Cabral round 2! Scheduling for late 2014!

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So this is my first post..... Started this...

So this is my first post.....
Started this hornet two years ago and I have finally made up my mind to get my Bbl done! I called DrJ. First. His phone consult are three- four months away from the first day I called almost 9 mths away from surgery date! "Ain't nobody got time for dat." When you have the money to pay up front, I think you should have some type of ...never mind....may be you don't. I'm just saying for 10 grand...

Either way saw some post on Dr. Yily! I will be calling her tomorrow for a consult! I want to go ASAP at least by April no later than May! Hopefully she will be able to accommodate my dates! Wish me luck!

Btw I have always had a coca-cola shape...but...

Btw I have always had a coca-cola shape...but never a BOOTAY! After kids my stomach was so stretchy and stretch marked like kiddie chalkboard! So o went for my first surgery and had a tt in 2009. Love the results but the I got hooked to "Plastics" club and now I want a big Judy booty lol! Not really just a round one! With weight lost, it almost seems to leave the places you most want it to stay! Thank goodness my boobs are still double dd's! Either way adding pics from back then before and after! Sorry so blurry...don't think we had megapixels back then... Lol!

Finally got my quote! Two weeks later but thats...

Finally got my quote! Two weeks later but thats ok! THen when I though my email was not sent it did just from my business email... needless to say I got to diff quotes! one for 3200 one for 3000 so you know what email I will be responding from!

Sorry for the mistakes iPad typing sucks! I can...

Sorry for the mistakes iPad typing sucks! I can spell two and thought correctly! Lol! Just so excited! Booked my flight today too! Only one way though...waiting to get the find the shortest flight avail. So many long layover and I'm not going to be sitting on my new ass either! Lol!

Added some baby wipes for me..I got the...

Added some baby wipes for me..I got the old folks wipes wash cloth until I'm able to take a shower! founf 8 A tshirts for the price of six...other items to take! Also for tummy tuck patients...not me this time..but dropping a wash cloth in the shower is the worse...bath gloves/mitts are Awesome! until next time!

From Mz New Booty...she had her surgery and now...

from Mz New Booty...she had her surgery and now her panties don't fit, so I bought some bigger ones to take with me! Duran gave her a donk! Happy for her!

My List Bath glove Adult disposable...

My List

Bath glove
Adult disposable wipes
2dry towels
Twin sheets
48ct maxi pads
1 pair heels to travel their in...Im going to be fly going in
1pair flipflop or ballerina flats to wear back cause I'll be sore!!!
Bedroom shoes
6pk socks
6 underwear
6 bed pads disposable
Travel size bath items:
Clorox wipes
Toothpaste toothbrush
Pen journal

Things to get:
Extra faja
Abdominal board
Lipo foam
Ladies bathroom funnel
pill case for the week/month to take...not taking all those bottles!

Looking into hiring a nurse for my first couple of...

Looking into hiring a nurse for my first couple of days...anyone familiar with what all they do?
Still debating on staying at Angelas but I would prefer staying closer to CIPLA. Any Nurse reviews?

Dr Duran replied..Nurse is for the 35 per day!!!

Dr Duran replied..Nurse is for the 35 per day!!!

Looked on a found a room to rent, owner...

Looked on a found a room to rent, owner is a doctor who will find me a "strong women" to take care of me! Duran also uses someone so I think I have to make a choice as soon as I see what each offers. A Duran lady is 35us a day! Not bad, I think! Posting pictures of room only 290. Per week! Only getting full one week the I'm moving my cutey patootey to the casino or beach hotel!

So sorry rates are 41 per night as I booked the...

So sorry rates are 41 per night as I booked the week it's 290 for the week plus a 35.00 service fee and I was able to converse with Ana before I booked about location and transportation!

Yeah I'll be posting more as the days grow closer!...

