Loving My BOOTAY! Updated PICS -Round 2 Dr. Pazmino 10/25/12 - hardness/flatness anyone??? - Miami, FL

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I was initially looking to have lipo... When I...

I was initially looking to have lipo... When I learned that the fat can be transferred to my buttocks I felt it was a win win. I have stubborn belly fat that runs in my family and no butt which also runs in my family :-). I'm slightly hippy and have an average frame. I wanted to be proportioned with my DDs...

I leave for my BBL procedure on tomorrow!!!

I leave for my BBL procedure on tomorrow!!!

I'm currently in flight to have my procedure, I'm...

I'm currently in flight to have my procedure, I'm excited, anxious yet nervous! I was able to speak to someone today who had the surgery one year ago and she maintained her results and absolutely loves her butt. She really motivated me and gave me the reassurance I needed!

I took the proper precaution steps and had two pre-op lymphatic massages to get my tissue ready to not retain as much fluid. I had one massage today and the other on yesterday (just in time)!! I will continue with them thereafter, perhaps 4 more sessions. The massage therapist specializes in thus manual form of lymphatic massage and said it will cut my recovery time in half. On today she advised that she has noticed a significant change in my stomach from just one massage. That change being less fullness and fluid. I was advised to drink lots of water immediately after and throughout thus process yo help move the fluids out.

Thursday is the final in office pre-op consult! I'm excited to hear what he has laid out for me. Fyi I brought all my pads, gause and bolster pillows and other recovery items with me. I also obtained my post op prescription from my local pharmacy as well before heading out. I THINK I'm all set!

Just had my final consult! I am very confident in...

just had my final consult! I am very confident in Dr Pazmino's ability. Can't wait until we get started in the AM! Goodnight and thank you all for the encouragement and prayers.

The day of the procedure I was nervous and my...

The day of the procedure I was nervous and my pressure was high! They Gave me some "happy juice"! One moment I was laughing and talking with my sis and the next I woke up on my side! Due to the Anestesia, I was a bit nausea and weak but after meds I was fine. Slight dizziness and light headed but again all due to the Anestesia. We started around 730a and he finished about 145p. He lipo everything!!! The areas that I felt were a concern he completed (inner thighs, entire back and the fat along side of mt breast area)! In addition to my abs, upper back thigh and love handles. I was walking that night after I slept off the Anestesia. Every 2 hrs I got up and walked, franked Gatorade and took my antibiotics and Tylenol. The pain was minimal just throbbing in my butt. I'm shocked at the minimal pain. I went for my post op this AM where they inserted padding under my garment to keep the swelling down near the butt area. Thus far I am satisfied with the results! I see my slim waist and plump butt with all the swelling! After my office visit, my sister and I went walking at a nearby strip mall. I think we walked for about 3 hrs (doctor's orders). It's important to be mobile your first 3 days to get your blood circulating. I also purchased a 2nd garment, boppy for flight home a
D a special chair to aid in sitting. It's not the most comfortable chair but beats laying on my stomach 24-7. Overall, I'm pleased. Pics will be up in a few hours. Thanks again all for the well wishes and prayers! Smooches!

I just returned home on last night and traveling...

I just returned home on last night and traveling back was quite an experience! :) I have the pics to show but I think i made it work! The soreness was there but not as bad as I thought it was! I may have taken 2 prescribed pain pills since Friday. I've been taking extra strength tylenol to help with slight fever (no higher than 100) and minimal pain. I was advised to keep an ice pack on my swollen areas and noticed a differnce in 24 hours! Still today i'm pretty swollen however I see the curves. When i visited my doc for my 1st post op visit the day after and Monday, prior to my departure, my doc face glow's with excitement and pride as he discuss his work and all that he's done. One thing that i've learned is that it's not about the CCs placed... it's all about the sculpting.... I had 4000CCs removed and 800cc placed in each side. My hipes were expanded a bit as well upper and inner thighs lipo'd as well as my back. I have muscles showing in my abs and a side dip! This man is awesome! He describes my body as "ammmmazingggg" and glows like a little kid! Someone who's this passionate in his work and treats his clients as his masterpiece will always rank number one with me. BBL is about Sculpting, Lipo and Fat grafting... without all you're selling yourself short... check out my photos that are not even a week post op... Again, i still have lots of swelling. When i sent my pics in today, i was advised i was healing well!

Today i make 21 days post op. The soreness and...

