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Hi everyone. i mostly lurk here & i've posted...

hi everyone. i mostly lurk here & i've posted a few times, but i wanted to share some before/pre-op pics that i altered with the help of the Plastic Surgery Simulator app that i downloaded from the apple store. i'm going to dr. campos for round 2 on june 13, and the altered photos are going to give him an idea of what i'd like my body to look like.

Hi everyone. i am 10 days post-op from surgery...

hi everyone. i am 10 days post-op from surgery w/dr campos & i am thrilled w/my results. i'll post pics & a review later, as soon as i feel better & the swelling goes down. i flew back home early because trying to stay 11 days was not the business for me. but there is something that went down while i was at beauty care & i feel that i need to share it w/you guys. there is no more beauty care...for right now.

i had been at beauty care since tuesday, june 12th. on thursday morning i was the only patient at beauty care except for m.m. (i don't want to mention her name because of the situation & her privacy). we introduced ourselves to each other & she said that she was from nyc. she said that although she frequents mmh & real self she doesn't post. m.m. was off to surgery w/dr. pantoja for lipo & bbl. i wished her luck & said that we'd talk when she got back on friday. well, m.m. wasn't so lucky. friday morning at about10:10 i was the only patient at beauty care. i was in my room watching tv & i could hear people coming up the steps so i assumed it was m.m. coming back from dr. pantoja. all of a sudden i hear a loud thud on the steps & this real loud guttural moaning like someone is in really bad pain. next, i hear a lot of spanish being spoken like people in a panic & lots of running around going on upstairs. at this point i get myself out of bed to see what the hell all this commotion is. OMG! when i get to the top of the stairs i see m.m. laid out moaning. she was in serious distress!!! the nurses sprang into action getting all this medical equipment & dra. candenas was there too. i know they had to call her to tell her what was going on, but she must have already been walking in the door because she stopped by the house several times while i stayed there, but dra. cardenas was giving m.m. cpr & they had to use some of the medical equipment on her. i was just standing there w/my mouth literally open because i have never seen anything like this before. it was extremely scary because m.m. was just getting worst. at one point i believed her to be dead. that's how bad the situation was. the ambulance arrived & they worked on her & took her away to the hospital. m.m. looked DEAD! jump to wednesday, june 20th. between that friday to this past wednesday, m.m. was in the general hospital. i was told that she had to have 3 blood transfusions, & was going to be ok, but that never sat right w/me because i'll say it again, she looked the recovery house & being taken out on a gurney to the hospital. dra. cardenas came to me when ready4BBL & her friend left & let me know the real deal because once again, i was the only patient in the house at this time. dra. cardenas explained to me that dr. pantoja's patient m.m. had a turn for the worst. after her surgery the hospital discovered that m.m. had not 1, but several blood clots located in her lungs & she is now in a coma. i felt so bad for her.
i had prayed for her recovery every night. her family is in tijuana w/her now. because of this dr. pantoja decided to blame dra. cardenas & beauty care for her dismal condition. i was like, "WTF? how is dr. pantoja trying to blame dra. cardenas & beauty care? m.m. had surgery performed by dr. pantoja not dra. cardenas. m.m. stayed overnight at dr. pantoja's clinic w/his nurse, not at beauty care & their nurses. dr. pantoja released m.m. from his care saying that she was well enough not dra. cardenas. m.m. was at the recovery house for all of 10 min maybe before she collapsed, but what i know for sure is that all dra. cardenas & the nurses at beauty care did was try to save dr. pantoja's patient because this is something that i witnessed w/my own eyes. dra. cardenas told me that dr. pantoja had powerful friends behind him & because of this, the health dept. was ordering beauty care to shut down on sunday after their last patient, (me) left. a few minutes later dra. cardenas came to me & told me that the health dept. called & ordered her to shut it down NOW! i guess the health dept. didn't give a damn that they still had a patient recovering from surgery. i just felt so bad for everyone involved. m.m. being in a coma after having surgery w/pantoja, her family having to go through this, dra. cardenas being blamed by dr. pantoja for his patient's declining health, & beauty care being shut down & now you have several people losing their jobs because dr. pantoja doesn't want to except the fact that this is more likely his fault more so than anyone else's. although the blood clots were the way her body reacted to the surgery & dr. pantoja may not be at fault, but for him to blame dra. cardenas & beauty care while absolving himself is absurd. dra. cardenas felt so bad that i had to leave immediately. she refunded the portion of my money that wouldn't be used towards my stay at beauty care. as a matter of fact, she refunded me more than she owed because she said that i shouldn't have to be affected by this durning my recovery. i assured her that i did not believe she was at fault because all she did was try to save his patient. i packed my bag & they found a room for me at the palacio azteca. she reassured me that all of beauty care's services were at my disposal & if i needed a nurse to stay w/me then that would happen. we hugged and i thanked her before i left. she really is a classy, sweet person. that night (wednesday) i stayed at palacio azteca & decided i was just ready to go home. i booked a red eye for thursday night. thursday morning carmen picked me up & took me to my appointment w/dr. campos' masseuse who hurts like hell, but you feel so much better afterwards as long as you take a percocet before the massage. i stayed in my room until gabriel who by the way is a really cool & funny guy picked me up to drop me off at the san diego airport. my experience w/beauty care was great! the incident that took place wasn't. i arrived home at 9 am & this afternoon ronnie called to check up on me to see if i was ok. anyone who says that those affiliated w/beauty care are unprofessional are not correct. please pray for m.m. that she recovers & is able to go home soon. also, please pray for dr. cardenas & the beauty care staff because what dr. pantoja threw their way was not fair nor was it called for. i wish the best for everyone!!!