Yeah I'll be posting more as the days grow closer! I'm not interested in having a huge ass or even a big one just a round round is fine with me! My current measurements are
So I'm not trying to add to much volume just shape...I want my hips, waist. Tummy....entire tummy, thighs flanks and back taken in...4 inches on everything I listed and thighs take them in 6! I have thick thighs! When I wear skinny jeans I look walking turkey drumsticks. Seriously do! I have kids so I'm not trying to be a urban model's just when I put on an pencil skirt or sheath dress I want to have that hourglass shape but not the over exaggerated "coco""ice tea wife shape". Which is actually my nickname Coco. Funny right! Posting some before pics. One was last year in my dress BCBG love this fabric on me...will be getting more and a skirt I got from Kohls this weekend that I want to wear after my surgery!

Back to reality...I am not buying all these meds...

Back to reality...I am not buying all these meds as I have been through previous surgeries and I turned out just fine...all these gels and creams and what not are a getting to be lil much..I keep my insicions sites clean and dry and don't take the tape off unless they naturally come off, after plenty of showers it will eventually fall right off. I am considering buying the make me heal surgery recovery kit, but that's about all. My opinion, my blog, do you!

Can you tell that I am ready!

Can you tell that I am ready!

More items to add to my list of Supplies to take!...

More items to add to my list of Supplies to take! Thanks to a new friend I met! She rocks!
Compression stockings
Surgical body wash
pack of surgical panties,
compression stockings
hibiscus cleanz antibacterial wash for per and post surgery.

Also because my iron is always a single digit number, a fb friend told me about PurAbsorb see pictures! Hubby picked it up at WalGreens and this week it's on sale bogo half off. A girl that had issues getting her numbers up had no issues after one onto of taking these. It's just iron fortified water that you can mix with Juice or water to aid you in adding numbers to your iron count! Hope that helps the iron deficient ladies! Going to get my iron checked today and after a month I'll let y'all know of it work! It has too! Okay have to go! Going to get my new glasses today! Woohoo!

This is for you CGray..back shot! Lmao!

This is for you CGray..back shot! Lmao!

So I met a young lady on fb that is scheduled the...

So I met a young lady on fb that is scheduled the same day as me, so we are SX buddy's now! We have rented an awesome Beach house in a gated community which is in a quiet neighbor! Nothing like waking up to breeze blowing and birds chirping! The ultimate recovery place. Either way...... Ciao Bella's!

Went shopping today....I know some ladies say wait...

Went shopping today....I know some ladies say wait but whatever I know I'll be the same size just with a smaller waist when I get from SX. Smaller everything! Either way bought some cute stretchy dresses from BCBG and a waist belt..took pictures in one of them ..the black and grey are too sheer for RS! LOL! Had fun! Can't wait to rock these in September when the Faja comes off! Woohoo can't wait! Adios!

About six weeks left to go...the wait is worse...

About six weeks left to go...the wait is worse than waiting on a quote to come back! I have been spending my time buying new dresses and such....wasting time..waiting..! Either way for those you like me who have heavy menstruals and are usually chronically anemic pregnant or not, can ask your reg. doctors to refer you too a hematologist that offer iron transfusions. It is much safer than blood transfusions and can keep you from getting one once in DR, for those who are scared to get them or cannot afford to! Taking care and increasing your vitamin intake now will help...also when going for surgery for iron levels to increase you have to do so long before two weeks to see a change, Especially if you are anemic all the time! it take at least 2 months for me...will keep you updated on what happens next week at my Hematologist Appt.! Take care of yourselves! Until next rant! Ciao Dolls!

Looking at Cabral work..yeah yeah he has some...

Looking at Cabral work..yeah yeah he has some issues but still...I want to know more about how work. Have any girls been to him lately? Directed me please!

I'm starting to have seconds thoughts...because my...

I'm starting to have seconds thoughts...because my issues are similar to patients that have successful surgery with Yily an ok surgeries with Duran. I don't need a bbl per se, I want a shapely, round, cute I have email a few other dr to see if they availability on June 5th to take me. I'll keep you all posted. Still excited so as of now I'm just Brown Betty Boop! Ciao Bella's!

For those of you worried about carrying so much...

For those of you worried about carrying so much is a solution! Bra pocket stash! Get big bills that way it won't seem so bulky! Hope this helps some of y'all!

Still looking for Cabral Barbies

Still looking for Cabral Barbies anyone?