Today i make 21 days post op. The soreness and stiffness is still there however it's much better than it was initially. I had my first post lymphatic massage on yesterday and I must say it helped a lot however i feel the stiffness coming back. I did purchase epsom salt and drops that's used to pull most of the toxins and fluids out when soaking for about 10-20 minutes per my massage therapist. I'll use it for the first time on tomorrow. Dr. P really focused on my lowerback and scoop so it's very tender and stiff in that area. I was driving and dropped my cellphone to the floor, bent down to pick it up while sitting up on the boppy pillow and OH MY GOODNESS, i was in pain! it's been a week since i've been sitting on the boppy pillow. It was very uncomfortable the first couple of days. The Dr.'s office did advise me to sit for 30 minutes at a time and walk around to stretch in between sets... It helped and utilizing the boppy is getting a bit bettter...not totally comfortable but at least i can sit... i have 2 more weeks of the boppy. Around the butt area where the fat injections were made is now soft however there is a rather large area on both cheeks that's pretty firm. As areas of my button start to soften up and "pop out", i'm starting to like it's shape. I hope I don't lose much fat because i like the size that i'm at now. I learned that Dr. P added 800cc ti each cheek and hip. I see now that some swelling is going down in my butt, back, abs and love handles. After having my 2 week followup with Dr. P on Monday, I was advisely to continue to wear the padding in my back and flat board in my abs which is very painful. I think i'm to wear this for the entire month... so i have about another weke and hopefully i can be done w/it. it makes certian article of clothing look very bulky so i wear cardigans and big fluffy shirts witgh my slacks at work. I'm starting to see the small waist and big butt :) 19 days post op pics are posted below.

3 week post op pics as of 2/24/2012. I'm still...

3 week post op pics as of 2/24/2012. I'm still swollen but starting tosee the results. Today at 24 days post op, I can see the cuts that Dr. Pazmino made to show off my abdomen and give my body a long look due to my short tourso. Thus far i'm still satisfied. I'm still swolen, my love handles aren't completely gone and my back fat in shrinking slowly but surely. What i'm told is that the love handles will go away last... so i have to be patien ;-\

I'm a little over 6 weeks and feeling pretty good....

I'm a little over 6 weeks and feeling pretty good. I'm still vey swollen and due to that Dr. P have me on Arnica. Arnica is a natural supplement that helps to reduce the swelling. I've been taking this for 3 days now and i'm starting to see a little change in the swelling. As you will see in the pictures below, due to the aggressive lipo in my lower back area and scoop i'm very swollen and hard in that area. I'm still stiff and ache in that area but the pain is definitely tolerable.

I've been off the boppy for almost a week. (I sat in my special chair for 2 weeks and on the boppy 4 weeks) At first sitting on my bare butt proposed an issue b/c it was still hard and ached. At this time my butt is still hard which my doc says is normal, i just lightly rub it from time to time to soothe it. I also use my hand massager since i stopped with the lyphatic massages.

I have to remain in my garment he said for a total of 6 months however i'm not confined to it 23 hours a day. After 6 weeks, if i go out for a few hours, the doc said it's ok to leave it off. I was originally a size 12 weighing in at 185lbs going into the surgery. I went into a size 10 easily and even now it's a bit loose. I suspect by August i would be close to an 8 but may need to remain in a 10 due to my donk. My waist is starting to shrink up and from the back i'm noticing my hour glass starting to form. I still have lots of swelling in my abs but see the definition starting to come in!!! I'm patiently waiting for the sides to go in in which i'm told this is usually the last area to dip in. I've also dropped down to a Large in my garment.

I began working out on Monday (3 days ago). I'm scared to do an intense workout for fear of losing my butt ;) I've been working out my abs and i play volleyball once a week. Sand Volleyball is the most cardio i will do in a weeks time. I'm actually feeling the effect in my upper thighs but know it ill take time for my body to get use to being active again. I overdid the ab workout b/c I was feeling a bit nauseaus and had to drink powerade and eat a light dinner to feel better. Key thing is listening to your body.

Ladies, the most advise i can give to all my fellow BBLifters is to exercise PATIENCE! That's the key. Drink lots of water, watch your diet and follow your post care instructions. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH. Inbox me if i left anything out that you would like me to answer. Thanks! 6 week post op pics below

Update!   I’m about a week shy of my 3 month...

I’m about a week shy of my 3 month post op mark.
I’m feeling ok.  More irritable at times LOL.  I’m starting to see my cuts around my abdomen.  My stomach isn’t as flat.  If I’m not mistaken, I believe Dr. Pazmino stated that it may not be as flat due to the fat under my muscles which may require tummy tuck (I'll pass!)

My waist is starting to go in just a little but I don’t see much progress in my inner thighs.  My back is starting to smooth out and I’m still a bit sensitive in my lower back.  I’m not as swollen as I was in the past so I see where the swelling is going down.  My abs and stomach look their best in the morning!  I’m like wow! When I look in the mirror! 