Today makes 2 wks post-op for me. overall, i'm...

today makes 2 wks post-op for me. overall, i'm doing fine w/my recovery. i'm still swollen, sore, & stiff, but i go to my lymphatic drainage therapy sessions twice a week & it really does help. my therapist is fantastic! not only does she help w/keeping the lymph nodes working properly she also helps to reduce my scar tissue & i have a lot of it.
i had my surgery w/dr. campos on june 13th & i'm very happy. i had liposuction of the arms, abs, full back, waist & a bbl. dr. campos removed 3500 cc's of fat & i had 1020 cc's injected into each cheek. he did add hips, but i don't know how many cc's. ladies, when they say stay off your butt/hips do so. round 1 i didn't sit for 8 wks + 1 day. round 2, i was on my butt not a lot, but more than i would have preferred because i slept in a hospital bed so i would prop myself up w/pillows underneath me which was cool, but when i had to get out of the bed i would slide out on my left side. now i've noticed that although i'm still swollen my left & right sides are different sizes. now, on my left side i can tell that the swelling has gone down more than the right side & my hip looks as if it has reabsorbed (which i don't care because i didn't really want hips to begin with). overall, my left side is smaller than the right. my entire right side from my arm all the away down to my ankle is more swollen than the right so i'm not in panic mode since it's only week 2. i've been sleeping on my right hip in the hopes that it will reabsorb & even out w/the left side. has this happened to anyone else?
i don't even have the energy to do a detailed, blow by blow review because it's just going to say the same thing as all the others, but in a nut shell i found dr. campos to be a warm, funny person who listened to everything i wanted. he told me what he could & couldn't do & i was never rushed. i really think he paid attention to all the complaints about him that were posted in the past & stepped it up. he did tell me that i can never have lipo agin because i have no fat left & now i have a lot of built up scar tissue because i've had lipo before. his staff was great & the massage therapist hurt like hell, but i just took a percocet 45 min. before each appt. & the massages became tolerable. those massages left me feeling less sore, less stiff, & got the fluid out. if you can, get angie to see if she can schedule ALL of your massage appt. ahead of time because the massage therapist stays booked up. i had to wait 5 days before my first massage, but then i was able to have a massage everyday until i left. i stayed at beauty care & all i can say is that EVERYONE was wonderful. the bathrooms were SCRUBBED everyday, linens changed daily, fresh towels daily, bedrooms dusted, swept, & mopped daily, & the laundry washed daily. the food was definitely nutritious and tasty. the nurses did not let you lift a finger. dra. cardenas stopped by often & although i was not her patient she did stop in to check on me and asked me how i felt. the nurses took my temperature & blood pressure daily. when beauty care reopens i suggest anyone who wants to have a worry free, stressless recovery to stay w/them. gabriel the driver was great. he loves to talk which is cool when you have to wait for 2 hrs crossing the border. i enjoyed all the staff members at beauty care because they were just genuinely kind hearted people. my experience of having survey in tijuana was a positive one. i never felt scared while i was there. don't believe the negative hype that americans are always saying about tijuana.

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