have my own ideas too. I know wearing the Garment is VERY important! I don't mind wearing one since I am a great fan of various types of Shapewear as it is for myself, I wonder what mine will look like that he provides and if I can wear something over it to shape me further? Has anyone done that? :) Thanks for the encouragement too for those responding and replying to me :) That's how it should be- people building eachother up, not tearing eachother down :)

A week + a day from my second consult

I have some more questions about my procedure and I'm going to my second consult on the 21st, which is a week & a day from today. I am excited but I feel like I'm second guessing myself somewhat. Do I actually "need" a Tummy Tuck instead? Do I want an Arm Lift or lipo of my arms too, or maybe down the road. I guess at this point I should also mention that I do some modeling- no, I am not stuck on myself, I am humble, but with a better more feminine body- shaped like a Coke Bottle instead of being built like SpongeBob). Bleh. Not feeling hott and gorgeous today.

I could do the other lipo/arm lift in September though, and maybe a TT if im not happy with my BBL Results.

25 days pre op- for my lipo & fat transfer! #newme

I am going tomorrow for my second consult, I'm going to have my surgery still, I just have more questions and want to see pics of patients he's done with similar build too. Here are a few more pix to hopefully show the bottom of my belly better.

3 Days Until Surgery: Excited & A lil' Nervous :):

I am going on Monday for my lipo of stomach and flanks and chin *added it for a little fat pad I have under my chin, and transfer of flat to my buttocks. I have been feeling a bit nervous about it- like
"Am I making the right decision?"
"The results cannot be guaranteed, do I want that risk?"
"I'm going to be under general anesthesia, what if I wake up, what if I freak out/have a panic attack?"
"What if the swelling/bruising in my face/neck is super noticeable when I go back to work after the week I take off?"
"What if my butt looks too fake/too big?"

I don't think I'll wind up with buyer's remorse, but ... also that week my son will be spending with the babysitter. Im paying for her services day and night for a week.

Pray for me that all will go well and as planned please

So disappointing :-(

Had surgery monday, turns out dr only removed one liter if fast, turns out I had more loose skin than fat. He only was able to give me 170 ccs outer cheek. With my garment my belly is very swollen, ths garment has holes for each cheek but only 170 ccs! :-( I go back friday for stitch removal, this is so upsetting. :-(

2 days post op w disapointment

I am 2 days post op not 11. I wrote that last night being upset and tired, but yes, dr removed one liter and injected 170 ccs to each cheek. He thought there would be more fat he said. Do you think he would lipo another area, like my back or arms and then inject that into my buttocks for his lacking?

4th day follow up visit today

Here are pics from my surgery. I go today for my follow up visit & garments removal. If my results aren't were I want them for my fat transfer I'm going to ask for a revision. What do you think?

After revision pix n update

I had my revision on August 13, 3014. Here are my most recent pix. I'll upload my before revision pix when the office emails me.

pix from revision

I'll post my before revision pix when office emails them to me. Revision surgery was 8 13 2014

Areas liposuctioned for revision

PAL to my flanks (which I don't believe he did the first time), anterior thighs, medial thighs, and medial knees. Cost me $1,800 for the revision for OR fees and anesthesia. Dr waived his surgeon fee due to HIS ERROR/LACKING....

11 days post op bbl revision

I feel like I may be losing fat from the bbl already! ????. Please Lord don't let me lose anymore fat, time, or money in this. Please butt don't shrink. Please lipoed areas, you shrink. Amen. ....I can't do a 3rd bbl, that's crazy. Ugh!

1 week, 6 days post op, bbl revision

Praying and good thoughts to keep my shape like this!

Ready for Real Revision/Round 2

My surgeon definitely over promised and under delivered. I'm planning on redoing this soon. Dissapointing. Why can't there be a guarantee on this sorta thing. Spending basically over $9,000 on a let down. This surgeon made it NOT WORTH IT. I'm getting a revision.
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