My butt is still a bit hard in its center area and there are a few lumps.  I’m hoping this will subside as I continue to heal and that the butt will eventually soften up totally.  How long does it usually take for the butt to soften up and the lumps to smooth out?  My butt has definitely rounded up and I’m starting to see the hangover at the bottom of the butt cheeks. I’m assuming even more fullness will come as the hardness softens up and POPS out!

Overall I’m feeling ok.  I’m a bit irritated in this suit (it’s hot) and I have a few sharp pains, some throbbing has increased and soreness.  I’m assuming that my skin cells are starting to wake up! 

My garment is a little loose and I may have to go down to a medium but I don’t know how a medium is going to fit over this butt.  I am wiggling and dancing the large over my butt at this time.  I’m continuing to wear the cushion in my back and the board in my front stomach area on an almost daily basis.  Some clothes I just can’t get away with it in.  It bulks me up!  But for the most part I do wear the padding and board.   At night I wear the larger garment with the padding to give myself a little break and wash the one i just took off and during special events I may go without the garment for a few hours and place it on upon returning home almost immediately. 

I’m very excited about my progress at this point and EVERYONE notices the difference.  I had my birthday party last month and I must say I made a lasting impression!  As always I do appreciate your responses, tips and remaining in close contact with me as I continue my recovery.

Today marks 3 months since my BBL. Overall I feel...

Today marks 3 months since my BBL. Overall I feel great. I still have tenderness in my stomach area and my butt is still a little sensitive. A little hard in the center still but i just began lightly massaging it in the evenings before i go to bed. I'm not lumpy and my butt looks even. I still have volume and haven't loss much more. Due to the aggressive lipo done on my back i do have paint there from time to time. I find myself getting up slow and having to move around a bit more to stretch out that area. I toss and turn a bit at night and find myself moaning when the back pain gets that great. I try to stay off my sides b/c i'm still scared that i may squish my hips in!!! LOL. I still soak in my epsom salt and hand massage the butt area lightly to soften it up. I love the way that my butt fits in my pants and in dresses it's defnitely popping! I'm still swollen a bit and can't wait until my waist cinch in. I am still to wear my garment for another 3 months and my butt is really starting to take its form. I began working out 4 days a week this week and hope this contributes to speeding up my recovery and minimize the swelling. I have been instructed to no longer take the Arnica which aids in reducing swelling. Dr.P did advise me that i will experience significant reduction in my swelling in months 3 and 4. Fingers crossed! Updated Pics Below.

I just had my followup consult with Dr. Pazmino...

I just had my followup consult with Dr. Pazmino today and he's very excited about my results. I asked some of the questions that you ladies asked me which was it is very normal for the butt to remain hard at this point. He states that the fat is still in the process of reestablishing itself and this is a good thing. A lot of the ladies stated how their butts got bigger 3 and 4 months out. It's due to this reason... As the butt continues to soften up and fluffs or pops out your butt will get rounder. He stated that I still have lots of swelling in my abdomen and lower back. I mentioned how within the last week i began experiencing a tightening sensation in my lower back mid to upper back and sides. He stated this was very normal and that this was due to the tightening technology they used with the lipo that tightens the skin cells, etc to prevent the loose skin. So I welcome the back pain if it means i'm tightening up! I was told to get off of the Arnica (assist with swelling reduction) and continue to wear my garment. *Sigh* Another 3 months to go!! Due to my butt expanding a bit more, I can't get out of the large garment i'm currently in. I have to take in the top of the garment b/c the garmen should be tight enough to cup the butt and lift it but not squeeze it in whereas it will effect the outcome of my butt. The good news is that Dr. Pazmino has confirmed that I will not loose any more fat wooohooo! I think my butt is getting perfect by the month and i'm just a waiting patiently for this waist to cinch in. He stated that as the back begin tightening as well as the waist that my hips will pop more and show off my curves. I went into surgery weighing 187lbs at 5'5" so i had a lot of work that was needed. I took my measurements and they are as follow: 41-35.5-44

I just ordered my waist cincher!!! Slimming...

I just ordered my waist cincher!!! Slimming thermal cincher to be exact! I'm told this garment will shrink you from 1-4" in 30 days! I did a 2 day shipment so I can start wearing this ASAP! Of course seek your doctor approval ladies! I've been begging for this since day 1! I finally received the ok to switch up between the cincher and my new garment that they're sending me this week!! I was stuck with the garment until my butt achieved the desirable lift of my doctor. 3 1/2 months in that garment was worth it! I have another 2 1/2 to go... :-( A very humbling experience I tell ya... Smh. Well as instructed I will continue to wear both interchangeably perhaps the cincher during the work day and the garment in the evening and at night time. I've never been excited a day in my life! Well I am really anticipating my waist going in more so it can make my butt POP even more!! At $38 i believe the garment is worth a try! Stay tuned!

Bad News!!! The waist cincher was way too big(42)...