Called Duran to just confirm what time to show up...

Called Duran to just confirm what time to show up and they did not have me on the books for the date according to my email confirmation...I was scheduled for the next day....that was a I gave my spot to another young lady who wanted to go on that day..thank goodness I am staying 16 I have time to consult with doctors there and make a decision from there on.

Had to...well scratch that I wanted to buy new...

Had to...well scratch that I wanted to buy new luggage so I'm all set! Ready to go! Last minute things I have to get done...I may have a issue with my iron call thallesemia in which my iron remains matter what I do! So my hemotologist is going to give me 5, 2 hour sessions of iron transfusion a week before surgery to boost me up! Now she isn't doing this just for surgery, I need it...almost had to get a blood transfusion in November for my iron being a 7. Hopefully this works! In the meantime..I'm going to try spinach smoothies and spinach salad with beets in it! I'll let you know in two weeks how this goes! Wish my iron luck!, cause the thunder thighs got to go!

Venofer is one of the treatments I'm getting! ...

Venofer is one of the treatments I'm getting! Okay that's all for today!

Cabral doesn't use drains???

Most lipo suctions ladies have drains...Cabral doesn't us them unless you have TT or you really need them! So I'm rethinking the outfits I'm bringing...I need to bring the darker, cheapest dresses I have. Found one at famly dollar at 40% off after I took a gift bag box back with store credit paid 6 bucks for it! That's one...have some in the closet that I wear just around th house that I will now bring with me! Bought disposable panties also! 3.78 with 2.00 off were 1.78 for 6. Hopefully that works well also. If not I'll use them "that time of the month" so won't ruin my pretty panties!

First Venofer treatment today!

Went in today got the first treatment and I cant lie I am alert today! Feel good not over energized like taking caffeine pills but just wide awake! Getting a lot done at the house! eating a lot of peppers and making beet juice...yuck! Even have the kids eating red peppers and dips! Iron has to be to the Max! I need these thunder thighs gone! Ciao Bellas!

Day four of Venofer..

Feeling good...the hemo test from before I started I'm up from a 9 to a 10 so I guess red peppers and guava work! Still waiting on an email from Duran and by now...I figured I should book with someone else.....The lack of organizations will kill a email states one date when I call my name email is no we're to be found on that date....the next day though its can that get mixed up... Idk! "Kanye Shrug" will do consult when I get to DR until I make a descision......ciao Bella until later!

Say whaaattt

Now reading briefly on RS some ladies get so caught in a doctor that they fail to realize at the end of the day, the doctor has more patients coming in the door handing over money. They are busy enough trying to fix all of us and tend to the newer post op patients than to those who are days and weeks out from sx. Listen to your inner self to know..if you got a fever, check it out, something is green and oozing, check it the end of this journey...I will tagging the doctor for a great job, but also #teambrownbettyboop because I took care of me!
Ciao Bella's!

My Doctor is the best!

Along with her vast awards and educational background she has proven to be the most dedicated to her patients! The first question she asked or wanted me to give her is blood work, wasn't about money..shows to me what it most important to her! My Health! What more can you ask for!

Last Minute items!

I order from me and my friend some last minute items to make sure we are set! E Z Pez funnel to go the bathroom since I am getting my thigh lipo I figured this may be a good thing! I bought my secret bra stash for my money off of eBay 5.99. Figured I will use this again! My ab board arrives today as well as my triangle for my lower back! Found some Wilkie talkies I don't have to leave my room to talk to her...vice versa! Yeah we are doing the most but it should be fun! Lol!

Boards came in!

One last package..Ez P should be here tomorrow and I'm ready to go!

No sx yet!

Iron is too low and Baez says only in a emergency does she give transfusions! So she replied that I should have had Venofer right before I got here. Not weeks before to give me the iron ai since I'm here for a while, Thank God, I have had two while in Santo Domingo then here in Juan Dolio I going to the medical center daily last day is Sunday! Get check on Monday! If its good then sx Tuesday!

Nothing but the best

She wants the best results for me...I could not even be mad at her for doing the best for my health! If I have to come back I will! It's just I really wanted to get it done! Thank you all for your prayers and support...almost there...hopefully I get it done this week!

