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I am anxiously awaiting the time for my surgery. I...

I am anxiously awaiting the time for my surgery. I am 23, 5'9" 199 lbs. I plan on getting down to 175-180. I will achieve my goal weight before surgery so I can focus on maintaining my appearance.

After the birth of my second child my booty got smaller. I was always thick with a big booty. I still have booty but it doesn't compare to what I had.I am just ready to be happy and healthy. My main priority right now is to lose 7lbs before 2012.

I hope to meet many supportive friends. I know my sx if far from now but I couldn't help but post sum before pics.I will post better pics throughout my journey.

Dra. Cardenas is one of a kind. I have never came...

Dra. Cardenas is one of a kind. I have never came across a doc so caring and supportive. I got a TT, lipo to waist, back, and inner thighs. I love my TT!!! I never thought I would feel the way I do. It has given me sooo much more confidence.

March 28th I arrived at BC and met many wonderful...

March 28th I arrived at BC and met many wonderful women. I was there with Free, Thicknthighs, Latina Hermosa, Mimi4me, and Osenuous(sp). Immediately, I was greeted and fed. I ate waffles, eggs, and a fruit salad. The fresh pineapple juice was delish! I met Dra. Cardenas that night and she talked to me. I was sooo nervous. I went to sleep early becuz I couldnt eat anything after 8.

March 29th I woke up to shower thoroughly. I was at sx center for 8:00. After signing paperwork, I got undressed and marked up. Cardenas explained to everything to me thoroughly. I was sooo nervous I didnt hear most of what she said. The anesthesgiologist was very nice. Nxt thing I know I was being rolled in sx, I was given an IV. I saw them prepping the instruments, then I was sleep. I woke up in recovery. Idk what time it was! I was very weak and in pain. I barely slept.

March 30th Cardenas came by in the morning n told me sx went well n that my skin was VERY tight! I was only able to get 800ccs and 250 in each hip. I went back to BC and recovered there.

I had fun at BC. The nurses took great care of me. They wasnt always the fastest moving ppl. However, when u have a house of 6 women in pain I wouldnt be that fast either. The food was fresh and healthy. It wasn’t always something I liked but I knew ti was good for me. I dint have much of an appetite anyway. My sheets were changed daily! My room and bathroom was cleaned daily! Also, my garment was washed daily. The only complaint I have is that I wish the phones worked better.

All of the women I met at BC I stay in contact with them. I had a great time at BC. The nurses made sure I was taken care of. The 1st 3 days po are a blur to me. All I remember from those days was arriving after sx, walking up the stairs and being put in the bed. I remember nothing else. Lol. I was very uncomfortable!!! It wasnt extreme pain but is major discomfort. It was hard finding a position to get in. The boppy was not as comfy as ppl said. I slept with my boppy for the 1st 3 days. After that, I slept on a pillow. The 1st shower I took felt soooooooooo good!!! The 1st days I took a shower the nurses assisted me. I took a shower by myself. I got about 5-7 massages. They felt great! It helped me sooo much. The 1st time was kind of painful but I felt much better afterwards. Day 5 I felt much better.After that everything continued to get better. I got my stitches taken out on Day 8. I left BC on April 8th.

When I got home, my lower tummy began to swell. I was still stiff n sore but I felt ok. The stiffness was the worst part. I got tired very easily! Just putting on clothes, I would huffing n puffing! Its exhausting. Plz be prepared. I hope u have help. I needed help going to the store. I would get so tired n over heated real fast. The TT had me feeling a “pulling" sensation. Finally, I began to feel normal about 4 weeks po.

Now today I am almost 3 months po. I love my shape...

Now today I am almost 3 months po. I love my shape n my TT!! Cardenas gave me an hourgalss shape. I wish she would have given me the booty I wanted. She gave me ass from the back but not from the sides. I have no projection. I kno my lower back is still swollen but damn! Lol. I DO NOT regret going to her becuz she gave me a shape to die for! I look amazing in clothes. In addition, I didnt explain to her what I wanted. My skin was also tight. Idk if women absorb differently. All I know is that Im happy I had this sx. I wouldnt take it back for nothing. My focus was a flat tummy and slim waist. I got that. I never thought a TT would give me the confidence I have.

With all that being said, I will be going to Campos for round 2. I will be getting lipo to tummy, waist and back fg to buttocks. I think most women complain about having a little fat on their back after lipo. Every woman I know(I know women that went to every doc, Campos,Salama, Pantoja, and Cardenas) I still ahve sum fat on my back. Im not sure when I will be going back for round 2. I will focus on getting my body toned. Sorry so long any questions ask away.

I am officially 3 months po. Im loving everything....

I am officially 3 months po. Im loving everything. However, round 2 will be in my future. :)

I am really confused as to which doc I will choose...

I am really confused as to which doc I will choose. I want Campos but I also want Cardenas.

Hello!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I haven't been on in soo...

Hello!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I haven't been on in soo long. So much has changed since I had sx. I have gained 10lbs!! Fml. My round 2 with Campos was scheduled for March 28th,however I rescheduled for July. I want enough time to lose the weight I wanna lose. Im still happy with my body. However, there are some things I don't like. My scar is very dark. At 1st I thought it was just me, its not. I realized most of Cardenas' patients TT are dark. I dnt regret it tho. My confidence is still throught the roof!!! Rd 2 I will be getting lipo to tummy, back, waist, arms, and fg. I cant wait til I let Campos put the finsihing touches on me!! :)

Still planning my round 2

My round 2 has been postponed AGAIN!!!! So much keeps happening and everything always falls on me financially. Sometimes I feel like I am my mother's only child(she has 4).
Well I am definitely still getting my round 2. Campos is my #1 choice unless I see a great doc in the DR. However, with so much going on over there, I probably will stick with Campos.
It's hard scheduling sx because Im a full time student. So I have to schedule sx around my school schedule. Im hoping 2 weeks will be enough 2 recover from lipo. I don't want 2 have sx in the summer, so Im aiming for spring break in April.
Another concern of my mine is Angie. I have heard many times that she tried to increase ppl's quotes when they got there. I don't have time for the bs. So Im gonna make sure 2 confirm EVERYTHING b4 I go.
Im ready to get rd 2 over with. Its more exhausting and confusing than rd1. Trying to find the perfect doc for me has been hard.
I am still in the process of losing weight. My highest was 214 lbs. I got down to 188 lbs. Now I am 194. My goal weight is between 170-180. It's a process but no way in hell Im going into rd 2 unsatisfied with my weight. I know for a fact you get better results when your body is at a healthier weight.
Btw, since losing weight I have lost a little booty, not much. Other ppl don't notice but I did. It doesn't bother me tho. Also, I have lost sum of my hips. That doesn't bother me either. My main focus is losing this back fat. It is getting better everyday.
My advice to anyone having sx would be to RESEARCH!!! Stop letting ppl fill your heads with "information." Do your own research and make your choices. There is plenty of great info out there. But sum ppl don't wanna research. They want everything spoonfed 2 them. Sx is something serious and it should be taken seriously.
I will write another update when my rd 2 gets closer.
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