Bad News!!! The waist cincher was way too big(42) Per the recommendation of the rep based on measurements!! So upset! AND the waist cincher is too long... I have a short torso... Any recommendations!?

Wow... Where to start... these 6 months went by...

Wow... Where to start... these 6 months went by pretty darn quick! It was a very trying time and i'm so excited to be out of the garment!!! Despite the pain and discomfort adn inconvenience involved, I will definitely do this again and recommend anyone that's truly interested in obtaining a nice butt and overall body contouring to do the same.

The best advice that I can give to you ladies and gents is to be patient. This is a very intense procedure with an extensive healing period. Patience patience Patience! Remember that your body is different form others and will heal at different rates. Don't expect to see the results you want the day after surgery... Give your swelling time to subside and your body time to heal. That was my biggest issue... Drains were not used on me so I saw much more swelling for extended periods of time than the other ladies. Dr. Pazmino has however began using drains. He's done a few on here after me and the healing period and swelling went down a great deal.

It's sad because prior to this process, i never knew how out of shape and extremely fat in the center i was! It was embarrassing! I am going back in a couple months for more lipo. Dr. P has a new vaser lipo procedure he's began using... It melts away the hard stubborn fat and tissue that is hereditary in me and my family. This is my alternative to a TT... Whereas a lot of my stomach fat is gone... I need the remainder of this fat out and is on schedule for more lipo of the abs, flanks, upper back, up to my arm pits and inner thighs in October. We've spoke on him adding to my hips. No need to let the good fat go to waste! So we're going to add 1-1 1/2" of hips on each side to give me more of that hourglass look.

Your thoughts!?

i will probably post 6 months post op pictures in the next few days.

I'll talk to you all soon!

Hello All! What an experience!!! and i'm going in...

Hello All! What an experience!!! and i'm going in for round 2 in October!! :) Nope, i'm not crazy. I think that i've healed pretty well and love my results. My round 2 will be for touch ups and of course more lipo. I'm 90% back to normal. I do have a small hard spot in the center of each butt cheek but in the last month it has softened up tremendously. It's aching a bit so i guess the fat is still working it's magic.

I purchases some undies maybe a month ago and it looked like i "grew" a bit more... well needless to say the new panties i purchased a month ago are to darn small! It's cutting off my circulation so they've been trashed! I dont' know if i'm gaining a lil fat and it's going to my butt but i definitely don't mind it at all! :)

My measurements i believe are 36-34-43 1/2 i would like to get my waist down to a 29 hence the reason why i'm going in for more lipo in October. I was a pretty thick girl... I didn't realize how big i was. i was totally shocked at my before and after. Even though the pics show a pretty major difference, i still want more work done. I'll be honest and say i have not kept up to the best workout and eating regimen but the 2nd time for me will be a charm. I'm in a loose 10 now whereas i was in a tight 12. My butt is taking up most of the space in my pasts. My goal for my upcoming surgery is to add maybe 2" to my hips and fill in and round up my butt a bit more. I think my projection is perfect but i wouldn't mind that SLIGHT hangover... so lipo to the abs, flanks, upper back and inner thighs will happen in October with a bit more addition/fill-in. I pretty much will leave it up to Dr. Pazmino to give me what he feels is best to achieve the most NATURAL look.

The bulk of my fat has survived and i'm very proud of that. It pays to properly separate the good from the bad fat before injection ladies! Honestly, I did not show Dr. P a wish pic. I talked to him and advised him what i was looking for and he made it happen. I have some updated pics and will do side by side before and afters. I am a bit more confident but i don't allow my new body to change me, who and who's I am.

This was a very humbling experience for me as well as a very emotional roller coaster...I had a very supportive family, BF and friends here from real self! I appreciate the encouragement, follow-ups and shared experiences! Much love and I will keep you all posted on my next procedure. We are going to use the vaser lipo procedure which melts the fat and tightens the skin. This should take my waist in a bit more and give me the more hour glass figure with the hips addition. Initially i was done with adding to the butt but why let "good" fat go to waste!? *wink*

Until next time ladies...

I had a physical consult and post checkup with Dr....