11.3 is enough to get some things done but not everything!

Can't get arms, full thighs and full back...just a little bit of lipo not all! I can deal with that!

I'm not getting all of it done!

Just remember I'm not getting the full package done so please understand that when you see my postop photos. My arms and thigh have been put on the back burner, just want my back, butt sculpted and armpits done. I can live with me tummy not being as flat...besides one that faja goes on I'm going to lose a little of everything anyway! My waist now could be better but it's ok! I lost tenllbs all the walking I've been doing up here so that's a good sign! I need to keep it up when I return!

No negative vibes!

I understand that some want to be informed about good and bad things about DR...I've done my research..more than my share...don't want to go over these things over and is what it is...title your blog what needs to be discuss so that you can do that...I need positive vibes this way! Thank dolls, beauties and Barbies!

Nothing happened as I planned it .... Not one single aspect!

I'm at Cipla! Good news! I'm marked up, ready to go! First sx this AM! As soon as this IV is taken out! I'll give y'all the tea a little jumbled up with the time frame..but I plan on telling you the full story!

Assuming will get you NO LIPO!

Lol! Just playing with the titles. I thought when the DR said not all that meant take away a few areas. She said only 2liters. O_o I gladly thanked her but we agreed it was not worth it to do it. So she refunded my money that I paid her hugged me and I left! Beaz is Awesome but your Iron has to be 13 to get all that you want!

Longest bus trip ever!

Was thinking that maybe it wasn't for me to get since everything happened to prevent me from getting it! Before I went to bed I told my friend I getting up early and heading to Cipla! I did just that! I was on the hot bus that stop at every corner from Juan Dolio to the Capital got to Chinatown called Jose Britto best taxi driver ever btw, to come and take me to Cipla which was like 10-15 away! Got here at YIly's office and her office was packed. I asked for Yira. After she got off of the phone, I asked her about my hemo being low and can Yily do the sx with a transfusion or the treatments again. She say idk, took me downstairs to do bloodwork and X-ray then told me to come back upstairs to wait! That was about 9 that morning! I waited and waited and waited, which I planned on doing thanks to the RS ladies for complaining about that. Waited and waited and waited. Either way by 5:20 I was still waiting!

CGray to the rescue!

So finally she answers her Whatsapp to tell me she is on the way...I told her I was waiting and she was going to come and help me out, cause that's what CGray does! So Helpful! So meet her in the lobby, she had lunch they I help her to Cabrals office after she said she will talk to Maria (Sweetheart) to get me and appt. so Chemayn got her fluid drained and Maria called Cabral! I swear not even five minutes later his big eyes turned the corner!

King of Barbies

So hey hugged me told me to come in and ask what I wanted done! Lipo BBL! He said ok you easy I make you beautiful! Took my clothes of..he squeezed my fat butt and said oh you easy, make look so good! I was in awww. Finally I'm getting it done! So I paid Maria...well gave her the money for the sx. Then I came back to the office to link up with his assistant Dr.Suarez. Who then Took me to the to Cardiologist who was an older man who was super sweet! OMG He was awesome! Got that done and A OK! The Dr.S took me back to office to pay for transfusion and labs. Keep in mind it is well after 6pm. Order the blood then Cgray, and I went to Johnny Rockets to eat my last meal for the day! When I came back my room was ready! I ate the rest of my food then I got weighed answered more questions then back to my room to chat with my girls until the Dra came in to start my transfusion, cause the nurse stuck my twice and couldn't get the IV to work! OUch! OUchhhh!

Marked up!

Before the Dra came in to give me the IV! Cabral came in to mark me up in his good suit! I took my clothes off so fast it wasn't funny! I'm soooo ready! Lol! Now that I smell like a magic marker...I laid back down and maybe an hour later she came in and started my transfusion! After that shot of Benadryl I was in Lala land! Surgery is this morning! I am first! Yaaay! Can't promise you when but I will try and keep you updated with the results As soon as I can!

He's Amazing!

