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I've been on this site religiously for a month...

I've been on this site religiously for a month now. And I think it's time to make this move. Because if I don't soon I'm going to drive myself crazy wondering what if.

For the ladies that want to have surgery with Dr....

For the ladies that want to have surgery with Dr. Salamas~ I just spoke to Ruben and he said if you want the $6,499 price you will have to make your deposit by the close of the day Thursday May 10th. They won't honor just the quote you have to make your deposit. And I don't know about you ladies but that extra $300 can go toward a plane ticket or something. Don't judge me!!!! lol ~smooches~

Well now maybe I can finally rest my mind. Because...

Well now maybe I can finally rest my mind. Because I just made my deposit with Nancy so I'm now officially #TeamSalama. I pondered on the two doctors day and night. I couldn't think about anything else. So finally I just prayed about it and for the Lord to order my steps. It was between a doctor that is in driving distance which I was approved for financing but I was quoted $9300 for just bbl and I still had to come up with $4600. Or a doctor that I'm would have to risk taking a 3 1/2 hour flight home. But was quoted $6499 and the sx come with more lip areas, garments, messages and transportation. But I didnt get approve for financing with this doctor so that meant I would have to wait longer and pay in full. But long story short my deciding factor was that I didn't want to be in debt and DR. SALAMA HAS BEEN SHOWING OUT ON THESE RESULTS!!!!!

So my MOTTO for today is: GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH..... MY BIG DAY IS: January 28, 2013.....I'm so happy!!!!!!!

Today I'm officially starting my OPERATION GET EM...

Today I'm officially starting my OPERATION GET EM RIGHT, GET IT TIGHT. I'm going to start on the WII Fit that has been looking at me for the last six months. I'm going to stop eating out everyday, Start drinking more water. And completely stop drinking.....Wait a second...lol I'm not an alcoholic.....seriously. I'm a manager of a nightclub so yes I usually drink on that peach Ciroc just to get me through some of the stress of the nightclub on Friday and Saturday night.

****I just wanted to say to all you ladies on here that I enjoy and appreciate each of your stories and being that I have no one to talk to about my butt issues I feel really surprised and happy to know that I'm not alone in the way I have felt about my behind every sinced the 8th grade when song came out "Doing The Butt". lol

I don't know the specifics but one of the last...

I don't know the specifics but one of the last patients that was at Beauty Care said they told everyone that there was a busted pipe. But that last patient there said she witnessed everything. But it was closed down because Dr. C did CPR on the patient but it was Dr. P patient but the patient had only been at BC for 15 minutes and passed out. And now she is there in a coma at the hosptal. By the way I got this info from makemeheal.com. So I don't know anymore than this.

Well I've had to make a few changes. I was...

Well I've had to make a few changes. I was scheduled for Dr. Salama on January 28th but now i'm scheduled for Dr. Jimerson, November 8, 2012. First surgery of the day WOO HOO!!!!!!. I want to give a shot out to ButtStar for being so amazingly thoughtful and kind this RealSelf sister paid for my deposit and her deposit for my January date with Dr. Salama. Because I would have lost my deposit. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Also Nancy is a sweetheart, too!!!!!

So I'm on to a new journey straight to the ATL. And once again I'm sooooooooo excited. I love both doctors results and know I will be in good hands either way.

Since I'm going to Dr. J-Curves I will be able to lay down in the back seat home and not have to worry about destroying fat cells in my new delicate butt. And also I have family in Atlanta so I won't have to pay for a place to stay. But I might still get a room because If I'm in alot of pain I probably would do better in a hotel room so that I can cry out loud. lol #PAINISBEAUTY

This is a pretty good list I saw on someones...

This is a pretty good list I saw on someones page:

Clindamycin (Anti-Biotic)
Percocet (Pain Killer)
Phenergan (Nausea)
Colace (Stool Softner)
Vitamin C (1000mg)
Iron (300mg)

Make Me Heal = $175 total
Boiron Arnica Tablets
MMH Pre & Post Op Vitamins
Boiron Arnica Montana Gel (2)
Kelo-cote Scar Reduction Gel

Urinal - $6.95
Gloves - $4.00
Gauges – $5.00
Tape - $2.00
Bed Underpads –$7.95
Dial – $2.00
Wipes – $ 3.00
Suction hooks - $4.00

Additional Costs:
Food - $200
Extra massages - $400.00

Maxi dresses
Sports Bra
Tight tanks/waist clincher
Compression socks

Another good list from the fabulous realself...

Another good list from the fabulous realself sister "bootiebeauty78":

Female urinal ( An absolute most!)
*32 oz water bottle ( I drink about 90 oz of water a day so I always have this with me)
Suction hooks
Sugar scrub (sugar and olive oil) for pre sx shower
*Body wash
*Reusable grocery tote bag (to carry stuff)
*Magic bullet- blender (mine isn’t called magic bullet, but is similar)
*Bleach spray & wipes
*Razors to shave
*Camis- to wear under garment after surgery, supposedly helps eliminate skin irritation
*Maxi dresses/ comfortable clothing you can get on & off quickly, maybe button up robes/shirts
*Make Me heal Pre & Post Operative Vitamins ( I started these 7 days before surgery and have been taking them post op. I think they have helped.
Arnica taletsa and gel
*Detergent to wash
Me derma. Cocoa butter for scars
*flip flops
* socks (I wear mine over ted hose the Dr. provided)
*electronics (cell phone, I pad, chargers, DVD player, DVD’s, ear phones) to keep you busy while you recover
*baby wipes
*tooth brush, paste, dental floss, bathroom stuff
*anti bacterial soap
*pony tail holders & head scarf
* massager to lay on body
Tylenol pm (check with your Dr on this)
hand moisturizer
old towels to avoid stained linen from the tumescent fluid, Betadine or blood
Camera for pictures
*neck pillow
Body Pillow
*Boppy Pillow
lap top
firming lotion
foldable chair
yoga mat/blocks
*protein shakes, different fruit, veggies, natural peanut butter, gum, altoids
*Benadryl (haven’t needed this but some people do)
*Neosporin ointment
* Fill prescriptions before you travel & take them as prescribed by your Dr.

*alcohol pads ( I used to clean area on thigh before I do my shot)
*cotton swabs/ q tips ( to clean around incision sites)
* gauze & medical tape ( to redress drain tube)
*empty Gatorade bottle ( to put used syringes in, you don't want to just throw them in garbage as
someone could get poked by one
Small step stool ( to help get up in the bed, especially if your inner thighs were lipo'd)
*dish detergent to clean whatever dishes you have
* Tupperware bowl ( to make salads in or just eat out of)
*dish cloth or brush
* knife for food
A big pair of panties should Aunt Flo arrive ( your old ones may be too small)
*shaker cup (for protein shakes)
*dryer sheets

I'm praying that my realself sister, BabyCheeks...

I'm praying that my realself sister, BabyCheeks had a uneventful surgery and I can't wait to hear from her. Her surgery was this morning with Dr. Jimerson.


ROLL CALL all my "LARGE-MARCH BOOTYS. I'm scheduled for March 26th with Dr. J but want to hear from ALL the March ladies because we are going to shut it down. Ok for my realself sisters that have pm.
me. I really do appreciate the support. Because I was scheduled back in November and I had to reschedule and boy did that hurt my feelings. But this time I'm not going to let the people in my life discourage me and I'm going to do what I set out to do the first time. My motto is "Go Big or Go Home" You ladies are all I have for support so let's do it!!!!! Aries in the house!!!!!!! I will post my pre op pic right before surgery.

Based on what I've seen.

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