I had a physical consult and post checkup with Dr. Pazmino recently and grew even more excited with my round 2!!! We're going to lipo more in the abs, flanks, entire back, underarms near breast area, upper arms and perhaps my inner thighs. He was very excited about my results and after standing infront of the ceiling to floor mirror and seeing my entire body for the first time, it just flows! Why you ask am i going for round 2!? I need more fat outta here! I want a solid ripped up stomach and toned arms! Then Dr. P asked the million dollar question: What are we going to do with all this fat that we've harvest!? Well doc i'm glad you asked! Let's add a bit more to my hips, fill me in areas as you deem fit and perhaps round up my cheeks a bit more. Dr. P agreed that more hips will add to my shape. I showed him a few pics of my vision of the additions I stressed that i wanted the shape to flow and look as natural as possible (as my current procedure) and most importantly i want whatever additions made to go with my frame. As i've done in the past, i stressed to Dr. P what i wanted and advised him while i'm on that table for him to make the determination if more is needed and where. I'm curently 36-34-43 and hope after round 2 my new measurements are at least 34-30-45. I'm set to go in next month and more than certain this will be my final round. Ladies don't be alarmed, it's common for ladies to go for a round 2. More thicker ladies such as myself usually have to go for a round 2 to be rid of any additional tummy fat which i have lots of. i'll try to post some side by side pics when i get the opportunity to. I'm really pumped about next month! I feel like this will definitely be the icing on the cake... Even though my family and friends say that my butt is perfect, I don't see the sense in allowing good fat to go to waste! Until next time. Take care ladies.

Everything is still well with my BBL. I'm getting...

Everything is still well with my BBL. I'm getting anxious as I near round 2 10/25/12.

I see areas that i would like to have retouched. I'm going for my 2nd deep tissue massage of my butt today to help to soften it up a bit before I go in for the 2nd round. Dr. Pazmino stated that he can go in and break up the fat to help soften it up but I prefer to try and have it massaged out and see how much more softer i can get it before the procedure.

I like the projection of my butt but I think I would like to have more fullness and definitley expand my hips out 2-5" more. I would like my butt to be more of a full heart shape. Dr. Pazmino and his staff has assured me that this 6 technique procedure of the improved BBL which now includes the full Body Lift will give me the results that I want and I will be 100% satisfied. Fingers crossed, because this is the LAST time i'm going in! :) We spoke on lipo the abs, flanks, remaining of upper back, under arm fat, upper arms and inner thighs. My hope is to be at a 34-30-45.

I'm not looking forward to the recovery but I'm told that it may not be as bad and based on the areas that i want more fat added center of the butt (where it's hard and slighly flat due to the hardness) as well as hip expansion, I may NOT have to go without sitting on my butt for too long. I was asked to just bring my boppy and my portable chair. So hopefully i don't have to go the full 6 weeks without sitting.

I've included updated pics. Your thoughts.

Ladies, all i can say is I am in love with my...

Ladies, all i can say is I am in love with my curves: reverse heart shaped butt, hip addition and fuller butt! My waist is tiny tiny tiny!!! I love it! Dr. Pazmino used a 6 technique form of lipo get me the curves I desired. I was told that he didn't know if he would be able to get ALL of the fat b/c my fat was hard and we thought it was the fat that covered the organs... Well, lovies, when I spoke to Dr. P via phone (yes he makes house calls!) on a Saturday, he told me how he was able to get ALL the fat. Even the fat that was as hard as a concrete. He stated that he didn't think he would be able to get it all but he was able to get "much much more" than he imagined! When i first began this journey back in February i was a size 12. I am proud to say that I tried on a jumpsuit (of course it has to stretch to fit over this badonka donk) and it was a Size 8!

This round 2 had me down a little bit longer than the first round. There was no talknig on the phone and laughing and giggling with my friend girls like I did last time... I honestly could not get out of the bed until the morning of the following day. Surgery started at 830am, i was waking up around 530p. In fact i received the nickname "sleeping beauty" at the facility! I had drains this round which i did not have the 1st round and I must say it messed me up mentally. The pain was bareable and not as bad as the 1st time or it could be that I was a veteran to this... The drains (4 total, 2 bulbs) however were a bit uncomfortable around day 7 when my feeling was starting to come back. It was almost impossible to get a good night's sleep wtih the drain coming out of my navel. The pressure really made sleeping uncomfortable on the tummy. i did not want to sleep on my sides for fear of messing up my hip injections.

For 11 days i only wore the compressed vest that Dr. P has especially made. My garment would not fit over the vest... Due to me only having my top half compressed my bottom have was very very swollen to the point where my bottom half was shaped like an apple! Can you say stoked!? I was very panicky and contact Dr. P's office immediately. I was so worried about my results coming out the way I want them b/c I made up my mind that this was my final round. In fact I loss appetite and did not eat for 1 1/2 days worried about the swelling... I should have known from the first round that this procedure is a very emotional roller coaster.. You're up you're down...you're happy you're sad... you love your results, you don't like them much... You all need to understand that your body has gone through great trauma and it's in the healing process.

I had lipo of the entire back, under arms, entire tummy, flanks, a little from my outter thighs and my inner thighs. I just made up my mind that there's no hope for the inner thighs and i'm ok with that b/c my legs are not the biggest... Dr. P added fat to my hips, filled in my butt and he also sculpted my lower back a bit more to give me a more sloped transition into my butt! I love it!