I couldn't get my arm outs done, but I will be back next year for armpits thighs and tummy! I feel like my butt is made of concrete! Will update more tomorrow.thanks for your words Of encouragement and prayers see you tomorrow

Sometimes you have to find out for yourself!

Cabral showed up after sx (per Cgray,cause I remember it faintly) to check on me! Sleep on bloody sheets, never was changed but Chux where layed on top of the dirty ones! Either way managed to flip my but over and slept like a baby on my tummy!

Curved! Finally

He took that back fat out and worked his magic!

Omg...faja are cool at first

When you start swelling...the start to hurt! Taking my bromelian, and arnica, drinking piƱa juice! Hopefully a couple of more days Ill be reversing this swelling!

Guess Cipla finally needs some shut down time to get it together!

They were cited with a 2 day shut down for not meeting basic health requirements! Some of y'all better research Mexico or save that money for sx in the US.

Here's the link!


Joylista and I have a love/hate thing going on!

Cabral doesn't do drains...he has this lady drain you and omg talk about pain! I almost passed out. Dr Suarez had to sit me down! She doesn't want me to leave just yet so I'm going to change my flight for an another couple of days cause 1 I don't have anyone to drain me like this and 2. I want to be taken care of here where they Cabrals Staff know what to do with me! I feel so much Better! Found the super mercado to get cash back from my ATM CARD SO ILL BE GOOD! Oh saw my booty today! Will ask her to take pictures tomorrow! I got a super hip is so inflamed look like I have butt from the front......on one side! Okay bye for now!

I'm home

Yeah I left I was tired of being bored and hot, and leaking all over the place! So ask my PA to change my flight ASAP! Fight was bumpy, AA Has the LITTLEST seats. I used wheel chair service to help me cause I was feeling dizzy at times...y'all now my hemp was super all work out me and the old folks was zooming through the lines.

Didn't know it would be this hard!

My flanks feel like wood planks! Love my curve more and more everyday as the swelling goes down little by little! I know you have to be patient and keep that faja on....waiting on it to dry everyday is torture...I think I am going back again for more...but just lipo to thighs arms and tummy....and a lil more sculpting to my butt..under the butt/top of thigh lipo. I do not want a bigger butt! I think it's big enough! Love my results so far! I just have to be patient!

Before and after

I can tell my butt is going to b nice and round once the swelling goes down!

Faja life kicks rocks!

Going to order some epi foam cause the faja is getting loose, and these hooks dig in my skin! Ohhh and free draining is a pain...went to the lawyers office and after the appt. my daughter was mama your embarrassing!

Have to stay home if you have unhealed drain holes...just in case!

My butt incision which I thought should have stopped after 14 days was still leaking! After my massage the next day it stopped! Thank more maxi pads stuck tome back! Yaaayy!

So went out and about

Just feel like I have the total package...small waist and a round booty! I'm loving it to much! Finally feel like my clothes fit they way they should! Went to rue 21 bought a size 13/14 and it didn't go over my butt! I still have mixed feelings about that...but in dresses! My goodness! I love my lil bump as my friends call it! Now the problem is finding jeans that fit! No's summertime!

for my next visit

I will be getting arms. thighs, arms, armpits and I'm done!

Back shot

If my waist was 32's 35 about swole!


32 before...35 now...have a lot of swelling to go!

Another view

Dress from Cato! Show how little my waist is and how big my booty is too!

Reposted pic!

Hopefully this works!

What some girls need to realize!

Plastic surgery is not an exact science..their is always room for variations in your procedure. Healing, surgeon, body type, health all play a part into what your body should, will look like! At first when Cgray showed me my butt, in the hospital the day after sx I was disappointed! I was like where in the ass I paid for!! I wanted it to be shaped differently than what I saw...I was feeling like I just wasted my money. Talking with citi82...she was saying her shape changed from one month to the next. I'm comparing myself to her because of our weight and our hemo level was a 6. Blood takes a while to replenish, build back up so that plays a part in healing. My flanks and back are still stiff and hard but I swear every day it shrinks and gets smaller. My friends haven't noticed a big difference but people in the street ole coworkers and men noticed I am much more shapely- er than many! I am super happy about my results but I and looking forward for what's to come! So my tip that was told to me! ****Keep that Faja on for your three months and massage your areas daily! More importantly be patient!!*****

Ok got the courage to upload a naked...covered photo!

