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My storie is the same as other ladies on here. Im...

My storie is the same as other ladies on here. Im in a BIG need of a BBL. Im 5'5 my usual weight is 140, But i had to gain weight so im currelty 155lbs (i hate being fat) :( MY body is straight no curves. I have to buy high waited pants to show i have a but. If i dont i look straight flat ass!! >.< He is also going to sculp my entire stomach lower and upper, My back upper and lower. Not only is he going to put fat in my butt, but also mold my body. (excite)But thats why GOD made doctors!to help people like me.:) I'm Trying to get as many cc's as possible, but because he said my butt is too tight, he might be only be able to fit 800cc's on each buttock, and 200 on my hip area. Im hopeing my butt can take as much as possible. Im scheduled next month. I'll post before and after photos. Ask me any question you like ladies!

Dear Ladies, I posted photos of me to help the...

Dear Ladies,
I posted photos of me to help the ladies make a decision if they would like to do a procedure such as a BBL. I hope my photos can help you girls reaching your desicion. I just called my doctor and he said i would have to stay close to the weight that im wanting to be. So that means i would have to loose 5Lbs. I have to come down to 150Lbs. My i deal weight i want to be is 135-140.(remember Im 5'5) He is going to remove 3-4 liters of fat, that equals to about 6-8 pounds. Im hopeing to loose 10Lbs after my surgery. He doesnt recommed me to loose weight because ill loose my butt, but in reality i also gained weight in my arms and face. Im just hopeing for the best. Good luck ladies on your journey to getting the BBl.

Huge deal!!! If you have medical benefits. You...

Huge deal!!! If you have medical benefits. You blood work/physical labs ect req for this procedure. ***WILL NOT***your PT/Protain, and hepatitis test. This is not considered a preventative service, so you will have to take care of that on your own. My surgery date is This Thursday, and I will have to go a day ealier to take that blood work. Darn!!!
But it has to be done... I have 3 more days till my date :)

Hi to the people that have questions, i can answer...

Hi to the people that have questions, i can answer all my questions through my blog. Please see my doctors i have listed him on my Page. Dr Jaime campos Leon.

Update time: :) Okay ladies today is march 12. I...

Update time: :)
Okay ladies today is march 12. I have officially completed my 1st month post op. Let me tell you it has been a hard, month. My boyfriend has driven me back and forth to Tijuana for my lympathic massages, which cost $40.00 each time ( Doctor recommends atleast 8). plus gas and food expenses i believe i have spent total of $5000.00 USD or more. We get a medical pass to pass the border faster, but so far our wait times to cross the border is minimum 2hrs >.< I have still donot sit down fully i take a pillow to restaurants, work, car ect. I still sleep with pillows on my side and back to not put pressure of my butt or hips., But i must admit i feel 1000 times better than the first week post op, I felt as if a truck ran me over, of soo much pain i was in. I had to take a shower immediately the next day-ouch.. Shit hurst so much, i almost fainted. THe recovery process is a bitch, my neck hurt so bad from sleeping on my chest. My neck was tired of holding my head up so long while watching tv.******I WILL POST MORE PICTURES THIS WEEK********* stay tuned. I will deff go back to hime... I might go for a second round we'll see.... Im unsure..
2) EXPECT TO BE IN ECTREEM PAIN THE FIRST WEEK/ so you wont be dissatisfied
3) get your lympathic messages at doctors office.

Sorry Ladies for the late response!!! I pretty...

Sorry Ladies for the late response!!! I pretty much toughed it out and drove back and forth to TJ. BTW i still go back for my lympathic massages. I love DR CAMPOS! and his staff, they are so friendly!... I absolutely love my results!! Everyone always tells me how amazing i look!!!! Im not used to all the attention i get. And now i have a really happy, but yet Jelly boyfriend. He cant seem to get his hands off of me! hehehe ;)

Im considering going back to get a double round of it. DR Campos completely sclupted my mid-section, my body now looks like goddess!!! i always get compliments from guys saying im a 10!!!! lol. i dont want to seem prissy, but it feels good to get compliments!..., although at times pervs do get on my nervs!
Well ill try to post more pics!

#2 months 3weeks post op!


I have been trying to update pictures.
I cant upload them!., Ladies i want to uodate you with more pictures and this dis functional website isnt allowing me!
Ill try my best ladies to update you with more photos!

Me :)

Okay gals!! i uploaded two new pics of me... in a...

Okay gals!! i uploaded two new pics of me... in a bikini... however i have cropped myself out!.... but plese note i have gained 10lbs.... and im 10 months post op. I am going for a second round of fat transfer because i want just a tad bit more volume.
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Alright ladies..... Im 5 Days post op.. And Im feeling better. I was literly in so much pain the hours following my surgey i was crying for hours. I couldnt eat nor take any pain medication. I had to call me surgeon and tell him please allow some pain meds. Then he allowed me too.. I had to take a shower the next day, which was a pain in the ass. I can actually say that the recovery is a Bitch. I went for my first massage yesterday, and i thoought it was goinh to be soo painfull, but to my surprice it wasnt all that bad.. Iy felt releiving to my lipo'd abominal area. My results are abosuletly AMAZING!! My wait is soooo tiny, i satisfied alone with my wait area. I Literly look like a mermaus.. Im still very swollen and my butt is going to go down, but its okay cause my results are past expectations. The reason why i put 4 stars is because this office is supper Busy!!! Dr campos work speaks for it self. That they only have so much time to attend all of us.. Bottom line they are all very nice, If they dont get back to as soon as youd like, its because they are extreemly busy. They will get to you shorty. Excuse my spelling Im doing this in a hurry, as im on medication. Any question: I would prefer a private message... So i can get into details with everyones questions... Thanks Ya'll :)

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