I had my drains in for 11 days. The navel and butt drains did not hurt BUT the ones in my groin when his assistant removed those (at the same time) hurt like i don't know what! The drains inside me seem like they were a foot long. When cleaning the drains, it feels like it's pinching your insides but there's a trick to cleaning them to minimize that discomfort: simply pinch a much smaller portion at a time until the discomfort subsides. Also after a few days of cleaning, the discomfort due to the air build up (as it was explained to me) goes away eventually. After my drains were removed, i went into my full garment and thank goodness for that. I saw my upper hip areas staring to go down almost immediately. Along with the garment I wore the board in my ab area and the molded fiberglass to my back. This makes all the difference in the world ladies b/c both are so thin and you cannot see it through your clothing. The vest on the other hand made me feel like a TelleTubby...

I would definitley recommend using the adult diapers for the drainage. Again the navel and butt drains are open so they just drain out. I didn't like the feel of the drains down my flesh and it will also seep into your vaginal area resulting in rashes, irritation, etc... so in additiion to wearing the diaper, I added a kotex right over the navel (going across) and back/butt drain (going downward) to catch the fluid. the first few days I had to use gauze between my butt cheeks in addition to the kotex for the back drainage.

The flight home I was advised I can sit on the boppy b/c he stated he didn't add much more to the butt whereas sitting on the boppy would affect it. I stood up for about 45 mins before we reached turbulence and I had to buckle down for the rest of the ride. I was told to not sit on my butt at all for 2 weeks. Then sit on boppy (getting up quite often between time) for about a week then i was free to sit on my bare donk! I was instructed to wear the garment for 3 months for now... and the board and fiberglass molding for 1 month. The only concern that I have is the garment that I brought with me does not reach my full back in which that area was lipo'd as well. I sent a picture of how low the garment is and perhaps i will obtain a 2nd garment that fully covers my back and underarm so we can have pressure applied there for a more smoother result.

Overall i'm excited, my honey loves my body and gave his approval, my friends are amazed of this 2nd turn out and most important I am in love with me once again.

I've attached 2 weeks post op pics. let me know your thoughts. Smooches!

I would also like to send a sincere thank you to...

I would also like to send a sincere thank you to Adnitegirl, Getabooty and SmileyJ who checked on me, encouraged me and constantly kept me entertained while i was away from on this journey! You ladies have really made this 2nd round much easier for me. I was new to drains and other effects of this procedure and they kept me calm, reassured and at ease. I really do appreciate you all. XOXO

I've added comparison pics Before - Round 1 -...

I've added comparison pics Before - Round 1 - Round 2. I'm 1 month post op and i'm doing pretty well. I'm about 70% back to normal, still swollen a great deal in my ab area and flanks and tender. Surprisingly i'm still bruised and i'm working on fading out the scars.

Round 2 was definitely needed!! With my follow-up I was advised I can transition into the compression vest. The full garment just was not working out for me and the opening really messed with my "good girl". I dont' care for the rubbing and the opening was not big enough, I had to cut it to make it semi-comfortable.

I'm going to start on my arnica tablets to reduce the remaining swelling. I began going to the gym last week and I'm slowly getting back into my workout routine. I have a lot of areas I want to focus on and hired a personal trainer to get me there by March. My concern areas are my upper back (it seems to be a little meaty to me) but i was advised that was due to the lack of compression and the high back compression vest should help to move the swelling out and tighten the skin. I should receive my vest this week so we shall see. I'm glad my hips went down b/c they were extremely wide due to just the upper body compression for 11 days. My measurements are 34 (bust) - 32 waist - 44.5 (hips)

To help get rid of the stretch marks and scars i've been using Vitamin E oil (4000 I.U.) and cocoa butter twice a day. The scars are finally starting to fade. I am still badly bruised along my sides and in my back area as well as tender.

To date I feel pretty good about the work done. I have the more reverse heart shaped bottom, i have less fat in my ab area and Dr. P created curves by adding hips. My areas of concern is my back. Again, the upper back was lacking the compression b/c my original garment did not come high enough but i'm hoping the compression vest will correct this. Per personnel at Dr. P's office, the tightness will eventually occur the compression vest would just help it. We shall see ;) I don't have as much smoothness in my lower back but the dip and slope created with the fiberglass placement when tranisitioning to my butt area made up for this. Hopefully my personal trainer with strength training can help me get rid of this.

Overall, i'm satisfied. I don't know a round 3 may be in my future to get as much more fat out of my stomach that he can possible get, arms and more back fat :) We'll see how i'm looking in 3 months. My butt I love, my boyfriend canNOT keep his hands off of me and obviously the massage therapist was impressed as well b/c he had a "hard on' when doing my massages so i no longer go to him. It was okay'd that I can get cupping massages and this will help in loosening and softening the fat in butt area. I need more jiggle and my new massage therapist and I area working to take care of that. I have a membership at a massage spa whereas i get lymphatic massages just once a week but last week's massage even coming in a month was a bit painful. He didn't even make it to my abs b/c we ran out of time but this is prove to me just how aggressive the lipo was.