Ok here it hips are gave me those but the Cabral Curve is all his doing! 4.5 weeks post op! Still have a lot of swelling to go!

New pics!

Underwear hardly fit!

Itty bitty waist

Enjoying my curves and the looks I get from shapely silhouette! Ladies please understand Trusting someone to put you to sleep and operating on you is not a easy choice. Take your time. Plan and research your doc. I did choose Cabral at the last moment but I know for sure he is the best. No deposits, great staff and banging bodies got him to where he is today! Although the other DR doc are very good also, I have nothing but good things to say about him! Baez is awesome! Some of her girls are coming out with bountiful booties and perky breasts! Duran was slipping a lil bit but I think shutting Cipla down has her and Yoly straightening up! Take your time! Choose wisely! More pics 6 week update!

6 week update

My flanks are still hard ..I get massages daily from hubby, I take really hot showers and rub my flanks and lower back really hard while in the shower. Seems to be working! The more you get massaged the seems to soften up. I still have sharp pains out of no where and tingling inner sensations where he lipo'd. I just hate out of no where it just starts to hurt! Other than that I pretty much return to normal duties..I just can't bend over as fast to pick up things or kids yet! Ok till next two weeks blessed loves!


WHo has the time and money to spend like that on daily massages. Hot showers and rubbing my self down with soap( with the balm..I think thats what it is) while in there have been working great! I do that two times a day. Hubby does my middle to lower back every day with BIo OIl! Ladies please try to get those massages in as much as possible...massage schools do it for fraction of the price also if you don't have any one to do it for you! That is all! Have a great one!

Are you feeling me up in public?

My friend saw me and becasude Cabral took my back in so much, my butt does look way bigger than before, she actually slapped my ass in the store! Girl you got an ole fat ass! LMAO! Funny stuff! AS the days goes by my butt seems like it is swelling but it is my back shrinking!

Even though

EVen though I was healthy my iron is an issue! I did not have my sx completed because of that! I was warned before that I can only get two areas done! Get your body right then you wont have to worry! That's all for today!

Still burning

My back and flanks are still burning and itching, but it's minimal compared to 6 weeks ago! Still wearing my faja cause when I take it off my hips are colossal! Too much attention from random folks. Either way healing well will add some more pictures later this week! Have a great one!

4 months...later

Still a little bit of swelling most of the stiffness is gone. Love my waist but my hips are wide which makes my butt look bigger. Trying to lose weight so my hips can shrink hope my butt doesn't shrink!

Post two of the same not the second photo!


Okay I'm back!

Still loving my results! Can't go anywhere without anyone looking men and women...went to my friends house walked and her mom was talking on the phone and just hung up! Staring me up and down saying what did you do! Lol! After ain't left she walked me to the door and watched me walk to the car...saying I ain't no lesbian but I still wanna see you walk away! LMao! Too funny! It's fun at times but when I'm not in the can be sickening!

Well Hey y'all!

Just wanted to add an update picture for you all! I'll do a better one in better light soon!

Surgery items sent all at one time! What!!

Found a site on and off facebook! This company will send you all of your items for your sx at one time. She offers various packages so easy and convenient! I really need the vitamins for my hemo so that will come first then the other stuff is just a plus! Fb her Surgeryi Queens and check it out!

Round ???

Set up a consult with Dr.Valls! I'm ready to get this going!!

Going back for more!!

Decided to go with Dr Arnaldo Valls at Eres Miami before he get to popular! He's the most experienced doctor at Eres. I just need a pick me up! Tummy lipo, arms. Inner thighs and mini bbl is all I need. I have just a mini dent on my right cheek


When I lose weight I lose it right in the middle
Of my tummy! Still have too and lower tummy fat.
Hector Cabral

Dr.Cabral and staff have been nothing but great to me! Checked on me after surgery and the next day 3 times! He gave me just what I wanted! Didnt want big big or small just fill in my flat spots back fat and flanks! For my next visit! I will be going back to him to get arms thighs and tummy done!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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