I'm excited and can't wait for the end results. Smooches!

I will be 5 months post op on 3/25/13. I can say...

I will be 5 months post op on 3/25/13. I can say that i'm loving my body more and more. I still feel the tightening and tingling sensation. I'm wearing my garment as directed. I will take it in an extra inch today to give me a more tighter fit. I am currenlty wearing the Isavela e07garment and I absolutely love it. It's much softer on the flesh and gives some serious compression. I'm in a medium. I've lost an additional 5 lbs (total of 12 lbs since surgery) but have maintained my butt (43"). I was able to put on a size 8 shorts on yesterday but all my clothes have to be stretchy to compensate for my butt and curves. I try to work out 4 days a week doing light cardio (15 mins) and toning. I'm in the gym 2 days out of the week and boot camp the other 2 days. With bootcamp we focus on toning using weights, body weight and light cardio. I love it! When I miss the gym I feel guilty and incomplete for the week!!! Improved eating habits is a defintie must and I have 2 cheat days a week (weekend). I'm still receivng my cupping massages with focus on my butt, I have a full body massage in between cuppings and also deep tissue massage myself at home. My deep tissue massages consist of the heating pad across my butt for 15-20 mins, then tennis ball massages laying on my back on the floor with a tennis ball under each cheek and just move around in the hard areas. i TRY to do this every other day. My boyfriend loves to watch so that makes the time go buy a lot faster LOL... Sorry TMI... I also incorporate the ultrasound machine in between deep tissue massages at home. The ultrasound helps to improve the circulation in your butt. I advised Dr. P that i was concerned with my butt softening but I was assured this was part of the process and it may take up to a year to soften. He also made me feel better by advising me that if my butt is warm in the areas of concern that it means the fat is still performing the way it should.

Now the downside; my concerns: I've noticed this AM that one hip appears to be a bit more defined then the other...I've noticed this since the day after surgery but was advised it was swelling. Either it went away or I just didn't notice in the past but I did not notice it again until I tried on a new form fitting dress this AM. I wasn't feeling confident at that moment and shipped the dress back today... on the side that's not as defined it's sore to touch so i'm assuming i'm swollen and i'm resuming my pineapple juice and will purchase more arnica gel on tomorrow. I began noticing last week how that side had a tingling sensation going on so it could be due to working out and swollen muscles, etc. I'm going to wait it out and see if its just inflammation due to my increased and intensed workouts and go from there. My next concern is the hardness and flatness on each cheek. I've spoken to several ladies whom had the surgery with other doctors that stated the same and that eventuallly it will soften up and fluff out. Some says there's is soft but flat and others just hard but round...I just have both going on... hard and flat. The flatness is where the fat is still hard so i'm hoping the fluffing is true. Else round 3 for a fixer upper... One cheek has definitely soften up and began to fluff and my masseuse stated that she noticed an improved difference so that's giving me more hope and her explanation of why it's so much harder for the tissue in the center to soften and fluff more than other areas of the butt matched exactly what Dr. P told me some months ago. So i'm remaining positive... it's just a self conscious ordeal for me when i can see flatness at certain angles... My next concern is the fat in my back. it seems like it increased a bit more in those areas after the surgery and due to the explanation i received regarding the fats depositing in various areas when they're not available in it's normal areas, it makes sense. With the working out, i'm noticing my back and arms are indeed getting smaller. The plus side is it looks like my thighs are getting a bit bigger!! YES! Lastly, my stomach. Even though I've come a longggg way, I would like my stomach to be much more flatter. Perhaps my surgeon reached the max CCs and my tummy is definitely mcuh smaller but i want to go a bit smaller. Again, I'm hitting the gym and crunching to get it much smaller and more definition. Else round 3 to finish her up!

Overall i'm happy with my results but want you all to know that i'm not 100% on round 2. I'm more 80% satisfied due to the concerns I've mentioned above. Hopefully as time passes I will begin to see the outcome that I anticipate as the other ladies stated they experienced the same and had a pretty decent outcome. I can honestly say that everywhere I go i'm turning heads. Sometimes more than I want to and I don't dress in a manner that would draw such attention... I receive glances from the men and the women....I was followed around in Walmart yesterday evening, gazed at by young boys... Sometimes the stares make you a bit uncomfortable and I begin to think perhaps I did too much... Men and women have been very complimentary regarding my body and a good female friend shared with me this AM how I had the "perfect" body... Perhaps i'm being hard on myself but I see a few more areas that needs perfection. I definitely feel more confident in my body but i've also learned that some of the ladies here allow their transformation to define who they are... Sometimes I feel some should undergo psychiatric evaluation before undergoing procedures such as these... It's sad.. I look at this as an enhancement to the greatness I've already possessed. I'm the same person I was a year and some months ago before round 1... I made a promise to my famly and my boyfriend that I will not allow this transformation to change who I really am... I feel that i've lived up to my promise...

Another downfall to this surgery is also losing a friend or two... My "BFF" complained that she was still a bit thick in the stomach and jokingly I replied that she can do the same thing I did and get it sucked out and her response to me was "I'm going to do it the RIGHT way...". That's just one remark of many... Needless to say I never told her about round 2 and we don't hang out as much anymore. We're still cordial and talk to each other but not like we use to. So ladies you will lose friends and you have "haters" on your bandwagon so get ready!!! It's sad and i'm joking about it now to soften the blow but in my opinion 1-they're not really friends from the beginning and 2- that means my Surgeon handled his business!!

5 months later, I do find myself becoming emotional here and there about my procedure, Sometimes i'm up and sometimes i'm down... I wish my stomach was flatter (it seems flat at the time of surgery and for some time thereafter but about 1 1/2 months ago it seemed as if my stomach just inflated...) I still feel the tingling sensations in my abs (which are more defined since i've been in the gym) and i feel the tighening in my back, abs and sides as well.

I'm excited that I have curves and I have a shape in and out of my clothing and without the garment! I'm happy but again, I'm aiming for PERFECTION!

Anyone experiencing hardness and flatness where...

Anyone experiencing hardness and flatness where it's hard? The area is not sore at all, I was told to give it a year to soften... Your experiences with this would be greatly appreciated! How long did your hardness last? What did you do if anything to side in softening it or speeding up the process? Thanks in advance for your responses!

Round 3- Wilberto Cortes...

So i'm looking to have round 3 to improve my shape and more lipo. It's kind of weird in a good way b/c Dr. Cortes was able to point out the areas of concern that I had without my saying a word. so I feel like we're on the same page. It's nothing against Dr. Pazmino and his staff, but I have family and friends in Houson whom i will slumber with for a week while I undergo this process. I like the fat that i will have one drain and need to wear my garment for like 2 months. I like 90% of Cortes work. The other 10% appears to be oversized butts but it's apparent based on the wish pics that this is what his patients want. He's known for giving the perfect hip to waist ratio and he's into natural looks. I feel for my FINAL round he's it. Even though i'm slightly nervous I seek comfort in knowing that his patients stay a day in the hospital for close observation. I'm excited and ready to get these final improvements done... My conern is the hardness and flatness in my cheek areas which is suspected to be fat necrosis and/or scar tissue. I'm thinking it's more scar tissue... again, i'm yet to have it tested to determine that it's necrosis... Dr. Cortes stressed that the concerns that I have are not a direct effect of Dr. P's work and I believe the same. Everyone's body reacts differently and it takes some time for hard spots to soften... I feel confident in Dr. Cortes' abilities. I dont have a date yet. I'm still trying to give this butt time to soften up... I dont know if it's best to give my butt time to soften, add cortisone shots to the mix or have it removed... I'm uncertain at this point...

HARD SPOTS SOFTENING.... Just a little bit but i feel hopeful!!

Hi all, it's been a while.. i've been so busy with "life". Just to brief you i'm still doing well, kept my progression and butt. The hardness in my cheeks have improved, yeah!!! the right side is much softer than the left. It's possibly due to my working out with a personal trainer at this point. We do squats and lunges every time we work out. My butt was warm, i had spasms and it ached from time to time so i assumed that the fat was still working itself after a year (round 2) and almost two years (round 1) and i think it is!! My left cheek is experiencing muscle spasms as I type!!! I am definitely going to Cortes (as of now) for round 3... He's closer to home and he appears to have mad skills and capable of sculpting me a bit more keeping it all natural looking but sexy, improve my butt shape and get rid of the last of this fat... He spoke on how he will fill in the center, add to the bottom of my butt and take away just a little from my upper hip region to sculpt me a bit more. Chin lip too...yeah... Now we're moving to the face!!?? *shrugs* so not my doing but hey..he's the expert! I'm hoping with these minor revisions that I will not have to go through the 4-6 weeks not sitting on my butt.... I'm waiting for my left cheek to catch up with the right as it pertains to softness so I can go to Cortes again for another consultation... I want him to pull, grab and poke to finally advise me of what he can and can't do... I'm looking to have round 3 done between April and May.
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Dr Pazmino and his staff spent tons of time with me and answered all of my questions! His staff and I braced when we first met on Thursday! It was as if we knew each other forever! They are great! My sis is thinking about having hers done in March.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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